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From the name only - you recognize the character of this artist. On stage, few can get a crowd as excited and amazed, and have the skills to deliver with such conviction.

Intense falls under the category of artists who don't slow down to check the temperature of the room - in case he needs to chill - oh no, he keeps in full throttle, and with an engine on full speed he conveys messages and entertains without reserve. Many may find his lyrics questionable due to their harsh and extreme nature, especially living in a country like Sweden. However, the rawness in his lyrics is well matched with the realness behind the messages. Hesham, as his name is, writes the naked truth about his experiences from the past and present, with no intention to mislead. Intense is a product of two worlds, two lives, and two realities. Today, music is the reason he is still living and it has presented an opportunity for the artist Intense to bring it forth.

To say the least, Heshams childhood was anything but traditional. He spent more time in hospitals than out, thanks to an abusive father. At the age of fifteen he was cast out from home and from this point was forced to learn life alone. It was the moment his mother was forced to choose between father and son, who left Hesham homeless and on the run from the social services. The end of one nightmare became the beginning of the next when the state caught up with him and placed him in a home for "troubled youths", a place for criminals who await further placements. This was the starting point of Heshams criminal career. He met people who showed him love and loyalty, something he was missing in his life, and this opened the door to the world of organized crime. Hesham reached the higher levels in the criminal world than most manage in such a short time, which led him on to the dark path of drugs and decay. His great whale was cocaine which almost defeated him in life, but only almost.
The roads travelled and the life lived by Hesham may - for most - seem unrealistic in this peaceful place we call Sweden. That's something Intense has a thing or two to say about, none the least in his debut album.

Some would say that Intense is a product of Heshams rough background, but in reality, Intense has always followed Hesham throughout the years, but it is only now that Intense has taken the front seat. Music has always been an important part of Heshams life, however, it's not until today that it has become his salvation; the force that drives him to continue to inform, touch, change, affect, entertain and motivate. The man Hesham now introduces the artist Intense to the world, so heads up cause it's happening now.

Intense - Burbian (2007)

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ARTiST....: Intense
TiTLE.....: Burbian
LABEL.....: Rugged
GENRE.....: Hip-Hop
ENCODER...: LAME 3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
BiTRATE...: VBRkbps
RiP DATE..: 13-Dec-2007

01. Burbian
02. Back In The Gutter
03. Reach For The Sky Ft Molotow
04. Monster
05. Still Livin Today Ft Pete
06. Who
07. Hoodlife Ft Alias J And Pete
08. Tricked
09. You Cant See Ft Steve Loe
10. Rollin Down The Street (Munchies)
11. Too Much Pain
12. The Muslim Man
13. It Doesnt Matter Ft Pete
14. Drop Da Bomb



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этот чувак из ирана, а живёт в швеции?

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Intense - Burbian (2007)
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Ссылки устарели... Залейте кто-нибудь ещё раз на рапидшаре плз. Интенс крут
пффф, перелейте ктонить плиз (на фолдер по возможности)
это очень крутой эмси, один из моих любимых... слетел винт sad.gif

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