From a record label that’s decidedly askance from the mainstream, RareNoise dispenses with the noisy (Mumpbeak) and the experimental (Chat Noir) to release a record that’s, well, pretty darn jazzy. Entitled The New Standard, it features young New York Downtown pianist Jamie Saft as bandleader and chief composer, working out a handful of straight-ahead jazz charts with the venerable rhythm section of bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bobby Previte.

Recorded and mixed on the fly, direct to ½-inch analog tape, The New Standard feels like a late night eavesdropping session from behind the living room drapes, as if the listener were a 12-year old kid, sneaking down the midnight stairs to hear the grownups kicked back with a little food, maybe a little wine and a whole lot of inspiration.

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Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte - The New Standard

Jamie Saft - piano, keyboards
Steve Swallow - electric bass
Bobby Previte - drums

1. Clarissa (4:06)
2. Minor Soul (6:18)
3. Step Lively (6:45)
4. Clearing (4:50)
5. Trek (4:09)
6. The New Standard (6:34)
7. I See No Leader (5:38)
8. Blue Shuffle (6:40)
9. All Things To All People (6:08)
10. Surrender The Chaise (6:26)

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Plymouth arises from the collective nous of Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Gerald Cleaver, Chris Lightcap and Mary Halvorson.
A deep, entrancing cavalcade into nether realms of psychedelia, avant jazz and rock.

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Plymouth - s/t

Jamie Saft - piano, organs
Mary Halvorson - guitars
Joe Morris - guitars
Chris Lightcap - electric bass
Gerald Cleaver - drums

1. Manomet (20:03)
2. Plimouth (13:05)
3. Standish (28:49)

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Wadada Leo Smith, Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Balazs Pandi - Red Hill (2014)

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Label: RareNoise Records ‎– RNR044
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: Sep 2014
Genre: Jazz
Style: Free Jazz

1 Gneiss 12:23
2 Janus Face 14:36
3 Agpaitic 7:53
4 Tragic Wisdom 12:46
5 Debts Of Honor 9:37
6 Arfvedsonite 9:17

Fueled by the urgent high note blasts and expressive muted trumpet work of avant-garde icon Wadada Leo Smith and underscored by an uncanny group-think of RareNoise stalwarts Jamie Saft (Metallic Taste of Blood, Slobber Pup, Plymouth, The New Standard) on keyboards, Joe Morris (Plymouth, Slobber Pup, One) on acoustic bass and Balazs Pandi (Obake, Metallic Taste of Blood, Slobber, Pup, One) on drums, Red Hill is a kind of clarion call for the new avant-garde.
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I can't deadlift that much before I start to fart
есть у кого?
RAOUL The Spanish Donkey
не появился?
есть у кого?
RAOUL The Spanish Donkey

не появился?

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The Spanish Donkey - Raoul

Joe Morris - electric guitars
Jamie Saft - organs, synthesizers, echoplex piano
Mike Pride - drums

1. Raoul (32:10)
2. Behavioral Sink (22:10)
3. Dragon Fly Jones (15:48)

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Label: RareNoise Records – RNR056
Format: CD, Album, Digipack
Country: UK
Released: 2015
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Free Jazz, Heavy Metal

Drums – Balázs Pándi
Guitar – Joe Morris
Organ, Keyboards – Jamie Saft
Saxophone – Mats Gustafsson

In a remarkable example of uncanny group-think, pianist-keyboardist and RareNoise regular Jamie Saft (Metallic Taste of Blood, Slobber Pup, Plymouth, The New Standard, Red Hill) joins with longtime collaborators Trevor Dunn on bass and Balazs Pandi on drums and master trombonist Roswell Rudd on the astounding, purely improvised Strength&Power. Recorded live in Saft’s home studio near Woodstock, New York, this intergenerational offering features the 44-year-old pianist, 47-year-old bassist, 32-year-old Hungarian drummer and 80-year-old avant garde pioneer blending organically, telepathically on a set of conversational music running the gamut of dynamics and emotions.


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Saft, Rudd, Dunn, Pandi - Strength & Power

Jamie Saft - piano
Roswell Rudd - trombone
Trevor Dunn - bass
Balazs Pandi - drums

1. Strength & Power (18:05)
2. Cobalt Is a Divine (15:52)
3. The Bedroom (5:23)
4. Luminescent (9:42)
5. Dunn's Falls (7:15)
6. Struttin' For Jah Jah (8:07)
Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow & Bobby Previte - Loneliness Road (2017)

01. Ten Nights [5:27]
02. Little Harbor [4:31]
03. Bookmaking [4:23]
04. Don't Lose Yourself (feat. Iggy Pop) [4:44]
05. Henbane [4:01]
06. Pinkus [7:41]
07. Nainsook [4:18]
08. The Barrier [5:44]
09. Loneliness Road (feat. Iggy Pop) [6:35]
10. Unclouded Moon [7:41]
11. Gates [2:52]
12. Everyday (feat. Iggy Pop) [3:42]

Bill Brovold & Jamie Saft – Serenity Knolls (2017)

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FLAC https://filecrypt.cc/Container/34C8F0AEAA.html

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Jamie Saft - Solo a Genova (2018)

01. The Makings Of You
02. Human / Gates
03. Naima
04. Sharp Dressed Man
05. Overjoyed
06. Po' Boy
07. The News Standard / Pinkus
08. Blue Motel Room
09. The Housatonic At Stockbridge
10. Blue In Green
11. Restless Farewell
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Jamie Saft – Solo A Genova (2018)
FLAC, Tracks
273,2 MB
01. The Makings of You
02. Human / Gates
03. Naima
04. Sharp Dressed Man
05. Overjoyed
06. Po’Boy
07. The New Standard / Pinkus
08. Blue Motel Room
09. The Housatonic at Stockbridge
10. Blue in Green
11. Restless Farewell


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