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Final post of this "Countdown to Brel", Enregistrements Inedits et de Jeunesse assembles sessions for Radio Hasselt in 1953 together with earlier recordings. This is acoustic early Brel. Here, you'll find him, alone with his guitar, playing song of his early era... No big classics to be found then but, the very genesis of an artist. A must have for every Brel fanatic, an interesting dоcument for others. This cd is exclusive to the 2004 boxset, enjoy!

1. A deux
2. Dites, si c'etait vrai
3. Les gens
4. La haine
5. Departs
6. Le diable "ca va"
7. Qu'avons nous fait, bonnes gens
8. L'ange dechu
9. Les pieds dans le ruisseau
10. La Bastille
11. Ce qu'il nous faut (ce qu'il vous faut)
12. L'accordeon de la vie
13. Je suis l'ombre des chansons
14. S'il te faut
15. Ballade
16. L'orage
17. Les paves
18. Le fou du roi
19. La foire
20. Sur la place
21. Il peut pleuvoir
22. Les deux fauteuils
23. Les enfants du roi
24. Le troubadour
25. Il nous faut regarder
26. C'est comme ca
27. Si tu revenais
28. Le pendu

bit rate: ~312 kb/s
time: 1:05:22


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Brel's debut album. The voice is not yet affirmed, so are the lyrics and arrangements... And don't get me started on the moustache... Yet, this is another must have for any Brel fanatic. (Almost - check out today's bonus post) The very first trace of one of the greatest artist of the previous century. There's just one thing to do then: get it and ENJOY!

1. La haine
2. Grand Jacques (c'est trop facile)
3. Il pleut "les carrreaux"
4. Le diable "ca va"
5. Il peut pleuvoir
6. Il nous faut regarder
7. Le fou du roi
8. C'est comme ca
9. Sur la place Bonus tracks
10. S'il te faut
11. La bastille
12. Priere paienne
13. Il y a
14. La foire
15. Sur la place

bit rate: ~313 kb/s
time: 37:13

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This one, Brel's second album, contains his very first classic: Quand On A Que L'Amour. Since its CD edition was named after this song, it wasn't too hard to guess. Here, you'll find more of the young Jacques Brel, struggling to define his style. The title track gives a good idea of Brel's future romantic songs (think Ne Me Quitte Pas), the rest, however, leans more toward Charles Trenet than what this great Belgian artist will later display, not that it's a bad thing, mark my words, just that, would he have continued to deliver this kind of music, we would have probably forgotten about Brel altogether. Don't let the previous sentence fool you, the songs are good, they just miss that spark of mean-spirited-humour, that fantasy that will allow Mr. Brel to win a whole country (one that wasn't his own!) together with quite a flattering international reputation. Two illustrious guests join Brel on this album: Andre Popp, know for accompanying Marie Laforet or the muse of St Germain Des Pres- Juliette Greco - and his soundtracks and Michel Legrand, one of the biggest names in French jazz, known for his collaborations with big names such as Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Stan Getz et Bill Evans... Impressive list, isn't it?But back to Brel and his 1956 album, do not expect the "real" Jacques Brel. What you'll get here is classic Chanson from the 50's and also a little more knowledge of what this artist tried before finding himself a few years later. A dоcument.

1 Quand on n'a que l'amour
2 Qu'avons nous fait, bonnes gens?
3 Les pieds dans le ruisseau
4 Pardons
5 La bourree du celibataire
6 L'air de la betise
7 Saint Pierre
8 J'en appelle
9 Heureux
10 Les bles
Bonus track
11 Quand on n'a que l'amour

bit rate: ~313 kb/s
time: 28:58

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With this album, we start exploring what I'd call the "early Brel". It's not yet the artist who will hit the French charts one year later with La Valse a Mille Temps. The opening track is a duet with a female singer resulting in a romantic song quite typical of its era, not bad but quite strange when considering later Brel repertoire. The second song, Au Printemps, is a happy tune with light-hearted arrangement and naive lyrics, once again, even if Brel's voice is very recognizable, it's different from what Brel will become. The third song, Je Ne Sais Pas, is a more classic Brel even if his anger and irony are still missing, good song though. With Le Colonel, one might thing it will finally diplay our "usual" Brel... It doesn't. It's more of the light-hearted naive chanson. I could go on and describe each song, suffice to say those four give the general spirit of the album (except for the sang poem Et Si C'Etait Vrai). All in all, this is not a bad album and it certainly shows a crucial point in Brel's evolution with much more refined orchestration than his very early work yet, it's not the "true" Brel yet. More of a curiosity than an essential but it sure helps understanding Brel's evolution and... well, there's always Brel's voice which, would he sang a telephone directory, would make it enjoyable.

1. Demain l'on se marie (la chanson des fiances)
2. Au printemps
3. Je ne sais pas
4. Le colonel
5. Dors ma mie
6. La lumiere jaillira
7. Dites, si c'etait vrai (poeme)
8. L'homme dans la cite
9. Litanies pour un retour
10. Voici Bonus tracks
11. Voir
12. L'aventure
13. Dites, si c'etait vrai (poeme)

bit rate: ~313kbps
time: 34:09

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1959's La Valse a Mille Temps is an important album in the discography of Jacques Brel. Not only does it contain three ultimate classics (La Valse a Mille Temps, Ne Me Quitte Pas & Les Flamandes), it's also the first affirmation of Brel's future style. The songs here are enlightened of lush orchestrations with that twist a fantasy that will be even more obvious in the years to come. It's Brel's style birth certificate in a way. One will find the album a tad too short, lasting just over 30 minutes, but the overall quality dismisses its shortness as a down point. Lyrically, Brel also seems to find himself here particularily with his very first satirical charge against his Flemish roots on Les Flamandes. To sum things up, what you're having here is a 10 songs/30 minutes piece of History in the world of quality French-sang chanson, that alone should suffice to convince you to give it a try!

1. La valse a mille temps
2. Seul
3. La dame patronesse
4. Je t'aime
5. Ne me quitte pas
6. Les flamandes
7. Isabelle
8. La mort
9. La tendresse
10. La colombe

bit rate: ~314 kb/s
time: 30:44

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Brel 1961's album. His style is not yet as affirmed as it will become yet, the great artist is already recognizable. The thing that differs most from Brel's later classics has to be the orchestration, somewhat missing the sparks of fantasy it will display. The good thing is that all songs are first class Brel compositions. Marieke & Le Moribond are the big classics here. The rest was kind of a discovery for me the first time I laid ears on it. It since had time to grow on me confirming how talented a composer, lyricist and interpreter Grand Jacques was. The bonus track are more flemish versions of Jacques' classics including his biggest: Ne Me Quitte Pas. A nice addition to any Brel lover's collection.

1 Marieke
2 Le moribond
3 Vivre debout
4 On n'oublie rien
5 Clara
6 Le prochain amour
7 L'ivrogne
8 Les prenoms de Paris
9 Les singes Bonus tracks
10 Marieke (version flamande)
11 Laat me niet alleen (ne me quitte pas)
12 De apen (les singes)
13 Men vergieet niets (on n'oublie rien)
14 Le prochain amour

bit rate: ~314 kb/s
time: 46:24

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While 1958 and the album Au Printemps was the first step toward success for Jacques Brel, who already established himself as a stage phenomenom, 1961 and this live at the Olympia is kind of a birth certificate to a wider audience. The same year, he released the Marieke album with the eponymous track, Le Moribond, Les Prenoms de Paris or On Oublie Rien which caused a certain amount of interest among critics and radio Djs. What's more, the hundreds of concers he has already performed built his stage confidence so that on this 13th of October, he can be pretty sure the audience will well respond. Nethertheless, The Olympia remains a landmark one does not reach without doubts and fears...The audience gathered that night sees a Brel in top form. His stage interpretations have always bought a little something more to the studio versions but, here, the magic operates to its full extent, the audience is, then, more than seduced, taken to a kind of trance and so does the performer to the point that we can witness him holding his laughter while singing. This concert is quite a unique moment in the career of Mr. Brel. A temoignage of a great performer that was more an actor singing than just a singer (check Ces Gens La on Youtube if you don't believe me!). With its 1964 counterpart, this is an essential recording for whoever takes interest in Brel's art. Get it!

1. Les prenoms de Paris
2. Les bourgeois
3. Les paumes du petit matin
4. Les flamandes
5. La statue
6. Zangra
7. Marieke
8. Les biches
9. Madeleine
10. Les singes
11. L'ivrogne
12. La valse a mille temps
13. Ne me quitte pas
14. Le moribond
15. Quand on n'a que l'amour

bit rate: ~319 kb/s
time: 48:14

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1962 was the year of consecration for Jacques Brel. The year before, he began establishing himself as one of the rising forces of French chanson with his stunning concert in the Olympia. Now, he's back in the studio and his creativity is in top form. This album (originally self titled like most of Brel albums and renamed after its introducing track for its cd edition), is filled with both tender and satirical songs. Les Bourgeois is a class attack with a humorous twist to it, Les Paumes du Petit Matin has a strong nostalgic feel and so does Le Plat Pays about his home country, Zangra and Caporal Casse Pompon are anti-militarist songs which will later be followed by Au Suivant confirming Brel's hatred of the authority in general and the army in particular. Of course, this wouldn't be a Brel album if it hadn't some rather machist lyrics, Les Biches is here for that. All in all, there's not one single weak song on this album so, and I know I keep writing it, this is a must hear that will confirm what some of you might already know : Jacques Brel was a Giant!

1. Les bourgeois
2. Les paumes du petit matin
3. Le plat pays
4. Zangra
5. Une ile
6. Madeleine
7. Bruxelles
8. Chanson sans paroles
9. Les biches
10. Le caporal casse-pompon
11. La statue
12. Rosa
Bonus tracks
13. Il neige sur Liege
14. Pourquoi faut-il que les hommes s'ennuient ?

bit rate: ~314 kb/s
time: 45:59

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Another album filled with classics! Brel is in top form in the mid-60's! The album starts with the pseudo-naive Les Bonbons where Brel plays an idiot courting a lady, sweet! Les Vieux, the following track, has to be one of Brel's most depressing songs, speaking of aging, one of Brel's most recurring phobias. La Parlote is another winner with humourous lyrics and up-tempo music. And this goes on and on and on and on... There isn't one weak song on this 1964 album! The musics are the perfect background to Brel's sung poetry ranging from naivety (Les Bonbons) to organ ridden chanson jazz (Les Filles Et Les Chiens). To sum things up, I'd say this album is almost as good as Ces Gens-La... And that says a lot! Another winner for Grand Jacques, another must hear!

1. Les bonbons
2. Les vieux
3. Le parlote
4. Le dernier repas
5. Titine
6. Au suivant
7. Les toros
8. La fanette
9. J'aimais
10. Les filles et les chiens
11. Les bigotes
12. Les fenetres Bonus tracks
13. Quand maman reviendra
14. Les amants de c?ur

bit rate: ~315 kb/s
time: 47:53

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Recorded on October 4th of 1964, this live album received critical acclaim when it was released, descriptions such as "It's the hurricane Paris was expecting" (Jacques Chancel) or "Jacques Brel has captivated a crowd of 2000 for two hours" (Christophe Izard) had been written. Listening to this recording in 2008, one can only agree. First, because it's a perfect addition to its 1961 counterpart as only two songs are to be found on both albums : Madeleine and Les Bourgeois. And even for these two, the versions are so different that it isn't a problem. On the contrary, it shows us how much of a stage improviser Brel could be. Since 1961, Brel has done a lot of work and has continued his widening his lyrical span with attacks against the army (Zangra in 1962 and Au Suivant in 1964), unfaithful women to who he definitely doesn't forgive anything (Mathilde and les Bonbons in 1964). All those songs have been huge hits and, so, it's a triumphant Brel who plays at the Olympia in 1964.His interpretation is quite a bit more sober than it was on the 1961 recording, nethertheless, he still finds ways to amuse the audience on Les Toros or Les vieux. Amsterdam, that he sings for the first time here, takes the 2000 lucky spectators to another world so much that Brel would have to sing this song several times during the show as the crowd keeps asking for it! The other new songs work just as well on stage, particulary Jef or Les Bonbons which, due to their huge success, are already classics to the people gathered to witness Brel's amazing show.To sum things up, I'd say that this album is another killer Brel live recording. The only downpoints here are the crowd is only to be heard when it applauds and that we cannot hear any of Brel's introductions to the songs. Certainly a producers' decision that doesn't take anything from the talent of Mister Brel. Another must hear!

1. Amsterdam
2. Les timides
3. Le dernier repas
4. Les jardins du casino
5. Les vieux
6. Les toros
7. Tango funebre
8. Le plat pays
9. Les bonbons
10. Mathilde
11. Les bigotes
12. Les bourgeois
13. Jef
14. Au suivant
15. Madeleine

bit rate: ~319 kb/s
time: 48:13

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A classic album if there's ever been one! Ces Gens-La is, in my humble opinion, Brel's best album! It's filled with classics of his repertoire such as the title track, Jef, La chanson de Jacky, Mathilde, etc. And those who are not classics are just as good! Words are lacking to describe how wonderful this album is so, I'm going to cut the crap and go straight to the point : YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM!!!

1. Ces gens-la
2. Jef
3. La chanson de Jacky
4. Les bergers
5. Le tango funebre
6. Fernand
7. Mathilde
8. L'age idiot
9. Grand-mere
10. Les desesperes
Bonus tracks
11. Mijn vlakke land (le plat pays)
12. Rosa (version flamande)
13. De burgerij (les bourgeois)
14. De nuttelozen van de nacht (les paumes du petit matin)

bit rate: ~316 kb/s
time: 49:41

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Another Brel album that was released after his decision to stop his stage career. This one is very much a musical continuation of Ces Gens La as Brel places himself both as a controversial satyrist (Les Bonbons 1967, a new version, well, more of a follow-up to his earlier classic; A jeun - a song in which a husband rejoices himself, on the way back from his wife's funerals that her lover, that is also the husband's boss, will suffer from sexual diseases he passed onto him) and a more tender, nostalgic, interpreter (La chanson des vieux amants, Fils de... - a cry for peace and social unity, Mon Enfance - about his childhood or Mon pere disait where he sings of his native country, Belgium). Musically, Brel uses the same team he has used for years thus there are no bad surprises to be expected. A classic Brel album with a bonus track (Les moutons) from the 2004 remastered edition.

1. Mon enfance
2. Le cheval
3. Mon pere disait
4. La…La…La…
5. Les c?urs tendres
6. Fils de…
7. Les bonbons 67
8. La chanson des vieux amants
9. A jeun
10. Le gaz
Bonus track
11. Les moutons

bit rate: ~315 kb/s
time: 39:46

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After saying his goodbyes to his stage career in 1966, Brel cannot totally let go of his singing act and continues to record various songs in 1967 and 1968. What's more, the taste of Brel for stage thrill hasn't left him completely as his adaptation an personification of DonQuijote's part in the muscial Man of la Mancha proves it. Though, it has to be noted that J'Arrive will be Brel's last true album before his final 1977's Les Marquises. On this album, he covers his usual themes, love first with his usual disatisfied humourous way. For example, Comment Tuer L'Amant De Sa Femme Quand On A Ete Eleve Comme Moi Dans La Tradition says that it is possible to remain married to an unfaithful wife consolating oneself with the probable sexual diseases her lover's will suffer from. J'Arrive is a really nice album even if the only true classics here is Vesoul, the fact that it was released after Brel abandonned his stage career certainly caused that as many other songs had the potential to became stage classics and, as Brel's reputation were built on his concert performances, him deciding to quit didn't help the songs grow on the audience. Anyway, Brel lovers will be delighted, that's for sure.After this album and the musical Man of la Mancha, Brel focuses on his acting career. He plays in several movies including Les Risques Du Metier (1967), La Bande A Bonnot (1968), Mon Oncle Benjamin (1969) or L'Emmerdeur (1973). He also directs two movies, 1972's Franz and 1973's Western but, both as a director and an actor and despite a real talent, Brel fails to gain the same kind of success he encountered in his musical career.

1. J'arrive
2. Vesoul
3. L'ostendaise
4. Je suis un soir d'ete
5. Regarde bien, petit
6. Comment tuer l' amant de sa femme quand on a ete eleve comme moi dans la tradition
7. L'eclusier
8. Un enfant
9. La biere
Bonus tracks
10. La chanson de Van Horst
11. L'enfance

bit rate: ~315 kb/s
time: 41:30

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L'Homme de la Manche (Man of La Mancha) is a musical with a book by Dale Wasserman, lyrics by Joe Darion and music by Mitch Leigh. It is adapted from Wasserman's non-musical 1959 teleplay I, Don Quixote, which was in turn inspired by Miguel de Cervantes's seventeenth century masterpiece Don Quixote. It tells the story of the "mad" knight, Don Quixote, as a play within a play, performed by Cervantes and his fellow prisoners as he awaits a hearing with the Spanish Inquisition.In 1966, Brel's wife brings a copy of the the original recording to her husband. It moves him so much that he decides to go see the play in 1967 at the Carnegie Hall. The scenic representation confirms his feelings so that immediately decides to contact the producers to have the authorization to adapt it in French. Negociations are not easy but Brel wins it because he can both translate the libretto and play the main character. The rehearsals begin at le Theatre de la Monnaie in Brussels in the summer of 1968. The first public representation takes place in the same theatre on October 4th of the same year. It's a trium so that five months are booked in advance for the Paris shows. Apart from Brel playing Quijote, he is accompanied by Dario Moreno and Joan Denier in the part of Dulcinea. On December 1rst Dario Moreno dies of brain hemorrhage. His replacement will be Robert Manuel (a star of the comic opera) who rehearsed the part night and day to start playing it only one week after Dario's death for the Parisian premiere.After it was played 150 times, a Brel who has lost 10 kg, is sick and exhausted decides to call it quits. The last representation takes place on May 17th of 1969. The production later failed to find a suitable replacement to Brel who impersonated the part so well. That, itself, says enough about how magistral this adaptation is.

1. L'homme de la mancha
2. Un animal
3. Dulcinea
4. Vraiment je ne pense qua lui
5. Le casque d'or de Mambrino
6. Chacun sa dulcinea
7. Pourquoi fait-il toutes ces choses?
8. La quete
9. Sans amour
10. Gloria
11. Aldonza
12. Le chevalier aux miroirs
13. La mort

bit rate: 224 kb/s
time: 45:29

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This album contains old songs initially recorded for the Philips label and re-recorded in 1972 for Barclay. Nothing new on this album then apart from new arrangements by Francois Rauber and the talent of Gerard Jouannent on the piano. Brel wanted to slightly modernize some of his old tunes, a good idea but it cannot be denied it was also a commercial aim.Musically, the result is quite interesting. For example "Quand on n'a que l'amour" is played on a piano and violon which accentuates the melancholic feel of one of Brel's greatest songs. "Les biches" has a strong 70's pop sound which is quite surprising but works out fine. The last song on the album, "Je ne sais pas" becomes more mysterious, somber than it used to be, it suits the song perfectly!So okay, this album is hardly essential and some might question the arrangements on some of the songs nethertheless, it's a nice addition to any Brel lover's collection.

1. Ne me quitte pas
2. Marieke
3. On n'oublie rien
4. Les Flamandes
5. Les prenoms de Paris
6. Quand on n'a que l'amour
7. Les biches
8. Le prochain amour
9. Le moribond
10. La valse a mille temps
11. Je ne sais pas

bit rate: ~315 kb/s
time: 38:51

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In 1973, after he stopped his acting career, Jacques Brel decides to travel around the world. On his boat, the Askoy II - bought in 1974, he sails the tropical seas. But he knows his fate his scealed, he has lung cancer. In 1976, his doctors tell him that he cannot be cured. He then move to the Marquesas where he writes the songs composing this album. The album is released on November 17th of 1977, one million copies have been pre-ordered.This testament album includes some of his best songs : Jaures, an homage to the socialist politician murdered just before World War I; Knokke-Le Zoute Tango where he openly sings about sex and prostitution in Amsterdam - his descriptions of these women had never been that precise before; Les F... a song defending french speaking culture in Belgium and mocking Flemish speaking people (he is Flemish himself) on a slightly disco music which differenciates it from the other tracks of this album.Five of the songs here are from the musical Vilebrequin : Voir un ami pleurer, Vieillir, Les remparts de Varsovie, Le bon dieu and Knokke-Le-Zoute Tango. These great songs alone make this album a must hear. Voir un ami pleurer and Vieillir are very melancholic which makes sense considering Brel knew he was doomed when he wrote it. Les remparts de Varsovie is more upbeat and cheerful though quite machist, it has to be told that Brel had never hidden he favoured man frienship over women's love.The original album ended on Les Marquises, a hymn to his final home where Brel lived a simple and harmonious life awaiting his death. He died on October 9th of 1978, he had left the Marquesas two days before. He has been buried in the Marquesas in the same cemetery than French painter Paul Gauguin.This 2004 remastered edition includes 5 bonus tracks of what might have been Brel's new album had he lived a little longer...

1. Jaures
2. La ville s'endormait
3. Vieillir
4. Le bon dieu
5. Les F...
6. Orly
7. Les remparts de Varsovie
8. Voir un ami pleurer
9. Knoffe-le-zoute tango
10. Jojo
11. Le lion
12. Les marquises
Bonus tracks
13. Sans exigences
14. Avec elegance
15. Mai 40
16. L'amour est mort
17. La cathedrale

bit rate: ~315 kb/s
time: 1:02:52

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GENRE Chanson
DATE 1998
DISCID 816719-2
COMMENT Barclay (Philips) | ASIN : B000025BD8
PERFORMER "Integrale (Box Set)"
(inclus 10 covers front)

Jacques Brel (CD01) - Grand Jacques

01. La haine (1:57)
02. Grand Jacques (C'est trop facile) (1:51)
03. Il pleut (Les Carreaux) (2:36)
04. Le diable (?a va) (2:27)
05. Il nous faut regarder (2:25)
06. C'est comme ca (2:08)
07. Il peut pleuvoir (1:45)
08. Le fou du roi (1:56)
09. Sur la place (3:34)
10. S'il te faut (2:07)
11. La bastille (2:59)
12. Priere paienne (2:36)
13. L'air de la betise (4:27)
14. Qu'avons nous fait, bonne gens (1:48)
15. Pardons (2:21)
16. Saint-Pierre (2:20)
17. Les pieds dans le ruisseau (2:54)
18. Quand on n'a que l'amour (2:26)
19. J'en appelle (2:46)
20. La bourree du celibataire (2:27)
21. Heureux (2:53)
22. Les bles (1:49)
23. Demain l'on se marie (La chanson des fiances) (2:32)

Jacques Brel (CD02) - La valse ? mille temps

01. Au printemps (2:41)
02. Je ne sais pas (3:11)
03. Dors ma mie, bonsoir (3:46)
04. Dites si c'etait vrai (poeme) (1:35)
05. Le colonel (3:13)
06. L'homme dans la cite (2:24)
07. La lumi?re jaillira (2:58)
08. Voici (2:46)
09. Litanies pour un retour (2:11)
10. Seul (3:29)
11. La dame patronesse (3:25)
12. La mort (2:51)
13. La valse ? mille temps (3:51)
14. Je t'aime (2:21)
15. Ne me quitte pas (3:54)
16. Isabelle (3:14)
17. La tendresse (2:38)
18. La colombe (2:59)

Jacques Brel (CD03) - Les flamandes

01. Les flamandes (2:39)
02. L'ivrogne (4:04)
03. Mareike (2:42)
04. Le moribond (3:08)
05. Le prochain amour (3:33)
06. Vivre debout (3:01)
07. Les prenoms de Paris (2:38)
08. Clara (2:56)
09. On n'oublie rien (3:06)
10. Les singes (3:04)
11. Voir (2:22)
12. L'aventure (2:39)
13. Les moutons (2:20)
14. Les amants de coeurs (The lovers) (4:47)
15. Il neige sur Liege (2:56)
16. Pourquoi faut-il que les hommes s'ennuient ? (3:33)
17. Les coeurs tendres (3:32)
18. L'enfance (2:54)
19. La chanson de Van Horst (2:59)
20. Il y a (2:22)
21. La foire (3:22)

Jacques Brel (CD04) - Le Plat Pays

01. Le plat pays (2:44)
02. Zangra (3:21)
03. Le caporal casse-pompon (2:40)
04. La statue (3:19)
05. Rosa (2:44)
06. Les bourgeois (2:55)
07. Madeleine (2:42)
08. Les paumes du petit matin (4:19)
09. Bruxelles (3:02)
10. Chanson sans parole (2:52)
11. Une ile (3:44)
12. Les bigotes (2:43)
13. Les vieux (4:07)
14. Les fenetres (2:50)
15. Les toros (2:22)
16. La parlote (3:29)
17. Les filles et les chiens (3:00)
18. La fanette (4:07)
19. J'aimais (4:05)
20. Les bergers (2:47)
21. Les bonbons (3:30)

Jacques Brel (CD05) - Jef

01. Jef (3:39)
02. Tango funebre (2:45)
03. Les desesperes (3:50)
04. L'age idiot (3:45)
05. Mathilde (2:37)
06. Au suivant (3:08)
07. Titine (2:27)
08. Quand maman reviendra (3:48)
09. Le dernier repas (3:28)
10. Grand-mere (3:41)
11. Fernand (5:18)
12. La chanson de Jacky (3:25)
13. Ces gens-la (4:41)
14. La, la, la (4:10)
15. Le cheval (3:09)
16. Mon enfance (5:39)
17. Les bonbons 67 (2e version) (2:57)

Jacques Brel (CD06) - J'arrive

01. La chanson des vieux amants (4:30)
02. A jeun (3:37)
03. Fils de... (3:49)
04. Mon pere disait (3:06)
05. Le gaz (2:54)
06. L'ostendaise (4:49)
07. Je suis un soir d'ete (4:11)
08. Un enfant (3:45)
09. Comment tuer l'amant de sa femme quand on a ete eleve comme moi dans la tradition (2:40)
10. Vesoul (3:09)
11. J'arrive (4:47)
12. La biere (3:13)
13. L'eclusier (4:20)
14. Regarde bien petit (4:39)
15. La quete (2:38)
16. Mijn vlakke land (le plat pays) (2:54)
17. De burgerij (les bourgeois) (3:03)
18. Rosa (2:51)
19. De nuttelozen van de nacht (les paumes du petit matin) (4:15)

Jacques Brel (CD07) - Les Marquises

01. Jaures (3:39)
02. La ville s'endormait (4:37)
03. Vieillir (3:44)
04. Le Bon Dieu (4:46)
05. Les F... (3:29)
06. Orly (4:20)
07. Les remparts de Varsovie (4:07)
08. Voir un ami pleurer (3:55)
09. Knokke-le-Zoute Tango (5:11)
10. Jojo (3:15)
11. Le lion (3:30)
12. Les marquises (3:52)

Jacques Brel (CD08) - En public Olympia 1961

01. Les prenoms de Paris (2:31)
02. Les bourgeois (2:40)
03. Les paumes du petit matin (3:47)
04. Les flamandes (2:36)
05. La status (2:47)
06. Zangra (3:28)
07. Marieke (2:31)
08. Les biches (3:29)
09. Madeleine (2:46)
10. Les singes (3:16)
11. L'ivrogne (4:07)
12. La valse a mille temps (3:41)
13. Ne me quitte pas (3:45)
14. Le moribond (3:32)
15. Quand on n'a que l'amour (2:59)

Jacques Brel (CD09) - En public Olympia 1964

01. Amsterdam (3:26)
02. Les timides (3:37)
03. Le dernier repas (3:34)
04. Les jardins du casino (3:30)
05. Les vieux (4:11)
06. Les toros (2:39)
07. Tango funebre (3:04)
08. Le plat pays (3:13)
09. Les bonbons (3:08)
10. Mathilde (2:30)
11. Les bigotes (2:44)
12. Les bourgeois (2:52)
13. Jef (3:28)
14. Au suivant (2:56)
15. Madeleine (3:15)

Jacques Brel (CD10) - Ne me Quitte Pas

01. Ne Me Quitte Pas (4:13)
02. Marieke (3:00)
03. On N'oublie Rien (3:09)
04. Les Flamandes (2:39)
05. Les Prenoms De Paris (2:35)
06. Quand On N'a Que L'amour (3:14)
07. Les Biches (4:24)
08. Le Prochain Amour (4:21)
09. Le Moribond (3:23)
10. La Valse A Mille Temps (4:44)
11. Je Ne Sais Pas (3:09)

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