Jasper TX | I'll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You

Year : 2005
Tracks : 07
Label : Lampse
Ripped By : BCC Team
Source : CDDA
Audio Bitrate : VBR kbps / Joint
Sample Rate : 44.1 kHz Stereo
Length : 55:12 min
Size : 56,7 MB

Only a handful of releases in and Lampse have already established themselves as purveyors of the most gorgeous blue noise imaginable; a fact which is forcibly asserted by this deeply enjoyable album from Sweden's Jasper TX. With a vibe initially remeniscent of the warm shimmering guitar manipulations of Fennesz, Jasper TX (aka Dag Rosenqvist) coaxes finely textured and fathom deep compositions from a relatively sparse aural palate, resulting in a sound which has the scope of Sigur Ros coupled with the raw ebb of Jelinek and Tape. Opening with what at first seems a textbook excursion in layered rustles and machine lint, the album kicks off with 'Blown Out to Sea, I'm Never Coming Back'; wherein this slightest of foundations is slowly furnished by distant sea swells of diffused soundscape detritus and heart-flushed bass to make a post-rock influenced sound which will thaw all but the coldest of emotional husks. Similar in its effect is 'Braille', where through static ruptured digital shards, a fragile sense of glowing optimism emerges, rewarded at the end by a stunning piano melody which coaxes the ear straight into the border-line drone of 'Letting Go (The World Is Coming to an End)'. Possessing a similar monochrome outlook to Norway's Deaf Center, Jasper TX proves on the likes of 'Help Them Die' and 'Rounds' that the grandest of gestures are best realised through the most personal of compositions. Stunning.


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Jasper TX - In A Cool Monsoon (2007)

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а у них еще есть какие нибудь альбомы кроме этих двух??

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Jasper TX - In A Cool Monsoon (2007)
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Label: Pumpkin Seeds In The Sand
Catalog#: PSS001
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 12 Nov 2007
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Downtempo, Drone, Post Rock, Ambient

1 Still A Tiny Light? (1:24)
2 Bending Spoons (6:44)
3 Summer (6:00)
4 I Will Be Birds When I Die (8:58)
5 Waking Up (11:55)
6 And Still A Tiny Light (7:26)
7 Falling From The Sky Like A Flock Of Burning Birds (11:39)
я ошарашена.. вот что значит ШВЕД! rolleyes.gif
Jasper TX - This Quiet Season (2008)

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song title
1. Things Could Stay
2. Moments
3. A String Of Broken Lights
4. Home
5. Twilight
6. Embers

Jasper TX :: Black Sleep
Label: Miasmah
Cat.no.: MIACD008
Format: CD, Album
Released: 2008
Country: Sweden
Style: Ambient, Drone, Post-rock
Source: CDDA
Ripped by: MAEM
Quality: VBRkbps 44.1hz Joint-Stereo
Size: 58,4 MB
Notes: single file + .cue

*INCREDIBLE ALBUM COMBINING THE EMOTIVE INSTRUMENTAL WORK OF THE COCTEAU TWINS WITH A DARK LINE IN DENSE REDUCTION REMINISCENT OF DEATHPROD WITH A DEEP, HARROWING CINEMATIC QUALITY* Returning to his solo work after assisting in the triumphant post-rock of De La Mancha's Atlas, multitalented Swede Dag Rosenqvist arrives at the Miasmah imprint with a sound that's been greatly honed and refined since it last graced our ears. 'Black Sleep' lives up to the dark, dreamscape suggestions of its title, sounding more concerned with beautifully crafted drones than previous entries into the Jasper TX discography...


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А не могли бы Вы перезалить сие ещё раз? Шаронол закрыт.
Можно в первом посте ссылку обновить? Будьте любезны =)
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шелковистая опухоль тканей,
бархатный рак мозга,
нежная пуховая гангрена,
приступ эпилептического счастья...
Jasper TX - This Quiet Season

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1 Things Could Stay (11:05)
2 Moments (2:44)
3 A String Of Broken Lights (5:21)
4 Home (4:49)
5 Twilight (8:27)
6 Embers (7:14)

VBR / 53.83 Мб


Jasper TX - Pilgrims

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1 A Beacon To Lead Us There (3:15)
2 The Glow Of Minerals (1:57)
3 Through Dusk... And Falling Leaves (7:19)
4 Our Way Through The Field (3:58)
5 A Quiet Gloom (3:42)

192 kbps / 27.18 Мб


Jasper TX - D + A EP

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1 D (10:08)
2 A (9:58)

VBR / 23.22 Мб

Премного благодарен.
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Jasper-TX - Singing-Stones (2009)

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Artist: Jasper-TX
Title: Singing-Stones
Country: Sweden
Release Date: 2009.02
Genre: Post Rock / Ambient / Drone
LABEL: Fang Bomb
QUALiTY: 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

1. Stillness
2. This Barren Land
3. They’ve Flown Away And Left Us Here
4. Last Boat In
5. A Box Of Wood In The Storm
6. Not Leaving, Not Really
7. Sleeping Rivers
8. Into The Sea
9. Mornings After



Jasper-TX - Singing-Stones (2009)
Ifolder Mirror
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Night Prowler, спасибо большое
незачто, спасибо joi6760 thumb.gif
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