Kreidler – Weekend (1996)

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Label: Kiff SM
Catalog#: kiff 004 cd
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: Nov 18, 1996
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental


01. Traffic Way [7:37]
02. Shaun [3:30]
03. Spat [5:14]
04. La Capital [3:59]
05. Sand Colour Classic [2:43]
06. Lio [4:19]
07. Polaroid [5:51]
08. Desto [1:28]
09. Reflections [3:36]
10. Hillwood [2:08]
11. Telefon [2:45]
12. La Fille en Beige [4:08]
13. If [2:12]
14. Schrödingers Katze (Mono) [0:46]

Press Release

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Like many Krautrock-inspired bands of the '90s, Kreidler can at times seem like they're loving their inspirations not too wisely, but too well. At once funky and astringent rhythms straight from Can at their prime, droning washes familiar from the likes of Ash Ra Tempel and Neu!, the overall air of experimentation crossed with restraint — Weekend is, if nothing else, well aware of its particular heritage. But if it's a tentative start in ways, Weekend is still a very listenable one, with the group taking its overall politeness in delivery as a virtue and then working on it. None of the tracks will blow anyone off their feet, but none of them are meant to! Sometimes the mix and delivery suggests the work of countrymen and semi-fellow travelers Couch, especially in terms of the drum sound, but again the inspiration tends more towards Germany 1973 instead of Louisville 1991. Aside from a couple of tracks that break the five-minute mark and beyond — the opening groove of "Traffic Way," the modern film noir flow of "Polaroid" — Weekend sticks to shorter numbers instead of lengthy jams stretching out forever, an economy of approach that actually showcases the group's ability as setting moods rapidly. Some songs again call to mind Can in its "ethnological forgery" guise, thus the funk-and-sparkle of the charming "Spat" or the openly dub-tinged "Lio," with just enough echo and slow-crawling bass to make the connection. The use of soft, chiming keyboard parts at many points, though, give a fun, gentle sense of contrast, adding delicacy in contrast to the darker, heavier elements of the songs. It's a low-key tension, but one that works wonderfully, and invests such fine songs as "Reflections" and "La Fille En Beige" with the extra touch that shows the promise of Kreidler as a whole. ~ Ned Raggett

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Kreidler – Mosaik 2014 (2009)

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Label: Italic
Catalog#: ITA086
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: October 5, 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

Press Release

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Early in 1994 Kreidler was founded by Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Detlef Weinrich and Stefan Schneider on bass guitar who was to leave Kreidler some years later in order to form To Rococo Rot; his place was taken by Alex Paulick (now of Coloma) up until 2001. Kreidler's album Riva was released 1994 on a small Parisian label. This was to be the first of 16 releases to date, with the latest Eve Future Recall (2004). Followed by the score for the movie Durchfahrtsland in 2006. Among the artists to have been remixed by Kreidler are such venerable names as Faust, Einsturzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, and Appliance. Their musical collaborations include Add (N) to X, Young Gods, Momus or Chicks on Speed. Kreidler have played over 300 shows throughout Europe, Asia and North America. In techno clubs and concert halls. At the Sonar and Roskilde festivals. In museums and art galleries. At the Van Dijk retrospective in Antwerp and the openings of Andreas Gursky in New York's Museum of Modern Art and in the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Commissioned by Goethe Institut they went on a concert tour in Southeast Asia. Kreidler's music has graced the catwalks e.g. of Chanel, Lacoste, or at the London Fashion Week of Giles Deacon. It is used in films, theatre-plays or in modern dance productions e.g. Pina Bausch's Ten Chi. On the new studio album Mosaik 2014 Kreidler champion a kind of Godardian futurism in which the 20th and 22nd centuries merge. Science fiction and modernity: Arrangements that feel right, without me being able to map them out because all of the lines are woven together so intricately, and because the album was recorded mainly in a week of live sessions. Above all, this record has more. More rhythm, drums, percussion. More keyboards, better yet synthesizers that are immediate and cannot be turned away, sounds that demand something and yet retain great mystery. More off-kilter loops and more electrical storms. But it is all there to serve the same purpose: to make this the best Kreidler Album of all Kreidler albums. There is a directness, and things come to the point while still leaving enough free space. There is longing, solace, fulfillment. In other words, big emotions.


1. Mosaik [6:15]
2. Zero [5:01]
3. Marauder [6:43]
4. Brass Cannon [4:25]
5. High Wichita [6:29]
6. European Grey [5:00]
7. Doom Boys [6:17]
8. Impressions D'Afrique [6:33]
9. Luminous Procuress [4:24]


Impressions D'Afrique (2010)

A. Impressions D'Afrique (Extended 12 Inch Version) [7:18]
B. Impressions D'Afrique (Unit 4's Oro Borum Bonga Baum Chant Remix) [6:26]

MP3 320

01. Mosaik [6:17]
02. Zero [5:03]
03. Marauder [6:45]
04. Brass Cannon [4:26]
05. High Wichita [6:29]
06. European Grey [5:00]
07. Doom Boys [6:17]
08. Impressions d'Afrique [6:34]
09. Luminous Procuress [4:24]
10. Untitled [0:10]

Барабанщик Kreidler'a Томас Клейн выпускает сольный альбом 12 августа на лейбле Bureau B.
SØLYST 2011.
Kreidler drummer Thomas Klein presents his first solo album. Like Kreidler SØLYST also unites analogue drums and electronically generated patterns. But Klein heads into more tribalistic territory. The beat, the groove, the monotones – Klein is a musical hypnotist, taking aim at rhythmic ecstasy with minimal, yet highly effective means. SØLYST's darkly pulsating aural cosmos envelops the listener and holds him fast as a fantastic voyage commences. Afrobeat, minimal music, Krautrock, dub, cosmic – all apposite and well-intended references, but not enough by way of explanation. A genre to encompass this has yet to be invented, so Tribal Dub Krautrock is perhaps the most fitting description.

Это сообщение отредактировал Mural - 29.05.11 в 23:15
Tank - это нечто! Электронщина с заметный влиянием краута
Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
SØLYST 2011.

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artist....: Solyst
title.....: Solyst
cat no....: BB86
genre.....: Electronic
style.....: "Tribal Dub Krautrock"
label.....: Bureau B
tracks....: 11
quality...: 320kbps
storedate.: Aug-15-2011
rlsdate...: Aug-18-2011


Nr. Trackname Time
01. The Swell 04:25
02. Melville 04:47
03. Optimyst 05:05
04. A Sward Of Nereids 04:13
05. Hoorn Of Plenty 06:34
06. Kelpie 05:09
07. Malstrom 04:26
08. Ned Land 02:57
09. The Isle 02:06
10. Cape Fear 04:45
11. Dim Lights 05:32


49:59 min


Kreidler drummer Thomas Klein unleashes his self-described
style of "Tribal Dub Krautrock" amidst good company on the
Bureau B label. Working outside of his band, Thomas
approach here is stripped to the fundamentals of hypnotic
rhythm and (mono)tone electronic patterns with a
contemplative, restrained and focused methodology. There's
a clear connection with his krautrock forefathers Jaki
Liebezeit of Can, Neu's Klaus Dinger and Mani Neumeier of
Guru Guru, but this isn't simple stylistic aping by any
means, instead counting as Klein's deeply personal
contribution to the lineage of cosmic repetition. He spent
a year shaping these eleven tracks, organising deceptively
complex linear rhythms from endless, interlocking loops
and awning synth sequences which at once reference
afrobeat, minimalism and dub, while never simply falling
into any one category. The effect is hypnotic, meditative
and atmospheric, which a subtle, brooding character of its
own distinction. Fans of MvO Trio, Nonplace Records, To
Rococo Rot, and of course Kreidler, should check it out


Just enjoy the music, and if you want
to be a part of things. Every musical style is welcome


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Sølyst - Sølyst [2011]
Release Info
Label: Bureau B (BB86)
Released: 12 Aug 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub, Electronic, Krautrock, Minimal, Tribal
Quality: 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz
Time: 49:59 min
Size: 134.8 mb
Incl.: m3u, nfo, sfv, cover
01. The Swell
02. Melville
03. Optimyst
04. A Swarm Of Nereids
05. Hoorn Of Plenty
06. Kelpie
07. Malstrøm
08. Ned Land
09. The Isle
10. Cape Fear
11. Dim Lights
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Carried by a Wind Like Dandelion
неплохой альбом
и чувствуется, что родом из скандинавии
Sølyst is soooooo good, perfect record, thanks
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Огромное спасибо за релиз!
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остальное как по мне даже лучше

кто-нибудь может обновить альбом 2000 года?

нашел тут (ALAC)

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ARTiST: Kreidler
BiTRATE: 243kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V0 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Bureau
GENRE: Electronic
SiZE: 71.76 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 38min 56sec total
RiP DATE: 2012-08-22
STORE DATE: 2012-10-08

Track List:

01. Sun 5:32
02. Deadwringer 6:18
03. Rote Wuste 8:06
04. Cascase 5:32
05. Moth Race 3:54
06. Celtic Ghosts 1:32
07. Winter 8:02

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Kreidler - Den (2012) V0

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