Джули не хватает)
1998 - part from split with Book Of Dead Names 5 Inch
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1998 - Jerome's Dream & Amalgamation Split 7 Inch
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1999 - part from split with July 7 Inch
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2000 - Seeing Means More Than Safety 10 Inch
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2000 - part from split with Usurp Synapse 7 inch
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2000 - Orchid & Jeromes Dream split 10 Inch
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2001 - Presents CD
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2002 - Jeromes Dream & The One AM Radio Split 7 Inch
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2005 - Completed 1997-2001 (thx to DA)
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у меня нет сторон July, Book Of Dead Names, Usurp Synapse. Ещё хотелось бы найти демку.

Это сообщение отредактировал sPaG - 03.01.08 в 16:22

Не, трека July.
Полные сплиты.

Jerome's Dream - Split with Book Of Dead Names (1999), 320 kbps
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1. Jerome's Dream - The Big Fuck You
2. Jerome's Dream - I Won't Stop Wondering Until I Stop Breathing
3. Book Of Dead Names - The Skin Is Coming Off
4. Book Of Dead Names - How To Write An Obituary For Your Teenager

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Jerome's Dream - Split with Usurp Synapse (2000), VBR
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1. Jerome's Dream - Remeber the Sea Of Tranquility
2. Jerome's Dream - Taking Care Of Terrific
3. Jerome's Dream - What I Learned At This Year's Regional Optometry Convention
4. Usurp Synapse - Untitled
5. Usurp Synapse - Untitled
6. Usurp Synapse - Untitled

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Someone reup the Discographie at rapidshare plz smile.gif
у меня нет сторон July

я так понял это VA-Jeromes_Dream_And_July_Split_EP-Vinyl-1999-iTS надо? unsure.gif
вот целиком:
по-моему дак вполне слушатебельный biggrin.gif вайленс, дискография на ура прошла
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залейте пожалуйста диск2 с 2005 - Completed 1997-2001 на рапиду или перелейте с ....а то тянет с очень маленькой скоростью..(((
Jerome's Dream - Completed 1997-2001 [2005]
CD1 -

CD2 -
2 архив не до конца распаковывается(
Jeromes Dream - Completed 1997-2001 (2005)
MP3 192kbps CBR
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CD 1
1/23 This Is For Baby Fat
2/23 What Other Adjective Would You Have Me Use For The Word Good?
3/23 Do We Write To Write Right?
4/23 True Thinkers Will Stop Time To Think
5/23 Who's The Sniffer Lifter?
6/23 Rock Song
7/23 His Life Is My Denim Paradise All Day, Every Day
8/23 Double Who? Double You!
9/23 A Second Grade Art Project
10/23 And Just Like That The Year Is Gone
11/23 Exit 29 Collapsed As I Drove By
12/23 The Monologue Of The Century
13/23 Life Is What You Make Of It
14/23 The Teacher Says To His Pupil
15/23 Just Down The Hall From Room 526
16/23 They're Always So Quick To Judge
17/23 Its More Like A Message To You
18/23 A Present For Those Who Are Present
19/23 It's Right Where You Said It Would Be
20/23 I'm Reminded Of A Kid Who Used To Stomp Bugs
21/23 A Well Documented Case Of Severe Autism
22/23 My Most Recent Left Right Brain Argument
23/23 Untitled Number Two

CD 2
1/19 Remember The Sea Of Tranquility
2/19 Taking Care Of Terrific
3/19 What I Learned At This Years Regional Optometry Convention
4/19 Unreleased #1
5/19 The Big Fuck You
6/19 I Wont Stop Wondering Until You Stop Breathing
7/19 Thirty Dollar Bill
8/19 Everyday At 3:06
9/19 The Last Time We Talked
10/19 Live Song #1
11/19 Live Song #2
12/19 How Staggering Is This Realization
13/19 Unreleased #2
14/19 Unreleased #3
15/19 Unreleased #4
16/19 Unreleased #5
17/19 Unreleased #6
18/19 No Matter What You're Always There
19/19 35

жизнь слишком коротка, чтобы тратить её на зло
очень важная группа.. супер... это тру. просто реально тру. как Takaru или Ampere
даааа. а что тру, то правильно и слушабельно и очень важно..
2000 - Seeing Means More Than Safety 10'' , перезалейте, пожалуйста.

Это сообщение отредактировал Fight2BeFree - 11.04.09 в 20:33
A bunch of tracks of blistering, frantic hardcore, the guitars fast and powerful, the
drums mixed way in the front and unrelenting, the singer screaming incoherently and
high-pitched under it all. Sometimes, I wonder if this is music. And sometimes, when
I'm frustrated with everything, I play this very loud, smash around the room, and love
every minute of it.
Anyway this is a masterpiece!!!

01 02:04 a second grade art project
02 01:14 and just like that the year is gone
03 01:03 exit 29 collapsed as i drove by
04 01:10 the monologue of the century
05 02:05 life is what you make of it
06 00:57 the teacher says to his pupil
07 00:49 just down the hall from room 526
08 00:59 they're always so quick to judge
09 03:21 it's more like a message to you
10 01:48 a present for those who are present

Total size : 21,4 MB
Total Time : 15:30 min

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звук чуть погромче и грязней, чем на дискографии

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