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ARTIST: Interpol
TITLE: Turn On The Bright Lights
LABLE: Matador Records
BITRATE: 258kbps avg.
TIME: 49:00 min
SIZE: 90,3 Mb
RLS DATE: 2002-10-08
RIP DATE: 2006-12-28

Track List
01. Untitled 03:57
02. Obstacle 1 04:11
03. NYC 04:20
04. PDA 05:00
05. Say Hello To The Angels 04:28
06. Hands Away 03:06
07. Obstacle 2 03:47
08. Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down 06:28
09. Roland 03:36
10. The New 06:07
11. Leif Erikson 04:00


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ARTiST: Interpol
TiTLE: Antics
LABLE: Matador Records
BiTRATE: 257kbps avg.
TiME: 70:49 min
SiZE: 129,95 MB
RLS DATE: 2005-08-23
RiP DATE: 2007-01-05


01. Next Exit 03:20
02. Evil 03:36
03. NARC 04:08
04. Take You On A Cruise 04:54
05. Slow Hands 03:04
06. Not Even Jail 05:47
07. Public Pervert 04:40
08. C'mere 03:11
09. Length Of Love 04:07
10. A Time To Be So Small 04:51

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01. Song Seven 04:52
02. Narc (Paul Banks Remix) 02:39
03. Not Even Jail (Daniel Kessler Remix) 05:41
04. Fog vs. Mould For The Lenght Of Love 07:49
05. Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix) 08:09



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ARTIST: Interpol
TITLE: Our Love To Admire
LABEL: Capitol
BITRATE: 251kbps avg.
TIME: 47:04 min
SIZE: 84,1 MB
RIP DATE: 2007-07-06
RLS DATE: 2007-07-06

Track List
01. Pioneer To the Falls 05:42
02. No I In Threesome 03:51
03. The Scale 03:25
04. The Heinrich Maneuver 03:29
05. Mammoth 04:13
06. Pace Is the Trick 04:37
07. All Fired Up 03:35
08. Rest My Chemistry 05:01
09. Who Do You Think 03:13
10. Wrecking Ball 04:33
11. The Lighthouse 05:24


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ARTIST : Interpol
TITLE : Interpol
GENRE : Indie
LABEL : Matador Records
RELEASE DATE : 07.09.2010
RIP DATE : 03.09.2010
BITRATE : V0 (VBR) kbps
SIZE : 83.30 Мb

Track List:

01. Success (03:26)
02. Memory Serves (05:01)
03. Summer Well (04:03)
04. Lights (05:37)
05. Barricade (04:10)
06. Always Malaise (The Man I Am) (04:13)
07. Safe Without (04:39)
08. Try It On (03:40)
09. All Of The Ways (05:16)
10. The Undoing (05:11)











Singles and EPs

Interpol-Evil-EP-2005-SER iFolder
Interpol-Fukd_ID_3-EP-2001 iFolder
Interpol-Precipitate_EP-2001 iFolder
Interpol-The_Black-EP-2003 iFolder
Interpol-Cmere-EP-2005 iFolder
Interpol-Slow_Hands-CDS-2005 iFolder
Interpol-The_Heinrich_Maneuver-(CDS)-2007-SAW iFolder
Interpol-Mammoth-(CDM)-2007-SAW iFolder
Interpol-Our_Love_To_Admire-DVD_EP-2007-JUST iFolder

Interpol-Obstacle_1-XviD-2002 iFolder
Interpol-Slow_Hands-XviD-2004 iFolder
Interpol-Evil-XviD-2004 iFolder
Interpol-Cmere-XviD-2004 iFolder
Interpol-The_Heinrich_Maneuver-XviD-2007-mV4U iFolder
Interpol-NYC-(Live_At_Glastonbury_03)-XviD-2003 iFolder
Interpol-Obstacle_1-Live_On_Summer_Sonic-08-03-2003-XviD iFolder
Interpol-Slow_Hands-Live_On_Jools_Holland-2004-XviD iFolder
Interpol-Evil-(Live_On_Jools_Holland_November_2004)-XviD-2004 iFolder
Interpol-The_Heinrich_Maneuver-XviD-2007-mV4U iFolder or RapidShare
Interpol-The_Heinrich_Maneuver_(Live_at_Letterman_10-07-07)-HR_HDTV-XviD-2007-mV4U Part1|Part2
Это сообщение отредактировал Blast40185
Новый альбом понравился с первого прослушивания, цепляет и уносит - шикарно.
Interpol раньше никогда не слушал, и незнал о его существовании (к стыду своему) - теперь восполню этот пробел.

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Artist.......: Interpol
Album........: Our Love To Admire
Label........: n/a
Genre........: Indie
Catnr........: n/a
source.......: CDDA Jul-05-2007 000-00-0000
quality......: VBR/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Url..........: n/a

track title time

01. Pioneer To the Falls 05:42
02. No I In Threesome 03:51
03. The Scale 03:25
04. The Heinrich Maneuver 03:29
05. Mammoth 04:13
06. Pace Is the Trick 04:37
07. All Fired Up 03:35
08. Rest My Chemistry 05:01
09. Who Do You Think 03:13
10. Wrecking Ball 04:33
11. The Lighthouse 05:24

Runtime 47:03 min
Size 67,6 MB

Release Notes:

Moving up to a major label has hardly lifted
Interpol's spirits. This is a good thing. Even with
the twisted Wild Kingdom album cover and bassist
Carlos Dengler's unexpected Wild West makeover, on
its third studio album the black-clad New York
quartet still sounds inflexibly menacing, grasping
tighter than ever to its doomy post-punk influences
and delving further into frontman Paul Banks's
emotional unrest. Everything sounds a little bigger
and brighter, sure, but at their core songs like
"Rest My Chemistry" and "Wrecking Ball" are
heroically sinister, goaded on by prickly riffs and
slow-bleeding rhythms. The group briefly jumps to
life on the buzzing "Heinrich Manouver" and
exhibits an unexpected dash of humor on "No I in
Threesome," but it's the closing "Lighthouse" that
best defines the set--a late-night lament that
simply steals away into the dark. --Aidin Vaziri

Our Love To Admire is at once unmistakably Interpol
and undeniably new. The witty and perverse "No I In
Threesome" is an upbeat ode to shaking up a staid
relationship propelled by Carlos D's peerless bass
melody while the tenderly observant "Pace Is the
Trick" proves that the band are still the masters
of the dramatic check the painful pause right
before the sinfully satisfying return of Sam's
thundering drums and Daniel's ringing lead guitar.
The band's impressively seductive evolution is
obvious all over the record, but never more so than
on tracks like "Mammoth," "Who Do You Think" and on
the album's lyrical centerpiece, the ghostly "Rest
My Chemistry." While Daniel is understandably proud
of the song he cautions against reading too much
autobiography into its lyrics. "We always leave the
interpretation to the listener," he says. "I mean,
you shouldn't watch a movie for the first time
listening to the director's commentary!"

Our Love to Admire closes with "The Lighthouse," a
funereal dirge that is among the most unexpected
and memorable songs ever recorded by the band.
Almost entirely percussion-free, the song is
constructed around Daniel's mournful guitar and
Paul's sparten lyrics. Not only is it one of their
finest moments to date, it provides the album's
most goose-bump inducing moment, the very same
reflex shivers that make Interpol live shows such
an exhilarating experience. As the very last song
the band recorded for the album it was, they say,
the hardest to play. The hypnotic guitar part was
played on a 50-year-old guitar that had toxins on
the strings, providing Daniel with a blistering and
painful sensation in his fingers. The band weren't
even sure the track would make it out of the
studio, but once they heard Paul's remarkable
vocals they were floored. The song and the album
doesnt so much end as it bleeds to a close with
a long, echoey coda filled with feedback and
strings. A fittingly dramatic end to a stunning and
emotional journey. Interpol is back, every bit as
good as before but charged with a new spirit, a new
direction, a new label and, most of all, a new



Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.

BEES Wax biggrin.gif
Я не говорю по-русски!
они не подвели меня....... затягивает по настоящему..........

Rest My Chemistry, Pioneer To The Falls гениальные трэки с "математической" гитарной работой.......

имхо не надо сравнивать с антиксом и дебютником........ Our Love to Admire это другая плоскость.......

осталось только их увидеть вживую...............
Оч порадовали)

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Artist: Interpol
Album: Our Love To Admire
Label: Capitol
Genre: Indie
Source: CDDA Jul-05-2007 Jul-10-2007
Time: 47:03 min
Size: 67,6 MB
Quality: VBR/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo

Track List
01. Pioneer To The Falls 05:42
02. No I In Threesome 03:51
03. The Scale 03:25
04. The Heinrich Maneuver 03:29
05. Mammoth 04:13
06. Pace Is The Trick 04:37
07. All Fired Up 03:35
08. Rest My Chemistry 05:01
09. Who Do You Think 03:13
10. Wrecking Ball 04:33
11. The Lighthouse 05:24

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Ооо сума сойти! я ф шоке! супер)))
milkit, parkin party.gif

Rawr! Rock Kills!
ыххы dry.gif - реально что-то совершенно отличное от предыдущих работ?!
а то ничего уж уникального и оригинального миру Interpol не явил ИМХО
все равно заценим-с smile.gif
Has Anyone new clip "The Heinrich Maneuver'' ?
Выложите пожалуйста кто-нибудь отдельно студийную запись Specialist. Буду ооочень признателен.
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Maladjusted, держи)

Это сообщение отредактировал Anzzz - 06.07.07 в 15:22
Anzzz, оуу как быстро! Спасибо огромное!
нажал спасибо. зачем еще писать об этом.
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Не за что)))
ты молодец конечно, но представь если товарищи паркин и слесарь будут на все спасибо отвечать пожалуйста.
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Interpol — Obstacle 1 (Arthur Baker Remix) Maxi-Single
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mp3 /cbr 224kbps
отсутствует 3. Obstacle 1 (Radio Edit)

thx to original uploaders
Ленивым Помогать — Себя Не Уважать.

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