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Inverter, originally a side and studio project out of Boston, MA, began writing original material somewhere near 2013, with members Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (Vocals and Drums), and Bill Bracken (Guitar and Bass). The two, involved with many New England-based bands over the years (more recently DEFDEALER, and Anklelock), have recorded songs for the WWE, Columbia Records, and just recently for the horror film "Slew Hampshire" and the movie "Halfway To A Blackout". Influence-wise, the band cites acts as far ranging as Madball, Downset, and Pantera, to Prong, Van Halen, Clutch, and Hatebreed.
Their self-titled album, released in March of 2015, was recorded at Red 13 Media in Framingham, MA (with Jim Foster), a studio noted for its video and audio production work with bands like Godsmack, Unearth, and Gary Cherone (Extreme/Van Halen).
Guttural, outspoken, and energetic, Inverter have already begun work on yet another album, and are poised to eventually take the band on the road through New England and beyond. A music video for "Suckers" was also filmed and released in 2015- shot locally, and under the direction of Jim Foster and Anthony Lewis.

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen- Vocals and Drums (Defdealer)
Bill Bracken- Guitar and Bass (Defdealer, Anklelock)
Additional members:
Jeff Lawn - Drums (7th Rail Crew, Shadow Therapy)
Joel Hopkins - Bass (Drop 360, Bloodline Theory, Woodland Creatures)

Inverter - Inverter (2015)
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01 - You've Got a Problem
02 - Suckers
03 - Back in the Dirt
04 - Speak Your Mind
05 - White Shoes
06 - Ruled By an Iron Fist
07 - Smother
08 - Stepping Over
09 - Watch Your Back (feat. Ken Smith & Jay Lawn)

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злобно и драйвово, что-то все мимо проскочили.
круто, но под конец очень уж напрягает unsure.gif емуб пустырнечка попить biggrin.gif

Никогда не говори - Никогда

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составчик норм у них.
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Inverter - Inverter (2015)
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01. You've Got a Problem
02. Suckers
03. Back in the Dirt
04. Speak Your Mind
05. White Shoes
06. Ruled By an Iron Fist
07. Smother
08. Stepping Over
09. Watch Your Back (feat. Ken Smith & Jay Lawn)

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so you can download his discovery in good quality! biggrin.gif
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I know this is not your goal, you me seems to be selfish
xxl23 I have no goal already for a long time. I liked the track in video, so I decided to get album in good quality for myself and at the same time to share with others.
You must have noticed that getting all makes no sense, i wrote you about this. thumb.gif
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Free9Man , marcosalberto
Do not need me to explain, I noticed that you are only downloading files Forum and is not participating as it was before, I will also begin to move away from here
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you are only downloading files Forum

only Scene releases (+ some exceptions) and nothing from your uploads.

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Ага, меня тоже вштырило, на автомате закачал, не вчитываясь в состав участников, сейчас всмотрелся и понял причину своего восторга wink.gif
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Круто же! Рвет и качает, что надо, жирнейший релиз thumb.gif
Не разделю восторга.Мне не понравился альбом,сейчас объясню почему.
Всё уж очень однообразно.
Треки в стиле RATM:4,5,6,8,9 ..уж очень звучание во всех схожи...да ещё с совокупностью с этим вокалом,полу читка полу гроул,от которого к концу прослушивания устаёшь.
Остальные так же не блещут оригинальностью.прослушав пару раз даже ничего и выделить не могу..
Всё это ассоциируется у меня с с рычагами,клафингерами отчасти и немного генуфлектом

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Не плохо, но порой вокал и читка уж слишком напрягают!
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Come to Dolly || Parabelle || Neon Sky || Discrepancies || ERA 9 || Coldrain || N3RV
Ghostdozer- Limited Mood [Single] (2016)
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Ghostdozer, originated as a studio side project between Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (frontman of "Inverter"), and Mike Fitz (Fitzmaurice), guitarist/songwriter for the band "Bad Marriage". This track also features Downset's Christopher Lee on drums (now of CutThroat (L.A.), and Lance Martin (Stratejacket, Red Vinyl) on bass. ohmy.gif super.gif

Ghostdozer- Limited Mood [Single] (2016)
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
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Inverter - Inverter (2015)
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Bitrate: 320 Kbps
01- You've Got a Problem
02- Suckers
03- Back in the Dirt
04- Speak Your Mind
05- White Shoes
06- Ruled By an Iron Fist
07- Smother
08- Stepping Over
09- Watch Your Back (feat. Ken Smith & Jay Lawn)
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Messin' around in the studio..... new Inverter album (our 2nd), tentatively titled "Bare Bones", is fully recorded.... 9 tracks- we just have to mix it down now....
At Powerhouse Studios in Lunenberg, MA (w/ producer Jamie Locke (Madball, Prong, V.O.D., Obituary, Cro-mags, Fury Of V)
New Album Coming Soon ohmy.gif
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Kid Friendly! (hell no!)
This album took 383 beers to record, 38 sandwiches, countless blisters, and me nearly destroying my vocal chords a few times (and that was merely from yelling at Bill to stop soloing so frequently).
Soon. NINE tracks of us just being pissed off and fed up with pretty much everything..... while keeping a little tongue in cheek humor in the mix.
New Album rolleyes.gif
Блин, если бы он постоянно не орал, это был бы просто чумовой рэп-митол))
Inverter - Bare Bones (2018)
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Время: 0:30:38
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 70.20 Мб

01. Bulldoze (3:13)
02. Surrounded (3:16)
03. Sixteen Dollars (3:14)
04. Bound for Japan (2:34)
05. So Many Friends (Lost) (4:39)
06. Animal Thing (3:35)
07. A Different Gun (3:06)
08. Abandoned (3:17)
09. Rollin Ten' Deep (3:44)

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