Ketil Bjørnstad previously explored the life of Edvard Munch in his acclaimed 1993 novel Historien om Edvard Munch. When invited to compose music for choir in 2011 his thoughts turned once again to Munch and to the writings, still not widely known, of the proto-Expressionist Norwegian painter. With these as his guide, Bjørnstad shaped Soloppgang (“Sunrise”) subtitled “A cantata on texts by Edvard Munch”. In his liner notes, Bjørnstad observes that “the texts written by Munch can be compared to his paintings in their power and intensity. He wanted to be a writer as well as a painter... texts from different periods in Munch’s life have been used in Sunrise. They all portray existentialist dilemmas: surviving or being destroyed, believing or observing.” The changing moods of the writings inspire very different musical settings. Sunrise was released first in Norway in November 2013 – in connection with the 150th anniversary of Munch’s birth – and met with a most positive critical reception.

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Ketil Bjornstad - Sunrise: A Cantata On Texts By Edvard Munch

Ketil Bjørnstad - piano
Kari Bremnes - vocal
Aage Kvalbein - cello
Matias Bjørnstad - alto sax
Bjørn Kjellemyr - bass
Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen - percussion

Oslo Chamber Choir
Egil Fossum - conductor

01. En rovfugl har satt seg fast i mitt indre
02. Moren
03. Intet er lite
04. Jorden elskede luften
05. Resitativ I
06. Stupet
07. Som i en kirke
08. Intermezzo I
09. Livets dans
10. Åpent vindu
11. Resitativ II
12. Adskillelsen
13. Intermezzo II
14. Gravsten
15. Resitativ III
16. Alfa og Omega
17. De fineste nerver er rammet
18. Intermezzo III
19. Soloppgang

Ketil Bjørnstad’s passion for the English metaphysical poet John Donne (1572-1631) is a lifelong affair. His settings of Donne’s verse have led to recordings including The Shadow, Grace and the ECM album The Light. “After working with the texts of John Donne for more than twenty years, I still find new approaches to understanding what he wrote and I find music throughout. It is in the language, in the rhythm, in the silence between the sentences - a passionate quest for meaning and reconciliation. Donne's dramatic life is reflected in the texts and everywhere in them you will find the passion, melodies and sounds”. Bjørnstad wrote A passion for John Donne for the Oslo International Church Festival in the winter of 2011/2012 and the premiere performance – documented here – was at the Sofienberg Kirke in Oslo in March 2012. The Oslo Chamber Choir is sensitively directed by Håkon Daniel Nystedt, and passion is personified in the unique performance of Håkon Kornstad, who makes his ECM debut, as both tenor saxophonist and classical tenor singer.

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Ketil Bjornstad - A passion for John Donne

Ketil Bjørnstad - piano
Håkon Kornstad - sax, flute, voice
Birger Mistereggen - percussion
Oslo Chamber Choir
Håkon Daniel Nystedt - conductor

01. Introitus – a passion for John Donne
02. Thou hast made me
03. A fever
04. Death, be not proud
05. Interlude no.1
06. The legacy
07. Batter my heart, three personed God
08. A nocturnal upon St.Lucy’s day
09. Farewell to love
10. Interlude no.2
11. Since she whom I loved hath paid her last debt
12. A valediction, forbidden mourn
13. Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in
14. Interlude no.3
15. There we leave you

то ли в настроение попало, то ли что, но эта работа бьёрнстада меня тронула до глубины души
просто очень хорошо всё, от и до

не думал, кстати, что у корнстада такой тенор мощный
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Ketil Bjornstad - Shimmering / Images

solo piano

01. Opening (3:48)
02. Shimmering (4:44)
03. Rememberance II (3:10)
04. Visitor (for Manfred) (5:40)
05. If Only (3:18)
06. Pampas (5:05)
07. Transmission (1:13)
08. Floating (4:21)
09. The Sea II (3:31)
10. Rememberance No. 1 (3:41)
11. The Sea IX (5:04)
12. Kari Danser (4:52)
13. By The Fjord (5:33)
14. Late Summer (6:39)

01. I (3:36)
02. II (4:32)
03. III (4:34)
04. IV (4:24)
05. V (4:06)
06. VI (3:40)
07. VII (1:46)
08. VIII (4:01)
09. IX (3:19)
10. X (3:00)
11. XI (3:08)
12. XII (4:32)
13. XIII (2:19)
14. XIV (3:41)
15. XV (3:23)
16. XVI (2:07)


в прошлом году хороший двойной сет в сольном исполнении на граппе вышел
Norwegian-Danish author Lars Saabye Christensen is one of Scandinavia most widely-praised and prolific contemporary writers.  For many years now, in the course of his travels around the globe, he has been sending “hotel poems” to his friend Ketil Bjørnstad, inviting him to make music out of them.  These literary postcards explore a range of moods.  Bjørnstad says: “I feel very connected to the lonely, existential perspective of these poems, made in different hotel rooms.” For this recording, Ketil worked closely with singer and actress Anneli Drecker, former lead vocalist of pop group Bel Canto. Settings of poetry form a special category in Norwegian pianist-composer Bjørnstad’s discography and A Suite of Poems is a song cycle to put alongside such projects as A Passion for John Donne, Sunrise, and The Light.

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Ketil Bjørnstad & Anneli Drecker - A Suite of Poems (2018)

Ketil Bjørnstad - piano
Anneli Drecker - voice

01. Mayflower, New York
02. Duxton, Melbourne
03. Kempinski, Berlin
04. L'Hotel, Paris
05. Palace, Copenhagen
06. Astor Crowne, New Orleans
07. The Grand, Krakow
08. Palazzo Londra, Venice
09. Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg
10. Savoy, Lisbon
11. Mayday Inn, Hong Kong
12. Lutetia, Paris
13. Schloss Elmau
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