IrfanView 4.25

Список изменений

• New capture option: Region capture (Thanks to grebulon) (as option in Capture dialog or hotkey: CTRL + PrintKey)
• OCR Feature/PlugIn added (Options menu, Hotkey: F9, full image or selection) PlugIn download:
• New command line switches for /capture: 4 = use region capture, 5 = start in capture mode using dialog settings
• New and re-arranged Properties dialogs
• New Color Management options in Properties->Viewing (new LCMS PlugIn needed)
• Burning PlugIn: can burn using Nero or Windows interface (WinXP or later)
• Support for JLS format (JPEG-LS, PlugIn by KATO Kanryu)
• Support for WBZ/WBC/WB1 formats (Webshots formats, PlugIn by V. Paramoshin)
• New display option: Use Resample for zooming (Menu: View->Display options)
• New fullscreen option: Use Resample for zooming (Properties->Fullscreen)
• Option to save changes on exit in now also used for image/file change
• New option in Batch-Scan dialog: Remember last scan counter
• Previous "Search files" dialog results showed again on next search
• Batch rename dialog: Last 15 rename patterns are saved
• New Thumbnails sort options: Sort by image DPI
• New placeholder: $p (image DPI)
• New buttons/options in File-Replace dialog for multiple files
• Resample bug with very special images fixed (TIF bug reported by Secunia, thanks!)
• The option "View->Lock zoom" works now with all display options
• Show PNG and TGA/DDS alpha color options merged (Properties->Viewing)
• New command line option: /reloadonloop
• Reload input source used in /slideshow when list is finished
• Command line, /convert: exit codes added: 0 = OK, 1 = load error, 2 = save error
• Support for TIFs with 12 bits per channel
• New option in Postscript PlugIn: Enable Antialiasing for better quality
• New button in EXIF dialog: Show in GeoHack-Wiki (for GPS coordinates)
• New help menu: Check homepage for updates
• Browsing hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + number (0-9), decrease file index by number
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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IrfanView 4.27

Список изменений

• Updated/improved TIF loader
• Save dialog: if you write file extension, the right file type is selected
• New edit menu: Crop visible window area (incl. zoom)
• The internal selection code has been changed (to fix some rounding errors)
• New capture option: Object capture (with auto scroll, if possible)
• New button in Batch progress dialog: Return to batch (use same files again)
• New JPG save dialog option: Keep XMP data (from original JPG file)
• New command line option: /effect=(effect-nr,value1,value2) Apply effect from Effects-Browser dialog, Example: Apply Blur of 30 i_view32.exe c:\image.jpg /effect=(1,30,0)
• New option in Print dialog: Auto rotate (based on image dimensions)
• New HTML dialog option: Create thumbs without frame/border
• Support for BLP format (BLP-2, Formats PlugIn)
• PSD loading bug/crash fixed (PSD bug reported by Secunia, thanks!)
• Fixed problem in "Create multipage PDF" dialog
• Batch conversion of multipage images to multipage PDF is now possible (Advanced options work on the first page only)
• New image menu: Add border/frame (Thanks to Balazs from
• New edit menu: Create maximized current custom selection (using dialog values)
• New edit menus: Create maximized selection (for some standard ratios)
• Bigger "Browse for folder" dialog
• New option in Properties->Browsing: Beep on folder loop (or screenshot save)
• New option for external editors: Send all filenames in one call (Properties->Misc)
• New option in Postscript PlugIn/Dialog: Set custom Ghostscript DLL location
• Another Blur effect added (Total variation method, thanks to Daniel Marks)
• New option in Properties->Extensions->Icons: Leave current icon (for XP only)
• Hotkey CTRL + A can be used to select and unselect whole image (toggle)
• New fullscreen hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + W: Stretch images over all monitors (toggle)
• Hotkey: CTRL + right mouse drag: scroll image even if Conext menu option activated
• Change in CTRL + Print key action: minimize IrfanView window before capturing
• New HTML template variables: #IMAGE_PATH#, #IMAGE_BASENAME#, #IMAGE_EXT# and #SELF_LINK# (see help file, HTML Export page)
• Skin change problem on Linux/Wine fixed
• Some "Multipage images" menus moved from View to Options menu
• The hidden mouse in fullscreen/slideshow mode will be showed on mouse move
• New command line option: /random, can be used only with /wall => set random wallpapers, see "i_options.txt" for examples
• New feature for administrators: "DefaultLang" for INI file (set default language) => see FAQs for an example
• New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Perfect (error on non-perfect JPG images/sizes)
• New hotkey: SHIFT + Mouse-Wheel: scroll image horizontally
• New hotkeys: "=" for zoom in; CTRL + G = image->grayscale
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:

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IrfanView 4.28

Список изменений

• Option to support IrfanView by installing Google Chrome browser (OPTIONAL !)
• New multipage images feature: Show page thumbnails (Hotkey: F10, menu: View)
(Uses thumbnail settings from Thumbnails window, use TAB for focus change)
• New multipage images option: Change pages using Page keys (Properties->Browsing)
• New color management option in Properties->Viewing:
Set input ICC profile file for images without embedded ICC profile (default: sRGB)
• New edit menu: Show selection grid (None, Golden Ratio, Thirds)
• New edit menu: Redo (one step, hotkey: CTRL + J))
• Video Playbar showed if DirectShow option used (Fullscreen: B = toggle playbar) (see Hotkeys help page; Thanks to Henner Helmers for testing)
• Option to show an image color channel, menu: "Image->Show channel" and
• Option show the channel as color or grayscale (Properties->Browsing/Editing)
• Selection: hold CTRL key pressed during drawing to make a proportional selection with the ratio from "Create Custom selection" dialog
• New selection hotkeys:
- ALT + arrows: change width/height of the selection rectangle
- CTRL + arrows: proportional resize of the selection rectangle
- Arrows: If no scrollbars visible: Move selection rectangle
• New placeholder options for: $D, $d, $F and $N => allow partial text, example:
$N[0-5] => get first 5 characters from the file name
• New window display options: Fit to window width/height
• New Email PlugIn option: Resize large images
• New Batch resize option: Resize based only on new/old DPI value
• Vertical and horizontal flip can be applied on selections
• New print dialog option: Collate (for multiple copies of multipage images)
• New Insert-Text dialog options: Antialiased text and Centered (batch mode)
• New Sort dialog option: Insert before selected file (for Batch/Slideshow)
• New JPG-Transform PlugIn option: Write/remove JFIF JPG header
• New Capture dialog feature: Set timer value as decimal number
• New hotkey: click into image + SHIFT = copy hex color value to clipboard
• New thumbnail sizes for 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 ratios (Thumbnail window options)
• New selection color/method for items in Thumbnails window
• Improved extraction of video frames (more formats supported if Codecs installed)
• New feature for advanced users: define an external editor for every extension
=> see FAQs for an example, [CustomEditors]
• New PNG save option: Save transparency as Alpha channel (Thanks to Thomas Henlich)
• Command line: /advancedbatch and /convert can process all pages from multipage TIF
• Command line: /extract works now for GIF/ANI animations too
• New command line option: /export_pal=palfile (export palette to a PAL file)
• New hotkey: SHIFT + F5 = Refresh (force resample, if set in display options)
• New hotkey: SHIFT + Home/End = Load first/last page in a multipage image
• New hotkey: CTRL + D = Image->Add border/frame
• New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + X = Set as wallpaper: Proportional
• Menu change: Create max. custom selection moved to "Create maximized selection"
• At request of Luratech: removed support of LWF/LDF formats (projects/formats stopped, buffer overflows reported)
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
Download from:

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IrfanView 4.30

Список изменений

• Faster JPG loading! (Thanks to D. R. Commander for Turbo-JPG)
• New Paste options: Paste on left/right/top/bottom (Edit->Paste Special) (see also the new option: Properties->Editing->Fit clipboard image)
• Changes in Open/Save dialogs (Recent folders box, View mode is remembered)
• Menu "File->Recent directories" removed (MRUDs are now in the Open dialog)
• New options in Canvas Size dialog
• EXIF + IPTC PlugIns merged into Metadata-Plugin
• New option in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs: Allow placeholders
• New option in JPG IPTC dialog: Batch editing (if started from Thumbnails)
• New options in Capture dialog (send to Clipboard, Printer, new name patterns)
• Option to show Alpha channel for TIF/PNG/TGA files (menu: Image->Show channel)
• Option to show TIF alpha/transparency (for 32 bit RGBA images, Properties->Viewing)
• Added basic support for EXIF saving from Digi-Cam RAW formats to JPG
• The Effects dialog can be resized/maximized
• AltaLux Effect/PlugIn added (Image->Effects menu, Thanks to Stefano Tommesani)
• Option to set a tolerance value for "Auto crop borders" (Properties->Editing)
• New Advanced-Batch dialog: Crop width/height can be negative (crop from end)
• New option in batch rename dialog: Remember last rename counter
• Support for MPO format (Multi Picture Object, first 2 images can be loaded)
• Support for GLCD format (Formats PlugIn)
• DEL key now allowed in slideshow mode: delete current file
• New hotkeys: SHIFT + 1-3: Start external editor 1-3
• New hotkey: SHIFT + "." (point): Toggle slideshow modes: random/automatic
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:
• Some minor bugs fixed (ALT+F4)

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IrfanView 4.32

Список изменений

• Improved Resampling (Speed; Lanczos artefacts fixed: thanks to Marcel Lancelle)
• New feature: Add watermark image (Edit menu and Advanced batch dialog)
• Improved zooming: CTRL + wheel (keep mouse coordinates) and centered zoom
• Support for WebP format (Weppy format, PlugIn, reading + saving)
• Support for PDN format (Paint.NET format, PlugIn, thanks to ComSquare AG)
• Support for XCF format (GIMP format, PlugIn, thanks to ComSquare AG)
• Face Detection Plugin (Thumbnails window, thanks to MulticoreWare guys)
• New JPG save option: Try to save with original (estimated) JPG quality
• Improved/changed sort menus (XP/natural order)
• New batch rename option: Run test rename
• New Thumbnails menu: Refresh selected thumbs
• Batch dialog, Output directory: Placeholders are now allowed
• New Properties dialog: Zoom / Color management
• New expert zoom option: Edit table with fixed zoom values (Properties->Zoom)
• New fullscreen options: Center image, Text layer (Properties->Fullscreen)
• New option in "Create multipage TIF/PDF" dialog: Load filenames from TXT file
• New options in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs: Allow Unicode PlugIn to change text
• New command line option: /cmdexit (close current IrfanView after command line)
• TIF with some SGILog compressed images fixed (reported by Secunia, thanks!)
• New special INI option to hide common folders in Open/Save dialog (see FAQs)
• New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + K = Keep Scroll position

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IrfanView 4.33

Список изменений

• ANI/EMF/JPM loading bugs fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
• DIB-RLE bug fixed (reported by Parvez Anwar via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
• Improved rotation speed for 1 BPP images
• JPG-2000 PlugIn crashes fixed (by Parvez Anwar/Secunia and FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
• New Advanced Batch dialog option: Change order of operations
• New effect added: Horizontal Shift (Effects browser dialog)
• New option in "Decrease color depth" dialog: Convert 24 BPP to RGB-565
• New option in Add-Text dialog: Adjust font size to current zoom-in size
• New option in Resize dialog: Auto adjust DPI based on new sizes
• New Thumbnails window option: Try to load EXIF-Thumbnail for JPG files
• Possible Thumbnail/Resample problem on Win7-64 bit fixed
• Selection: hold ALT key pressed during drawing to make a proportional selection with the inverted ratio from "Create Custom selection" dialog
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: Download from:
• SGI bug fixed (reported by Gynvael Coldwind, thanks!)
• Simple Drag&Drop feature from Thumbnails window added (Load files from Thumbnails in another programs/editors)
• Some new Admin INI file options added (Toolbar, Browsing, Delete); see FAQs
• Support for JPEG-XR format (HDP PlugIn)

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IrfanView 4.35

Список изменений

• New Add Text dialog features: No selection needed, Preview, Effects etc.
• Option to save profiles (Add-Text, JPG-Save and Color Correction dialog)
• New capture dialog option: Capture fixed screen rectangle; Stop timer
• New transparency save option: Use main window color (GIF, PNG, ICO)
• New file handling option: Remove sidecar files (Properties->File Handling)
• New options in Watermark dialog: Preview, Click to preview
• New folder browsing options in: Properties->Browsing (stop on folder end)
• The EXIF-Thumbnail will be updated during saving as JPG
• New (Freeware) PlugIn for DXF format - thanks to BabaCAD-Software guys!
• New RAW format options in Properties->PlugIns
• New menu: View->Multipage images->Auto show page thumbnails dialog
• New print option for multipage images: Print specific pages
• Option to Set selection rectangle color (Properties->Editing)
• Context menu for video player (Copy frame, change volume)
• New display menu option: Apply Sharpen after Resample
• New button in Batch dialog: Save filenames as TXT file
• New Thumbnail menus: Start Multipage TIF/PDF dialog with selected files
• Thumbnails folder tree: CTRL + click = Load thumbs from all subfolders
• New option for FLV files: Play in main window (Properties->Video)
• New options in Batch rename dialog (create duplicate files)
• Option to save custom dimensions in Resize and Custom-Selection dialog
• Updated TIF loader
• Updated DJVU PlugIn, thanks to guys from Caminova!
• Command line: wildcards support for /multitif and /panorama (see i_options.txt)
• Command line switch for /info: /shortinfo (write just file index and name)
• Command line option for EXE Slideshow: /clearmonitors (clear other monitors)
• Command line option "/append" can be now also used with "/scan"
• New placeholder: $Q (get "correct" file extension, if possible)
• New placeholder: $P (print size, from image->info dialog)
• New fullscreen/slideshow hotkey: C = center image, On/Off
• F8 key now allowed in slideshow mode: copy current file
• Some TIF/GIF/CLP loading bugs fixed (thanks to Codenomicon Fuzz-o-Matic guys!)
• PCX/XCF/ECW loading bug fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
• FPX/RLE/TTF/DJVU bug fixed (by Francis Provencher via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
• JLS (CharLS) loading bug fixed (reported by Joseph Sheridan, thanks!)
• PIC format removed (Softimage PICT, loading bugs)
• NLM format removed (Nokia LogoManager formats, loading bugs)
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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IrfanView 4.36

Список изменений

• New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Rebuild EXIF-Thumbnail
• Update of EXIF-Thumbnail on JPG-Lossless-Crop
• Option to Edit EXIF date/time (Options menu or Thumbnails window for batch mode)
• Improved color accuracy in "Decrease color depth" function
• Added "Best quality" option in "Decrease color depth" dialog (Thanks to Kornel Lesinski!)
• New (Freeware) PlugIn for DWG format - thanks to BabaCAD-Software guys!
• New feature: Replace Color (Image menu and Advanced Batch dialog)
• New feature: Create tiled image (Image menu)
• New effects PlugIn: Filter Sandbox (Image->Effects menu, JewelScript, thanks to Stefan Kuhn!)
• Option to invert single color channels only (Image menu)
• New Edit menu option: Show Grid (see also Properties->Editing for cell size)
• New Slideshow Burning PlugIn for WinXP SP3 or later (Thanks to Eric Haddan!)
• New display options added: Fit small image side to window/desktop
• Profiles option added to Batch Rename dialog
• New Advanced Batch dialog option: Set new image size in MegaPixels
• New options for Fine Rotation effect: Keep old image size and background
• New feature in Color Corrections dialog: Change White Balance
• New effect in "Image->Add border/frame" dialog: Inside fading frame
• New Thumbnails menu: Extract pages from selected multipage files
• New Add Text dialog effect: Filled outline text (Thanks to Wong Shao Voon)
• Negative and Grayscale menus can work on selections
• Improved selection handling with large zooms
• Updated Icons-Plugin (bigger/nicer icons, thanks to Florian Kilzer)
• New hotkeys: CTRL + SHIFT + left/right arrow: Fine rotation, 0.10 deg
• New hotkeys: CTRL + SHIFT + up/down arrow: Fine rotation, 0.05 deg
• Batch-Scan dialog: some placeholders can be used for the filename (help file)
• New text placeholders to add $ and | characters (see help file)
• New (admin) INI file option: Set save formats in Save-As dialog (see FAQs)
• New hotkey for slideshow mode: SHIFT + Z = show all or portrait/landscape images
• Hotkey: G = stop or resume GIF/ANI animation (browse frames/pages if stopped)
• DCX/ANI loading bug fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
• FPX bug fixed (reported by Secunia/Krystian Kloskowski, thanks!)
• Added reading support for 32-bit (96 BPP) TIF images
• New command line option: /multipdf (same syntax as /multitif)
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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IrfanView 4.37

Список изменений

• New options in Resample dialog: Use Resample filters for shrinking; Gamma fix
• Improved GIF animations
• Features from Adobe-8BF PlugIn (8BF_FILTERS.DLL) moved to Effects PlugIn
• New Image menu: Adobe 8BF PlugIns; with new fixed and dynamic PlugIns like: Perspective Transformations and SmartCurve - big thanks to PlugIn authors!
• Option to set custom folder for Adobe 8BF PlugIns menu (Properties->PlugIns)
• Added Drag&Drop from Thumbnails window to another programs
• New menu: File->Open Recent Files (can be disabled in Properties->Misc)
• New option in Advanced Batch dialog: Don't shrink bigger images
• Added Center option for Crop in Advanced Batch dialog and /crop
• Replace Color option can work on selections
• GIF bug fixed (credits to Dmitry Janushkevich, Secunia Research, CVE-2013-5351)
• MrSID bug fixed (reported by Parvez Anwar via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
• Japanese folder name bug fixed (reported by Asuka Nakajima via JPCERT/CC, CVE-2013-6932)
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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IrfanView 4.38

Список изменений

• New Options menu/feature: Export image tiles (split image)
• New Options menu: Hotfolder (Watch folder and show new images)
• New view modes in Thumbnails window: Tiles, Details and List mode
• New feature: (new) "IrfanView Shell Extension" available on PlugIns website
(= adds Context menu with some IrfanView operations to Windows Explorer)
Thanks to Michael Dunn!
• New options in the "Adobe 8BF filters" dialog (Thanks to Frank/jazzman)
• Improved speed in the LCMS (Color Management) PlugIn
• Added support for old formats like: Amiga, Atari, C64, ZX Spectrum etc.
Thanks to Piotr Fusik! (RECOIL support in Formats PlugIn)
• New Print dialog features: Borderless print, Negative positions, better preview
• New command line option: /makecopy, a flag for /convert
=> if destination file exists, save new file as copy: (1), (2), (3) etc.
• Option to add max. 10 external editors (for advanced users): Properties->Misc
• Option to Drag&Drop current file to other programs: SHIFT + left mouse + drag
• New Print dialog option: Always use default printer at dialog start
• New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + N = Negative image (all channels)
• Better support for high resolution screens (high DPI)
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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IrfanView 4.40

Список изменений

• The 64-bit version of IrfanView is available:
• The 64-bit version is faster for very large images (25+ Megapixels)
• Option to support IrfanView by installing "Amazon 1Button App" (OPTIONAL !)
• Support for animated PNG files (APNG)
• EXIF date (taken) sort menu added to main window sort menu
• New Sort dialog option: Sort by EXIF date (date taken)
• New toolbar item: Zoom box with common values (Properties->Toolbar) (You can also write a new zoom value and press Enter)
• New PDF PlugIn (enable in Properties->PlugIns->PDF)
• New in Thumbnails window: Export image tiles for selected files (batch mode)
• Load cursors and bitmaps from EXE/DLL files (Thanks to Jason Hood)
• Option to set a custom font for TXT loading (Properties->Browsing/Editing)
• Option to use left mouse button for fullscreen scrolling (for touch screens)
• The 2 GB limit for EXE/SCR-Slideshow files changed (now: 4 GB, Windows EXE limit)
• New Fine Rotation method/option added (faster for very large images)
• New option for the Red-Eye-Correction effect (dialog): Set gray intensity
• Some fixes in the Paint PlugIn
• New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT and '+' or '-' to change GIF/ANI/PNG animation speed
• New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + mouse click: Create selection based on clipboard image
• New button in Batch processing dialog: Pause/Resume
• New button in Advanced batch dialog: Get current selection for cropping
• You can Drag&Drop (or Send To) multiple files to IrfanView shorcut or window
• PlugIns "Metadata" and "JPG-Transform" included in the IrfanView installer
• New command line option: /file=filename(s) => set the input filename(s) (at the end of the command chain)
• New command line option: /display=(x,y,w,h,zoom,scrollX,scrollY) => set position, size, zoom and scroll position of the window and image
• Command line: wildcards support for /extract (see "i_options.txt")
• Command line: /panorama, /multitif and /multipdf can use "filelist=txtfile" (see "i_options.txt" for examples)
• Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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Скачать программу 64 bit (3.17 Мб.)
Скачать плагины (15.4 Мб.)
Пользуюсь прогой лет 10. Только недавно узнал, что в ней есть встроенный граф. редактор а-ля paint. Активируется нажатием F12 (работает с открытым файлом).

Это сообщение отредактировал h-47 - 13.08.15 в 20:53
Цитата: (h-47)
Пользуюсь прогой лет 10. Только недавно узнал, что в ней есть встроенный граф. редактор а-ля paint. Активируется нажатием F12 (работает с открытым файлом).

Софтина действительно крутая, за долгие годы на винде была у меня мастхэвом thumb.gif
Может кто знает, как сделать так, чтобы программа забыла о музыкальных файлах совсем? К примеру у меня в одной папке несколько изображений и mp3 файлы. если открыть изображение, то mp3 он тоже будет видеть при прокрутке (ассоциации с муз файлами удалены).

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