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02. Ссылки на ресурсы (сайт, майспейс, википедия, дискогс и пр.) и краткая информация о лейбле.
03. Список исполнителей с ссылками на топики (либо название исполнителя, если тема отсутствует) + тэги (стиль, страна и пр.)

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Amphetamine Reptile Records


Big Scary Monster Recording Company
Burnt Toast Vinyl


Constellation Records
Cavity Records


Denovali Records


Erased Tapes Records


FatCat Records


Gold Standard Laboratories


Hydra Head Records
Human Highway Records


Ipecac Recordings


Jester Records


Kranky Records


Load Records
Leaf Label


Monotreme Records


Neurot Recordings


Paw Tracks
P.S.F. Records


Rock Action Records
Rune Grammofon


Southern Lord Records
Sargent House
Strange Attractors Audio House


The Mylene Sheath
Translation Loss Records
Temporary Residence Limited
Thrill Jockey Records


XTAL Records


Young God Records
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Constellation Records
Current Address P.O. Box 55012
CSP Fairmount
Montréal, QC, Canada
H2T 3E2
(514) 279-9705

Constellation was founded in Montreal in 1996 to provide avenues and resources for the city’s marginal and overlooked punk/experimental music community. Initially conceived as a site−specific endeavour, with a small performance space acting as the magnet for musical exchange and live recordings, by the spring of 1997 plans for an ‘official’, permanent and legal venue were abandoned amidst a web of municipal red tape. Constellation released its first recordings, by Sofa and godspeed you black emperor!, in the middle of that year. Small pressings of full−length albums by each band were issued in handmade jackets and started trickling out around town.

Don and Ian (the Constellation guys) moved into a loft on the derelict side of Old Montreal during the Summer of 1997, called it the Constellation Room, and began figuring out international record distribution while launching a live performance series called Musique Fragile. At the same time, they collaborated with Efrim and Thierry (from godspeed) to mount larger shows at godspeed’s rehearsal space in a loft called Hotel2Tango. These two spaces operated under the radar until the end of the 90s, hosting performances by a diverse collection of musicians from Eastern Canada, including most of the Constellation roster (Sofa, godspeed, Do Make Say Think, Fly Pan Am, Mt. Zion, Frankie Sparo, 1−Speed Bike, Hangedup) along with dozens of others.

By mid−1999, the Constellation catalogue had grown to 14 releases and the label was selling records to a small but dedicated international audience via the fine folks at Southern Records Distribution in Chicago and London. godspeed had by then become a minor international phenomenon and were mounting long tours in Europe and North America, helping to shed light on other Montreal bands (both Constellation−released and not). The label continued to release godspeed’s records on LP while committing to both CD and LP formats for all other full−lengths. Musique Fragile was discontinued as the Constellation Room filled up with boxes and work tables, and the label became a full−time concern. Two years later, the label relocated to a larger space in Montreal’s Mile−End district, just blocks away from the Hotel2Tango (now a 24−track analogue recording studio).

Constellation remained determined to dоcument Montreal bands, use labour−intensive and artisanal packaging, keep everything in print to avoid collector’s markets and inflated prices for earlier releases, and minimise spending on promotion and media relations. These were all natural conditions for a label devoted to constructing a local workshop and local economy in spite of international attention and the demand for standardisation. Constellation continues to fervently believe that any ‘business’ initiative should be governed by sustainable economics and the prioritisation of a local community infrastructure. Globalisation of communication and information must be anchored by regional production, labour justice and economic transparency.

Constellation operates without contracts; agreements between the label and bands are based on regular contact and conversation, with the bands retaining full rights and ownership of their recordings and a split of any surplus generated by record sales. The relationship is entirely based on good faith, and has thus far worked without contention or complication. Constellation has also extended interest−free loans and donations to various political and artistic initiatives in the neighbourhood. The label continues to work closely with Southern on international distribution, as they have from day one. And, the Montreal music community continues to flourish, offering up many wonderful bands who make recordings for Constellation and a host of other small independent labels in the city.

1-Speed Bike • Post-Rock / Electronic / Canada
Black Ox Orkestar • Experimental / Folk / Post-Rock / Canada
Clues • Indie Rock / Canada
Do Make Say Think • Instrumental / Post-Rock / Canada
Elfin Saddle • Avantgarde / Experimental / Folk / Rock / Canada
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic • Post-Rock / Singer-Songwriter / Canada
Eric Chenaux • Experimental / Canada
Evangelista / Carla Bozulich • Experimental / USA
Exhaust • Ambient / Experimental / Minimal / Canada
Feu Therese • Experimental / Noise Rock / Canada
Fly Pan Am • Experimental / Indie Rock / Post-Rock / Canada
Frankie Sparo • Experimental / Post-Rock / Singer-Songwriter / Canada
Glissandro 70 • Post-Rock / Canada
Godspeed You! Black Emperor • Post-Rock / Canada
Hangedup • Experimental / Post-Rock / Canada
Hrsta • Experimental / Female Vocal / Post-Rock / Canada
Jem Cohen • Documentary / USA
Land Of Kush • Avantgarde / Canada
Lullabye Arkestra • Experimental / Canada
Re: • Ambient / Electronic / Experimental / Noise / Post-Rock / Canada
Sackville • Indie Rock / Folk / Canada
Sandro Perri / Polmo Polpo • Ambient / Electronic / Post-Rock / Canada
A Silver Mt. Zion • Experimental / Post-Rock / Violin / Canada
Sofa • Post-Punk / Canada
The Dead Science • Indie / Experimental / USA
Tindersticks • Indie Rock / UK
Vic Chesnutt • Folk-Rock / Singer-Songwriter / USA

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Making people sick since 1999
Ipecac Recordings is an independent record label based in Orinda, California. It was founded on April 1, 1999 by Greg Werckman (ex-label manager of Alternative Tentacles, ex-lead singer of Duh, ex-employee of Mercury Records and Pick-A-Winner Management) and Mike Patton (Faith No More, ex-Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Tomahawk and Peeping Tom) in Alameda, California.Originally the label was created for the sole purpose of releasing the first Fantômas album. Currently they also distribute other artists like Melvins, Isis, and other of Patton's projects and collaborations.The label is named after syrup of ipecac, an emetic, or vomit-inducing, medicine.Ipecac is distinguished from most labels (independent labels included) by their policy of signing bands to only one album contracts. "Lawyers or businesspeople call us morons for only doing one-record deals," Werckman scoffs. "They say, 'You're not really anything, then.' Well, we like our catalogue. We like the records we put out. Our bands aren't rushing away. Our job isn't to own any artist. We're here to put out the art that people create."
Ipecac also presses no more than twenty thousand units at a time.Low overhead and no video or promotional cost partnered with very little distribution costs allow for hearty royalties "Every six months I send those guys the fattest royalty checks," Werckman says. "It's great. It's the way it should be. Even bands that are very successful — when they get royalty checks from us, they're stunned."
Ipecac has offices in California, New York, London, and Sydney.

Beak> - krautrock, experimental, psychedelic, electronic, ambient
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - jazz, ambient, doom jazz, funeral jazz, dark ambient
Brian Reitzell - soundtrack, ambient, post-rock, experimental
Circus Devils - psychedelic, indie rock, experimental
The Curse of the Golden Vampire - digital hardcore, noise, industrial, cybergrind
Dälek - hip-hop, experimental, abstract
The Desert Sessions - stoner rock, josh homme and co
DJ Eddie Def - turntablism, underground hip-hop
Dub Trio - dub, experimental, instrumental, rock
East West Blast Test - experimental, grindcore, noise
Ennio Morricone - soundtrack, classical, orchestral
Eagles of Death Metal - garage rock, stoner rock
Eyvind Kang - classical, avangarde
Fantômas - avantgarde
Farmers Market - folk, surf, world
eX-Girl - j-rock, female vocals
Flat Earth Society - avantgarde jazz, big band
General Patton and The X-Ecutioners - hip-hop, experimental
Ghostigital - abstract, experimental, hip-hop, noise
The Golding Institute - ambient, spoken word
Goon Moon - experimental, psychedelic, noise rock
Guapo - avant-garde, experimental, progressive rock, zeuhl
Hella - math rock, noise rock, instrumental
Isis - sludge, post-metal
Kaada - experimental, electronic, indie
kid606 - idm
The Kids of Widney High - rock
The Locust - grindcore, noise
The Lucky Stars - country, western swing
MadLove - female vocal, rock
Maldoror - noise, experimental, avant-garde
Melvins - grunge, sludge, stoner rock
Messer Chups - surf, experimental, psychobilly
Moistboyz - rock, stoner rock
Mondo Generator - stoner rock, rock, punk
Mondo Cane - experimental, avantgarde
Mouse On Mars - idm, experimental
Mugison - indie, singer-songwriter, experimental, electronic
Neil Hamburger - comedy
Northern State - hip-hop, female vocalists
Orthrelm - experimental, instrumental, progressive metal, noise rock
Otto Von Schirach - idm, breakcore
Peeping Tom - experimental, avangarde
Phantomsmasher - experimental, grindcore, noise
Pink Anvil - ambient, experimental rock
Qui - noise rock
Queens of the Stone Age - stoner rock
Rob Swift - turtablism, hip-hop, scratch
Ruins - avantgarde, noise rock
Sax Ruins - avangarde, free jazz
Sensational - underground hip-hop, experimental, abstract
Skeleton Key - indie, rock
Steroid Maximus - industrial, experimental, electronic
The Tango Saloon - tango, experimental, instrumental, modern creative, avantgarde
Tanya Tagaq - throat singing, folk
Tipsy - lounge, trip-hop, downtempo
Tomahawk - experimental, rock
Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant - experimental, jazz, avant-garde
Unsane - noise rock, post-hardcore
Venomous Concept - grindcore, hardcore, crust, hardcore punk
Vincent & Mr. Green - trip-hop
The Young Gods - industrial, experimental, electronic
Yoshimi and Yuka
Zach Hill - noise rock
Zu - jazz, avantgarde
There something inside you
It's hard to explain
They're talking about you boy
But you're still the same
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Electronica, noise, postrock label. Based in the city of Brighton, UK.

An independent label based in Brighton on England’s South Coast, Fat Cat has nurtured: from divergent forms of electronica to all manner of post rock and indie; downtempo breaks to minimal techno; sparse piano compositions to abstract, explosive noise and angular punk-pop. Perhaps best known for the discovery of artists such as Sigur Rós, Múm, Animal Collective, Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad as well as being instrumental in the re-emergence of Vashti Bunyan.

Contact Info:

FatCat Records
PO Box 3400

Amandine Folk-Rock / Indie / Pop
Animal Collective Experimental / Indie Rock / USA
Aoki Takamasa Experimental / Glitch / IDM
Tujiko Noriko Abstract / Downtempo / Experimental / Glitch
Bjork Abstract / Downtempo / Experimental / Leftfield / Modern Classic
Funkstorung Downtempo / Experimental / IDM
Black Dice Experimental
Blood On The Wall Garage Rock / Indie Rock / USA
Brakes Indie Rock / UK
Charlottefield Art-Rock / Experimental / Math Rock / UK
Chib Indie / Electronic
Crescent Indie / Rock / UK
David Grubbs Ambient / Experimental / USA
Daniels David Karsten Ambient / Folk-Rock / USA
Di Lacuna Experimental / Electronic / Rock
Dorine_Muraille Electronic / Acoustic
Dr. Smith & Professor Ludlow Electronic
Go Drowsy Female Vocal / Pop-Punk / Sweden
Ensemble Electronic / Folk-Pop
Foehn Electronic / Experimental
Fonn Electronic / Experimental
Frightened Rabbit Folk / Indie Rock / UK
Giddy Motors Math Rock / Noise Rock
Grain Electronic
Gregory and the Hawk Indie / USA
Grindvik Electronic / Techno
Hauschka Electronic / Experimental / Instrumental
HiM Experimental / USA
Immense Indie / Alternative
Insync v Mysteron Electronic / Techno
Janek Schaefer Experimental / Ambient / Electronic
Kemialliset Ystavat Avantgarde / Experimental / Folk / Psychedelic
Live Human Electronic / Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop
Max Richter Ambient / Modern Classic
Mice Parade Experimental / IDM / Post-Rock
Mum Downtempo / Indietronic
Nina Nastasia Singer-Songwriter/ Folk / Female Vocal
No Age Noise Rock / Experimental
Our Brother The Native Experimental
Panda Bear Folk
Party of One Rock
Pimmon Experimental / Electronic
Process Ambient / Electronic
Programme Experimental / Rock / Electronic
Semiconductor Experimental
Set Fire to Flames Experimental / Post-Rock
Sigur Ros Ambient / Post-Rock / Iceland
Silje Nes Electronic / Experimental / Folk / Norway
Songs Of Green Pheasant Folk / Indie / Lo-Fi
Sons of the Sun Rock/I]
Storsveit Nix Noltes [I]Folk / Instrumental / World / Iceland

Stromba Post-Rock / Electronic
Sunroof! Abstract / Experimental / Minimal
Sylvain Chauveau Ambient / Modern Classic
Ten Kens Indie Rock / Canada
The Balky Mule Singer-Songwriter / Folk
The Bug Dancehall / Dub / Dubstep / Electronic / Experimental / Reggae / UK
The Dylan Group Post-Rock / USA
The Mutts Rock
The Rank Deluxe Indie / Punk / Reggae / UK / 70s Style UK Punk
The Realistics Rock
The Twilight Sad Indie / Shoegazing
To Rococo Rot Abstract / Experimental / IDM
Tom Brosseau Acoustic / Folk
Transient Waves Shoegaze / Ambient / Space Rock / Post-Rock
Ultra-Red Electronic / Experimental
Vashti Bunyan Female Vocal / Folk / Songwriter
Vetiver Alt.Country / Neofolk / USA
We Were Promised Jetpacks Indie Rock / Scotland
Web Progressive Rock / Art Rock / Jazz Rock
Welcome Rock
Xinlisupreme Noise / Experimental / Shoegaze / Post-Rock / Electronic

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We are an independent record label based in Cincinnati, OH and run by us, Joel Proper and Lindsay Palmer. We're dedicated to exposing as many people as possible to the amazing bands that we share our admiration in and respect for. The main goal is to do this without compromising any of ours, the bands, or your ethics and integrity.

Our ideas for the this began developing in 2004 when we met each other at an audio engineering school. Upon graduating we came to the relatively easy decision to for go the time consuming internships and entry level hurdles of a career in audio engineering so that we could focus on the road which would allow us to do what matters most to us; helping bands we love in as many ways as we can. Lindsay continued on in her education with this in mind and to be honest, those days were absolutely vital regarding the infancy and evolution of our ideas for the label (for instance, we were originally going to start out as a record store!). Eventually, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business. So after months and literally years of preparation and planning, then a relocation from Orlando, FL to Cincinnati, OH, we decided we were ready to get to work on it.

In August of 2007 we released our first 12", If These Trees Could Talk's eponymous debut ep (they self released the cd version). We've taken every step very carefully because we wanted to ensure that this is done right and continues to be done right, both from an ethical standpoint and a business standpoint; the two worlds don't have to collide, you can find harmony between them. This is what we've dedicated our lives to and sometimes you only have one chance to make it work.

But those are the details, the point of this is, we are in this not only to release amazing records by amazing bands and amazing people, but hopefully to form a unified community of positive and passionate music lovers. Are we cheesy and over the top sometimes? Sure, but it's always 100% honest and directly from the heart. Cynicism should be used moderately in life, especially when it comes to art.

You can only change the world through living by example.


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The Mylene Sheath
P.O. Box 12029
Covington, KY 41012


Actors & Actresses post-rock / shoegazing / USA
Beneath Oblivion sludge / doom / USA
Beware Of Safety post-rock / USA
Caspian ambient / post-rock / USA
Constants indie / post-rock / progressive / USA
Eksi Ekso / On Fire indie / post-rock / USA
Giants post-rock / USA
Gifts From Enola post-rock / USA
If These Trees Could Talk post-rock / USA
Junius post-rock / progressive rock / USA
LVNGS instrumental / sludgy / USA
You.May.Die.In.The.Desert post-rock / USA


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Gold Standard Laboratories
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Punk, Progressive, Experimental

A little about…
Gold Standard Laboratories or GSL was an independent record label which was founded in 1993 in Boulder, Colorado by Sonny Kay. In 2001, it was moved to San Diego, California, USA. It was headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA until GSL closed its doors on October 29, 2007.
Beginning in 2001, GSL was co-owned by The Mars Volta's Omar Rodríguez-López.

!!! / trip.hop
400 Blows / Experimental / Noise Rock / Punk
A Luna Red / Electro / Industrial / Punk
An Albatross / Experimental / Progressive / Psychedelic
Anavan / Dance-Punk / Electro / Indie
Arab On Radar / Noise Rock / Experimental
Armatron / sludge / post.hardcore
Attractive and Popular / Experimental / Southern Rock
Beautiful Skin / Electronica / Experimental / Punk
Big Sir / Experimental / Indie
Chromatics / Synthpop / Experimental
Crime in Choir / math.rock / progressive rock / post.rock / experimental
Coaxial / Abstract / Ambient / BreakBeat / Experimental
The Convocation Of... / Progressive / Rock / Industrial
Cut City / Indie / New Wave / Post.Punk
Dead and Gone / hardcore / post.punk / noise rock
De Facto / Dub / Experimental
Die Princess Die / Hardcore / Indie
Dmonstrations / Math.Rock / Noise.Rock
Favourite Sons / freakbeat / indie / experimental
The Faint / Electronic / Indie / Synthpop
Free Moral Agents / Experimental / Progressive Rock / Psychedelic
GoGoGo Airheart / Psychedelic / Dub / Punk
Heart of Snow / Gothic Rock / Post.Punk
The Holy Kiss / Gothic / Post-Punk
I Am Spoonbender / electronic / experimental / post.rock / indie
Jaga Jazzist / Experimental / Future Jazz / Synthpop
The Jai-Alai Savant / indie / dub / experimental
JR Ewing / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
Kill Me Tomorrow / post.punk / noise rock
Le Shok / Noise Rock / Synthpunk
The Locust / Experimental / Hardcore / Noisecore
Lost Kids / Psychedelic / Soul / Garage
The Mars Volta / Experimental / Progressive Rock / Psychedelic
Melt-Banana / Noise / Punk
Mohinder / Emo / Hardcore
Neon King Kong / noise rock / experimental / punk
Omar A. Rodríguez-López / experimental / progressive rock / psychedelic / instrumental / jazz
Omega Cinco / hardcore / scream / post.hardcore
Out Hud / Electronic / Experimental / Indie
The Pattern / indie / garage rock
The Phantom Limbs / Experimental / Gothic / No Wave / Punk
Pleasure Forever / indie / experimental
The Rapture / Dance-Punk / Indie Rock
Red Eyed Legends / Punk
Rhythm of Black Lines / Experimental / Indie
Sabertooth Zombie / Hardcore
Semiautomatic / Hip.Hop
Soiled Doves / experimental / indie / hardcore
The Starlite Desperation / Psychedelic / Gothic / Pop
The Starvations / Punk
Triclops! / [I] Psychedelic / Punk

Subpoena the Past / post.punk / experimental
Subtitle / Abstract / Hip-Hop
Sunshine / Thrash
Vanishing / Psychedelic / New Wave
Vaz / noise / indie
Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes / Ambient / Christian Rap / Punk
The VSS / Post.punk
Vue / Indie / Punk
With Love / Hardcore
XBXRX / noise.rock
Year Future / Punk / Indie
Zechs Marquise / Experimental / Fusion / Progressive Rock

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Translation Loss Records formed based on the idea that the aural experience is essential for daily nourishment. Formed and immediately active in 2003, T.L. began forging a name for ourselves with our first three releases, from Mykado's "S/T" MCD, The Can-Am Connection's "A Bridge Between" CDEP and Slacks!'s "S/T" CD. Our label is run and operated with the vision of creating a safe and independent haven for true musicians without being subdued by mainstream ideals. Though based out of Pennsylvania, we do not specifically focus on local artists, just pure talent.


American Heritage - Math Metal
Andrew Tweedy - Indie / Folk / Buried Inside vocalist
Battlefields - Post-Metal
Bloodhorse - Sludge / Southern Rock / Stoner
Byla - Ambient / Experimental
Cable - Sludge / Southern Rock / Stoner
City Of Ships - Experimental / Progressive Rock
Declan De Barra - Acoustic / Indie / ex Clann Zu
Dysrhythmia - Math Metal / Progressive Metal / Technical
East Of The Wall - Experimental / Instrumental / Post-Rock
Fight Amp - D-Beat / Thrash
Giant Squid - Doom / Experimental / Progressive
Gods Revolver - Rock / Hardcore / Blues
Intronaut - Artcore / Post-Metal / Progressive Metal
Irepress - Experimental / Instrumental / Progressive
Jarboe - Avantgarde / Darkwave / Industrial
Javelina - Metal / Punk / Stoner
Kenoma - Artcore / Experimental
Mare - Artcore / Sludge
Mouth Of The Architect - Post-Metal / Sludge
Mykado - Hardcore / Metal / Progressive
Quips - Experimental / Grunge
Rosetta - Ambient / Artcore / Post-Metal
Slacks - Indie / Acoustic / Rock
Struck By Lightning - Hardcore / Metal / Sludge
The Can-Am Connection - Shoegaze / Indie / Pop / Rock
Theta - Ambient / Indie / Melodic / Rock
Total Fucking Destruction - Experimental / Metal / Punk
Year Of No Light - Artcore / Post-Hardcore
Zodiak - Alternative / Post-Metal

как-то так
Temporary Residence Limited (or TRL)

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Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Experimental Rock

Temporary Residence Limited (or TRL) is a Brooklyn, New York-based record label. TRL was started in Baltimore, Maryland in late 1995. The label's first release was The Concord Anthology Process/Nero split 7", released April 1, 1996. After moving the operation to Portland, Oregon, owner/operator Jeremy deVine moved the label to Brooklyn. TRL earned fans with its superior art direction and innovative ideas such as its two limited-edition subscription series. First was the "Sounds of the Geographically Challenged" 12-inch EP series, which featured Songs: Ohia, Continental OP (featuring Will Oldham and David Pajo), and The For Carnation, among other bands that had members living in separate cities. The Travels in Constants series followed, featuring recordings by such bands as Low, Mogwai, Will Oldham (as Bonny Billy), Sonna, Papa M, Songs: Ohia, Appendix Out, and others. The label's most popular acts are Explosions In The Sky and Pinback.

Contact Info:
TRL Mail Order
PO Box 60097
Brooklyn, NY 11206 USA

Present Bands:

The Anomoanon Alt-Country
Bellini Female Vocal / Math Rock
The Black Heart Procession Indie Rock / USA
Caroline Electronic / Indie
Cex Abstract / Experimental / IDM
Rob Crow Indie-Rock / Alternative
Damsel Avantgarde / Free Jazz / Math Rock
The Drift Acoustic / Experimental / Post-Rock / Psychedelic
Eluvium Ambient / Experimental
Envy Post-Hardcore / Post-Rock / Screamo / Japan
Explosions In The Sky Ambient / Experimental / Instrumental / Post-Rock
Fridge Electronic / Experimental / Post-Rock
Grails Experimental / Post-Rock / Psychedelic
Howard Hello Ambient / Post-Rock / Experimental
The Ladies Experimental / Indie
Lazarus Experimental / Blues
Majeure Electronic
Maserati Ambient / Indie / Post-Rock / Psychedelic
Miss Violetta Beauregarde Electro-Punk / Hardcore / Electronic
Mono Post-Rock / Japan
Parlour Post-Rock / Instrumental / Experimenal / Electronic
Pinback Indie-Rock / Alternative
Prints Experimental / Indie Pop / USA
Rumah Sakit Math Rock / Post-Rock / Instrumental
Sleeping People Experimental / Math Rock / Post-Rock
Sybarite Electronic / Ambient / IDM
Systems Officer Experimental / Indie Pop / Indie Rock / USA
Tarentel Post-Rock
Three Mile Pilot Indie Rock
Young Widows Hardcore / Math Rock / Noise Rock

Past Bands:

By The End Of Tonight Experimental / Math Rock / Post-Rock
Cerberus Shoal Experimental / Indie / Post-Punk / Post-Rock / Psychedelic / USA
Evergreen Emo
The Halifax Pier Experimental / Folk / Indie Rock / Post-Rock / USA
Icarus Abstract / Electronic / Experimental
Kammerflimmer Kollektief Abstract / Ambient / Experimental / Free Jazz / Future Jazz
Kilowatthours Post-Rock / Indie-Rock
The Loved Rock / Indie-Rock
Lumen Acoustic / Instrumental / Post-Rock / Progressive / USA
Nero Alternative / Experimental
Nice Nice Post-Rock / Experimental / Electronic
Nightfist Instrumental / Progressive Rock
Sonna Post-Rock / USA
90 Day Men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tera Melos Indie / Jazzcore / Progressive / Rock
Wino Noise-Rock
Чикагская контора
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Исполнители и проекты:
8 Bold Souls, AACM / Free Jazz / Jazz
The Accidental, Acoustic / Folk
ADULT., Electro / Electroclash
All Natural, Hip-Hop
A Minor Forest, Math Rock / Post-Rock
Дуэты Fred Anderson с Хамидом Дрейком и Робертом Барри, AACM / Free Jazz / Jazz
Arbouretum, Alt.Country / Alt.Rock / Folk-Rock
Arizona Amp and Alternator, Folk-Rock
Band of Blacky Ranchette, Alt.Country
Janet Bean and the Concertina Wire, Songwriter
Boredoms, Noise Rock / Japan
Brokeback, Post-Rock
David Byrne, Rock
Califone, Experimental / Indie Rock
Chicago Underground Orchestra, Avantgarde / Contemporary Jazz / Jazz
Andrew Coleman, Lo-Fi
Bobby Conn, Experimental
David Daniell and Douglas McCombs, Psychedelic / Minimal
Angela Desveaux, Alt.Country
Directions, former bassist with Gastr Del Sol and Tortoise
Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra, Avantgarde / Free Jazz
Dolomite, Experimental
Double Dagger, Dance-Punk / Post-Hardcore
Eleventh Dream Day, Rock
Exploding Star Orchestra, Avantgarde / Free Jazz
Extra Golden, World
The Fiery Furnaces, Experimental / Indie Rock
Freakwater, Alt.Country
Frequency, Jazz
Matthew Friedberger, Experimental / Indie Rock
Future Islands, Electronic / New Wave
Sue Garner, Experimental
Gaunt, Garage Punk / Punk Rock
Howe Gelb, Rock
Giant Sand, Alt.Rock
Gray Market Goods, Electronic
Daniel Higgs, Lungfish member
High Places, Experimental / Psychedelic
H.P. Zinker, Progressive Rock / Austria
Human Bell, Experimental / Instrumental
Catherine Irwin, Freakwater member
Isotope 217, Electronic / Jazz
Javelin, Experimental / Germany
KTL, Drone
Lazer Crystal
Lithops, Experimental / IDM
Lokai, Ambient / Electronic / Experimental / Austria
Lonesome Organist, Electronic / Experimental / Folk
Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar, Electronic / Experimental
Jimmy Martin, Bluegrass
Mi Ami, Experimental / Punk
Microstoria, Ambient / Experimental / IDM
Mountains, electroacousticbliss
Mouse On Mars, Abstract / Ambient / Experimental / IDM
The National Trust, Soul / Disco
Németh, Radian member
Nerves, Rock
OOIOO, Experimental / Rock / Japan
Oval, Abstract / Experimental
John Parish, P.J. Harvey's guitarist
Jeff Parker, Jazz
Pit Er Pat, Electronic / Experimental / Female Vocal / Post-Rock
Pontiak, Blues-Rock / Stoner
Sam Prekop, Indie Rock / Post-Rock
Archer Prewitt, The Sea and Cake member / Folk
Pullman, Instrumental / Acoustic
Radian, Electronic / Minimal / Post-Rock
Rick Rizzo & Tara Key, Experimental
Rome, Rock
Jack Rose, Neofolk
School Of Language, Indie Rock / Progressive / UK / Field Music
The Sea and Cake, Post-Rock
So, Electronic
Sticks & Stones, Jazz
Sugarshock, Experimental / Blues
Nobukazu Takemura, Downtempo / Experimental / Trip-Hop
Thank You, Ambient / Experimental
Tortoise, Electronic / Post-Rock
Town And Country, Post-Rock
Trans Am
Trans Champs
Trapist, Electronic / Minimal / Radian member
Aki Tsuyuko, Experimental
Tunng, Electronic / Folk / Indie
Jason Urick, Electronic / Experimental
Tom Verlaine, Rock
White Hills, Krautrock / Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock / Stoner
Thalia Zedek, Songwriter/ Alt.Rock
The Zincs, Chamber Pop / Folk-Rock / Indie Rock

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Alternative Rock, Post-Rock, Metal, Folk, Laptop-Beats

Monotreme Records is a London based independent record label founded in 2002 by Kim Harrison-Lavoie. The label is known for its eclectic roster of artists, covering everything from metal to folk to laptop beats, though most notably alternative rock and post-rock. "The label's most succesful artist is undoubtedly 65daysofstatic who have been supported by John Peel, Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq."

Contact Info:
Monotreme Records Ltd
PO Box 31395
London SW11 1XT, UK


65daysofstatic Electronic / Experimental / Post-Rock
Aaron Stout Folk-Rock / Psychedelic / Country
Barzin Post-Rock / Sadcore / Canada
Cerberus Shoal Experimental / Indie / Post-Punk / Post-Rock / Psychedelic / USA
Jeniferever Post-Rock / Shoegazing
Lower Forty-Eight Math Rock / Post-Hardcore
The Low Lows Lo-Fi, Folk, Alt-Country
The Mass Jazzcore / USA
N.A.M.B Indie / Electronic/ Alternative Rock
Nedry Dub / Electronic / IDM / Trip-Hop / Post-Rock / Female Vocal / UK
Okie Rosette Folk / Indie Pop / USA
Picastro Post-Rock / Sadcore / Slowcore
Reigns Acoustic / Electronic / Indie / Post-Rock
Ral Partha Vogalbacher Southern Rock
Stinking Lizaveta Artcore / Experimental / Instrumental / Psychedelic Rock / Sludgecore / Stoner / USA
Thee More Shallows Indie Rock / Post-Rock
Trencher Grindcore / Experimental / Noisecore
Esquilax Noise / Experimental

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Neurot Recordings is a fiercely independent label dedicated to the spirit of sound. Formed by the members of Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot as a means to further their musical vision while achieving control of their own destiny, the primary function of NR is to serve as an outlet for the increasingly prolific output of all their related projects. NR is also committed to releasing other artists who feel the fires of inspiration. Non internal artists are invited to the label as kindred spirits. These artists must create sound art or music that is original, emotional and epic whether it be ambient soundscapes, rock based music or anything else under the sun. It is the intent of Neurot Recordings to release some of the most interesting and inspired pieces of music that exist.

Battle Of Mice • Post-Rock / Sludge
Blood & Time • Acustic / Experimental
Buried at Sea • Psychedelic / Sludge
Chord • Ambient / Drone / Experimental
Current 93 • Ambient / Experimental / Folk / Psychedelic
Enablers • Experimental
Grails • Experimental / Post-Rock / Psychedelic
Grey Daturas • Experimental / Post-Rock / Psychedelic
Guapo • Experimental / Progressive Rock
Steve Von Till / Harvestman • Neofolk / Acustic
House Of Low Culture • Experimental
Isis • Artcore / Post-Metal / Progressive / Sludge
Scott Kelly • Acustic
KK Null • Experimental
Lotus Eaters • Experimental
Made Out Of Babies • Female Vocal / Metal / Post-Hardcore
MGR • Experimental
Neurosis • Doom Metal / Experimental / Progressive
Om • Doom / Stoner
Oxbow • Experimental
Red Sparowes • Instrumental / Post-Rock
Shrinebuilder • Doom / Sludge / Stoner
A Storm Of Light • Ambient / Doom Metal / Experimental
Tarantula Hawk • Experimental / Instrumental / Progressive Metal
Tarentel • Post-Rock
Tone • Instrumental / Post-Rock
Tribes Of Neurot • Experimental
Zeni Geva • Experimental / Noise Rock

You see, there’s something wrong with me. There’s something seriously wrong with me.
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Independent label from Japan


psychedelic, avant-pop
World's End Girlfriend
post-rock, experimental, electronic, ambient
ambient, electronic, japanese, instrumental, glitch
experimental, indie, jazz, rock
electronic, glitch, electronica, female vocalists
electronic, chillout, glitch, downtempo
Kazumasa Hashimoto
electronic, experimental, ambient, electronica
Yasushi Yoshida
ambient, instrumental, contemporary classical, modern classical
Midori Hirano
ambient, electronic, experimental, electronica
ambient, electronic, idm, electronica
Kashiwa Daisuke
experimental, ambient, electronic, post-rock
electronic, ambient, abstract, idm, glitch
There something inside you
It's hard to explain
They're talking about you boy
But you're still the same

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Current Address P.O. Box 259319
Chicago, IL, United States

Joel Leoschke and Bruce Adams were working at Cargo Distribution in Chicago in the spring of 1993. From time to time over Korean food they discussed (in a backseat driver sort of way) how they would run a label if they had one. One day Joel motioned Bruce into his office. Joel had a 7" single from a band called Labradford. It was unlike anything either one had heard among the piles of indie rock at the workplace. Joel wrote Labradford asking if they had plans to record a full length album. Labradford agreed to be guinea pigs for a new label started by two guys they had never met. The name "curmudgeon" was bandied about as a label name, but a lady friend of Joel's suggested "cranky." It was short, sharp and an apt description of the personality type of the co-founders. To fall in line with the tradition of great American brand names like kleenex, esso, rite-aid and the like, the record label was named kranky.

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The first kranky release was "Prazision" by Labradford, released in November 1993 on double vinyl LP and compact disc. kranky slowly began to contact other bands. On a trip to New Zealand in the fall of 1993 Joel ran into Kim Pieters and Peter Stapleton of the recently deceased Dadamah. They agreed to allow kranky to compile their LP and single tracks into a compact disc. Another former Dadamah member, Roy Montgomery, brought kranky recordings of his new project Dissolve. After hearing singles by Jessamine, Bowery Electric and The Spiny Anteaters, kranky began to work with those bands.

As the label became established demo tapes began to show up in the post office box. A series of strangely marked cassettes from a group calling themselves Magnog arrived, along with submissions from Tomorrowland and Jessica Bailiff. One day Adam Wiltzie, on tour as soundman for Mercury Rev got in touch with kranky and soon Stars Of The Lid were on the label. The English group Amp, looking for better American distribution sent kranky tapes. Amp member Gareth Mitchell sent home recordings and Philosopher's Stone became a kranky band. In the fall of 1997 a Canadian band named godspeed you black emperor! were looking for help in getting a Chicago gig. That began a process that resulted in the kranky CD release of "f#a#00" in mid-1998. Since 1993 kranky has been fortunate enough to work with established artists Bruce and Joel have long admired: Windy & Carl, Doldrums, Low and James Plotkin.

From the esthetic and economic points of view the label has always strived for independence. All kranky releases are manufactured by the label. As much as possible costs are kept low and the vanities of the music business eschewed. New and unknown bands are the label's primary interest and kranky is drawn towards idiosyncratic and self-sufficient artists operating outside the fashion capitols. The chief goal has always been to release albums that the partners will want to hear in ten years' time.

1998 was a big year for kranky. godspeed you black emperor! toured the east coast of North America and then Europe to near drooling acclaim. Jessica Bailiff played a series of shows with Low. Low recorded a full length album with Steve Albini that kranky is releasing in North America. Flagship band Labradford hosted a festival in London and then recorded their fifth album, which will be released in North America on kranky. Windy & Carl and Roy Montgomery wowed 'em at Terrastock II. Southern Records and kranky have begun an exclusive distribution relationship that will result in kranky titles being cheaper and more available in the UK and Europe and Southern relesed the European only label sampler "kompilation."

1998 phased into 1999 with Low's amazing Secret Name album being released in North America on kranky and the band undertaking touring. godspeed you black emperor! released a two song, 27+ minute CD EP called Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada that [along with their slow burning live shows] confirmed the band's sonic mastery. Guitarist James Plotkin's long distance collaborations with Mark Spybey and Brent Gutzeit were released as A Peripheral Blur and Mosquito Dream, respectively. Roy Montgomery, collaborating with his partner in Dissolve Chris Heaphy, released the soundtrack to a play called True. Jessica Bailiff's second album, Hour Of The Trace, was recorded once again with Alan Sparhawk of Low and demonstrated Jessica's able mixing of songcraft and sound manipulation. Doldrums released an album called Desk Trickery, a stuttering mix of prog rock, mountain boogie and computer manipulation. Under the Philosopher's Stone monicker, Gareth Mitchell recorded the austere Apparatus and placed himself in the company of electronic minimalists like Ryochi Ikeda and Bernard Gunter. When the leaves turned color Labradford and godspeed you black emperor! toured North America, then Low released their beautiful Christmas CD.

kranky started the last year of the 20th Century [we're sticklers] by releasing Mark Nelson's second Pan American album, 360 Business / 360 Bypass in North America. May 29 the debut album from Fontanelle will be out. This is a new band featuring former Jessamine members Andy Brown and Rex Ritter. Windy & Carl have a new album in the works and Stars Of The Lid are finished a triple LP/ double CD for 2000 release. godspeed you black emperor! will have a new double CD set out on kranky in the fall of 2000. There will be a mystery megamix album, some new bands and a six band kranky showcase in Chicago Oct. 27 and 28 all happening later in the year. Don't touch that dial.

Current Artists:

Atlas Sound • Ambient / Experimental / Indie / Shoegazing / USA
Autistic Daughters • Abstract / Electronic / Post-Rock / Germany
Jessica Bailiff • Post-Rock / Slowcore / USA
Benoît Pioulard • Abstract / Experimental / Neofolk / USA
Bird Show • Experimental / USA
Christopher Bissonnette • Ambient / Abstract / Electronic / Experimental / USA
Bird Show • Neofolk / UK
Ken Camden • Abstract / Experimental / USA
Christina Carter • Psychedelic / Folk / Experimental / USA
Tom Carter • Experimental / USA
Charalambides • Indie Rock / Psychedelic / Space / USA
Clear Horizon • Experimental / Post-Rock / Shoegazing / UK
Cloudland Canyon • Ambient / Krautrock / Psychedelic / USA
Greg Davis • Abstract / Ambient / Experimental / USA
The Dead Texan • Ambient / Experimental / Belgium
Deerhunter • Experimental / Indie Rock / USA
Disappears • Garage Rock / Indie Rock / USA
Ethernet • Ambient / Electronic / Minimal / USA
Felix • Chamber Pop / Indie / Piano / Cello / UK
Brent Gutzeit • Ambient / Experimental / USA
Chihei Hatakeyama • Ambient / Electronic / Folk / IDM / Japan
Tim Hecker • Abstract / Ambient / Experimental / Canada
Chris Herbert • Ambient / Experimental / UK
Gregg Kowalsky • Ambient / Drone / USA
Labradford • Ambient / Experimental / Post-Rock / USA
Lichens • Acoustic / Ambient / Drone / Improvise / USA
Loscil • Ambient / Dub / Minimal / Canada
Lotus Plaza • Ambient / Experimental / Shoegazing / USA
Brian McBride • Ambient / Drone / Electronic / USA
Nudge • Ambient / Downtempo / Electronic / Experimental / IDM / Leftfield / Space Rock / USA
Pan•American • Ambient / Electronic / Experimental / USA
Andrew Pekler • Dub / Experimental / Minimal / USA / Germany
Raglani • Abstract / Drone / Electronic / Noise / USA
Dean Roberts • Experimental / USA
Dawn Smithson • Folk Rock / Psychedelic / USA
Stars Of The Lid • Abstract / Ambient / Experimental / Post-Rock / Belgium
Strategy • Ambient / Electronica / USA
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie • Experimental / Female Vocal / Indie / USA
Valet • Ambient / Experimental / Female Vocal / Drone / Psychedelic / USA
Keith Fullerton Whitman • Abstract / Ambient / Experimental / Glitch / USA
White Rainbow • Easy Listening / Experimental / Minimal / USA
Windy & Carl • Ambient / Drone / Post-Rock / USA

Former Artists:

Aix Em Klemm • Ambient / Experimental / Post-Rock / USA
Amp • Ambient / Post-Rock / Shoegazing / UK
Bowery Electric • Ambient / Shoegazing / Psychedelic / USA
Christmas Decorations • Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Psychedelic / Minimal / USA
Dadamah • Ambient / Post-Rock / Psychedelic / USA
Doldrums • Post-Rock / USA
Flies Inside The Sun • Ambient / Drone / Noise / Improvise / New Zealand
Fontanelle • Ambient / Drone / USA
Godspeed You Black Emperor! • Post-Rock / Canada
Growing • Experimental / Post-Rock / USA
Jessamine • Experimental / Indie / Space Rock / USA
Low • Indie Rock / Slowcore / USA
Magnog • Ambient / Experimental / Post-Rock / Psychedelic Rock / USA
Roy Montgomery • Post-Rock / Psychedelic / Space Rock / New Zealand
Out Hud • Experimental / Electronic / Indie / USA
Philosopher's Stone • Experimental / UK
James Plotkin • Avantgarde / Dark Ambient / Experimental / USA
Spiny Anteaters • Indie Rock / Canada
James Plotkin & Mark Spybey • Avantgarde / Experimental / USA / UK
Tomorrowland • Experimental / USA

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Southern Lord is an American record label that was founded in 1998 by Greg Anderson, specializing in doom metal, stoner rock, and drone. Some of the more notable artists on the label include Earth, Goatsnake, Khanate, Pelican and Sunn O))), among others. Today, the label has expanded their line-up to include artists from the the black metal sub-genre, including releases by Twilight, Wolves in the Throne Room, Xasthur, and Striborg.


Current Roster:

Attila Csihar | Ambient / Drone
Ascend | Doom / Drone
Black Cobra | Metal / Sludge
Boris | Doom Metal / Drone / Psychedelic / Sludge / Stoner / Japan
Eagle Twin | Doom Metal / Drone / Sludge
Earth | Doom Metal / Drone
Earthride | Doom Metal
Final Warning | Hardcore / Punk
Glorior Belli | Black Metal / Southern Rock
Goatsnake | Doom Metal / Stoner
Grief | Doom / Sludge
The Hidden Hand | Doom Metal / Stoner
Internal Void | Doom Metal / Stoner
Khanate | Drone
Lair of the Minotaur | Doom Metal / Sludge / Thrash Metal
The Obsessed | Doom Metal
Om | Doom / Stoner
Orcustus | Black Metal
Oren Ambarchi | Drone / Ambient / Minimal
Orthodox | Doom / Drone
Pelican | Post-Metal / Post-Rock / Progressive
Place of Skulls | Christian / Doom Metal / Stoner
Probot | Metal
Saint Vitus | Doom Metal
Striborg | Black Metal
Sunn O))) | Ambient / Doom / Drone
Tangorodrim | Black Metal
Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine | Doom / Drone
Thorr's Hammer | Death Metal / Doom Metal
Thrones | Doom metal
Twilight | Black Metal
Urgehal | Black Metal
Scott "Wino" Weinrich | Doom Metal / Stoner
Weedeater | Sludge/ Southern/ Stoner
Wolves in the Throne Room | Black Metal / Epic Metal
There something inside you
It's hard to explain
They're talking about you boy
But you're still the same

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Hydra Head Records
1993 (NM, United States)
Current Address P.O. Box 291430
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Sub-labels: Double H Noise Industries, Tortuga Recordings

Hydra Head Records is an independent record label which specializes in heavy metal music, founded in New Mexico by Aaron Turner (the frontman of Isis) in 1993. It has two imprints; Hydra Head Noise Industries, which specialises in experimental and noise music, and another entitled Tortuga Recordings.

Hydra Head was founded in 1993 as a distribution company while Turner was still in high school. In 1995, he moved to Boston to attend art school, when he was handed a Vent demo, whose seven inch would be the first record released on Hydra Head. The label grew to accommodate local bands such as Roswell, Corrin, Piebald and Converge, and after Turner graduated from college in 1999, it became a full-time endeavour. Hydra Head recently relocated to Los Angeles, California from their former home in Boston, Massachusetts.

Some of the bands signed to the label include Cave In, Xasthur, Kayo Dot, Boris, and Jesu. Its discography includes Botch, Khanate, and Harkonen, who were all signed to Hydra Head prior to their respective disbandings.

Current Roster:

27 • Experimental / Indie Rock / Trip-Hop / USA
Agoraphobic Nosebleed • Grindcore / USA
The Austerity Program • Post-Metal / Experimental / Post-Hardcore / USA
Big Business • Stoner / Sludge / USA
Boris • Doom Metal / Drone / Psychedelic / Sludge / Stoner / Japan
Cable • Sludge / Southern Rock / Stoner / USA
Cave In • Metal / Post-Hardcore / Rock / USA
Cavity • Sludge / Stoner / USA
Craw • Math Rock / Post Rock / Progressive / USA
Dälek • Abstract / Experimental / Hip-Hop / USA
Discordance Axis • Grindcore / USA
Drawing Voices • Avangarde / Drone / Noise / USA
Everlovely Lightningheart • Avangarde / Experimental / Psychedelic / USA
Harkonen • Experimental / Post-Hardcore / Sludgecore / USA
Harvey Milk • Doom / Sludge / USA
Heresi • Black Metal / Sweden
Isis • Post-Metal / Progressive / Sludge / USA
Jesu • Ambient / Drone / Experimental / Post-Rock / Shoegazing / UK
Kayo Dot • Avangarde / Experimental / USA
Keelhaul • Math Metal / Sludgecore / USA
Khanate • Drone / USA
Khlyst • Ambient / Avantgarde / Drone / Experimental / USA
Knut • Melodic Metal / Post-Hardcore / Sludge / Switzerland
Logh • Experimental / Lo-Fi / Post-Rock / Sweden
Lotus Eaters • Ambient / Drone / Experimental / USA
Lustmord • Dark Ambient / USA
Merzbow • Noise / Japan
Nihill • Black Metal / Drone / Dark Ambient / Netherlands
Stephen Brodsky & The Octave Museum • Indie / Lo-Fi / Psychedelic Rock / USA
Oxbow • Avangarde / Experimental / Noise Rock / USA
Pet Genius • Pop-Rock / USA
Phantomsmasher • Avangarde / USA
Pyramids • Ambient / Experimental / Metal / Psychedelic / USA
These Arms Are Snakes • Post-Hardcore / USA
Xasthur • Black Metal / Depressive / USA
Zozobra • Post-Metal / USA

Tortuga Recordings:

The Gersch • Post-Metal / USA
Old Man Gloom • Post-Metal / Noise / Sludge / USA
Scissorfight • Stoner / USA
5ive • Drone / Shoegazing / Sludge / USA
Tusk • Experimental / Grindcore / USA

Past Artists:

Age Of Reason • Hardcore / Stoner / USA
Barbaro • Math Rock / Post-Hardcore / Stoner / USA
Botch • Chaotic Hardcore / Math / Post-Hardcore / USA
Boxer Rebellion • Math Rock / Post-Hardcore / USA
Buzzov-en • Sludge / USA
Cattlepress • Grindcore / Hardcore / Sludge / USA
Coalesce • Chaotic Hardcore / USA
Converge • Chaotic Hardcore / Mathcore / USA
Corrin • Chaotic Hardcore / USA
Cult Of Luna • Doom Metal / Post-Metal / Progressive / Sweden
Drowingman • Chaotic Hardcore / USA
Jesuit • Chaotic Hardcore / USA
Kid Kilowatt • Post-Hardcore / USA
Mare • Experimental / Sludge / USA
Miltown • Post-Hardcore / USA
Neurosis • Doom Metal / Experimental / Progressive / USA
Pelican • Post-Metal / Post-Rock / Progressive / USA
Piebald • Rock / USA
Soilent Green • Death Metal / Grindcore / Sludge / USA
Sunn O))) • Ambient / Doom / Drone / USA
The Hollomen • Experimental / USA
Today Is The Day • Experimental / Grindcore / Metal / USA
Unionsuit • Mathcore / Screamo / USA
Vent • Sludge / Stoner / UK

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Post-Rock, Experimental, Indie

Sargent House is a Los Angeles based management company and record label. It was founded in June 2006 by Cathy Pellow, who also owns music video production company and syndicated TV show Refused TV. Pellow began managing the rock outfit RX Bandits in 2006. The band needed to release its new album ...And The Battle Begun, so Pellow decided to launch her own record label (largely out of interest in doing things differently from the traditional model of record labels) From that point onward, Pellow continued to manage bands and release records, all under the Sargent House banner.

Chronologically from when Pellow first began working with them, Sargent House manages the RX Bandits, These Arms Are Snakes, Maps & Atlases, Russian Circles, Tera Melos, Fang Island, Daughters, Red Sparowes, Red Fang, Good Old War, Native, Bygones, Lisa Papineau, Big Sir, Cast Spells, Zechs Marquise, and Zach Hill. Additionally, Pellow also helms the Rodriguez Lopez Productions imprint, founded by The Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Sonny Kay came from the Gold Standard Labs label as art director for Rodriguez Lopez Productions (RLP) and Sargent House. RLP launched in March 2009, with its first release by El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez titled Cryptomnesia out May 5, 2009.

Currently, all Sargent House managed bands also have a release on the SH label. The label has a strict "no submissions" policy, preferring to add new bands stemming from within the ever-expanding Sargent House family. Drummer Zach Hill is the most recent management and label signing. His next solo album, Face Tat is slated for release on Sargent House.

Contact Info:

Echo Park, California, USA


Sargent House - Label

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Productions

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Bygones Math Rock / USA
Cast Spells Acoustic / Folk / Indie / USA
Daughters Grindcore / Mathcore / Noisecore / USA
Days Away Indie / Experimental Rock / USA
Fang Island Indie / Progressive Rock/ USA
Good Old War Acoustic / Indie / USA
Love You Moon Acoustic / Rock / USA
Maps And Atlases Experimental / Math Rock / USA
Native Emo / Indie / USA
Nurses Acoustic / Indie Pop / USA
Red Fang Grunge / Stoner / USA
Red Sparowes Instrumental / Post-Rock
Russian Circles Post-Metal / Post-Rock
Rx Bandits Experimental / Ska-Punk / USA
Tera Melos Indie / Jazzcore / Progressive / Rock / USA
This Town Needs Guns Art-Rock / Indie Rock / UK

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