who can reuploas the cd please????????????????????????????
Kid Down - And The Noble Art Of Irony [2007/mp3/APS (VBR)]
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ARTIST.....: Kid Down
TITLE......: And The Noble Art Of Irony
LABEL......: Epitaph Europe/Burning Heart

RIP DATE...: 2007-02-13
STORE DATE.: 2007-03-26
GENRE......: Rock
QUALITY....: VBR / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
SIZE.......: 70.48MB

Release Notes:
At a time when Gothic makeup, lengthy band names, ridiculously protracted song
titles, faux hawks and Queen cover tunes have defined modern rock’s hoi polloi,
Kid Down arrives like a fresh gust of air. Courtesy of an exciting new alliance
with the world-renowned, Цrebro-based Burning Heart Records (Millencolin,
Turbonegro, The Hives and Refused) , Kid Down…And The Noble Art of Irony is –
quite simply – a kick ass song-cycle that draws on everything from Pinkerton to
punk as it marks a new start for this quartet from Еmеl.

A must-have for any fan of big, buoyant hooks, Kid Down’s song topics are aimed
squarely at its generation – which the band collectively jokes on its Myspace
page is capable only of “watching porn and eating snacks.” But in all
seriousness, any fan of Taking Back…, Panic At…, Fall Out…, Weezer or Foo
Fighters would be hard-pressed to resist the charms of Kid Down.

Recorded while the foursome was in transition – they had just cut bait with
their former management and wriggled their way out of a less-than-favorable
record deal – Kid Down’s dynamic, gimmick-free concoction of punk & roll never
suggests it was realized in such a fragile state. From the disturbingly catchy,
riff-tastic “Red Lights” to the urgent, poppy skatepunk of “Who’s Your Villian”
and the symphonic rock of “If you are Sark, then I’m Vaughn,” The Noble Art of
Irony is as remarkable as it is infectious.

While a couple of the tunes – such as “Nothing More, Just A Lie” and “A Kid
Called Down” – date back to the aforementioned EP, that material has been
reworked on the new disc to reflect the group’s outlook. Launched by the latter,
the group’s signature, semi-autobiographical anthem sets the pace for Irony’s
twelve explosive, cathartic numbers.

Which leads to Kid Down – a leading force in Sweden’s up and coming scene.

Track listing:
01. A Kid Called Down
02. Cut/Paste    
03. Who's Your Villain
04. Split This Cake  
05. Pretty Teeth    
06. 110%
07. Luck Comes Easy  
08. Nothing More, Just A Lie
09. Red Lights  
10. If You're Sark, Then I'm Vaughn
11. On A Line
12. Get Up Again-Over And Out



ща сольем ... заценим =) кст всех с праздником love.gif

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Filefactory or sendspace please smile.gif
спасибо за альбомчик ) группа понравилась )
спасибо за альбом! группа очень понравилась!
thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif
pop-punker ))
Не плохо, но раньше нравилось больше.

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Пока ещё не понял, слишком бегло прослушал. Но всё равно спасибо!
Kid Down - Deadkidsongs [2005/MP3/256 (VBR)]

Please RAPIDSHARE Link 4 Me sad.gif
I Has It But I Lost It sad.gif sad.gif
Thanx In Advance

Everything will burn
No Goodbye
Serious as a heart attack

Have Somebody These Songs???
а меня порадовал альбомчик, приятный =) странно что тему перенесли, ну да не суть....по мне так эмо-панк\рок ph34r.gif
отлично получился альбом, динамично так, и захватывает... thumb.gif thumb.gif
Ну в форуме emo/hardcore группе делать нечего, у них больше pop punk-а, поэтому тема и была перенесена wink.gif
группка суперрр!!! apple.gif
Человека, стоящего на краю скалы, пугает не то, что он может упасть вниз, а то, что он может спрыгнуть сам..
Kid Down - 2007 And The Noble Art Of Irony
LABEL......: Epitaph Europe/Burning Heart
RIP DATE...: 2007-02-13
STORE DATE.: 2007-03-26
GENRE......: Rock
QUALITY....: VBR / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo


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