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Justice Of The Unicorns-Angels With Uzis-2008-RTB

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ARTIST: Justice of the Unicorns
TITLE: Angels with Uzis
LABEL: Little Lamb
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 196kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 34m total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-03-11
RIP DATE: 2008-02-19

Track List:
01. Intro: Angels Descend 1:53
02. Malibu is High End 2:22
03. Wild Tiger 3:15
04. Jesus Had a Sweet Girlfriend 2:28
05. The Dragons Claw: Chapter I 3:24
06. Mc Carren Pool 3:06
07. Fried Rice 3:10
08. Fake Gold 2:23
09. Sleeping Late in the Summer 3:19
10. The King of the Trailer Park 2:52
11. Pterodactyl Sun 2:47
12. Mascara 2:25
13. Outro: Angels Ascend 1:19

Release Notes:
Yesterday, I received my bi-monthly batch of promos. While sorting through the
records an album named Angels with Uzis by the band Justice of the Unicorns
caught my eye. If the image on your right is a bit too small let me take the
liberty of describing whats going on with the albums cover. Above a burning
skyline is what I can only assume to be a six year olds interpretation of
angels, complete with triangle breasts and polka dotted lighting bolt wings.
Floating beside their hands are rainbow-colored guns shooting out small red
hearts in place of bullets. This unique drawing, an obvious comment on our
western societys wanton use of religion as the justification for violence as
instilled in and embodied by our children, speaks to the records theme as a
whole. The objective of this truly magnificent protest album is to mobilize
herds of apathetic, well dressed, youngsters in order to finally realize the
potential of our post-modern society. And who better to champion the movement
than indie rockers sounding like a cross between the lethargic and uppity side
of an art school dropout after one too many bong hits?

Ill admit I made up the stuff about the revolution. Its just that I seriously
have no idea what is going on with this record. The album opens to the sound of
an audiences cheerful laughter and a delightful circus-like organ that is
rudely interrupted by repeated gunfire and screaming. I mean, really, what the
fuck man? The music itself has that cute folk feeling that comes with whiny
voices singing endearingly simplistic/juvenile lyrics, but just remains really,
really, weird. For example, Angels with Uzis houses such great lines as, Jesus
had a girlfriend / To wash his robes for him / But he got too fat, and has an
entire song devoted to chasing a fictional dragon.

While I am aware that, or at least I suppose that, Justice of the Unicorns dont
take themselves too seriously, I cant quite kick the feeling of the whole album
being a giant inside joke that I dont get. Maybe Im not high enough. But with
the success of the Juno soundtrack it seems that kids these days love this
stuff. Go figure.



Название альбома и обложка прикололи. 6)
Покурив, я понял, что неплохая команда. Есть ли предыдущие записи, те что выложены на майспейсе, например Devil's Car?

Если учесть, что количество просмотров не такое большое(Примерно как у какой-нибудь группы из Российской провинции например http://www.myspace.com/loveisspain ), но уже есть альбом, удивляет.
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Понравилось.Скиньте ещё песни этой группы,если конечно они имеются.
добрая такая музыка, мне понравилось wink.gif
Клевая обложка, убийственное интро, а в середине... гитарная баланда dry.gif
гОтов - к труду и обороне
Cool tunes, new band for me, thanks for sharing
У кого-нибудь есть песня Death Leopards Drummer?
People get up and drive your funky soul.

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