Jacelyn Parry

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Australian singer, songwriter, sound engineer, Jacelyn Parry is a blend of both the East & West. Born in Malaysia to an Australian father & a Chinese mother, she spent her first years as a child in Singapore before
heading to Australia to complete her studies. Jacelyn, began music at an early age, attending the Yamaha school of music in Singapore which exposed her to the fundamentals of music learning. From then on, she started her lifelong passion into the world of music. She commenced studying the piano at an early age, which
solidified her intuition for music. Often playing by ear, she tried to emulate her own ideas & impressions of her
classical background always searching to discover a unique atmosphere in her compositions. She was taken by the possibility of the sound textures that her imagination & experience could interpret & was always surprised by the way stories could evolve from each sound, ''the essentiality of each note, of the way the attack and the decay on her piano could sinuously melt into the surrounds - at first alive and then slowly slipping back into the silence touching upon the edges of mystery.''

''I spent many nights as a child listening closely to music, listening intimately & trying to discover a means to find a close understanding of what the sounds and the melodies meant. Focusing in between the spaces and the colors to discover interesting possibilities that arise in my imagination.'' Drawing inspiration from life, wainting and the contemporary atmosphere of her culture were part of the seed that gave rise to Jacelyn's
curiosity in music. Having won several prizes in Art as a child including an art academic award in upper school,
Jacelyn was well versed in the aesthetics of the visual and in large part has learnt to listen to music with the
colors of her imagination. As a young girl in Singapore, she would often sneak away into the music room during her break time in school to listen to the sounds on the piano, playing & caressing each note that she touched, as if a sculpture or a form she could try to capture in paint could manifest from the simple elegance and essentiality of the sounds.

After spending the first 16 years of her life in Singapore, Jacelyn moved back to Australia where she
enrolled in the Queensland Conservatorium of music whereby she was amongst the 10 students out of over 300 applicants selected to study Sonology & Music Technology. Having discovered a new dimension to expanding her sound vocabulary, she practiced the means of production & recording, often working with her university colleagues who needed demos to begin her practice of recording techniques.

During her sojourn at the Conservatorium, Jacelyn also began performing with a local Jazz quintet as a vocalist practicing the many bossanova & swing standards in local venues on a weekly basis. At the same time she was also assisting an engineer at a recording studio on an occasional basis. It was during this period that she began exploring the use of technology and sound to place her compositions. She drew from many sources of inspiration, from classical, soundtracks, jazz, avant-garde to electronica, dance & hip-hop. Always finding that the meta-narrative in the diversity in music is akin to that in the diversity of life.

After graduating, Jacelyn was accepted to intern in New York with platinum award winning Sound Engineer &
Producer, Ken Lewis (John Legend, Kanye West, David Byrne) as an assistant engineer. The mentoring experience under Lewis unfolded a new confidence as she participated in the high-end of the recording and production industry and after 4 months, she had gained a credit on the Grammy award winning album of Kanye Wests' 'College Dropout'.

During her time in New York, whilst at the AES convention, she was first introduced to the world of High
Fidelity which eventually led her to Rome, Italy where she has worked with Suono (An Italian Audiophile
magazine) interviewing the guru of Marantz, Ken Ishiwata, at the high-end convention in Munich. From there she began her interest in high fidelity and of how sound and music were of the essential. She also recorded at the Forum Music Village (Morricone, Charlie Haden) in Rome with the Ettore Carucci Quartet assimilating a new found approach to interpreting sound.

Having found the means to grow in her pursuit of sound & music, she began working with local publisher Concertone towards releasing her music, which resulted in the album 'East to West'.

Jacelyn is currently living in Rome and is working with Concertone to develop her second release.

Jacelyn Parry - East To West [2008]

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ARTIST : Jacelyn Parry
TITLE : East To West
LABEL : Concertone / Edel
GENRE : Electronic
BITRATE : 175 kbps avg
PLAYTIME : 01:19:25
SIZE : 104.MB
STORE DATE : 2008-00-00

Track List
1. Blue Dreaming 4:42
2. A Piece In Grey 1:23
3. Maybe It's Me 3:15
4. The Heart Sleeps 5:15
5. Grace The Mood 4:20
6. Perhaps In Time 3:14
7. Morning Light 3:18
8. Around The World 5:03
9. Love Can Begin 3:26
10. Lin Fei - The Hope Of Return 1:38
11. We'll Be Together 5:06
12. Intro 1:13
13. Ride Before Dusk 4:57
14. Moonlight Serenade 3:12
15. A Night Without A Sign 3:25
16. Inquisition Of Night 6:21
17. The Ascending Views 1:54
18. The Revival 2:33
19. Carnivale Roma 6:56
20. In A Reverie 3:58
21. We'll Be Together (Rumba) 4:16


чето никакого обсуждения нет... как музон то?
чето никакого обсуждения нет... как музон то?

тёплый)) .. я бегло так прослушал.. звучит приятно, оценить пока не успел
хмм.. мне вот очень понравился альбом.. непринуждённый такой
если он меня на зимней прогулке порадовал, то каким-нибудь летним воскресным утром.. с девочкой.. в авто.. куда-нить, где поспокойнее... ну в общем, будет клёво))
Безусловно приятная и расслабляющая музыка, большое спасибо!
Очень приятное Downtempo.
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Jacelyn Parry - East To West [2008]



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