Lee 'Scratch' Perry Presents Candy McKenzie (Trojan 2011)

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This is the lost Candy McKenzie album recorded at Lee Perry's legendary Black Ark studio in 1977 and mastered from the original tapes. Passed on by Island Records back in the day and presented by Trojan records in 2011.

01 - Disco Fits
02 - Someone To Love Me
03 - Breakfast In Bed
04 - Walking In The Sun
05 - Jah Knows
06 - Ice Cream
07 - Sky At Night
08 - Keep Him Strong
09 - Tell Me A Lie
10 - When The Big Say

Web Link: https://mega.nz/#!GbpxWIqQ!R2sHZdKt...BXy4jpdyvXlXR5s
Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Back On The Controls - The Session Reels

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+1 big tune! makumba rock it is present but not as extended version in the last lp Rainford
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Lee "Scratch" Perry - Makumba Rock (Extended Discoplate Version) / Heaven & Hell [On-U Sound 10" Disco Plate, DP62, 2019]
Lee Scratch Perry & Mr. Green - Super Ape Vs. Green (Open Door) (2019)

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mp3 / 320 kbps

[01:43] 01. Love Me In My Heart feat. Eric Scratch Andre
[03:11] 02. Come Back Alone feat. Sheek Louch
[01:07] 03. Working for God
[03:24] 04. Streak Of Luck feat. Daniel Son & HR (of Bad Brains)
[02:54] 05. Ranting
[01:04] 06. Electric Energy
[01:25] 07. Callalou
[01:49] 08. Sleepytime
[01:23] 09. Hot Fire
Lee 'Scratch' Perry Feat. Gaudi - Enlightened (2019)

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First single extract from his forthcoming album 'Heavy Rain' out on December

320Kbps: https://turbobit.net/t0dwuuo79iii/Lee_Scrat...ENRiCH.rar.html
Lee 'Scratch' Perry Feat. Peaking Lights & Ivan Lee - Magik (Stones Throw, 2019)

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320Kbps: https://turbobit.net/1lc7bfoxarwu/Lee_Scrat...ENRiCH.rar.html

Lee “Scratch” Perry and Peaking Lights Announce New Album, Share New Song “Magik”: Listen

Dub legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, his touring collaborator Ivan Lee, and Peaking Lights have announced a new album. It’s called Life of the Plants and it’s out October 25 via Stones Throw. Listen to the album track “Magik” below.

“Lee has evolved from almighty producer to a word shaman in my eyes,” said Ivan Lee in a statement. “He calls and invokes energies through words, he’s the poet of the outwardly, a master of ceremonies.”

Following Life of the Plants, Perry is set to release a new album called Heavy Rain on December 6 via On-U Sound. It features a collaboration with Brian Eno titled, amazingly, “Here Come the Warm Dreads.”

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