.ARTIST : Legowelt
.ALBUM : Slompy Jitt EP
.GENRE : Techno
.QUALITY : Lame 3.98 (Beta) / 320kbps / 44,1Hz
.STORE DATE : xx-xx-2009
.RELEASE DATE : 25/05/2009
.RUNTIME : 21:18 min
.SIZE : 48,8 MB


|01 Loverstory SH21 05:24
|02 Slompy Jitt 05:01
|03 Police 303 05:36
|04 Deerdrive JX10 05:17

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this is some nice stuff - cheers all thumb.gif thumb.gif cool.gif
What do you call a frenchman wearing rubber shoes? Phillippe Phillop
Legowelt @ DJB Podcast 053 - 07.05.2009

Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew - FC Den Haag (Dumb Terminal UK)
Twilight Moose - Idea Of The North (Strange Life/Downlow Records USA)
Trailer - Smackos presents Pacific Northwest (Sasquatch Research)
Legowelt - Lovestory SH21 (M>O>S Holland)
Legowelt - Topaz Lagoon (Creme Organisation Holland)
Legowelt - Worf Acid (Might Robot Records Scotland)
Legowelt - Black Bass (Creme Organisation Holland)
Legowelt - Escape (Creme Organisation Holland)
Trailer - Strange Life Films presents Skywatchers Phalangius - Elite Galaxy (Strange Life Records Holland)
F. Mavelli - The Police Rides Out (Strange Life Records Holland - Special Brigade Soundtrack) Africa Jet Band - El Fuego En Nosotros Todo (M-Division Records Australia)
Nacho Patrol - Futuristic Abbeba (KSE Records Holland)
Legowelt - Bayville Cove (Clone Holland)
What do you call a frenchman wearing rubber shoes? Phillippe Phillop
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Label: Strange Life Records
Catalog#: SLR032
Format: CDr, Album
Country: Netherlands
Released: Jul 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Electro, Experimental,
Quality: 320kBit/s 44.1 kHz
Size: 171 Mb


1 X9 Vulcan Bomber
2 Ocean Arrow
3 Apoteosis (Fabio Frizzi)
4 Lake Express
5 Driving Through An Amiga Forest
6 Railroad Romantics
7 Safehouse Phonecall
8 Pacific Dreams
9 Idaho Interstate Travel
10 Lufthansa 1983
11 Exit Loomisfield
12 Jess The Cat
13 Seven Seas Of Danger
14 Bermuda Triangle Golf Course
15 A Poweful Vision
16 Playing A-Train

Made on Commodore Amiga 1200 with Octamed Sequencer, TR808, MS10 & 20 Synthesizer


Пршу ,если у кого есть возможность , выложить Legowelt-The_Rise_and_Fall_of_Manuel_Noriega-CDR-2008-BCC во FLAC и радости моей не будет предела...

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Artist : Florenza Mavelli
Title : Florenza Mavelli's Special Brigade
Genre : Electronic
Year : 2009
Date : 08/2009
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 14
Label : картинка, оставленная пользователем Strange Life Records
Source : CDDA
Length : 57:26 min
Size : 70,3 MB

01.Overcast Days 03:54
02.The Police Rides Out 04:41
03.Money Washers Innocence 04:22
04.Tragic Days Of The Special Brigade 02:56
05.Societa Omnitron 06:00
06.Massacre Of Schoolgirls 04:04
07.Tears Of The Celesta 05:16
08.Bank Heist 04:24
09.Cruising, Looking For Suspects 03:13
10.Lambda Five 02:29
11.Polizia Action Chase Of Blood 04:47
12.Preparation For Assault 03:00
13.Special Brigade Main Theme 03:28
14.March Of The Soviets 04:52
57:26 min


Florenza Mavelli's Special Brigade soundtrack first surfaced on the legendary CBS blog late 2007, only to
fade into obscurity again after the old CBS's foreclosure. Now its back, remastered from vintage reel to
reel tape with lots of never before heard material on a CD album!
The soundtrack of Special Brigade (aka Uomini Brigata Specialle) an obscure italian tv-series from
yesteryear tells the story of an elite special goverment police unit formed to counter terrorism and
organised crime

Florenza Mavelli aliases: Danny Blanco, Danny Wolfers, Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew, Franz Falckenhaus, Gladio, Klaus Weltman, Legowelt, Nacho Patrol, Phalangius, Polarius, Raheem Hershel, Salamandos, Sammy Osmo, Smackos, Squadra Blanco, Twilight Moose, Venom 18

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Florenza Mavelli-Florenza Mavellis Special Brigade что то как то напомнил Жана Мишеля Жара smile.gif
черт мне даже страшно от продуктивности этого чувака
или он неизданное все выпускает?
он бешеный просто, у него альбомов ого-го, а если бы ты его ещё студию видел blink.gif там синтезаторов штук 40 biggrin.gif
да я видел.... эти голландские перцы все такие
Да уж, по продуктивности его обогнал только deadmau5
so some1 need his productions as NACHO PATROL unsure.gif ??

Это сообщение отредактировал dubby - 28.08.09 в 22:41
Legowelt - Vatos Locos

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1. Vatos Locos (Original) (5:20)
2. Black Bass (Dirty Version) (6:04)
3. Guardians Of The Ghetto (7:46)
4. Zompy Land (5:40)
5. Aquajam (5:42)
6. Slowjam Deeptechno (7:38)
7. Zebra Dance (6:15)
8. Cholobass (5:40)
9. Flight Of The Jupiter (3:07)
10. Escape (5:05)
11. Topaz Lagoon (6:42)
12. Schooldayz (3:07)
13. Kung-fu School (6:59)

MP3 320 CBR




Legowelt - The Rise And Fall Of Manuel Noriega

Label: Strange Life Records
Quality VBR
Format: CDr, Album
Country: Netherlands
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro

(мой любимый альбом у нег
Legowelt-Dark Days 2

Bitrate : VBR kbps


01.Twilight Islands 07:04
02.HAM Star Flowers 07:20
03.Future Land 06:17
04.Iberian Wolves 05:56
05.Manpulse 06:26
06.Crystobal Theory 04:04
07.Chicago Snow Flakes 05:01
08.Star Trek Over Detroit 05:43
09.Swimming Cat Spa 05:40
10.Lake Distrax 04:56
11.Bannock Bird Hat 05:45
12.Cobo Tape 05:06
13.Space DX21 04:34
14.Time Mysteries 00:31


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