Lady J And Her Bada Bing Band

Lady J And Her Bada Bing Band - Flying High (2017)

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Jazzy Blues, Jump, Swing
Country: Norway
Label: Mobster Recordings
Released 04 August 2017.
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The band plays Jump blues and swing, are full of hassle, and take the audience back to the 50s and 60s (remember dance shoes!) Simply a deadly band!
Lady J is renowned for her style, her red dresses and reap a great applause for surprise scenes - both musically and visually. She pours in rockabilly and old jazz about the occasion, and takes inspiration from artists like Candye Kane and Imelda May.

01. What's Next (03:27)
02. Let Me Pay You Back (03:51)
03. Side Dish (03:52)
04. EBAY (03:43)
05. Flying High (02:18)
06. Tenth Avenue Tango 007 (04:41)
07. Believe Me When I Lie (04:52)
08. Busted (03:36)
09. Sweet-Talking Devil (02:36)
10. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (03:51)
11. Die For My Baby (02:24)
12. Don't Call (04:34)


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