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ARTiST : Islander
ALBUM : Violence & Destruction
LABEL : Victory Records
GENRE : Metal

RELEASE : 2014-07-08
STREET : 2014-07-08

QUALiTY : 279kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 76.16 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:37:44


Track Name Time

1. Counteract 2:48
2. The Sadness Of Graves 3:04
3. Coconut Dracula 4:07
4. Cold Speak 3:09
5. Pains 3:56
6. Kingdom 4:03
7. Side Effects Of Youth 2:29
8. New Wave 3:44
9. Criminals 3:00
10. Mira 1:16
11. Hearts Grow Cold 2:50
12. Violence & Destruction 3:18



Islander - Pains (EP) (2013)
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01. New Colors
02. Lucky Rabbit
03. Glass
04. Big Shot
Залейте пож-та флак Violence And Destruction..!?
Please reupload Islander - Side Effects of Youth (EP) (2012) Thanks!
Shiva Rhydah


Одно из открытий года для меня!
Да, лучше ничего в этом году не было thumb.gif
Даже альбом любимых Emil Bulls блекнет на этом фоне.
The Sadness Of Graves - вообще Deftones прям в припеве biggrin.gif
Коллектив серьезный thumb.gif
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Islander - Side Effects of Youth

Это сообщение отредактировал MARFEZZ - 22.11.14 в 10:46
новый альбом по саунду напомнил альтернативу начала двухтысячных smile.gif понравились треки 3 и 5 wink.gif
"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".
У этих парней есть всё, что я люблю в Ню Метале. Местами напомнили Deftones, местами P.O.D. Это конкретное открытие и пожалуй одно из лучших творений в этом году.
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Бодро звучат, всего в достатке. Отличнейший релиз thumb.gif
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несколько раз прослушал уже, круто, да!

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Artist : Islander
Album : Violence & Destruction
Label : Victory Records
Genre : Metal
Source : CD
Street Date : 2014-07-08
Quality : 1003kbps / 44.1kHz / 2 channels
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Size : 288.59 MB
Time : 37:43 min
Url : http://

1. Counteract 2:47
2. The Sadness Of Graves 3:04
3. Coconut Dracula 4:07
4. Cold Speak 3:09
5. Pains 3:56
6. Kingdom 4:03
7. Side Effects Of Youth 2:29
8. New Wave 3:44
9. Criminals (Feat. Sonny Sandoval) 3:00
10. Mira 1:16
11. Hearts Grow Cold 2:50
12. Violence & Destruction 3:18

It has been quite a journey for ISLANDER, who, in just over a
year, have gone from obscurity to a band in constant radio
rotation. Fueled with a combination of emotionally capturing
songs and audience grabbing live shows, ISLANDER continue to lead
at the forefront of their peers.

The thrilling trip for this quartet began in the foothills of
Greenville, S.C. with the release of their Victory Records debut
Pains. in 2013. Now, a lethal combination of alt-rock, punk and
nu-metal that recalls the finest of bands like Refused and
Deftones, ISLANDER have released their full length Violence &
Destruction to critical recognition. Comprised of members Mikey
Carvajal on vocals, Andrew Murphy on guitar, drummer Eric Frazier
and bassist Chris Doot, ISLANDER recorded the album with producer
Cameron Webb (SILVERSTEIN, ALKALINE TRIO) at Hollywood's NRG
Studios. It is twelve tracks of American rock anthems spawned by
individual struggle and organic affection. The result is a
refreshing and unpredictable performance of cutting edge,
modern-day rock with classic punk overtones fused with groove
laden beats.

Violence & Destruction awakens the nerves and lets life in. From
the blockbuster single 'Coconut Dracula', to the outlaw
collaboration of 'Criminals' with P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval and the
fist-pumping title track, ISLANDER sonically 'demonstrate that
fragile dichotomy between softness and weight in a riff', as
described by Noisey/Vice.

Already this year, ISLANDER have been part of the Rockstar Energy
Drink Mayhem Festival and their full length release Violence &
Destruction was deemed one of Revolver's 'Most Anticipated Of
2014'. The proof is evident in the response.

Alternative Press confirmed that ISLANDER was one the '100 Bands
You Need To Know' as 2014 continues to shine with festival
confirmations at Aftershock in Sacramento and Louder Than Life in

The band made the most of the Mayhem Tour, not only by generating
tens of thousands of fans across the festival tour's routing, but
also with other bands on the bill - most notably KoRn, who's
members were found to be onstage watching ISLANDER's incendiary
performances each day. Is this an indication of a collaboration
to come? Time will tell. In the meantime, several of the very
bands that inspired them, are professing their affection for
ISLANDER, including KoRn, Papa Roach, and P.O.D.

'U want a new, unique, sick band with a CD full of great songs?
Not 1 bad song! You won't regret getting ISLANDER' -
Brain 'Head' Welch, KoRn

'ISLANDER is perfect in the mix. It's got a heavy sound, and
super solid lyrics and hooks that don't stop. It's like a heavy
rock song with pop sensibility. Active Rock needs more bands like
ISLANDER that can write melodies and hooks - that aren't written
by a 10-year old songwriting formula. I can't rave enough about
Coconut Dracula!
-Jay Patrix, WTZR

'Coconut Dracula is a song that immediately stood out to me. For
such a young band ISLANDER have captured a sound far beyond their
years. These are the kind of bands Active Rock needs to break'
-Andy Green, WRIF

'Coconut Dracula is a great summer record! Jumps through the
speakers because it sounds so different than the pile of
sound-alike bands'
-Randy Hawke, WJJO

'I caught ISLANDER on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest, and
no bullshit, it was one of the highlights of the day for me!
Great energy, great crowd response. Can't wait to see them again'
-Paul Cannell, KTUX

'These guys just might be the new force in heavy rock'
- Alternative Press

'Violence & Destruction? will be able to hold its own for years.
You found something you could listen to, every day, for months.'
- HM Magazine
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пожалуй, лучшее, что выходило в стиле "deftones-метал" за последние два года smile.gif
ещё по превью учуял годноту, но не ожидал, что всё окажется настолько круто!

Hearts Grow Cold

rqst in pm - - flac`s

Открытие января CLANN - Seelie (2017) - Violin, Downtempo, Female Vocal, Trip-Hop
Islander - Side Effects of Youth (EP) (2012) перезалейте, пожалуйста.
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