A singer songwriter with a very distinctive voice, playing modern folk songs on ukulele, banjo, guitar and harp. Over the course of just a few years, Foster has captivated audiences and critics alike through a magnetic patchwork of recordings ranging from broken spirited balladry ("Born Heller") to fiery psych rock gestalt ("All The Leaves Are Gone") to the voice of an outsider folk siren ("Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You"). The one constant is the utterly overwhelming strength and seductive unease of her voice and the bravery of an iconoclastic spirit. A deeply absorbing, magical reconstruction of 19th century German art songs that float in a wash of blissed voice and electric guitar in an almost dreamlike fashion through a salon of her own invention. She makes a case for German as one of the previously unknown romance languages.

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a wolf in sheep's clothing (2006)

* 7 tracks
* Label: Locust Music
An Die Musik [Schubert/Schoberl] 6:19
Der Konig In Thule [Schubert/Goethe] 4:50
Verschwiegene Liebe [Wolf/Eichendorff] 7:07
Die Schwestern [Brahms/Morike] 5:04
Wehmut [Schumann/Eichendorf] 4:16
Auf Einer Burg [Schumann/Eichendorff] 11:45
Nahe Des Geliebten [Scubert/Goethe] 2:56


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Josephine Foster
(3 albums, thanks to original uploader)

All The Leaves Are Gone
Little Life
Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You

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3 albums,

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Josephine Foster - (2004) All The Leaves Are Gone

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01. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #01] Well-Heeled Men
02. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #02] The Most Loved One
03. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #03] All The Leaves Are Gone
04. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #04] Nana
05. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #05] Deathknell
06. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #06] Silly Song
07. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #07] Jailbird (Hero Of The Sorrow)
08. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #08] Worried And Sorry
09. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #09] Who Will Feel Better At The Da
10. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #10] John Ave. Seen From The Gray T
11. Josephine Foster - [All The Leaves Are Gone #11] Don't Wait, Mary Jane

MP3 CBR 192


Josephine Foster - (2005) Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You

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01. Josephine Foster - The Siren's Admonition - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #01] The Siren's Admonition
02. Josephine Foster - Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #02] Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You
03. Josephine Foster - By The Shape Of Your Pearls - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #03] By The Shape Of Your Pearls
04. Josephine Foster - Stones Throw From Heaven - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #04] Stones Throw From Heaven
05. Josephine Foster - Where There Are Trees - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #05] Where There Are Trees
06. Josephine Foster - The Golden Wooden Tone - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #06] The Golden Wooden Tone
07. Josephine Foster - There Are Eyes Above - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #07] There Are Eyes Above
08. Josephine Foster - Celebrant's Song - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #08] Celebrant's Song
09. Josephine Foster - Good News - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #09] Good News
10. Josephine Foster - Trees Lay By - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #10] Trees Lay By
11. Josephine Foster - The Pruner's Pair - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #11] The Pruner's Pair
12. Josephine Foster - Crackerjack Fool - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #12] Crackerjack Fool
13. Josephine Foster - The Way Is Sweetly Mown - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #13] The Way Is Sweetly Mown
14. Josephine Foster - Hominy Grits - [Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You #14] Hominy Grits

MP3 CBR 192


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This Coming Gladness (2008)
Josephine Foster – Graphic as a Star (2009)

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Isolation may not always be good for mental stability but its inspirational qualities cannot be doubted. Josephine Foster is the latest artist to have drunk deep from the well of loneliness and come out with something special. The songwriter spent last winter holed up in a house in a half abandoned mountain village in Spain and emerged with her sanity intact, armed with the songs that form this remarkable album.

Immersing herself in the work of great American poet Emily Dickenson, Foster channeled Dickenson’s words and her own acute homesickness to produce a masterpiece that is as chilling as it is beguiling. Accompanied only by her sparingly strummed acoustic guitar and the occasional blast of harmonica, Foster uses her keening voice to take Dickenson’s heady themes of death and immortality to some deeply haunting places.

The heartbreakingly beautiful My Life Had Stood – a Loaded Gun is the most obviously affecting moment on the album, but the remaining 25 fragmentary songs are a fitting testament to Foster’s willingness to go the extra mile for her art.

1. Trust in the Unexpected
2. How happy is the little Stone
3. She sweeps with many-colored Brooms
4. Ah, Teneriffe!
5. Who is the East?
6. They called me to the Window
7. This Is the land the Sunset washes
8. Like Mighty Foot Lights
9. Exultation is the going
10. In falling Timbers buried
11. With thee in the desert
12. I see thee better in the Dark
13. Your thoughts don’t have words every day
14. My Life had stood a Loaded Gun
15. Eden is that old-fashioned House
16. Beauty crowds me till I die
17. I could bring You Jewels
18. Wild Nights - Wild Nights!
19. Only a Shrine, but Mine
20. Tho’ my destiny be Fustian
21. What shall I do - it whimpers so
22. Heart! We will forget him
23. Strong Draughts of Their Refreshing Minds
24. Tell as a Marksman
25. The Spider holds a Silver Ball
26. Whoever disenchants

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Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band - Anda Jaleo (2010)

mp3 VBR~210 kbps | 62 MB
Joining forces with her partner, Spanish musician Voctor Herrero, alt. folk queen Josephine Foster presents a freshly arranged rendering of Federico Garcia Lorca's popular folk song collection Las Canciones Populares Espanolas. The songbook was outlawed during Franco's dictatorship but had previously been recorded in 1931 by Argentinean flamenco dancer La Argentinita. The renditions laid down here are all characterised by a live, simply mic-ed sound that calls upon a wide variety of Iberian instruments including castanets, rociero drum and Portuguese guitar. The album credits reveal that Foster really got into the swing of things, singing and dancing her way through these pieces, as would presumably have been intended in their original context within Spanish folk tradition. The performances (laid down live in Mecina Bombaron, Granada last summer) come across as very highly accomplished (at least to an outsider's ears) and Foster's unique, witchy vocal sounds just as compelling in Spanish as it does in her native tongue. <boomkat>

1. (02:58) Los Cuatro Muleros
2. (05:18) Los Pelegrinitos
3. (03:01) LaLas Morillas de Jaen
4. (03:00) Anda Jaleo
5. (02:14) Las Tres Hojas
6. (06:49) Los Mozos de Monlean
7. (03:17) Sevillanas del Siglo XVIII
8. (02:29) Los Reyes de la Baraja
9. (02:34) El Cafe de Chinitas
10. (04:04) Zorongo
11. (03:46) Nana de Sevilla

чудный альбом по всей видимости, мог бы кто-нибудь перезалить?
your heart is so loud
Josephine Foster is a modern American folk singer-songwriter and musician from Colorado. As an adolescent she worked as a funeral and wedding singer, and aspired to become an opera singer. Several years later she abandoned the idea and began to record demos of her songs, resulting in the early recordings There are Eyes Above (2000), an album of ukulele accompanied songs strongly influenced by Tin Pan Alley, and a short album of children's songs, Little Life (2001). For several years she worked as a singing teacher in Chicago, recording and performing with a variety of musical acts on the side including Born Heller, a duo with free jazz-bassist Jason Ajemian, and The Childrens Hour a pop band formed with songwriter Andrew Bar. In 2004 joined by her occasional backing band The Supposed (Brian Goodman on guitar and Rusty Peterson on drums) she released an album of psychedelic rock called 'All the Leaves Are Gone' which has drawn comparison to Patti Smith and Jefferson Airplane. The songs on her first solo studio album 'Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You' (2005) evoke early American folk and blues forms of the early 20th century. 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' released in 2006, features unorthodox interpretations of 19th century German art-songs. Her third solo album 'This Coming Gladness' was released in 2008. 'Graphic as a Star' was released in 2010 and 'Blood Rushing' was released in September 2012.

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Josephine Foster - Blood Rushing

1. Waterfall
2. Panorama Wide
3. Sacred Is The Star
4. Child Of God
5. Blood Rushing
6. The Wave Of Love
7. O Stars
8. Geyser
9. Underwater Daughter
10. Words Come Loose

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