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ARTiST: Josh Rouse
ALBUM: El Turista
BiTRATE: 181kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Yep Roc
SiZE: 49.49 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 36min 02sec total
RiP DATE: 2010-04-19
STORE DATE: 2010-00-00

Track List:

01. Bienvenido 2:23
02. Duerme 4:02
03. Lemon Tree 3:01
04. Sweet Elaine 4:23
05. Mesie Julian 2:34
06. I Will Live On Islands 2:59
07. Valencia 4:35
08. Cotton Eye Joe 3:54
09. Las Voces 3:48
10. Don't Act Tough 4:23

Release Notes:

'El Turista' is the eighth studio album from American alt-country singer Josh
Rouse. Inspired by his move to Valencia, Spain and taking influence from the
legendary Cuban singer Bola De Nieve, Rouse takes his Midwestern roots pop and
fusesthem with folk stylings from Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba. With such
colourful and intriguing references, Rouse creates awarm and bittersweet record.
Featuring interpretations of songs made famous by the aforementioned De Nieve,
it includesthe tracks 'Cotton Eye Joe', 'Lemon Tree' and the single 'Valencia'.




was waiting 4 the new album very much. enjoyd his previous and old track - oh i need all of the love
Послушал. Спасибо! Душевная такая пластинка. Красиво, тепло, без суеты и как-то... искренне, что ли... Еще раз - Спасибо thumb.gif
P.S.: Нет ли у Вас еще чего-нибудь от этого дяди?..
Есть много всего... Какие альбомы вас интересуют?
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Чудненько! thumb.gif
В паре песен вокал и африканские мотивчики напомнили Vampire Weekend.

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Artist : Josh Rouse
Album : Country Mouse, City House
Label : Bedroom Classics
Genre : Indie
Bitrate : 190 kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Playtime : 00:38:30
Rls date : 2007-06-25
Store date : 2007-07-31
Size : 55.0MB

Track List:

01. Sweetie 4:50
02. Italian Dry Ice 4:41
03. Hollywood Bass Player 4:05
04. God, Please Let Me Go Back 4:19
05. Nice To Fit In 3:28
06. Pilgrim 4:22
07. Domesticated Lovers 3:28
08. London Bridges 4:04
09. Snowy 5:13

Release Notes:

"Country Mouse City House" out July 31.

After spending many years in central Tennessee (which came
to a close with Nashville, his most recent album and
farewell letter to the city that helped hone his craft),
Josh bought a plane ticket and immersed himself in the
lifestyle and customs of Spanish culture. This influence
shines throughout the upbeat (and largely romantic) tenor
within each song.

Josh describes his move to Spain as more of a freewheeling
lifestyle change than an agonizing decision process. I was
ready for a change and was thinking about going to New
York. I was dating a girl that lived in Spain and she
wanted to move to New York as well but instead, I packed a
guitar and 2 big suitcases and rented an apartment on the
Spanish Mediterranean coast. I've been here ever since.

The first single "Quiet Town" (a homage to the Spanish
community, where Josh first laid roots upon arrival),
feels like youre there curled up on the balcony of a
whitewashed casita, while Summertime evokes memories of
adolescent days past. Other songs, such as Jersey Clowns
paint a picture of infidelity in the lower level mafia.
His Majesty Rides reflects on the life of a touring
musician. The Man Who (a duet with female vocalist, Paz
Suay), tells a story of isolation and the desire to
administer therapy to those we come to love.

"Subtitulo" was recorded at Paco Loco Studios in Puerto de
Santa Maria in the south of Spain in August of 2005. Josh
says, Recording at Paco Loco was one of the best
experiences I've ever had. We had a pool and the owners
wife cooked two big meals every day. We all ate outside,
so it was very laid back and enjoyable.

In Nashville, Josh always had the luxury of having a
strong contingent of musician friends around to jump on a
recording session. For Subtitulo the commute was a bit too
far to be impromptu, so the studio team was much smaller.
This record is more of a nylon string guitar and voice
album, explains Rouse. Marc Pisapia was with us in Spain
to play drums and Brad Jones produced the album and played
bass and piano.

The abrupt change of scenery and foreign influences of
Altea produced a rich atmosphere for writing. Says Rouse,
I wrote the album in the first week that I arrived there.
Altea is a very inspirational place. Its a very old, small
town with no movie theater or concerts.

In the fall of 2005, Rouse founded Bedroom Classics
(taking the name from an earlier EP release for fans a few
years back). The labels first release, an EP released
exclusively via iTunes, entitled Bedroom Classics, Vol. 2,
showcases Joshs love for the Cinema. I started Bedroom
Classics after my previous record contract ended. I had
talked to quite a few labels but the reality was that
there weren't many benefits for an artist like myself at a
big corporation Rouse stated. With my own label, I can
give my fans music through the internet or through
traditional outlets more often - as it should be. My goals
in doing this are to keep making records and to earn
enough to keep going...which in my eyes is success. Rouse

In a time when the charts are topped with blockbuster pop
and hip-hop releases with massive marketing budgets, there
is also a strong contingent of singer songwriters who are
doing it their way and earning the respect of critics and
fans on their own musical terms. The likes of Ryan Adams,
Wilco, Damien Rice and Jack Johnson have established that
you dont need what has become a formulaic radio hit to be

Slow and steady wins the race and with Josh Rouses
passionate music and lyrics that touch your heart, the
finish line isnt far away at all.






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ARTiST : josh rouse
TiTLE : the best of the rykodisc years
LABEL : Rhino
GENRE : folk-rock
SOURCE : cdda
QUALiTY : VBR / joint-stereo
SiZE : 171,1 MB
REL.DATE : aug-31-2008

Track List:


01. late night conversation 03:54
02. dressed up like nebraska 03:25
03. invisible 03:34
04. laughter 04:43
05. directions 03:26
06. 100m backstroke 03:32
07. 65 03:30
08. under cold blue stars 04:26
09. nothing gives me pleasure 03:16
10. feeling no pain 04:19
11. ugly stories 05:26
12. 1972 03:49
13. love vibration 04:52
14. comeback (light therapy) 04:38
15. rise 05:10
16. winter in the hamptons 03:09
17. it's the nighttime 04:05
18. my love is gone 04:19
19. streetlights 04:24


01. miserable south 05:38
02. a night in 05:01
03. a song to help you to sleep 03:24
04. sad eyes 04:33
05. sunshine 03:15
06. michigan 03:38
07. suburban sweetheart (demo) 04:13
08. flair (demo) 04:05
09. be on the lookout (demo) 03:15
10. cannot talk (dressed up like nebraska outtake) 05:49
11. christmas with jesus (demo) 03:55
12. camping in copenhagen (demo for summer kitchen) 03:52
13. princess on the porch (1972 outtake) 03:58
132:33 min

Release Notes:

Rhino Records presents Josh Rouse The Rykodisc
Years, a two-disc, 32-song anthology spanning
seven years and includes Rouse's best songs, rare
tracks plus unreleased demos and outtakes
available on September




новое для меня имя. этакий caetano veloso №2, но американского(?) разлива. №1 не станет, но не смотря на это, очень понравился последний альбом - решил и прежние скачать.
Josh Rouse - El Turista en la Radio EP

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Здесь заполняем специальную форму и получаем на мыло ссылку для скачивания.


Хорошая EP.

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живы ссылки только на альбомы 2007 и 2010 годов. перезалейте остальные, пожалуйста!
легендарная Сказочница
Anyone have one of these?

Bedroom Classics Vol.3

El Turista Bonus Tracks
* 1. To the Clock, To the City (3:53)
* 2. Oh, Look What the Sun Did! (2:40)
* 3. Lazy Days With Josephine (2:09)

Live 1999-2002: Early Shows and Radio Sessions

Shepherds Bush Empire 2007

Country Mouse Companion) [2007]

Or any other release not posted on FS but mentioned here

Посоны, 25-трековый сэмплер Summertime вышел сегодня на нойзтрейде. Для знакомства с творениями Роуза это самое оно, ну и бесплатно-легально.

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For more than a decade, Josh Rouse has been honing his skills as a songwriter; traveling the world, blending his various experiences and channeling them into his work. With songs like "Directions" (which appeared in the Cameron Crowe/Tom Cruise collaboration Vanilla Sky) and "Flight Attendant" (which Glee creator Ryan Murphy hand picked for his Julie Roberts inspired version of Eat Pray Love), not to mention numerous appearances on television staples such as Grey's Anatomy and Parenthood; Josh's music has quietly found its way into the world and todays culture, while remaining timeless and relevant. Summertime, a 25 song sampler covering his most recent albums and EPs, includes a song from his new project, Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations, out on September 27th. You'll also get a taste of his Bedroom Classics Closet Archives series, a digital-only collection which features unreleased singles, radio sessions and live performances, available exclusively at

!!! GRAB IT !!!

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ARTIST: Josh Rouse
TITLE: Subtitulo
LABEL: Bedroom Classics
PLAYTIME: 0h 33min total
RELEASE DATE: 2006-03-21
RIP DATE: 2006-02-18

Track List:

01. Quiet Town 2:32
02. Summertime 2:23
03. It Looks Like Love 3:46
04. La Costa Blanca 2:27
05. Jersey Clowns 4:15
06. His Majesty Rides 3:39
07. Givin' It Up 3:31
08. Wonderful 3:48
09. The Man Who... 3:43
10. El Otro Lado 3:06

Release Notes

"Subtitulo" is heavily influenced by JoshТs move to Spain.
After spending many years in central Tennessee (which came
to a close with his most recent album and farewell letter
to the city that helped hone his craft, Nashville), Josh
packed up his bags, bought a plane ticket and immersed himself
into the lifestyle and customs of the Spanish culture. This
influence shines throughout the upbeat (and largely romantic)
tenor within each song.




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ARTIST: Josh Rouse
TITLE: Rockdelux The Mediterranean Sounds Of Josh Rouse
LABEL: Rockdelux
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 232kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 51min total
RELEASE DATE: 2011-00-00
RIP DATE: 2012-01-01

Track List:

1. Lemon Tree 3:04
2. Movin' On 3:41
3. His Majesty Rides 3:39
4. Fine, Fine 2:32
5. Oh, Look What The Sun Did 3:09
6. Don't Act Tough 4:24
7. I Will Live On Islands 3:01
8. Quiet Town 2:31
9. Easy Street 2:03
10.Hots Full Of Love 2:25
11.Fiesta Morena 3:46
12.Cotton Eye Joe 3:56
13.Magdalena 4:05
14.Italian Dry Ice 4:40
15.Sweetie 4:49

Promo CD that comes with the december issue of Rockdelux.
The Happiness Waltz (2013)
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CBR 320 || 95 mb

01. Julie (Come Out of the Rain)
02. Simple Pleasure
03. It's Good to Have You
04. City People, City Things
05. This Movie's Way Too Long
06. Our Love
07. A Lot Like Magic
08. Start Up a Family
09. The Western Isles
10. Purple and Beige
11. The Ocean
12. The Happiness Waltz

[] || []

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Artist : Josh Rouse
Album : The Happiness Waltz
Label : YepRoc
Genre : Pop
Street Date : 2013-03-18
Quality : 226 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 76.12 MB
Time : 44:29 min
Url :


1. Jule (Come Out The Rain) 3:24
2. Simple Pleasure 4:22
3. It's Good To Have You 3:15
4. City People, City Things 3:18
5. This Movie's Way Too Long 3:46
6. Our Love 4:02
7. A Lot Like Magic 4:18
8. Start Up A Family 3:36
9. The Western Isles 3:04
10. Purple And Beige 4:03
11. The Ocean 4:39
12. The Happiness Waltz 2:42


It's hard not to want to be Josh Rouse. He writes effortlessly catchy
melodic pop songs about his idyllic life, which seems to be an endless
stream of lazy Sundays. There's not a hint of misery in his recent life,
with his marriage and subsequent move to Valencia infusing his last few
studio efforts with some Spanish sunshine. He's built his own studio in
Spain and has a devoted fan base, which has helped to fund the release of
his newest album. He's also prolific having released 10 records in just 15
years. Who indeed wouldn't want to be Josh Rouse? New album The Happiness
Waltz is just the latest reason why he's apparently one of the most
contented men in music.

ifolder / turbobit
Josh Rouse – The Happiness Waltz (iTunes Bonus Track Version) (2013)

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Скрытый текст / Hidden text
1 Julie (Come Out of the Rain)
2 Simple Pleasure
3 It’s Good to Have You
4 City People, City Things
5 This Movie’s Way Too Long
6 Our Love
7 A Lot Like Magic
8 Start Up a Family
9 The Western Isles
10 Purple and Beige
11 The Ocean
12 The Happiness Waltz
13 Let the Love in (Bonus Track)
14 Julie (Come Out of the Rain) [Bonus Track]

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