Johnny Jewel - Themes For Television (2018) V0
tos87 >>> "бедный неудачник"
Ребят, а у кого есть такой релиз от Джони?

если что загрузил на зиппи.
хороший альбом.
записан в 94-95, сведен в 96 году.
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Long before Johnny Jewel was making magic for Glass Candy, Chromatics & Desire, he was hidden in a basement somewhere in Humble, Tx. committing this chunk of loner creepiness to tape.
We ran in the same circle of friends at that time, and I seem to remember him in a band called Paloma around then…but that was more than 15 years ago, so details are hazy. Anyway, I do remember pretty clearly walking in to Aquarius (old location on 24th st. kiddos) with some other Texas expats and someone realizing that the weird no info Jandek look alike Lp on the wall was actually John P’s record. I cant recall if I picked it up that day, or at some point later, but what I do know was that I was in no way ready to really hear the music on it. That was a couple years down the road still…

This hits all the right spots if you find yourself among those listeners that enjoy This Heat’s first record & Peel Session (particularly the Farfisa drone / found sound facet) , early SY, lonely pianos, sine waves, druggy acoustic get the idea. Very personal, very dark, totally essential.

A note about the rip: Side B & C run gap less, so rather than make a call as to when one song starts & the other ends I just ripped those sides as one track.

Chromatics - Camera (2018) 320
tos87 >>> "бедный неудачник"

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