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Artist: King Roc
Title: Chapters
Label: Process
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: 209kbit av.
Time: 01:19:19
Size: 124.47 mb
Rip Date: 2009-03-20
Str Date: 2009-03-30

1. The Beginning 7:37
2. Random Chances 8:49
3. Lunar People 6:09
4. The Growing Phrase 6:18
5. Phidias Gold 6:22
6. A Pocket Full Of Prose 6:16
7. Tube Whistle 1:12
8. Everything From Nothing 8:26
9. Flow 6:19
10. DiscoVery #1 5:19
11. Beautiful But Weird 7:50
12. Melon Koly Flower 5:36
13. The End 3:06

Release Notes:

Heres the story: King Roc wrote dance music, once. Hes half
of the wildly successful techno / deep house duo Two
Armadillos with Giles Smith of UK club pioneers Secretsundaze.
He DJs Brazil, China, Australia, a couple of times each year
each as well as regularly playing the big European and UK
clubs. He lives in Brazil and Berlin but really hes a
nicely-mannered gent from southwest London. And hes carved
out quite a job reinterpreting big names from Future Sound of
London to New Order to S-Xpress to new blood like D-Nox and
Beckers. But he doesnt like to talk much, and two years back
he was fed up to the back teeth of 4/4 for the dancefloor. So
when he met Australian artist Seb Godfrey of Drunkpark, they
hatched a plan together.

A concept album that wont explain itself. (But it started
with some ideas about dreams, intuition, happenstance and
coincidence.) No talking. Big secret theories. A concept

Starting with: A set of four collectable 12"s (each with a
lovely poster!) Artwork by Seb, each 12" with its own theme -
the first of which was "chance". Music by King Roc - but the
12s had to run from ambient to trip-hop to indie to
Orbital-style oldschool to techno.

And then: for the final CD, each track had to be ripped apart
and thrown back together for its reappearance on the CD - with
trip-hop transformed into a beautiful vocal number, or techno
into lush, beatless cinematics.



очень круто
"'Chapters' Album of the month in DJ mag this month"
ипапка ор народ, плиииииз
вааще прям нереально прокатило!!!
сила! thumb.gif
version with separate tracks would be nice
да-да... хочу анмиксд! rolleyes.gif
If someone has it unmixed & 320 kbps that would be great...
If someone has it unmixed & 320 kbps that would be great...

i think it should appear a bit later cool.gif


            Artist ...... King Roc                                 
            Title ....... Beautiful But Weird Part 2               
            Type ........ EP                                       
            Label ....... Process Recordings                       
            Cat.Number .. PRCS124                                   
            Genre ....... House                                     
            Style ....... Tech House, Deep House, Disco             
            Street date . 05-10-2009                               
          Rip date .... 30-10-2009                               
            Source ...... WEB                                     
            Url .........           
          Encoder ..... Lame 3.98r                               
            Ripper ...... rakshas                                   
            Quality ..... 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo         
            Tracks ...... 4                                         
            Size ........ 59.20 Mb                                 

      01 ... Beautiful But Weird (Clouded Vision Remix)          6:36
      02 ... Beautiful But Weird (King Roc Remix)                7:26
      03 ... Beautiful But Weird (Sasse Instrumental Mix)        7:08
      04 ... Beautiful But Weird (Radio Edit)                    3:28
                                                      Total:... 24:38


J!y=|  Artist(s)........ King Roc & Dimitri Nakov                |cv!i
J!i!|  Title............ Sao Paolo Nights                        |!!!i
J!=!|  Label............ Bedrock Records                        |!!!i
J^!!|  Catalogue........ BED87                                  |wwzi
J!=!|  Year............. 2010                                    |!!!i
J!i!|  Genre............ House                                  |!!!i
i=wv|  Subgenre......... Techhouse                              |=!=x
i=A1|  Rls.Date......... 05-04-2010                              |OO1w
J!=!|  Size............. 39,7 MB                                |!!!i
J^!!|  Tracks........... 02                                      |wwzi
J!=!|  Length........... 17:20 min                              |!!!i
J!i!|  Source........... WEB                                    |!!!i
i=wv|  Quality.......... mp3; 320kbps; 44.1Khz; Full Stereo      |=!=x
i=A1|  Encoder.......... LAME 3.97                              |OO1w

Jz:    01. Jardin Nights                              08:05      xvi
Jz:    02. Alameda Jau                                09:15      xvi

dXb    Sometimes collaborations really work. When the            dXb
dXb    combined energies of two very different people come      dXb
dXb    together in a studio something magical happens and        dXb
dXb    they also have a lot of fun. Dimitri Nakov and Martin    dXb
dXb    Dawson (King Roc) are                                    dXb
dXb                                                              dXb
dXb    two very exciting young producers with very different    dXb
dXb    approaches to music and sampling, and their combined      dXb
dXb    energies has created something glorious & original        dXb
dXb    called Sao Paulo Nights for John Digweeds ever            dXb
dXb    impressive                                                dXb
dXb                                                              dXb
dXb    and diverse musical melting pot, Bedrock.                dXb

dXb    Martin and Dimitri met a couple of years ago, at          dXb
dXb    Universo Paralelo in Bahia, Brazil at New Year            dXb
dXb    (always an amazing festival). Musically, they found      dXb
dXb    they had a lot in common and over the course of the      dXb
dXb    next two years they kept                                  dXb
dXb                                                              dXb
dXb    bumping into each other at gigs until they finally        dXb
dXb    bumped into each other on an Iberia flight to Sao        dXb
dXb    Paulo late last year. Having a couple of days to kill    dXb
dXb    while in Brazil they sat in a friends studio after        dXb
dXb    dinner one night and Martin started tinkering.            dXb
dXb    Dimitri said.. "record!" and delved into his              dXb
dXb                                                              dXb
dXb    sample and funk and disco collection, and 2 days, or      dXb
dXb    rather, nights later they had created the two tracks      dXb
dXb    that are Sao Paulo Nights, which they then recorded      dXb
dXb    at Dimitris friend Gabe's studio in Jardins in Sao        dXb
dXb    Paulo.                                                    dXb

dXb    Martin Dawson + Dimitri Nakov = Very Exciting Music      dXb

dXb    Working under the name King Roc, Martin Dawson            dXb
dXb    released his debut album in 2009 to critical acclaim      dXb
dXb    from the international dance music press including        dXb
dXb    album of the month in DJ Mag and 10/10 from IDJ Mag.      dXb
dXb    He was nominated by DJ Mag for best UK producer and      dXb
dXb    best artist album 2009 along the likes of Jamie Jones    dXb
dXb    and Scream. His solo a co-productions have been          dXb
dXb    supported by many dance music artists such as Laurent    dXb
dXb    Garnier, Tiefschwarz, Radioslave, D'Julz, Solomon,        dXb
dXb    Nick Curly and Luciano to name a few. He also records    dXb
dXb    under the name Two Armadillos with Giles Smith from      dXb
dXb    secretsundaze, London hes worked with labels such as      dXb
dXb    Bang!Bang!, Dessous, STHLM Audio, Buzzin' Fly and        dXb
dXb    Four:Twenty with remixes for Moodmusic, R&S and Fear      dXb
dXb    Of Flying, and                                            dXb

dXb    DJs Deep House and Techno all around the world.          dXb

dXb    Dimitri Nakov moved to Brazil in 2001 after a few        dXb
dXb    good years in the UK dance scene and a handful of        dXb
dXb    unique experiences working and DJ'ing with Sasha,        dXb
dXb    running Narcotic Records (Roger Sanchez's UK based        dXb
dXb    label) and promoting artists such as Robert Miles,        dXb
dXb    during the "Children" heyday, Dimitri inevitably          dXb
dXb    became an integral part of the burgeoning electronic      dXb
dXb    music scene based in Sao Paulo. Regularly playing        dXb
dXb    events topping 10-20 000 people across the globe,        dXb
dXb    especially in Brazil (Creamfields & Xxxperience), and    dXb
dXb    Big Beach (Japan). Dimitri has always also been keen      dXb
dXb    to play smaller, more intimate gigs like D.Edge (Sao      dXb
dXb    Paulo) and De Puta Madre (Belo Horizonte), which is      dXb
dXb    widely regarded as one of Brazil's best clubs,            dXb
dXb    alongside Warung (which Dimitri has also played at).      dXb
dXb    Back in Europe at present, and based in Ibiza,            dXb
dXb    Dimitri has become a regular guest on David Moreno's      dXb
dXb    show on Ibiza Global Radio, while also achieving an      dXb
dXb    unofficial residency with Sasha last year at Cream at    dXb
dXb    Amnesia, and playing internationally at Sonar, Urban      dXb
dXb    Artforms Festival, The Glade Festival and touring        dXb
dXb    with Layo & Bushwacka and Luciano                        dXb

dXb    in Japan. Dimitri's other recent musical adventures      dXb
dXb    include remixes of Sashas "Park It In The Shade" and      dXb
dXb    "Coma", and "Move!" by Smith & Selway                    dXb

dXb    Rumours that Martin and Dimitri will be meeting up in    dXb
dXb    their respective Berlin or Ibiza studios shortly for      dXb
dXb    part 2, will be met with much excitement on the basis    dXb
dXb    of this Sao Paolo Nights collaboration. Stay tuned!      dXb

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