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Artist: Kingdom
Album: The Rage That Guides
Year: 2009
Rel. Date: 2009-06-15
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Eulogy
Source: CD
Type: Album
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

The Rage That Guides is KINGDOMs first full
length, featuring ten songs drawing influence from
and taking outside inspiration from NILE to LED
ZEPPELIN. The Rage That Guides is diverse but
still uncompromisingly hardcore. Lyrically taking
on issues both political and personal, this record
contrasts feelings of hopelessness, suffering, and
despair with those of empowerment, hope, and rage.
Real Crime addresses urban poverty and police
violence, Pythoness takes on societal double
standards and sexual politics, 33/45 is a punk
rock anthem for those who choose to live forever
out of step. Seething and spiteful, The Rage That
Guides is a dose of broken glass for a spoon-fed

1. Hollow Bones 3:08
2. Real Crime 2:20
3. Broken Teeth 2:11
4. Black Friday 1:31
5. 33/45 3:01
6. VHE 2:21
7. Anything 2:53
8. Barthory 2:14
9. Pythoness 1:48
10. Fire Born 2:28


Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
Тут "Female Vocal"???Ебаааа,вот это вокальчик женский xana.gif ...жООт и видимо много курит!Реальная группа!
видимо много курит

это врядли)
...жООт и видимо много курит!

и бухает...
балин уже запарил как сделать под кат

(Real Crime, Broken Teeth, the 7", and the demo/EP)]LYRICS (Real Crime, Broken Teeth, the 7", and the demo/EP)
Songs off "THE RAGE THAT GUIDES" that are up on here:


This insatiable city sways
The living quiver and blocks quake
As the souls sunk into the stones rise in rage
The urban decayed- The murder a day
In whose lost names came the loss of liberty
So alive again to haunt these stricken streets they scream:

We'll tell you just what did us in...
We'll tell you what the real crime is...

Real crime is half below the poverty line
Real crime is abuse of authority sanctified
This is a state of emergency alright

In the destitute desperation abounds
We hit the bottom long before we hit the ground
Lacking opportunity, forced into a drug economy
Caught in a circle of criminality on the outskirts of society
Trying to survive and failing
Those who blame rather than alleviate dig the graves

No one will rest in peace in a police state

Real crime


Seven from the left
A chip marks the time I can’t forget
These scars we keep
Reminders of the lives we have to lead
We are the renegade abject
Our pain becomes a catalyst to contradict

Once speaking in addiction with perfect diction
We now disregard past dialects for the language of unshakable self respect
Grateful, and hateful, we walk in self exile
Out of the storm
Out the past
To the doorway that will never collapse

I laugh with broken teeth
Lost was everything, regained gruelingly
I laugh with broken teeth
So beaten was I once... now hammers break on me

… and I do look back with sympathy sometimes
So I dedicate this to the me I left behind
Who is all whose lives are denied by the wounds accumulated over time
And attempts to cauterize them with lies

These scars we keep
Tarnished steel redeems
Cowardice with confidence
We laugh with broken teeth

So lost was everything
So beaten were we once
Now hammers break on us
Now hammers break on us




i won't break my own legs just to walk with crutches
i may stand alone but i stand as myself
no matter how we obscure it
truth awaits us
you can't dodge the real shit
what do we have if not control of our minds?

look to a flask to mask what you've become
ski the slopes until you're good and numb
mistake cowaring together for bonding and pleasure
vices deceive those who wish to believe
it's time to face the lie
you can try to justify with a sob story about your hard knock life
but i used to think this world had broken me
hiding, ashamed, i suffered self inflicted injuries
we masked the pain and the joy the same
we thought we'd drink away our poverty
but when the sun rose our pockets were still empty

me and all my friends were lost
those times alone with no money, no family, no home, and no hope
we'll kill ourselves real slow!
we're all so gone we won't even notice when we go!

someone once said to me
"you're better than the life you lead"
i made a choice that very night
and it's the reason i'm still alive
i see my old friends sometimes,
strung out and 25
some died
time slipping by
doing time
relapsed and he's breaking down
envious that i got out

i got out

if this is growing up
then i'll stay a kid forever
i'll be the kid that survived
while you prove your maturity
by avoiding your life
i am the one who survived
you can mock my straight edge pride
but i am the one who survived



i never meant this world for you
and it breaks my heart to know the suffering it has put you through
this grief has shaped me
forged in the pain of my past
but i ache from the damage of our collective experience
injustice drives my rage, my guide

he says he's lost all faith in humanity
he was so naive
i can't console him, all that i can say is that's a realistic way to be
i never believed
he calls for blood with tears of fury
in the name of family
in a world that's out to rip our wings
injustice drives this rage that guides

after all this time i'm horrified
i wish i could have protected you
i can't change the past so all i ask
is that you never make excuses for their ways
i'm sorry you went through this for me
we fight together for our dignity
bound by blood
bound by enemy

i have my own religion but i ain't got no faith
because this world has left me with only one thing to believe in
when even men of god are out to break me:

this rage that guides
this rage that guides
i would give you everything if i could
your support means more than anything else ever would
this rage that guides
this rage that guides
this rage that guides me

Every word in this song was taken directly from conversations that my Dad and I have had about our society's physical and psychological war against the poor, women, people of color, non christians, the radically minded, the trans/gay/bi/queer community, and moreover, what it is like to watch the person you love the most suffer through the discrimination, hate, and abuse of this culture. "How," my Dad asked me on the day he found out I was drugged and gang-raped, "how do you face the world knowing how cruel it can be? How do you keep from locking yourself in a room and crying all day after what's been done to you?" That answer was easy. "For every time I should have cried, for every time I've been hurt, the only thing I've ever felt is hate and an all-consuming rage toward a society that allows this to continue. That's that's what keeps me focused and that's what keep me strong... this rage. This rage that guides me."



"why tread this water anymore when so many have drown in despair?
the tides are relentless"
"we're just needles in a haystack,
so why try? why beat yourself up?
it's not a compromise, it's just life
you have no choice
become the violence
tell the lie
don't you see we can't fight the tide?"

are we fading away into the grey?
coasting through the fog of right and wrong
lost at sea, lost at sea
but i still believe
that we can remember who we are

so disconnected by this cheap contentment
these crowns have slipped over our eyes and i just want to find
the way out of this kingdom, this prison, this battlefield
i renounce my crown.
i would rather drown.

are we fading away into the grey?
coasting through the fog of right and wrong
lost at sea, lost at sea
anchored by our apathy
cause when there's no shore in site it's hard to believe

don't mistake what's easy for what's right
don't mistake what's right for this half-life of scraping by
the world enslaved so we can sail this dismal night
we are cowards, kings who say it's "too hard" to even try
you say you have no pull? come on!

are we fading away into the grey?
coasting through the fog of right and wrong
lost at sea, lost at sea
so desperate, i'm praying
to a god i don't believe in that we can find our way home

are we fading away into the grey?
coasting through the fog of right and wrong
lost at sea, lost at sea
these waters may claim me
but i will sink with my integrity

i renounce my crown
this kingdom's going down
our drive is stronger than the tide
we decide if we decide.




it's easy to lose sight
to buy in
to give up
but it's not alright

look around, all things
have been homogenized
everything is just alike

my town is your town is the world
extinction looms overhead
have we given in to death?

i am overhwhelmed with despair
i want to apologize
to everything we've victimized

we have to find a way
everything is on the line
we're all about to fucking die



we refuse to see the reach of the decisions that we make
they've been stripped of everything and still we take
we claim we're innocent, "we arent the ones who made these rules!"
this may be their machine but we provide the fuel

our dislocation manifests as brand identity
so naive we think that work will set us free
so hollow and we demand the world to follow
we are the cultureless, at home in emptiness

in every stitch you'll find abandoned goals and forgotten dreams
so vain, we proudly sport this misery
so cruel, we profit off their loss of dignity
is this who you want to be?

maybe you feel entitled
to be carried on the broken back of the people
or is that you think it's a fair trade?
their time and lives so you can masquerade
in the threads you think make you unique
the world must suffer for your fuckin' sneaks?

though proud we stand, we are reduced
to the worst we've done to those abused

behind the fences their hearts still beat
in the rythm of production, the rythm of deceit
imagine their faces, their losses, and their pain
you look into their eyes and try to explain

we will not stay ignorant or turn a blind eye
we create the demand and they're held prisoner for supply
so i ask why do we do we continue to buy?
WE ARE NOT INNOCENT if we obey their rules
they've deceived us all and we will not be made fools

in every choice i make i try to think of the effect
i try my best to live my life based on respect
don't be misled by advertisments
'cause you're more than shoes bros
give up your excess

so give it up, give it all up
it was never yours to take
selfish as we have been
we must rectify our mistakes
you gotta GIVE IT UP!




what if we're too late
and our sucidical ways have permeated everything?
every cell is poisoned, every inch of earth
have we undergone a cataclysmic rebirth?

nothing has been sparred, nothing can be saved
today's existence is a parody of yesterday
all things die and i've accepted that it's our time

we're on a sinking ship,
our lifeboats are going down with it
we're directionless, we're lost
and headed straight for the center of an apocolyptic storm

sometimes things die
and we don't hear their goodbyes
sometimes there is no hope
there is no hope
sometime there is no hope
there is no hope

we can't always fix our mistakes this time we're too late



i know that each day you tell yourself, "this is how it's supposed to be"
and each day you wonder how much longer you can believe
you feel the wrong.
you lie to carry on.
i lost my faith
staring into the eyes (a promise made)
of those condemned to die (to those we've betrayed)


in this grand illusion of entitlement to life
our "need" is a mask for our greed
and it's not fucking right
we are executioners that parade ourselves as kings
death as life
we are a society of bathories

in a moment i was forever changed
when i made an oath that no life
would be taken in my name
our claims of natural
reveal themselves as criminal
so i comitt to compassion
will you answer to this call for action?

lose your faith
you feel the wrong
lose your faith
you lie to carry on

Each member of Kingdom is comitted to living a vegan lifestyle. For me, the decision was made 9 years ago while I was visiting my Mom a tiny town in rural Slabama. I was jogging down a dirt road past pastures full of horses and cows, with One King Down's "Bloodlust Revenge" in my headphones. It was a beautiful evening. The sun was setting, the corn fields were swaying gently in the wind, the red clay in the sand matched the sky and everything felt warm, and calm, and I was completely in awe. It sounds corny, but it truly was a rare moment.

I stopped running to look at some cows. One walked over to the fence and we stared at eachother, and I realized I hadn't seen a cow close-up since I was a little kid. She was so gentle, almost dog-like. I thought, "I'd really like to hang out and pat all of these cows, they are all so cute...", but before I could finish my thought, I heard the line "we consume to satisfy, we do not kill to stay alive".

Right at that moment, that amazing, beautiful, calm moment, while looking into the eyes of that cow, I couldn't escape the truth of those words.

I thought about the cow standing before me and her death laid out before her. I thought about how right at that moment, she was a unique individual, a single creature who had seen me, and who I had seen. How in some sense, I knew her. Soon she would be dead, she would not longer be herself, she would be robbed of indentity, her corpse mixed with others, and packed in syrofoam, and for all I knew, my Mom would buy her, her remains, and feed them to me for dinner.

I was horrified. If I could speak to that cow right then, could I explain? Could I explain that even though I didn't need to eat her, I would anyway? That I could live, and live well, without forcing her end upon her, but I chose not to? That I had given myself the right to make that choice for her? I felt so ashamed. My greed was sickening. I felt naive, and then I realized that I had known all along where my meals came from, and that I had chosen not to care. I wasn't naive, I was just selfish. I had always known that the blood dripping from my meat wasn't "juice", it was blood. That "bones" were really bones. I had pushed those thoughts away. It was too unpleasant to think about. I had allowed myself, even FORCED myself to disconnect "dead animals" from "food", even though they were one and the same. While it may have been unpleasant for me to think about those things, I couldn't even image how much more unpleasant her life, and her death, were and would be. Knowing all I knew, standing there before her, I saw myself for who I truly was, and I was humilated.

I had chosen death over life, I had forced others to suffer, and I had absolutely no way to justify it. Standing there, in rural Alabama, looking into the eyes of a big, gentle cow who would, in the near future, be dead, I made a promise. Not in my name. Never again.




their success is a mass grave and you know these ways can't be sustained
i worry that we can't be saved
because our comfort is a shroud that wraps the whole world 'round
it's entranced the whole world 'round
and no one can get out

i can't hang with the philosophies
that this culture tries to push on me
so i'm gonna leave, i'm gonna leave it all behind
this life isn't mine

their success is a mass grave and you know these ways can't be sustained
so can someone please explain
why our comfort is shroud that wraps the whole world 'round
and there's collapse the whole world 'round
and no one can get out

the more i open up my eyes
the more i see this world is a graveyard in disguise
all this time i thought i was a hostage in this tomb
so i gave up and i thought that humanity was doomed

we refuse to live this way
immersed in death and decay
from the ashes of yesterday we'll rise
a new begining, a phoenix in flight

hey prisoners, you're free
so let's walk,
no let's RUN away from this society
let's wise up to the wrongs in this world and in our own lives
we're gonna start tonight!
start again, set things right
we have to be what we want to see
i am the new begining


we have to be what we want to see
it's up to me



i've heard the stories so many times
the guilty cowards, concealing their past crimes
you cannot keep the truth away from me
the bigger the lie the more likely it will be believed, but i won't be believe

we all must find out who we were born to be
a place in class and race and in our family tree
you cannot take these roots away from me
i look to the past for inspiration to carry on and find where i belong

there's no grave deep enough to hold the truths that lay untold

so we honor the dead...

we carry the weight of the past, so we must do right for those who've passed
follow the path of the conquest, follow the path the path of the oppressed
know their horrors and remember the fights, know those who have given and taken your rights
they've colonized all that we can see, they will not settle in these memories
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