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2014 - Gonna Have A Time With

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01 Jittery Jack - Boston Baby.mp3
02 Jittery Jack - Heartbreaker.mp3
03 Jittery Jack - Dance Adrianne Dance.mp3
04 Jittery Jack - Gonna Have A Time.mp3
05 Jittery Jack - Something Wicked This Way Comes.mp3
06 Jittery Jack - Full Snow Moon.mp3
07 Jittery Jack - Little Red Book.mp3
08 Jittery Jack - Peek-a-Boo Honey.mp3
09 Jittery Jack - Let's Get Loose.mp3
10 Jittery Jack - Tell Your Story Walking.mp3
11 Jittery Jack - You Can't Drive Me Crazy.mp3
12 Jittery Jack - See You Friday.mp3
13 Jittery Jack - Boston 'My Home Town'.mp3

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Hey Gang! Hoping everyone's having a swell summer and keeping cool. I've been busy, the new record is coming along nicely can't wait for everyone to hear it. Earlier in the summer we wrapped up a couple new Raging Teens tunes, (1st recordings in around 18 years with Shubey and Matt Murphy) that will be coming out on a 45 in December on Swelltune records. A fun party is being planned, stay tuned for details... I'm excited to be playing some rhythm guitar for Miss Amy who's cutting her debut CD and will be playing her first full solo set at the New England Shake Up next month! Just got a reminder that we filmed this 3 years ago, my how time flies...

OK folks, as some of you know ol' Jittery Jack dabbles in the acting world now and again. Here I am in my pal Chris Keene's web series "Tiny Changes To Earth" hope you dig it! Big thanks to Bernie Dexter for the killer Hawaiian shirt.

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