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Artist : Isnaj Dui
Title : Unstable Equilibrium
Genre : Ambient
Year : 2009
Date : 09/2009
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 10
Label : Home Normal
Source : CDDA
Encoder : Lame 3.97
Length : 47:37 min
Size : 37,5 MB


01.Towards Evening 03:20
02.Signals Differ 06:05
03.Creaks Strangely 04:51
04.Chill Turns To Cold 05:45
05.Founded On Curiosity 04:51
06.Klangfarbenkreis 05:30
07.The Paper Fell Apart 04:12
08.Broken Fragments 01:38
09.Mushroom Picking 04:50
10.That Which Was Lost 06:35
47:37 min

ItТs hard to describe an album of moods,
emotions and distant memories, but to me
thatТs what I find myself doing with
Katie EnglishТs music. Katie under her
Isnaj Dui guise uses conventional and
her own home made instrumentation to add
loops and layers, until the track is
ready to take on its own shape and form.

This music triggers for me a different
experience with every listen. Maybe it
will be the sound of a lonely alien
crying on a tranquil moon, a field of
singing flowers staring at the sun, or
just my past dreams sailing away on an
endless ocean.

Ben Eshmade

Посмотрим, посмотрим.
“Funkywhat? What the fuck do we know about funkysauce? We rob post offices. We steal cars. What the fuck do we know about funkysauce, mate?”
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замечательно! то что искал! ohmy.gif
320 надо ?
100% не транскод
м, ну давай, было бы не плохо wink.gif
Isnaj Dui - 2009 - Unstable Equilibrium

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Artist: Isnaj Dui
Title: Unstable Equilibrium
Release Date: Sep 2009
Genre: Ambient
Label: Home Normal
Cat.#: HOMEN006
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1 kHz / Joint Stereo
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кстати судя по спектрам заливать не имело смысла ph34r.gif

01. Towards Evening 03:20
02. Signals Differ 06:05
03. Creaks Strangely 04:50
04. Chill Turns To Cold 05:45
05. Founded On Curiosity 04:50
06. Klangfarbenkreis 05:29
07. The Paper Fell Apart 04:12
08. Broken Fragments 01:38
09. Mushroom Picking 04:49
10. That Which Was Lost 06:34

спасибо тебе. Слушай, а у тебя случаем нет Tor Lundvall? А то мне его тоже хочется послушать, а все ссылки в разделе сдохли sad.gif
неа нету. да в разделе на последней странице работают все ссылки кроме одной
Isnaj Dui - Amacrine

(Released: 01-06-2007
Rip Date: 09-10-2009)

Label: Smallfish
Cat.#: FISH8CM-10
Source: CDr, Mini, EP, Limited Edition
Genre: Abstract / Minimal /Experimental
Quality: VBRkbps

01.Gently Severed 06:45
02.Five Years 08:01
03.Lieunb 05:02


Это сообщение отредактировал Stink3r - 10.10.09 в 12:35
02. Signals Differ - просто шикарный трек, как по мне. Переплетение амбиента и меланхоличности такой.
“Funkywhat? What the fuck do we know about funkysauce? We rob post offices. We steal cars. What the fuck do we know about funkysauce, mate?”
REUP !!11111111111oneoneone
i`m not superman.
Katie English и Laurence English это не родственники случаем?
Обновите, пожалуйста в 320 cbr Isnaj Dui - 2009 - Unstable Equilibrium...
Заранее благодарен.
Isnaj Dui – Circle Of Sleep [2011]
Free Download (192kbps)

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