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Julien-K — сольный проект участников ныне несуществующей группы Orgy, Амира Дэрака (Amir Derakh) и Райана Шака (Ryan Shuck). Группа образована как их дуэт в 2003 году, чуть позже к ним присоединяются еще два участника - Элиас (Elias) - ударные, и Брэндон (Brandon) - клавиши.

В Orgy Амир играл на гитаре, используя множество технических возможностей для экспериментов с гитарным звуком, а Райан играл на ритм-гитаре. В Julien-K Амир не только играет на гитаре, но так же и на синтезаторе, а Райан кроме ритм-гитары еще и поет. В 2007 году начинается широкомасштабный тур по США с Linkin Park, под названием Project Revolution в котором группа впервые предстает перед широкой публикой, с этого момента о группе начинают говорить и узнавать не только поклонники Orgy, но и люди, которые даже не слышали о них.

В 2007 году группа объявляет о том, что их дебютный альбом под рабочим названием Death To Analog закончен, но решает выждать подходящего момента перед его выходом. Параллельно с записью песен для альбома проходит создание ремиксов на песни других групп, проект ремиксов решено назвать Julien-K RMX. Таким образом два проекта (сольные песни команды и ремиксы) существуют параллельно.

Группу активно продюсирует вокалист и лидер группы Linkin Park - Честер Бэнингтон (Chester Benington). Иногда он выполняет роль вокалиста группе и тогда они выступают под названием Dead By Sunrise и исполняют каверы на песни других групп.
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Julien-K - Death To Analog (2009)

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Quality: 182 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo
01. Death to Analog ( 5:17)
02. Someday Soon ( 4:14)
03. Kick the Bass ( 3:44)
04. Technical Difficulties ( 4:22)
05. Systeme de Sexe ( 5:28)
06. Maestro ( 3:32)
07. Forever ( 4:32)
08. Spiral ( 3:24)
09. Nvr Say Nvr ( 4:03)
10. Dystopian Girl ( 5:03)
11. Look At U ( 3:50)
12. Stranded ( 3:59)
13. Disease ( 3:58)
14. Futura (DTA Mix) ( 4:29)

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Kick The Bass EP (2008)

01 Kick The Bass
02 Technical Difficulties
03 Maestro
04 Kick The Freebase Remix
05 Technical Difficulties (iPunk Remix)
06 Maestro (Brandon Belsky Remix)

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Death to Analog(Limited Edition) Disc 2 + mirrors: 1 | 2

Waking Up
Someday Soon (Remixes)
Death To Analog (Mike Shinoda Remix)
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Kick The Bass (WebRip)

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Качество: WebRip
Размер: 16,8 Mb
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Kick The Bass

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Размер: 38 MB

Kick The Bass.vob

Full live bootleg from Casper, Wyoming
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One camera pro shot

Date: November 24, 2007
Duration: 29:42
Size: 285 mb
Video: Xvid 960x540 25.00fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

o1. death to analog
o2. look at you
o3. kick the bass
o4. systeme de sexe
o5. spiral
06. technical difficulties


Look At U (WebRip)
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Формат: FLV
Продолжительность: 4m 34s
Размер: 29 Mb

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In the Fall of 2018 Julien-K was asked to join what we would describe as our “dream tour”: Jonathan Davis and the Ministry + The Birthday Massacre. We were beside ourselves with excitement. Not only was this full circle with my nearly 30 year friendship with Jonathan Davis, but The Birthday Massacre also became great friends of ours as we toured together 10 years ago - in Julien-K’s earliest days. We are also quite simply huge fans of both of these bands. This was our first time meeting and playing with Jonathan’s band The Ministry. Chris Nix and the boys are utterly amazing musicians and people. The Birthday Massacre and Julien-K would literally watch from side stage every night in awe of these genius’. Imagine our surprise when I would look side stage to see Chris and Sara singing "Photo Voltaire" every night with me! This made us feel incredible, and they were our biggest cheerleaders on the tour - with many late nights talking about our favorite songs, techniques, and more - just deepening our friendship every day.
Shortly after tour Julien-K went into the studio with The Birthday Massacre to just “have some fun together”. We wrote 2 songs in as many days. Our friendship grew deeper. We kept in contact with Chris Nix and The Ministry as we had all become family and we missed everyone very much. We were absolutely shocked by this “gift” from Chris and Sara. In this beautiful interpretation of "Photo Voltaire", you can actually hear and feel the raw talent, love, and sweetness that make these two artists so special to all of us.
⁃ Ryan Shuck

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С октября и, как минимум, до конца года Райан будет в туре с Adema, как вокалист и, по всей видимости, клавишник ("электронщик") thumb.gif
Его развернутое интервью на тему coffee.gif

Основное, касаемо Julien-K rolleyes.gif
Basically Julien-K’s Harmonic Disruptor is halfway mixed and it is going to be shocking. We just shot a video. We’re going back to the first Orgy album and we’re breaking out some of the sounds and guitars and stuff we used for that just to have that influence and feel because we know people loved Candyass. We’re going back and listening to Nine Inch Nails’ Broken and Ministry and all this stuff that influenced us in the beginning. So we made a record with that mentality, but also dealing with the death of Chester, which was a really difficult thing for us. What we’ve got is this smashing, really disruptive album that we created. But that’s being mixed right now and we’ve got a video being edited right now.

We’re looking for a tour right now, but we’re just going to get this album out and finished and mixed and that’ll be in the next couple of weeks so we can start fulfilling our crowdfunding campaign and perks. We’re going to drop the single and video soon, and I think we’d like to do that while we’re getting the attention from Adema because it’ll be exciting for both bands. But we still have two months before the tour, so I could see a window for Julien-K and Adema to work together on a new song. If we could get that done and out before the tour, that’d be cool.

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