Kino Oko - Sultriness Breathing EP:

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DigitalDiamonds009 Kino Oko - The Doggy Bag EP

A1 The Doggy Bag
A2 Cool Burning
B1 Red Rose Flow


This doggy bag is a special one! Digital Diamonds Crew bundled 3 outstanding tracks from polish artist Kino Oko for savely carrying to your own soundsystem. With this multifunctional EP Kino Oko proves the fact that he is one of the most talented and open minded artists nowadays. See yourself which track kicks you in which situation...
Люди.Есть у кого нибудь такой альбомчик Tromesa - Pseudomental (2001).Это первый проект.ещё до кино око.Если есть залейте плз
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Artist........ Kino Oko
Album......... Colours Hate Themselves
Genre......... Psychedelic
Label......... Tribal Vision Records
Catalog....... TVRCD029
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Bitrate....... VBR kbps
Mode.......... Joint Stereo
Store.Date.... 2010-05
Release.Date.. 2010-05-14
Tracks........ 11 Tracks
Playtime...... 74:42 min
Release.Size.. 117.17MB


1. Dorothy Last Day Of Life 6:49
2. Beige Genocide 6:26
3. Lovely Serenade 6:33
4. Rosalinda 6:47
5. Nocturn For Bright Daylight 7:36
6. Skylight Extravaganza 6:09
7. The Ground 6:26
8. Rapture Of The Skeleton 6:45
9. Puppet Lemonade 5:51
10. Believe Nothing 8:36
11. The Day Of Pearly Spencer 6:44


As an artist, Grzegorz Magnuszewski has been involved
in several internationally renowned musical projects
during his life besides Kino Oko, electronic music
fans around the world will surely recall the
spectacular works of legendary Polish acts Bigwigs
and Tromesa. There are a few characteristics that fit
all his artistic attempts though: a distinct sense
for originality, uniqueness and musicality.
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ай спасибо, хорошо.
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Перезалейте Colours_Hate_Themselves пожалуйста!!!
дайте скачать!
Перезалейте Colours_Hate_Themselves пожалуйста!!!

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