Alt.Metal / Alt.Rock / Female Vocal / USA / Modern Hard Rock
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Kevlar is a Rock/Hard Rock band from the Erie, PA area.
We grow more focused and tenacious as every day passes and WE LOVE THIS LIFE! You will see this immediately at the start of one of our live gigs!!
Our influences span a wide variety of genres and time periods from 1970's to present day. From Paramore, Flyleaf and Evanescence to Rush, Foo Fighters and Periphery to Blessthefall, Nine Inch Kills and Defeater to Katie Perry, Eminem and even some country... We are open and willing to accept the musical diversity in us, and we feel that's what gives us our unique style... And we are totally in love with it!
We are obsessive in our love of music.... We have the same dream of many aspiring musicians and we want to do this full-time and forever! This band is not a job and we are more than a team, we are a family. We are our own gang!

NICK SANZO (Drums, Vocals)

Kevlar - For What It's Worth (Single) (2018)
Bitrate: 256 M4a ~ Itunes
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Kevlar - Aftermath [EP] (2018)
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mp3, 320kbps

01. Wasting Time (3:18)
02. For What It's Worth (3:58)
03. Alibi's (4:04)
04. Overdose (3:42)
05. Cold (4:04)
06. Dark Horse (Katy Perry cover) (3:43)

Огонь EP
да, офигенно thumb.gif 2, 4, 6 треки самые крутые для меня thumb.gif
А мне прям 05. Cold очень сильно вкатил, шикарный трек!! thumb.gif И Dark Horse ништяк. В целом конечно эпиха классная, на пятерочку! wink.gif
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Come to Dolly || Parabelle || Neon Sky || Discrepancies || ERA 9 || Coldrain || N3RV
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"There’s a melody in everything, I’m trying to find a harmony, but nothing seems to work, nothing seems to fit".

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