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At the early age of 10, John Moreland picked up the guitar and with the help of his father learned his first chords. Only a couple years later he was writing songs and playing in local hardcore bands in his home state of Oklahoma. John Moreland’s songwriting influences come from many different places, but when he began writing, it was mainly the music he had been hearing through his fathers stereo his whole life that influenced him the most. Artists like Steve Earle, John Fogerty, Tom Petty, Willie Nile, Joe Ely and John Mellencamp monopolized most of his listening time and helped his songwriting come to life.

Moreland put together the Black Gold Band in 2005, and released "Endless Oklahoma Sky" on Oklahoma City label Little Mafia Records in 2008. It was his accidental fusion of roots rock and punk rock that earned the band a solid following and brought him back into the studio in 2009 to record the follow-up “Things I Can't Control” in Tulsa, OK’s own Armstrong Recording with producer and legendary musician Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL).

John comments on his sound by explaining: “I was writing these songs on my dad's acoustic guitar which I thought were like country rock or roots rock songs, but I learned how to play music from playing in punk bands, and all the dudes I’ve played with were in punk bands. So when we got together to play the songs as a band, it turned out a lot louder and meaner than I expected it to.”

Finding a partner not only as a producer and engineer Stephen Egerton has taken up drum duties and this further adds to the "louder and meaner" sides to Moreland's song writing, Paper and Plastick label owner Vinnie Fiorello describes seeing John live for the first time ".. i couldn't believe how big his voice is live, it dominates the room, a smooth and controlled growl that fills the entire area in front of him."

While the songs John writes are a combination roots rock and punk this is a band wagon tag along or a follow in the footsteps of story, the songs soar higher than any punk rocker goes country and the songs throw a spotlight on a true talent in Tulsa. Witness a gem in the dustiest state I know, I end with this statement- Listen to John Moreland.
John Moreland & The Black Gold Band 2008 Endless Oklahoma Sky

John Moreland & The Black Gold Band Things I Can't Control (2010)


душевный малый, Endless Oklahoma Sky хороший релиз, есть что послушать
Things I Can't Control-тоже отличный релиз thumb.gif
John Moreland & The Black Gold Band;
2006 - 2007 Demos

сольник John Moreland - Earthbound Blues (2011)
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2Good Book
3Pacin' (Waitin' On You)
4.100 Pages of Lies
5Ancient Youth
6Catching Up
7Don't Come Around
9Don't Miss It Much
10Hearts & Flowers



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у него вроде новый альбом вышел. Ни у кого не появилось?
John Moreland - 2013 - In The Throes

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rs.Jack, спасибо чувак! где ты все находишь? просто ваще! мега спасибо!!!
rs.Jack, спасибо чувак! где ты все находишь? просто ваще! мега спасибо!!!

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Lika God Som Snask!
как и предыдущие, великолепный альбом

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Artist: John Moreland
Album: High On Tulsa Heat
Bitrate: 228kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Thirty Tigers
Genre: Country
Size: 71.39 megs
PlayTime: 0h 41min 23sec total
Rip Date: 2015-05-19
Store Date: 2015-04-21

Track List:
01. Hang Me in the Tulsa County 3:41
02. Heart's Too Heavy 4:11
03. Cleveland County Blues 3:52
04. White Flag 4:08
05. Sad Baptist Rain 3:25
06. Cherokee 4:23
07. Losing Sleep Tonight 5:12
08. American Flags in Black & White 4:36
09. You Don't Care For Me Enough to 4:14
10. High On Tulsa Heat 3:41

Release Notes:
The lane is wide open for the would-be country revivalist. As the mainstream
product increasingly incorporates new sounds and attitudes, there will always be
audiences yearning for the sparer, "rootsier" sounds transporting them back to
the days of the Highwaymen. It's an evergreen niche, and it is forever welcoming
to new entrants.

Enter Oklahoman songwriter John Moreland. Though Moreland has been making this
sort of music since 2008—his last release was 2013's In the Throes, a sorrowful
and spare collection of heavy-hearted country rockers—his background playing in
local punk and hardcore groups gives him a good feel for forcefulness. Many of
the songs on Moreland's new album High on Tulsa Heat, arguably Moreland's
prettiest if not his most most musically vivid release, capture this
feeling—"Cherokee", in particular, weaves a solemn guitar line with Moreland's
weathered vocal to devastating effect. ("I've got a taste for poison/ I'm giving
up on ever being well/ I keep mining the horizon/ Digging for lies I've yet to

High on Tulsa Heat is filled with simple delights like "Cherokee". Songs like
opener "Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars" and the title track push Moreland's
voice forward while accenting its weary wisdom with simple
accompaniments—sliding guitar, pedal steel, economically applied—and harmonies
("Heart's Too Heavy"). High on Tulsa Heat finds a nice balance between the spare
and sad ("Cleveland County Blues") and warm moods, and on balance, it's
strangely uplifting.

Moreland lacks the cynical sharpness and humor of fellow travelers like Sturgill
Simpson—whose Metamodern Sounds of Country Music stands as a high watermark for
this generation's wave of "alt country". Moreland's songs are simpler and open
up in more conventional ways. On High on Tulsa Heat, small details feel like
major victories—for instance, the soft tambourine and shaker flourishes on album
highlight "White Flag". Moreland's music is sad, to be sure—but even as he's
singing about being useless and an addict ("You need something stronger/ A drug
to kill the hunger/ And ease the awful pain of living here" from "You Don't Care
for Me Enough to Cry"), you can hear a palpable hope for redemption coursing
through. There is plenty of well-worn sentiment and saltiness in his music, but
there is also a relatable humanity that makes High on Tulsa Heat worth going
back to. Though many of the songs convey images of earthiness and of dirt,
there's a beauty that helps the collection soar above the ground.
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alright, high fives for low lives
John Moreland - Big Bad Luv

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Artist: John Moreland
Album: Big Bad Luv
Year: 2017
Bitrate: 320kbps


01. Sallisaw Blue
02. Old Wounds
03. Every Kind of Wrong
04. Love Is Not an Answer
05. Lies I Chose To Believe
06. Amen, So Be It
07. No Glory in Regret
08. Ain't We Gold
09. Slow Down Easy
10. It Don't Suit Me (Like Before)
11. Latchkey Kid


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"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".
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