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02. Ссылки на ресурсы (сайт, майспейс, википедия, дискогс и пр.) и краткая информация о лейбле.
03. Список исполнителей с ссылками на топики (либо название исполнителя, если тема отсутствует) + тэги (стиль, страна и пр.)

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Amphetamine Reptile Records


Big Scary Monster Recording Company
Burnt Toast Vinyl


Constellation Records
Cavity Records


Denovali Records


Erased Tapes Records


FatCat Records


Gold Standard Laboratories


Hydra Head Records
Human Highway Records


Ipecac Recordings


Jester Records


Kranky Records


Load Records
Leaf Label


Monotreme Records


Neurot Recordings


Paw Tracks
P.S.F. Records


Rock Action Records
Rune Grammofon


Southern Lord Records
Sargent House
Strange Attractors Audio House


The Mylene Sheath
Translation Loss Records
Temporary Residence Limited
Thrill Jockey Records


XTAL Records


Young God Records
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Young God Productions
1990 (NY, United States)
Current Address P.O. Box 150-031
Van Brunt Station
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215

Young God Records is an independent record label formed by Michael Gira in 1990 that specializes in experimental, avant-garde and often non genre-specific releases. The label was named after an EP released by Gira's band Swans called Young God.
The label's original intent was to facilitate the release of Swans music, but in recent years it has grown to host Gira's current band, the Angels of Light, as well as a number of other unique bands and artists, including: Akron/Family, Devendra Banhart, Lisa Germano, Ulan Bator, and Mi and L'au.

Current Roster:

Akron/Family • Folk / Indie / USA
The Angels of Light • Folk Rock / Neofolk / Apocalyptic Folk / USA
Devendra Banhart • Indie / Lo-Fi / Neofolk /
Body Lovers/Body Haters • Experimental / Ambient / USA
Calla • Post-Punk / Post-Rock / USA
David Coulter • Experimental / UK
Fire on Fire • Acoustic / Bluegrass / Folk / USA
Flux Information Sciences • Post-Punk / Industrial Rock / Noise Rock / USA
Larkin Grimm • Folk / Psychedelic / Psych-Folk / Freak Folk / USA
Lisa Germano • Dreampop / Indie Pop / Slowcore / USA
Mi and L'au • Psych-Folk / France
Larsen • Post-Rock / Italy
Charlemagne Palestine / David Coulter / Jean Marie Mathoul • Drone / Experimental / USA
Swans • Industrial / Noise / No Wave / USA
Ulan Bator • Math Rock / Noise / Post-Rock / France
Windsor for the Derby • Ambient / Post-Rock / USA
James Blackshaw • Psych-Folk / Free Folk / Folk / UK
твою мать как невовремя у меня инет ослабел) ну ладно аплоад вроде не пострадал) в путь)

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Amphetamine Reptile Records: Serving the aggro noise scene for a decade, then quietly dying away.


Boss Hog - This is about as close to the blues as punk rock gets
Calvin Krime - post hardcore
Chokebore - Twisted-Bizarre-Post-Noise-Alt-punk
Cosmic Psychos - garage punk rock
Cows - Melvins of punk
Feedtime - noise rock post pink
Gear Jammer - more caustic and noisy
Gnomes of Zürich - noise rock
God Bullies - sludgy noise rock and twangy cow punk
Guzzard - pure early 90s noise rock
Halo of Flies - brand of dirty punk
Hammerhead - a dirty rock take on hardcore
Helios Creed - new age psychodelic
Helmet - you should know this name
The Heroine Sheiks - sexy hell
Janitor Joe - good old fashioned noise rock
Love 666 - a "pure white noise''
Lowercase - this would be godheadsilo if they turned down their "wall of sound"...got markarmkurtcobainwaynecoyne to sing and started playing sonicyouththeflaminglipsbuilttospillslint
Lubricated Goat - like Stooges style punk, but given some hillbilly trucker speed injections
Melvins - the Melvins of Melvins
Surgery - things like, "dirty", "bluesy", "noisy", or "gruff"
Supernova - pop punk
Tar - legends of defunction
The Thrown Ups - punk
Today Is The Day - sick grind metal
U-Men - they helped pave the way for that thing called "grunge"
Unsane - hardcore
Vertigo - garage rock cum hardcore cum cow punk cum thud rock

Настоятельно рекомендую ознакомиться - это лучшее, что было в 90х

Создам все недостающие топики, все залью, если кому надо.
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Burnt Toast Vinyl

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Experimental, Post-Rock, Indie

Burnt Toast Vinyl is a independent record label based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Burnt Toast Vinyl was founded by a Drexel University student who had initially been involved with concert promotion at the school. The label has released full albums from several prominent Philadelphia indie musicians, as well as releasing or re-releasing material on vinyl from artists on the Tooth & Nail roster. Many of the label's CD releases feature elaborate cardboard packaging.

Several of Burnt Toast's post rock and experimental groups attracted notice from magazines such as Dusted and Prefix. Among the label's best-known releases are those by Denison Witmer, Unwed Sailor,] and Saxon Shore.

Contact Info:

Philadelphia, PA 19101

Present Artists:

Bosque Brown Folk / Indie / Singer-Songwriter / Slowcore / USA
byul Indie / New-Wave / Korea
Circle Of Birds Post-Rock / USA
Foxhole Experimental / Indie / Post-Rock
Jetenderpaul Indie / Lo-Fi / USA
The Trouble With Sweeney
Saxon Shore Instrumental / Post-Rock / USA
Unwed Sailor Ambient / Experimental / Progressive / USA
Yndi Halda Post-Rock / Violin / UK

Past Artists:

All American Radio Noise Rock / USA
Aspera Indie-Rock / USA
The Blamed Christian / Hardcore / Punk / USA
Early Day Miners Post-Rock / USA
Denison Witmer Folk-Rock / Indie Pop / Indie Rock / Singer-Songwriter / USA
Efterklang Electronic / Experimental / Post-Rock / Denmark
Early Day Miners Post-Rock / USA
Ester Drang Experimental / Indie / USA
Emperor X Indie / Indie-Pop / Electronic
Ester Drang Experimental / Indie / USA
Farquar Muckenfuss Experimental
In A Lonely Place Downtempo / Shoegaze / USA
mewithoutYou Indie / Post-Hardcore / USA
Magic Lantern Psychedelic / Space / USA
Mount Eerie Experimental / Indie / Lo-Fi / USA
Scientific Indie-Rock / USA
Questions In Dialect Post-Rock / Instrumental / USA
Ran Away To Sea Indie-Rock
Sufjan Stevens Chamber Pop / Indie Pop / Singer-Songwriter / USA
Starflyer 59 Indie Pop / Indie Rock / Shoegazing / USA
Soporus Ambient / Electronic / Post-Rock
The Trouble With Sweeney Rock / Indie
Woven Hand / Wovenhand Alt.Country / USA
Yume Bitsu Experimental / Post-Rock / Space Rock / USA
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Paw Tracks


Paw Tracks (formerly known as Soccer Star, then Animal) is an independent record label based in Washington, D.C. The label's website features artwork by Abby Portner (sister of Animal Collective's Avey Tare and member of Paw Tracks group Rings).

At first only records by Animal Collective were released on the label, but since 2004 it has also released records by other artists; the first was The Doldrums by Ariel Pink in October 2004. Although originally exclusively run by the members of Animal Collective, Paw Tracks is now co-owned by members of Carpark Records.

Animal Collective \ psychedelic / indie / psych-folk
Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan \ psych-folk /
Black Dice \ psychedelic / live electronic
Eric Copeland \ psychedelic / live electronic / drone
Excepter \ psychedelic / live electronic
First Nation \ lo-fi / psych-folk / experimental
Jane \ ambient / minimal
Panda Bear \ psychedelic / indie / psych-folk
The Peppermints \ lo-fi / noise-rock
Rings \ lo-fi / experimental
Ariel Pink \ indie / lo-fi / psychedelic
Terrestrial Tones \ psychedelic / noise
Tickley Feather \ psych-folk / electronic / psychedelic

Denovali Records

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Germany-based label for post-rock, post-metal, sludge, screamo, post-hardcore & other experimental music


label: timo(at)denovali.com | thomas(at)denovali.com booking of denovali bands: booking(at)denovali.com
orders: order(at)denovali.com
distro/trades: distro(at)denovali.com

Current bands

Audrey female vocal / post-rock / sweden
Black Shape Of Nexus doom / drone / Germany
Blueneck post-rock / UK
Celeste post-hardcore / screamo / France
Coffin Dancer post-metal / USA
Crevecoeur experimental / folk / France
Daturah post-rock / post-metal / Germany
Dominic screamo / Norway
Fall Of Efrafa crust / hardcore / post-rock / UK
Heirs downtemo / post-metal / post-rock / Australia
Her Name is Calla post-rock / UK
Iroha shoegaze / metal / experimental / UK
Jeniferever post-rock / shoegazing / Sweden
Karysun hadcore / sludge / stoner / France
The Kidcrash experimental / indie / post-hardcore / USA
Kodiak / drone / sludge / Germany
Kom post-rock / indie / Germany
Les Fragments de la Nuit neoclassical / France
Logs (ex-Kidcrash) post-hardcore / screamo / USA
Mouse on the Keys math / nu-jazz / piano / Japan
Nadja drone / experimental / sludge / Canada / Germany
Neil On Impression post-rock / Italy
Revok post-hardcore / screamo / France
Sankt Otten ambient / post-rock / trip-hop / Germany
Scraps of Tape post-rock / Sweden
Selaxon Lutberg ambient / folk / shoegaze / Italy
September Malevolence post-rock / indie / Sweden
Subinterior ambient industrial / experimental / Italy
Switchblade sludge / Sweden
Te' instrumental / post-rock / Japan
The Pirate Ship Quintet post-rock / UK
The Samuel Jackson Five post-rock / Norway
Year Of No Light artcore / post-hardcore / France

Past bands

Aussitot Mort post-metal / screamo / France
Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort screamo / France
Meet Me In St. Louis indie / progressive / rock / UK
Mihai Edrisch screamo / France
The Coma Lilies post-rock / USA

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Ambient/post-rock label from California.

http://www.myspace.com/futurerecordingslabel | http://twitter.com/futurerecording

We All Inherit The Moon / ambient, post-rock, USA
The Tumbled Sea / ambient, piano, violin, USA
Oriin / post-rock, USA
Sunlight Ascending / post-rock, USA
Years Of Rice & Salt / post-rock, violin, UK
La Verite / post-rock, USA
The Ascent of Everest / post-rock, USA
Indian Summer / emo, 90's

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Big Scary Monster Recording Company

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Alternative rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Math Rock, Emo

Big Scary Monster Recording Company (often known simply as Big Scary Monsters and as BSM Records) is a British based independent record label. Probably the most well-known acts associated with the label are This Town Needs Guns, Kevin Devine, Pulled Apart By Horses, Walter Schreifels, Andrew WK and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, whose self-titled debut EP was one of BSM Records' earliest releases.
Big Scary Monsters was started by Kevin Douch whilst still in sixth form, but it was some time before it began to release music, existing purely in name for some time.

Much of the label's back-catalogue was made available in the iTunes Store in 2007. Later in the year the label launched a minisite entitled Friend Of The Family which gives users access to free MP3s, exclusive offers and extra content. Also in 2007, BSM organised a 5-a-side football tournament, taking place at the Linford Christie Sports Centre in London. BSM has gone on to launch a blog and monthly podcast.

In early 2010 BSM announced the release of Walter Schreifels (Rival Schools/Quicksand/Gorilla Biscuits) solo album as well as a limited edition square-shaped 7" single from Andrew WK. The label's 100th release is scheduled for June, a landmark for a one-man, DIY indie label.

Contact Info:
Big Scary Monsters
90 East Avenue


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картинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователем

Present Bands:

Adebisi Shank Experimental / Instrumental / Math Rock / Ireland
Anathallo Experimental / Folk / Indie / USA
Andrew W.K. Alternative / Hard Rock / USA
Blakfish Hardcore / Indie / Math Rock / UK
Calories Indie Rock / Noise Pop / UK
Copy Haho Indie-Rock / Scotland
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Acoustic / Experimental / UK
Grown Ups Emo / Indie / Punk / USA
Jeniferever Post-Rock / Shoegazing
Kevin Devine Alternative Rock / Singer-Songwriter / Indie-Rock
Mimas Folk / Indie Rock / Post-Rock / Denmark
Mutiny On The Bounty Post-Hardcore / Rock / Luxembourg
Pulled Apart by Horses Alt.Rock / Indie Rock / UK
Shapes Math Rock / Post-Hardcore / Progressive Rock / UK
Shoes And Socks Off Acoustic / Indie / Lo-Fi / UK
Talons Punk / Australia
Tall Ships Hardcore / USA
This Town Needs Guns Art-Rock / Indie Rock / UK
Walter Schreifels Singer-Songwriter / Acoustic / Indie-Rock
Yndi Halda Post-Rock / Violin / UK

Past Artists:

Boom in the Diamond Industry Indie-Rock / Indie-Pop / UK
Cats and Cats and Cats Experimental / Indie Rock / Post-Rock / UK
Chariots Hardcore / UK
Days Ago Hardcore / UK
Econoline Acoustic / Folk-Rock / UK
Face for Radio Rock / Alternative Rock / Indie
Hiding With Girls Emo / Post-Hardcore / Screamo / UK
House of Brothers Rock / Indie-Pop / Indie-Rock / UK
Itch Alternative / Indie / Scremo
Jairus Hardcore / UK
Mountain Men Anonymous Post-Rock / UK
Meet Me In St. Louis Indie / Progressive / Rock / UK
My Awesome Compilation Pop-Punk / UK
My Favourite Co-Pilot Emo / Progressive / Scremo / UK
Pictures Paint Words Indie-Rock / UK
Querelle Punk / Jazz / Trash / UK
Richard Walters Acoustic / Electronic / France
Secondsmile Experimental / Melodic / Post-Hardcore / Rock / UK
Sparks Lights and Flames Rock / Experimental / Indie / UK
Stories And Comets Chaotic Hardcore / Emo / Post-Hardcore / UK
Teflon Monkey Acoustic / UK
The Campaign for Real-Time Electronic / Jungle / Garage / USA
The Caretaker Ambient / Experimental / Leftfield / Noise / UK
The Dudley Corporation Alternative / Indie / Rock / Ireland
The Next Autumn Soundtrack Indie / Emo
The Remarkable Rocket Folk / UK
Through Silence Rock / Alternative / UK
The Tupolev Ghost Math Rock / Post-Hardcore / Post-Rock / UK
Tubelord Indie Rock / Math Rock / UK
Written From Negative Alternative / Indie / UK

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Rock Action Records
P.O. Box 15107
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
G1 1US

Rock Action Records is an independent record label based in Glasgow, Scotland, and run by the band Mogwai. Originally set up as a means to release their own music the label has since become a means by which we can put out new and exciting music that we think others will love and really should get the opportunity to listen to…

Rock Action Records is distributed through the following companies;
Europe: PIAS International

A lot of mail we get asks us what we look for in a band to put out, as if there’s some sort of criteria or whatever. What boxes should people be ticking if they’re sending in material, etc. Being honest it’s impossible to list specifics, we don’t have a list of criteria pinned up on the wall of the office, generally the records that appear on the label are from bands we’ve stumbled across and grown to love, or bands who we’ve seen live and ended up with big stupid grins on our face while watching them rather than through a masterclass of A&R judgement. We aim to put out the sort of records we love and hope other people will share our enthusiam for.

We are happy to receive demos, we enjoy hearing new music after all but due to Mogwai’s current and ongoing recording and live schedule, and also our obvious commitments to artists already on the Rock Action roster we cannot guarantee individual (or timely) responses or feedback. If you send something in and we don’t get back to you please don’t be offended but at times there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Remember Remember • Electronic / Indie / Post-Rock / Scotland
Desalvo • Chaotic Hardcore / Metal / UK
Torche • Metal / Stoner / USA
Mogwai • Post-Rock / Scotland / UK
Errors • Electronic / Indie / Post-Rock / Scotland / UK
Papa M • Acoustic / Rock / USA
The Zephyrs • Experimental / Indie / Post-Rock / Slowcore / UK
Cex • Abstract / Experimental / IDM / USA
Pilotcan • Rock / UK
Random Number • Abstract / IDM / UK
James Orr Complex • Instrumental / Latin / Brazil
Envy • Post-Hardcore / Post-Rock / Screamo / Japan
K**** K**** (Kling Klang) • Experimental / Stoner / Space Rock / UK
Chris Brokaw • Indie Rock / Experimental / Folk / USA
Part Chimp • Noise Rock / UK
Growing • Experimental / Post-Rock / USA

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Load Records

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American noise/experimental independent record label founded in 1993 by Ben McOsker.
Load Records
P.O. Box 35
Providence, RI 02901


Air Conditioning | noise
Andrew W.K. | alternative, hard rock
Arab on Radar | noise-rock
Astoveboat | noise-rock
Barkley's Barnyard Critters | cartoon movie, noise
Brainbombs | noise-rock
Burmese | noise, sludge
Business Lady | noise-rock
Clockcleaner | noise-rock
The Coughs | noisecore
Diskaholics | noise
Excepter | psychedelic
Fat Day | noise-rock
Fat Worm Of Error | weird
Forcefield | noise
Friends Forever | noise-rock
Gang Wizard | noise
Hair Police | noise
Gerty Farish | noise, synth
Harry Pussy | lo-fi, noise-rock
Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh MC's Wid Ghatz | lo-fi, hip-hop
Hetero Skeleton | noise, psychedelic
The Hospitals | noise-rock
Thee Hydrogen Terrors | noise-rock
Impractical Cockpit | noise
Landed | noise-rock, stoner
Khanate | noise
Kites | noise
Lightning Bolt | noise-rock
Men's Recovery Project | noise-rock
Metalux | noise
Monotract | noise-rock
Mindflayer | noise-rock
Mouthus | noise
Mr. California And The State Police | noise-punk
Nautical Almanac | noise
Necronomitron | metal, noise
Neon Hunk | noise, synth
Noxagt | sludge
Olneyville Sound System | noise-rock, blues
OvO | noise-rock
Paper Rad | noise
Pink & Brown / Pink And Brown | noise-rock
Pleasurehorse | noise, electronic
Prurient | noise
The Scissor Girls | no wave
Rusted Shut | metal, noise
Sword Heaven | noise
Shit and Shine | noise
Sightings | noise-rock
Silver Daggers | noise-rock
Six Finger Satellite | noise-rock
Total Shutdown | noise
The USA Is A Monster | noise-rock
Ultralyd | noise-rock
Vampire Can't | noise-rock
Vincebus Eruptum | metal, noise
John Von Ryan | organ rock
VAZ | noise-rock
The White Mice | noise, sludge
Wizardzz | noise-rock
Yellow Swans | noise
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Jester Records
1998 (Oslo, Norway)
Current Address Grønlandsleiret 14
N-0190 Oslo, Norway

Jester Records is eclectic/experimental label run by Kristoffer Rygg (aka Storeulv/Trickster G) from former black metal band Ulver. Founded in 1998, born out of discord between G.'s ULVER and the German/American independent label Century Media. At first a channel for personal and related projects only, now a prime purveyor of the weird and the lovely sound of Norway. Pushing idiosyncrasy, awareness and vision, not necessarily limited to music, always masterfully produced. Our current discs include progressive / avant / psychedelic rock / industry, cabaret art-punk, cut-ups / sample collage, eclectic electric, minimalism, maximalism, ambience and soundtracks, non-genre purism, fringe fucking, outstanding, withstanding, name it, shmuck!

Current Roster:

1349 Rykkinn • Noise / Experimental / Norway
Arcturus • Avant-garde Metal / Symphonic Black Metal / Norway
Bogus Blimp • Experimental / Norway
Anthony Curtis • Instrumental / Progressive / Avant-Prog / Guitar Virtuoso / USA
Espen Jørgensen • Classical Music / Folk / Norway
Esperanza • Experimental / Ambient / Norway
Head Control System • Alternative Metal / Progressive / Portugal
Kåre João • Psychedelic Rock / Pop Rock / Norway
Origami Galaktika • Ambient / Experimental / Trance / Norway
Rotoscope • Experimental / Drum n Bass / Future Jazz / Norway
Single Unit • Experimental / Industrial / Norway
Star of Ash • Modern Classical / Experimental / Norway
Ulver • Black Metal / Folk / Avant-garde Metal / Trip-Hop / Ambient / Norway
Upland • IDM / Norway
Virus • Psychedelic Rock / Progressive Rock / Norway
When • Experimental / Norway
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we're a post-rock / shoegaze / experimental net label headed in the depths of são paulo, brazil. we believe in free information. we release free mp3 albums weekly.
this is our punk-rock.

33dollars • ambient / experimental / gothic / dark ambient
A Sea Of Leaves • indie / post-rock / shoegaze
Allice • experimental / indie / post-rock
Alma Mater • post-rock
Amnese • ambient / post-rock
Andrei Machado • piano / ambient / post-rock
[Art].Ficial. • post-rock / ambient
Bardella • post-rock / ambient
Black Sea • post-rock / post-metal
Blanched • post-rock
Civilian • post-rock
Color TV • ambient / post-rock
Danteinferno • indie / shoegaze / post-rock / Uruguay
Duelectrum • shoegaze / post-rock / ambient
Este Silêncio • post-rock / ambient
Farveste • post-rock
Fragile Arm • indie / shoegaze
Gabriel Kalb • ambient / instrumental / new age / piano
Gray Strawberries • post-rock / shoegaze / indie
Herod Layne • post-rock / shoegaze / indie
Hoping To Collide With • post-rock
I Buried Paul • ambient / electronic / dark ambient / noise / idm
Jennifer Lo-Fi • indie / female vocalist / folk
Labirinto • post-rock / ambient / cello / violin
Lenore • post-rock / math-rock
Monodecks • post-rock / ambient / noise
Parachute • ambient / electronic
Perdeu A Língua • post-rock / indie / math-rock
PhantaSystem • idm / post-rock / electronic
Pregos, Cruzes e um Saco de Moedas • shoegaze / dark ambient / ambient
Rothis Bournias • ambient / electronic / downtempo
s.o.m.a. • post-rock / shoegaze
Sempremaio • sadcore / indie / folk / singer-songwriter
Sertão Agrário • post-rock / ambient
Wake Up, Killer! • post-rock / indie / progressive /shoegaze
We Are Sheep Among Wolves • post-rock

Erased Tapes Records

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Neoclassical, Experimental, Post-Rock, Electronic, Indie

Erased Tapes Records is a London, England based independent record label focusing on cinematic music which is widely regarded as very diverse in genres and styles. The company was established by German-born Robert Raths in early 2007. Its roster includes Icelandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds, Electronica/IDM music artist Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles, from London (UK), contemporary solo pianist Nils Frahm from Berlin (DE), Peter Broderick, a Portland, Oregon (US) based multi-instrumentalist and former member of the band Efterklang (DK), instrumental rock quintet Codes in the Clouds from Dartford, Kent (UK), dream-gaze pop band Kyte from Leicester (UK), German contemporary folk singer and songwriter Patrick Zimmer aka Finn. from Hamburg, Justin Lockey’s electronica project The British Expeditionary Force from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen's techno group Kiasmos (IS).

Contact Info:
Erased Tapes Records
18a Belle Vue Court
122d Devonshire Road
London SE23 3SY
United Kingdom


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картинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователемкартинка, оставленная пользователем

Present Artists:

Codes In The Clouds Post-Rock / UK
Finn Indie / Singer-Songwriter / Germany
Kiasmos Electro / Tehno / Electronic / Iceland
Kyte Electronic / Post-Rock / Sadcore / UK
Nils Frahm Neoclassical / Piano / Germany
Olafur Arnalds Ambient / Neoclassical / Violin / Iceland
Peter Broderick Ambient / Modern Classic / Violin / Denmark
Rival Consoles Acid / D'n'B / Electronic / Experimental / IDM / UK
The British Expeditionary Force Ambient / Electronic /Experimental / Indie / UK

Past Artists:

Aparatec Electronic / Acid / IDM / UK
Ghostworker Ambient / Psychedelic / Minimal / UK
The Lies And How We Told Them Experimental / Indie / Progressive / UK

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American independent label focussing on a more experimental side of things. Noise, leftfield sound and strange effects. Founded in 1989.
Siltbreeze Records
727 South 7th
Philadelphia, PA 19147


Nineteen Twenty Nine / 1929 | post-grunge
A Band | free improv
A Handful Of Dust | metal, industrial
Alan Licht | noise
Alasehir | noise, psychedelic
Alastair Galbraith | noise, psychedelic
Angus Maclise | psychedelic
Ashtray Navigations | noise, psychedelic
Axemen | psychedelic, punk
Bardo Pond | psychedelic rock
Blues Control | psychedelic rock
Bren't Lewiis Ensemble | psychedelic
Charalambides | psychedelic rock
The Dead C | noise-rock
Eat Skull | lo-fi, noise-rock
Ex-Cocaine | psychedelic rock
Factums | psychedelic
Gas | lo-fi, post-punk
Guided By Voices | lo-fi, psychedelic rock
Hank IV | lo-fi, garage punk
Harry Pussy | lo-fi, noise-rock
The Mantles | garage rock
Naked On The Vague | psychedelic rock
Sebadoh | lo-fi, rock
Pink Reason | lo-fi, shitgaze
Psychedelic Horseshit | lo-fi, noise-rock
Ratas Del Vaticano | lo-fi, noise punk
The Renderers | psychedelic rock
Sapat | psychedelic, improv
Sic Alps | lo-fi, noise-rock
Teenage Panzerkorps / Der TPK | lo-fi, krautpunk
Terminals | lo-fi, blues rock
Times New Viking | lo-fi, noise-rock
Tropa Macaca | noise
U.S. Girls | psychedelic

XTAL Records

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Experimental, Post-Rock, Indie

XTAL Records is a Tokyo (Japan) based Post Rock- Experimental- Instrumental-Electronic-Pop-Shoegazer-Casio-etc label.
Media Factory company produce different media content since 1986 and owns the labels are: Fabtone Records, Radtone Music, Xtal Records, Goon Trax and Pikachu Records.

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Always The Runner Post-Rock / USA
And So I Watch You From Afar Experimental / Post-Rock / Progressive / Ireland
Casiokid Electronic / Techno / 8-bit / UK
Caspian Ambient / Math Rock / Post-Rock / USA
Elemental Gaze Ambient / Electronic / Shoegazing / Indonesia
El Ten Eleven Electronic / Eurodance / Experimental / Post-Rock / USA
Epilogue Electro / Pop / Experimental / Sweden
Everything Is Made In China Experimental / Psychedelic / Russia
I Hate This Place Electronic / Indie / Pop / Japan
Joy Wants Eternity Post-Rock / USA
Kiddycar Indie / Pop / Electronic / Italy
Maybeshewill Electronic / Experimental / Post-Rock / Math Rock / UK
Moonlit Sailor Post-Rock / Instrumental / Sweden
Ovum Ambient / Post-Rock / Japan
September Malevolence Post-Rock / Sweden
Shady Bard Indie / Folk / UK
The Morning Paper Dreampop / Shoegazing / Sweden
Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start Experimental / Instrumental / Post-Rock / UK
Yndi Halda Post-Rock / Violin / UK
You Slut! Experimental / Instrumental / Math Rock / Post-Rock / UK

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