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Italians Do It Better 12"
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Tiedye - Nothing Else Matters
Rubies Featuring Feist - I Feel Electric
Mirage - Lady Operator
Farah - Law Of Life
Chromatics - In the City
Invisible Conga People - Cable Dazed / Weird Pains

After Dark
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info: http://www.discogs.com/release/995078

Glass Candy - Beat Box
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info: http://www.discogs.com/release/1140474

Chromatics - Night Drive
картинка, оставленная пользователем
info: http://www.discogs.com/release/1084147

гигантское спасибо
за italians do it better!!!

ЕСТЬ ещё?


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invisible conga people
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если кого все еще интересует этот лейбл, могу выложить еще что-нить
Да, интересуетsmile.gif..если можно еще)
God Bless House Music
davaj wary!
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Mirage - I Won't Stop Loving You
Mirage - Lady Operator
Mirage - Lake Of Dreams
Mirage - Looking For Love
Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)

desire tour demo cd не появился еще целиком?

Artist: Desire
Title: Desire
Label: Italians Do It Better
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: 175kbit av.
Time: 00:39:19
Size: 51.66 mb
Rip Date: 2009-06-09
Str Date: 2009-04-00

01. Introduction / Montre Moi Ton Visage 2:41
02. Mirroir Mirroir 5:21
03. Primitive Desire 4:32
04. Dans Mes Reves 5:14
05. Under Your Sell 4:57
06. Oxygene 8:03
07. If I Can't Hold 8:31

Release Notes:

I finally had the time to rip this gem of a 100 copy limited edition
CDR from Mike Simonetti's blog. Johnny Jewel's been living in Montreal
jamming with this obscure french singer and this is the product. Tasty.
They are currently touring with glass candy and Mike S.

NB> The tracklist is fucked, so I had to listen and reorganise the
track names as some were in the wrong order... strange. That and the
sleeve says 8 tracks, but only 7 were on the CD... Even stranger...
Still awesome music though!

c 3 треком что-то не ладное. на самом деле он don't call называется.
Desire- наиотличнейший альбом,заслушался- не оторвать,давно такого не было.Огромное спасибо за такую красоту.
Glass Candy прекрасны все таки. да, и сам сборник Italians Do It Better это такая вкуснота, что пальцы можно потом очень долго облизовать. спасибо большое.
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VA - Italians Do It Better Presents - After Dark (2007)

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01. Glass Candy - Rolling Down The Hills (Spring Demo)
02. Chromatics - Hands In The Dark (Dark Day)
03. Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)
04. Mirage - Lady Operator
05. Glass Candy - Computer Love (Kraftwerk)
06. Professor Genius - La Grotta (Demo)
07. Chromatics - Killing Spree (Suite 304 Demo)
08. Farah - Law Of Life
09. Chromatics - In The City
10. Glass Candy - Miss Broadway (Belle Epoque)
11. Mirage - Lake Of Dreams
12. Farah - Dancing Girls (Suite 304 Demo)
13. Glass Candy - The Chameleon (Dark Day)
14. Professor Genius - Pegaso

Also check the album review at Pitchfork.


Это сообщение отредактировал barey - 03.08.09 в 17:19
Glass Candy - Deep Gems: Singles, B-Sides & Rarities [2008]

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“A collection of singles, b-sides, and rarities. In between touring like crazy, GLASS CANDY has been in the studio every possible moment working on a new LP for 2009. In the meantime, “Deep Gems” is a collection of rare tracks recorded between March 2006 and October 2008. Featuring 10 unreleased songs plus the remix of “Miss Broadway” they’ve been playing live, and the 12″ version of “Geto Boys”.”



Twisted Wires - Oone Night at the Raw Deal

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Artist : Twisted Wires
Title : One Night At The Raw Deal
Label : Italians Do It Better
Genre : Disco
Catnum : IDIB015
URL : http://www.myspace.com/italiansdoitbetterrecords
Source : Vinyl
Quality : 203kbps 44100kHz Joint Stereo
Size : 25.09MB
Encoder : LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new

1. One Night At The Raw Deal (Vocal) 7:00
2. One Night At The Raw Deal (Instrumental) 7:05
3. One Night At The Raw Deal (Vocals And Guitars) 2:28
16:33 (min)

-Release Notes:
The impeccable Italians Do It Better label cruise in this week with the latest hot club goods from Twisted Wires. You've probably already guessed it but this one is a total must-have for any followers of the label, combining the best of Chromatics style smacky Italo disco with jangly guitars and a high-waistlined, sleeve-rolled spirit reminiscent of everyone from the Smiths to Prefab Sprout. 'One Night At The Raw Deal' instantly conjures up images of endless sunset scenes, shiny yachts and seductive American women with big hair. From the first note you're expecting a big syndrum snare and when it finally drops 2mins in you're there, doing coke off a Cuban prostitute's thigh and feeling right ready to slick it up on the dancefloor. Marvellous.

Finnaly receive

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NITE JEWEL - Want You Back EP
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Track Title:
1. Want You Back
2. Want You Back (Vocal Mix)
3. All Out Of Order
4. All Out Of Order (Spanish Version)


Это сообщение отредактировал rus16 - 20.08.09 в 11:13
Premier Rang - Les Corps Humides

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1 Les Corps humides
2 La ronde

Lo-fi new-wave disco impersonations from Premier Rang on the latest IDIB platter. Although it's not stated, 'La Ronde' is essentially the dub version of title track 'Les Corps Humides', an early 80's wave infected disco roller with tense and moody soundtracking vibes stalked by a groovy bassline, going easy on the usual lashings of IDIB brilliance, but coming out on tops in typically glamorous style. Fans of the Dissident imprint may wanna check this, recommended!

MP3 320 CBR


лучше б Lacquer скинул)))
Does anybody have this new release?
Various - Solid Gold, A Collection Of Singles (2010)
Info from discogs:here.
VA - Solid Gold (2010)

картинка, оставленная пользователем


1. Rubies Feat. Feist - I Feel Electric (Tiedye Remix)
2. Invisible Conga People - Cable Dazed
3. Premier Rang - Les Corps Humides
4. T & K - Yet To Come
5. Bottin - No Static (Club Version)
6. Twisted Wires - One Night At The Raw Deal (Guitar & Vocal)
7. Tiedye - Nothing Else Matters
8. T & K - Praia Do Nascer Do Sol
9. Solange - Robots Are Dub American
10. Tiedye - Fisherman's Bend (Dan Lissvik Remix)

Excerpts from disco sleeve series 2007-2010 covering the fringe elements & producers of Italians Do It Better. Almost every track featured on this cd is out of print on vinyl. This is a mail order only release not available on itunes or in record shops. Limited one time pressing. Starring...Tiedye, Invisible Conga People, Premier Rang, T & K, Bottin, Twisted Wires, Solange... 10 solid gold tracks. 61 minutes from Houston, New York, Paris, Venice, Berlin, Lisbon, & Gothenburg. Gatefold cd with full color artwork! Essential music for the warm summer nights

MP3 320 CBR



Ура-ура! dance.gif
Хотя на сборнике всего 3 с половиной трека, которые я не слышал раньше, но всё же приятно.
Ну и в догонку Farah с весенней EP с соответствующим лямурным романтическим настроением в преддверии полноценного альбома, который вроде как обещают оcенью.

Farah - Gay Boy
Label: Italians Do It Better
Released: 2010
Genre: Italo-Disco, Synth-pop
Quality : 320 Лизы
Weight : 53.7 Mb + 5% recovery info.

  • 01 - Gay Boy (Lullaby)
  • 02 - Gay Boy (Radio Edit)
  • 03 - Gay Boy (Instrumental)
  • 04 - Gay Boy (Vocal Mix)

pass - funky

"Зачем вы, девушка, красивых любите?!" tongue.gif
Покоритесь или будете дефлорированы
Various Artists - Perseo Edits Volume One

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01. Bottin - Eagle
02. Mike Simonetti - Slo Glo Stick
03. Martin Vogel - Tough
04. Mike Simonetti - You Got That Look In Your Eyes
05. Bottin - Stork
06. Mike Simonetti - Torino Fog
07. Martin Vogel - Tougher Without Bruce
08. Mike Simonetti - Louie Louie

MP3 320 CBR

Depositfiles | Fileserve | Sharingmatrix
А Perseo - это какой-то родственный лейбл или как?
Покоритесь или будете дефлорированы
Finally after months and month of preparation, we are
able to announce the first four releases on our new
sister label PERSEO. This label will focus mainly on edits
and things of that nature. The label was born when
Mike heard the infamous Bruce Springsteen edit by
Martin Vogel almost two years ago. It prompted him
to try to figure out a way to release it, and thus Perseo
was born. SInce then it has become a way to showcase
some of Mike and Johnny's favorite edits out there, as
well as a way to release some of their own work. Like
Italians, expect the quality to be top notch and the
records to be limited editions, usually around 400 copies
per release. The first three releases are:

--M VOGEL "Tough" 12" (aka: The Boss- the one that started it all)
--BOTTIN "Eagle/Stork" 12" (Steve Miller/Level 42)
--MIKE SIMONETTI "That Look" 12" (3 obscure house tracks)
--PERSEO "Edits Volume One" cd (this collects the three records
above, plus a bonus track from Mike not on the vinyl)

head over to the store and order away! They wont last!
We priced the cds at $5- budget pricing like we do for
everything we do!

Maybe some one has:
Fact Mix please...!

Mike Simonetti with Johnny Jewel - Albuterol

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MP3 320 CBR



Mike Simonetti: FACT mix 172 – Italians Do It Better

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картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Great! Thanks a lot !!!!


картинка, оставленная пользователем

Artist.....[ Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel
Album......[ Albuterol
Label......[ Perseo
Catalog #..[ PERSEOCD002
Source.....[ CD
Genre......[ Disco
Language...[ English
Rip Date...[ 2010-10-21
Store Date.[ 2010-09-20
Rip Tool...[ EAC
Encoder....[ LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality....[ 204 kbps AVG VBR 44.1/Joint Stereo
Url........[ http://vivaitalians.blogspot.com


01 The Dead Of Night 3:35
02 Pitched Down Pugh (Gothenburg Boat Mix) 3:41
03 The Downside Of Gentrification 5:30
04 Found You In The Dollar Bin 2:58
05 Syntheseized Throbbing Baleric Italo Track With Guitar Solo 2:37
06 School's Out Forever 6:41
07 Her Magic Spell 7:30
08 Pulasky Skyway To Zanzibars 5:37
09 Super Sensitive 6:56
10 Disconet Dilemma 5:20

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Wicked fun!

Mike Simonetti @ Beats in Space 13/10/2009

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облога как у judas priest -turbo ohmy.gif
09 Super Sensitive 6:56
просто разрыв! thumb.gif
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перезалейте пожалуйста FACT mix 172 – Italians Do It Better. с ифолдера не раскрыть(

залейти плих это Mike Simonetti Unveils EP
Эй, не спать! Italians Do It Better выстрелили несколькими свежими релизами!

Заливайте все, что встретится из этих релизов. Буду признателен! smile.gif
Mike Simonetti - Capricorn Rising

картинка, оставленная пользователем


Third Of The Storms (7:59)
Song For Luca (7:38)
Dust Devil (4:16)
Acapulco (4:55)
Renko's Theme (1:42)
Capricorn Rising (4:24)
Third Of The Storms (8:01)

MP3 320 CBR

VA - After Dark 320kbps links ???
Glass Candy - Warm In The Winter/Beautiful Object [2011]

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Format: AAC 256 kb/s

01 Warm In The Winter
02 Beautiful Object
03 Beautiful Object (Instrumental)
04 Warm In The Winter (Instrumental)

Download: MultiUpload

Если кому-либо нужны другие релизы лэйбла - пишите в тред.
нам нужен хотя бы этот релиз в мп3)
На данный момент релиз доступен только в цифровом aac виде на айтьюнс. Переконвертировать его в формат mp3 - дело пары минут. Хотя по-мне aac - вполне годный формат. Переконвертирую - залью.
это ж будет транскод, не надо)
на айтюнс релизы только в аас?
то ж будет транскод, не надо)

Это будет просто переконвертированный aac 256 в mp3 256, с теми же параметрами. Апконвертить - грешно, а тут всё более-менее по честному smile.gif. Других вариантов пока нет. Можно подождать "сцену", но когда она будет и будет ли вообще - неизвестно.

Glass Candy - Warm In The Winter/Beautiful Object [2011]

Format: MP3 CBR 256 Kb/s

Download: MultiUpload
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забавно, но я бы скушал если бы мне сказли что это 320 )
Если кому-либо нужны другие релизы лэйбла - пишите в тред.

А чем еще в качестве располагаешь?
Скрытый текст / Hidden text
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Chromatics' new album Kill For Love is finished & will be out in January! Between now & then, we'll be leaking videos & singles from it. The first single "Kill For Love" is out now on iTunes, & Alberto Rossini's beautiful video for the single is up on YouTube. The 12" version with exclusive trax on the b side coming soon. 2012 is going to be insane! Kicking it off right with a huge Italians Do It Better party in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve! Live sets from Glass Candy, Desire, & Chromatics. Plus DJ sets from Mike Simonetti & friends all night long. See you there!

Хотел порадоваться новости, но....что со звуком-то приключилось?! Куда исчезла фирменная холодная меланхолия?! blink.gif

Это сообщение отредактировал Gobsek - 27.10.11 в 3:45
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Новый трек вполне ничего, на уровне. Посмотрим, что у них получится в итоге.
А пока - тёплый ламповый флак. Данный релиз - переиздание альбома Night Drive, с пятью эксклюзивными бонус треками.

Chromatics - Night Drive 2010 (Deluxe Edition) [FLAC]

картинка, оставленная пользователем


01. The Telephone Call (1:50)
02. Night Drive (3:44)
03. I Want Your Love (6:41)
04. Running Up That Hill (6:06)
05. Killing Spree (3:59)
06. Healer (3:53)
07. Mask (5:35)
08. Tomorrow Is So Far Away (7:12)
09. Let's Make This A Moment To Remember (3:30)
10. Tick Of The Clock (15:39)
11. Shining Violence (3:16)
12. Circled Sun (4:07)
13. Bell (2:37)
14. The Gemini (4:00)
15. Accelerator (7:29)

Total Running Time : 79 Minutes 33 seconds
Size: 454 Mb

Download: Ifolder
По-моему, если не подписано, что это Chromatics, никогда сам не догадаешься. Ни о чем. Слушаем Gold Zebra thumb.gif
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Symmetry - Themes For An Imaginary Film

Это сообщение отредактировал suddenrain - 26.12.11 в 17:15
От это я понимаю! Пацаны аще ребята! thumb.gif
Покоритесь или будете дефлорированы
Symmetry - Themes For An Imaginary Film [2011]

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Genre: Electronic
Label: Italians Do It Better
Quality: AAC 256 kb/s
Size: 227 Mb

Three years in the making, Symmetry - the project that began as a conceptual tangent between Glass Candy, Chromatics, Mirage, & Desire’s more abstract sides - finally sees its release this month. Themes For An Imaginary Film is two hours of claustrophobic cinematic bliss compiled for Painters, Writers, Photographers, Designers, Cruisers, Night Walkers, & Dreamers. Adrenaline drips thick like syrup across a horizon where memories become blurred scenes behind the windshield & yesterday’s faces fade as the road strobes to aggressive rhythms. Romantic melodies linger in the rearview mirror as chimera bells saturate the electric fog that’s slowly rolling in.
Over the span of thirty seven tracks, Symmetry embraces the elegance of European noir cut with a lean & violent American razor. Directly in your face & breathing down your neck one minute, & escaping beyond the night sky the next. The attention given to color & detail on these recordings is more graphic than musical. More visual than aural. With no flashy virtuosity to clutter the mood, the album’s pulse thrives on the empty pockets of space left in the wake of throbbing bass & the faint flicker of electro candlelight. Minimal, strict, & always in motion, there’s an oppressive overtone throughout the record that winds itself tight as a clock. Johnny Jewel & Nat Walker (Chromatics & Desire) give us propulsive moments that are more rhythm based than Pop, & less reliant on a lyrical presence than their other projects.

01. Introduction (3:03)
02. City Of Dreams (2:33)
03. Over The Edge (5:37)
04. The Nightshift (0:51)
05. Paper Chase (3:29)
06. Outside Looking In (2:07)
07. Midnight Sun (2:29)
08. Behind The Wheel (5:29)
09. Thicker Than Blood (3:37)
10. A Sort Of Homecoming (3:33)
11. Winner Take All (3:29)
12. Death Mask (5:35)
13. Jackie’s Eyes (3:33)
14. The Fading Faces (2:15)
15. Mind Games (3:13)
16. The Maze (3:59)
17. Threshold (3:13)
18. Flashback (3:57)
19. Blood Sport (3:41)
20. Survival Instinct (2:53)
21. Hall Of Mirrors (4:11)
22. Eulogy (2:57)
23. The Messenger (3:57)
24. Love Theme (1:55)
25. Through The Gauntlet (3:41)
26. Ghost Town (4:25)
27. Cruise Control (3:24)
28. Wave Goodbye (0:63)
29. Magic Gardens (2:05)
30. An Eye For An Eye (2:03)
31. The Point Of No Return (5:55)
32. Cremation (2:53)
33. The Nightshift Reprise (1:03)
34. Memories Are Forever (6:14)
35. Echoes Of The Mind (1:21)
36. Streets Of Fire (4:53)

Download: MultiUpload
Download: MultiUpload

на народ можно?
please reup!
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Symmetry - Themes For An Imaginary Film


Это сообщение отредактировал stanl3y - 22.01.12 в 0:31
Symmetry - Themes For An Imaginary Film

Перезалейте пожалуйста на какой-нибудь адекватный файлообменник.
Symmetry - 2012 - Themes for an Imaginary Film (2 CD)
(Symmetry-Themes For An Imaginary Film-2CD-(IDIB37)-2012-E)

картинка, оставленная пользователем

картинка, оставленная пользователем картинка, оставленная пользователем картинка, оставленная пользователем картинка, оставленная пользователем картинка, оставленная пользователем картинка, оставленная пользователем


Title Themes For An Imaginary Film
Artist Symmetry
Genre Electronic
Label Italians Do It Better
Date 2012-03-03
Songs 36
Size 211.65 MB
Quality 233kbps avg / CD

Disc 1/2

01 Introduction 3:02
02 City Of Dreams 2:33
03 Over The Edge 5:35
04 The Nightshift 0:52
05 Paper Chase 3:28
06 Outside Looking In 2:07
07 Midnight Sun 2:28
08 Behind The Wheel 5:29
09 Thicker Than Blood 3:35
10 A Sort Of Homecoming 3:34
11 Winner Take All 3:29
12 Death Mask 5:33
13 Jackie's Eyes 3:32
14 The Fading Faces 2:14
15 Mind Games 3:14
16 The Maze 3:59
17 Threshold 3:12
18 Flashback 3:56
> 61:52
Disc 2/2

01 Blood Sport 3:41
02 Survival Instinct 2:53
03 Hall Of Mirrors 4:17
04 Eulogy 2:57
05 The Messenger 3:57
06 Love Theme 1:55
07 Through The Gauntlet 3:42
08 Ghost Town 4:24
09 Cruise Control 3:23
10 Wave Goodbye 1:04
11 Magic Gardens 2:04
12 An Eye For An Eye 2:03
13 The Point Of No Return 5:55
14 Cremation 2:54
15 The Nightshift Reprise 1:04
16 Memories Are Forever 6:14
17 Echoes Of The Mind 1:21
18 Streets Of Fire 4:52
> 58:40.

CD 1:
01. Introduction (3:02)
02. City Of Dreams (2:33)
03. Over The Edge (5:35)
04. The Nightshift (0:52)
05. Paper Chase (3:28)
06. Outside Looking In (2:06)
07. Midnight Sun (2:28)
08. Behind The Wheel (5:29)
09. Thicker Than Blood (3:35)
10. A Sort Of Homecoming (3:34)
11. Winner Take All (3:29)
12. Death Mask (5:33)
13. Jackie's Eyes (3:32)
14. The Fading Faces (2:14)
15. Mind Games (3:14)
16. The Maze (3:59)
17. Threshold (3:12)
18. Flashback (3:56)

CD 2:
01. Blood Sport (3:41)
02. Survival Instinct (2:53)
03. Hall Of Mirrors (4:17)
04. Eulogy (2:57)
05. The Messenger (3:57)
06. Love Theme (1:55)
07. Through The Gauntlet (3:42)
08. Ghost Town (4:24)
09. Cruise Control (3:23)
10. Wave Goodbye (1:04)
11. Magic Gardens (2:04)
12. An Eye For An Eye (2:03)
13. The Point Of No Return (5:55)
14. Cremation (2:54)
15. The Nightshift Reprise (1:04)
16. Memories Are Forever (6:14)
17. Echoes Of The Mind (1:21)
18. Streets Of Fire (4:52)


Это сообщение отредактировал fundam - 04.03.12 в 1:02

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Genre ..........: Indie
Storedate ......: 2012-00-00
Label ..........: Italians Do It Better
Catnum .........:
Source .........: CDR
Playtime .......: 1h 17min total
Encoder ........: LAME 3.98.4 (-V0)
Bitrate ........: 244 kbps avg
Size ...........: 135.55 MB


1. Into The Black 5:22
2. Kill For Love 3:58
3. Back From The Grave 3:42
4. The Page 3:36
5. Lady 5:08
6. These Streets Will Never Look The Same 8:36
7. Broken Mirrors 7:03
8. Candy 2:30
9. The Eleventh Hour 3:28
10. Running From The Sun 7:06
11. Dust To Dust 2:40
12. Birds Of Paradise 4:26
13. A Matter Of Time 5:06
14. At Your Door 3:52
15. There's A Light Out On The Horizon 4:44
16. The River 6:09


Release Notes


ifolder / unibytes / gigabase / share4web / turbobit

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ARTiST....: Desire
ALBUM.....: II
BiTRATE...: 235 kbps avg
LABEL.....: Italians Do It Better US
GENRE.....: Indie
RiP DATE..: 2012-05-23
ENCODER...: LAME 3.98.4 -V0


1. Montre Moi Ton Visage 2:34
2. Mirroir Mirroir 5:18
3. Don't Call 4:34
4. Dans Mes Reves 5:22
5. Under Your Spell 4:56
6. Colorless Sky 3:55
7. Oxygene 7:18
8. If I Can't Hold You 7:09

total: 41:06 min
72.46 megs

ifolder / unibytes / gigabase / share4web / turbobit

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Artist : Glass Candy
Album : Geto Boys
Genre : Disco
Source : Vinyl
Label : Italians Do It Better
Date : 08-00-2009
Encoder : LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
Quality : 191kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 6
Time : 29:24 min
Size : 40.33 MB

1 Geto Boys (Vocal) 3:52
2 Geto Boys (Drums) 3:42
3 Geto Boys (Instrumental) 5:44
4 Animal Imagination 6:04
5 Animal Imagination (Soft Boundaries) 3:43
6 Animal Imagination (Instrumental) 6:19

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Mike Simonetti - Circadian Rhythms

any one?

on oct 15 coming out after dark 2
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After Dark 2 will be out this Friday, May 17th

Mirage - Let's Kiss

Various Artists - After Dark 2 [2013]

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Label: Italians Do It Better
Quality: AAC 256 kb/s

01.Glass Candy – Warm In The Winter (6:44)
02.Desire – Tears From Heaven (5:11)
03.Mirage – Let’s Kiss (9:05)
04.Appaloosa – Fill The Blanks (3:52)
05.Chromatics – Looking For Love (5:29)
06.Symmetry – Heart Of Darkness (3:55)
07.Chromatics – Camera (4:30)
08.Twisted Wires – Half Lives (4:37)
09.Glass Candy – The Possessed (5:49)
10.Chromatics – Cherry (4:31)
11.Glass Candy – Beautiful Object (5:03)
12.Farah – Into Eternity (5:22)
13.Appaloosa – Intimate (5:02)
14.Mike Simonetti – The Magician (3:59)
15.Glass Candy – Redheads Feel More Pain (5:07)

Download: Rusfolder
Could someone rehost After Dark 2 please? Rusfolder doesn't seem to work for me anymore! sad.gif

Also, if anyone could re-up a good quality version of After Dark 1 I'd be very grateful, I can only find it in 128kbps.

Many thanks.
Various Artists - After Dark 2 [2013]

what about 320 kbps?
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Various Artists - After Dark 2 [2013]

what about 320 kbps?


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Artist.......: VA
Album........: After Dark 2
Label........: Italians Do It Better
Genre........: Electronic
Catnr........: n/a
source.......: CDDA
rip.date.....: Jul-31-2013
str.date.....: 000-00-2013
quality......: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Url..........: n/a

01. Glass Candy - Warm In the Winter 06:45
02. Desire - Tears From Heaven 05:12
03. Mirage - Let's Kiss 09:06
04. Appaloosa - Fill the Blanks 03:53
05. Chromatics - Looking For Love 05:31
06. Symmetry - Heart Of Darkness 03:57
07. Chromatics - Camera 04:31
08. Twisted Wires - Half Lives 08:48
09. Glass Candy - The Possessed 11:00
10. Chromatics - Cherry 04:33
11. Glass Candy - Beautiful Object 05:04
12. Farah - Into Eternity 05:23
13. Appaloosa - Intimate 09:05
14. Mike Simonetti - The Magician 04:00
15. Glass Candy - Redheads Feel More Pain 05:08

Runtime 91:56 min
Size 140,0 MB

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Symmetry – The Messenger (2013)

Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Glass Candy, глава лейбла Italians Do It Better) переиздаёт на виниле свой оригинальный материал, выпущенный крошечным тиражом в 2011 году - инструментальный саундтрек ночной тоске, мерцающему дождю и печальным надеждам на будущее: короткие этюды замедленного синт-итало, написанные холодными эмбиент-красками...

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synthpop, italo-disco, noir-electro, soundtrack

01 – Recurring Dream The Messenger
02 – Vanishing Point
03 – Carousel
04 – Uptown Rain (Piano Improvisation)
05 – Waiting Room
06 – Thicker Than Blood
07 – Roulette
08 – Lost In Time
09 – Tunnel Vision
10 – Surface Control
11 – The Dancer
12 – The Hunt


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а тираж далеко не крошечный
3000 пластинок 3*LP
1500 пластинок promo lp
ну и дисков в 2 раза больше
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Label: Italians Do It Better ‎– IDIB026CD
Country: US
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco, Leftfield, Downtempo
Year: 2013
Source: CDDA
Rip.date: Jul-31-2013
Quality: Mp3 VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Runtime: 78 min.

01. Glass Candy - Warm In the Winter 06:45
02. Desire - Tears From Heaven 05:12
03. Mirage - Let's Kiss 09:06
04. Appaloosa - Fill the Blanks 03:53
05. Chromatics - Looking For Love 05:31
06. Symmetry - Heart Of Darkness 03:57
07. Chromatics - Camera 04:31
08. Twisted Wires - Half Lives 08:48
09. Glass Candy - The Possessed 11:00
10. Chromatics - Cherry 04:33
11. Glass Candy - Beautiful Object 05:04
12. Farah - Into Eternity 05:23
13. Appaloosa - Intimate 09:05
14. Mike Simonetti - The Magician 04:00
15. Glass Candy - Redheads Feel More Pain 05:08

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PASS: grazie_onor
Chromatics - Cherry LP

(Italians Do It Better, 2016) [320]

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Heaven - Lonesome Town [EP] (2017)

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label: Italians Do It Better
genre: Electronic / Pop
year: May 10/17
quality: 320 kbps
size: ~ 34mb
type: 5 tracks

01. It’s Not Enough
02. Lock & Key
03. Blood On The Tracks
04. Lonesome Town
05. It’s Not Enough (Instrumental)

http://uploadboy.me/t7fly39ec5lt/Heaven - Lonesome Town [EP] (2017).rar.html

In Mirrors - Escape From Berlin

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VA - Cruise Control (Compiled by Johnny Jewel)

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uploadboy.me/tkz6oaadr7ph - 320 / CD
turbobit.net/v0p80m8qo4p7.html - 320 / CD
uploadboy.me/uz5651pdqruw/ - flac / CD / .tracks+.cue.+.log(100%)
turbobit.net/gemzy34g3676.html - flac / CD / .tracks+.cue.+.log(100%)

Цитата: TheNine
Twisted Wires - Half Lives

Файлообменники не открываются sad.gif
Цитата: TheNine
Johnny Jewel - Digital Rain (2018)
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01. Digital Rain
02. Black Pyramid
03. The City Of Roses
04. Double Exposure
05. The Runner
06. Air Museum
07. Monsoon
08. Magma
09. What If?
10. The Windscreen
11. Mirror Image
12. Liquid Lucite
13. Aerosol
14. Ship Of Thesus
15. La Ville De Neige
16. Seven Corners
17. Cellophane
18. Pulsations
19. Houston

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MP3 vbr v0
MP3 CBR 320 kbps
FLAC (tracks)
FLAC (tracks, 24Bit)

Release Date: 26 Jan 2018
rqst in pm

Johnny Jewel - Themes For Television (2018) V0
don't imitate, be original...
Ребят, а у кого есть такой релиз от Джони?

если что загрузил на зиппи.
хороший альбом.
записан в 94-95, сведен в 96 году.
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Long before Johnny Jewel was making magic for Glass Candy, Chromatics & Desire, he was hidden in a basement somewhere in Humble, Tx. committing this chunk of loner creepiness to tape.
We ran in the same circle of friends at that time, and I seem to remember him in a band called Paloma around then…but that was more than 15 years ago, so details are hazy. Anyway, I do remember pretty clearly walking in to Aquarius (old location on 24th st. kiddos) with some other Texas expats and someone realizing that the weird no info Jandek look alike Lp on the wall was actually John P’s record. I cant recall if I picked it up that day, or at some point later, but what I do know was that I was in no way ready to really hear the music on it. That was a couple years down the road still…

This hits all the right spots if you find yourself among those listeners that enjoy This Heat’s first record & Peel Session (particularly the Farfisa drone / found sound facet) , early SY, lonely pianos, sine waves, druggy acoustic guitars..you get the idea. Very personal, very dark, totally essential.

A note about the rip: Side B & C run gap less, so rather than make a call as to when one song starts & the other ends I just ripped those sides as one track.

Chromatics - Camera (2018) 320
don't imitate, be original...

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