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ARTIST: Ladyslipper
TITLE: The Time, Not The Weather
LABEL: Say Rah Records
RIP DATE: Sep-02-2007
STORE DATE: Jul-10-2007
GENRE: Indie
QUALITY: VBR / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
SIZE: 50,3 MB
TIME: 34:01 min

Track Listing:
01 - Attention 02:48
02 - City At Night 02:59
03 - Tinnitus 03:03
04 - Wake Up 04:09
05 - Free Stream 03:31
06 - Chicago 03:34
07 - Ladycop 02:56
08 - Devils On Horseback 02:26
09 - About The Beatles 04:51
10 - Only Got Ten 03:44




Release Notes:

Jonathan Kennedy (guitar, vocals)
Noah Paster (drums, vocals)
Sam Morrison (keyboards, vocals)

Ladyslipper is a three-piece Minneapolis band consisting of two
childhood friends and a co-worker. All from different backgrounds
in the Minneapolis music scene, the three together form a solid
lineup of guitar, keyboards, and drums to create a charged and
energizing sound that has been compared to the likes of bands such
as Fugazi, Mission of Burma and Television.

The Time, Not The Weather is Ladyslipper's debut full-length,
consisting of ten songs all written throughout the course of 2006,
some while the band was a four-piece and the rest as three, at
Electric Funeral Studio with Knol Tate, singer/guitarist of fellow
Minneapolis band, Askeleton. The album's lyrics cover an array of
topics from politics to drugs, and third person storytelling from
the perspective of a mouse. Each song encases a thick grunge-esq,
rock-garage sound, catchy and compelling; a striking debut for
such a new band, which hints at much more to come.

The band has already started writing new songs for their second
release, a planned 7 inch, and will be touring throughout the fall
of 2007 in support of their debut.

Say Rah Records is a Minneapolis based division of Afternoon
Records - like a kid brother or little cousin, but without the
name-calling and whiny bickering. Our mission: simply sign young,
up-and-coming bands and help them reach their full potential.
Say Rah was created in January 2007 and is currently run by:

Ian Anderson -
Kyle Frenette -

In general, please contact us here:
horoshaja gruppa. golos kak u roberta smita mne pokazalsa.
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