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Quality: 320kbps

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Joe Budden – Some Love Lost [2014] [EP]

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Year Of Release: 2014
Genre: Hip Hop
Format: MP3 / AAC
Bitrate: 320 kbps, 256 kbps
Total Size: 88 MB / 78 MB

01. Intro
02. The Way You Love Me (Feat. Felicia Temple)
03. Only Human (Feat. Emanny)
04. Alive
05. Poker In The Sky
06. OLS4
07. Different Love

mp3, 320 kbps

AAC, 256 kbps
выпустил клип на песню "Broke"

Ждем All Love Lost... 25 сентября, насколько помню!

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Artist : Joe Budden
Album : All Love Lost
Label : eOne
Genre : Rap
Street Date : 2015-00-00
Quality : 237 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 133.35MB
Time : 74:37 min
Url : http://www.joebuddentv.com/


1. (Intro) All Love Lost 7:21
2. Broke 4:21
3. Playing Our Part 6:50
4. Man Down 4:48
5. Immortal 5:14
6. Love, I'm Good 7:59
7. Make It Thru The Night (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius & Jadakiss) 5:09
8. Slaughtermouse 4:50
9. Where Do We Go (Feat. Eric Bellinger) 7:11
10. Unnecessary Pain (Feat. Yummy Bingham & Felicia Temple) 5:48
11. Love For You (Feat. Emanny) 6:20
12. Only Human (Feat. Emanny) (Bonus Track) 8:46

Used the tracklisting in the book. <3 some Slaughterhouse.
On the verge of his new album All Love Lost, a project that Joe Budden will
admit is the darker of the No Love Lost and Some Love Lost trilogy, the
Slaughterhouse founder doesn't want anyone thinking he's quite as close to
the edge as his music (and tweets) may sometimes suggest.
Says Budden:
I'm great. I'm happy, I'm wonderful, football season starts soon, the team
is looking great... My skill level is still very, very, very, very high. My
team is ok. I m ok. Everyone is ok. I m blessed.

If Joey is a bit annoyed at the extra scrutiny applied to his paragraphs,
he's got no one but himself to blame. As one of the pioneers of putting
personal life and feelings on wax, tales of woe on everything from shaky
situations and substance abuse to family drama and failed relationships have
been the norm since his Def Jam debut. In the years that followed, Joe has
taken the Budden faithful down plenty of dark rides. And in the space
between his last album to now, life has returned the favor, providing part
of the backdrop for All Love Lost.
Budden continues:
When I say dark... My grandfather passed, my mother fought cancer, my father
fought cancer, my father had a knee replacement. I could go on and on and on
and on about different things that took place in my life over the last two
years but it's nothing that should be alarming to anyone who's been there
before. And, throughout this entire album the theme is love. Just with a
dark twist on it.
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Альбом - бальзам на сердце. Вышка!

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