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2011 - The Worst​.​.​.
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1. The Worst
2. See You In The Car...
3. I Don't Want This
4. Out of My League
5. We're Not Straight Edge, But Mikey Is
6. Call It Self Interest

очень круто! канадский поп панк в очередной раз хорошие темы выдаёт)

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Like Pacific - 2011 - The Worst

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Artist: Like Pacific
Album: The Worst
Year: 2011
Bitrate: VBR ~277kbps


1. The Worst
2. See You In The Car...
3. I Don't Want This
4. Out of My League
5. We're Not Straight Edge, But Mikey Is
6. Call It Self Interest

Like pacific - the worst
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01. The Worst
02. Call It Self-Interest
03. Out Of My League
04. I Don't Want This
05. Out Of My League
06. We're Not Straight-Edge, But Mikey Is

Like pacific - homebound
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1. Homebound
2. Retail Hell (Feat. Brendan Murphy)
3. Chin Up, Hogan
4. Head Case


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ARTiST......: Like Pacific
ALBUM.......: Like Pacific
TYPE........: Extended Play
LABEL.......: Pure Noise Records. And New Damage Records.
GENRE.......: Punk
LANGUAGE....: English
SOURCE.....: Compact Disc Digital Audio
RiP.DATE....: 09-24-2015
GRABBER....: EAC 1.0beta3 (Secure Mode)
RETAiL.DATE.: 00-00-2015
ENCODER....: LAME3.98.4 with preset -V0
QUALiTY....: 288kbps/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo
URL.........: http://www.facebook.com/likepacific


"Stay pissed.

That's the calling card of Toronto pop punk group Like Pacific.
Since 2010, the band has been developing its own unique space
amongst its peers in pop punk's newest wave, channeling anger and
frustration in lieu of sadness and defeatism. The lyrical sentiments
are met by the band's sound, borrowing from early 2000's
emo-drenched pop punk but with their own twist of hardcore ferocity.

Now, with the release of their self-titled EP on New Damage Records
and Pure Noise Records, the Toronto five-piece plans to bring their
angst-filled, anthemic songs to anyone who will hear them. Like
Pacific has already gotten off to a fierce start in 2015, including
tours with the likes of Vanna, A Loss For Words, Pentimento, and a
festival appearance at Southeast Best. All this to be done before
the year is even half over.

The band's tireless work ethic and unique spot in a crowded genre
take centre stage in watching their growth, with their debut full
length record on the horizon."


01 Sigh Of Relief 1:22
02 Eviction 2:39
03 Clarity 2:43
04 105 McCaul St. 2:58
05 Suffering 3:33

TOTAL SiZE.: 5 Files/35.29MB/13:15 min
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новый трек у ребят. первый для меня. может кто-нибудь реапнуть их релизы?
Like Pacific - Distant Like You Asked (2016) [128 kbps]
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01. Richmond
02. Distant
03. Worthless Case
04. Assisted Breathing
05. 22a
06. Commitment
07. Hang
08. Chine Drive
09. Dim
10. Scarred

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Like Pacific - Distant Like You Asked (2016)
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[iTunes Plus AAC M4A]
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Artist : Like Pacific
Album : Distant Like You Asked
Label : Pure Noise
Genre : Rock
Street Date : 2016-02-19
Quality : 275 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 68.15 MB
Time : 32:49 min
Url :


1. Richmond 2:54
2. Distant 3:15
3. Worthless Case 3:33
4. Assisted Breathing 3:20
5. 22a 3:31
6. Commitment 3:09
7. Hang 2:54
8. Chine Drive 3:48
9. Dim 3:08
10. Scarred 3:17


With their debut full-length Distant Like You Asked, Toronto pop-punk unit
Like Pacific have crafted a progressive and well-rounded album that pushes
them past their previous boundaries. The overt aggression found on earlier
EPs is not missing here, but has been transformed; the five-piece have
definitely stayed pissed, but have found new ways of interweaving their
signature explosive energy into undeniably catchy pop songwriting.
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Some people are locked down
Some are free
And i know im married to the sea

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