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iTAL tEK - Cyclical (2008) (Mediafire or Rapidshare)

iTAL tEK - Mako (2009)
iTAL tEK - Massive Error (2009)
iTAL tEK - Deep Pools (2007)
iTAL tEK - Snippets (2007)
iTAL tEK - Blood Line (2007)
iTAL tEK - Terminator 2 EP (2006)

V/A - Mary-Anne Hobbs Presents Evangeline (2008) (Part 1 I Part 2)
V/A - 2OO (2007) (Part 1 I Part 2)
Ital Tek - The Speed Of Darkness (2017)

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Available as name your price from his BANDCAMP

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A.r.t. Wilson - Overworld
Vromm - BINARY008
Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990
Sports - Akrasia
что-то последние релизы его наполнены печалью)
что-то последние релизы его наполнены печалью
У всех бывают взлёты и падения. А они идеальны для творчества.
could somebody re-up Cyclical (2008) for a dude? thx.
Цитата: _D_
could somebody re-up Cyclical (2008) for a dude? thx.

thx homie!

iTAL tEK - Mako (12'')

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Year: 2009
Genre: Dubstep
Label: Atom river
Catalog: ATM001

A1. Mako
A2. Chemical temple
B1. Manhattan
B2. Topaz


iTAL tEK - Spectrum falls # Giga (12'')

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Year: 2010
Genre: Dubstep
Label: Atom river
Catalog: ATM002

A. Spectrum falls
B. Giga



iTAL tEK - Massive error [EP] (12'')

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Year: 2009
Genre: Dubstep
Label: Planet Mu
Catalog: ZIQ228

A1. Massive error
A2. Snowburst
A3. Strange love
B1. Octa
B2. Ghost cloud


Taken from the album "Ital Tek - Bodied" (released 7th September 2018)
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хорошие новости
Ital Tek takes footwork into the future
The Brighton producer Alan Myson has been releasing blustery footwork as Ital Tek since 2006, cohabiting with some of the genre’s pioneers on Planet Mu. Recently, he has ditched the stylistic calling card of labelmates Jlin, RP Boo, and DJ Spinn in favor of a sound that’s entirely his own—something as porous as the Ella McCartney sculpture on the cover of his upcoming album.

“Blood Rain” drowns any semblance of a beat in protracted, stuttering drones that seem to contract as the track develops, coupling unrelenting intensity with a shadow of anxiety. Myson said he wanted a sound that was “very physical, geometric, and monolithic, as if it inhabited a physical space.” Over arpeggiated synth tones, isolated notes pierce the atmosphere like a mechanical heartbeat. The result is a sound that’s straight out of Blade Runner, where the compositional angularity of Chicago juke is exchanged for rich ambient wash.


Solid Steel(7th September) In Hour 1 we welcome back Ital Tek for his 3rd appearance on the show. The Planet Mu artist is celebrating the release of 'Bodied', (the follow up to his acclaimed 2016 album 'Hollowed') and is out now and available to buy here: As on his last album, the sounds on 'Bodied' are highly designed, but this time barely a whisper of dance music remains. Instead it's built around acoustic elements and ghostly choral arrangements, refracted and transformed into atmospheric, alien forms which are given the time to settle and transform. Rhythm is used only as a tool to give his world a sense of dark, mechanical momentum. He had this to say about his mix;
"When I'm deep into the process of making an album I enter a bit of a self imposed music vacuum. I tend not to listen to much else through a combination of wanting to keep my vision clear and also the fact of spending all day in the studio leaves me not really wanting to listen to much else. So when I come out of that phase it's always great to open the flood gates, seek out what I might have missed and get that spark back. This mix contains some of the music that has made an impact on me in the past few months since completing the record alongside a selection of tracks from my new album 'Bodied' ."

You can view the video for 'Blood Rain' here

Hour 1 - Ital Tek

Ital Tek - Prima
Ital Tek - Bodied
Sophia Loizou - Shadows Of Futurity
Sami Baha - Thugs (ft. DJ Nate)
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - BabyBoySosa
Ital Tek - Blood Rain
Ital Tek - Lithic
Shxcxchcxsh - Shumumumu
Ben Chatwin - Knots
Ital Tek - Hymnal
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Life, Life (Anenon Dream Mix)
Jonny Greenwood - Tree Synthesisers
Shades - Back and Forth
Bliss Signal - Surge
Autechre - Four Of Seven
Ital Tek - Cipher
Doon Kanda - Crinoline
Barker - When Prophecy Fails
Ital Tek - Isolation Waves
Ital Tek - Become Real
Мирный атом - в каждый дом!
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