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4 songs EP+ Mental Jewelry 1991



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Throwing Copper 1994


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Secret Samadhi 1997


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The Distance To Here 1999


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V 2001


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Birds Of Prаy 2003


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Awake:The Best Of Live 2004


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Songs From Black Mountain 2006

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Live live at Paradiso 2008


Ifolder - 128 kbps
Megaupload - 320 kbps, official CD's ripped
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Does anybody happen to have The Churchbox Demo's? Seems to be 'leaked' by the band themselves...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Have a couple of songs. Must look for them
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Hey +Ed+,

got them all already, if you want 'em all, drop me a line.

Yup, why not. Would be great if you could upload them right here.
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I would love to hear these, too, if you have them. Thanks!

here she be, the Churchbox Sessions:


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Disc One: 1991 – 1994

1. Heaven Wore A Shirt (Mental Jewelry Outtake)
2. Negation (Mental Jewelry Outtake)
3. Born Branded (Mental Jewelry Outtake)
4. Pain Lies On The Riverside (Live at the Chameleon 1992-01-24)
5. Operation Spirit (Live at the Chameleon 1992-01-24)
6. The Beauty Of Gray (Live at the Ritz 1992-04-24)
7. Good Pain (Live at the Ritz 1992-04-24)
8. We Deal In Dreams (Throwing Copper Outtake)
9. Selling The Drama (Acoustic on Q101 1994-02-15)
10. I Alone (Acoustic on Modern Rock Live 1994-04-05)
11. Selling The Drama (Acoustic on Modern Rock Live 1994-04-05)
12. The Dam At Otter Creek (Live at the Roxy 1994-05-16)
13. Selling The Drama (Live at the Roxy 1994-05-16)
14. The Beauty Of Gray (Live at the Roxy 1994-05-16)
15. Lightning Crashes (Live at the Roxy 1994-05-16)
16. I Alone (Live at the Roxy 1994-05-16)
17. Operation Spirit (Live at the Roxy 1994-05-16)
18. T.B.D. (Acoustic on 99x 1994-06-04)
19. Operation Spirit (Acoustic on 99x 1994-06-04)

Disc Two: 1994 – 1995

1. Selling The Drama (Naked at WBCN 1994-07-18)
2. Selling The Drama (Live at Woodstock 1994-08-12)
3. Supernatural (Live at The Academy 1994-11-19)
4. Lightning Crashes (Live at The Academy 1994-11-19)
5. I Alone (Live on Kroq 1994-12-10)
6. Supernatural (Acoustic at The World Cafe 1995-01-13)
7. I Alone (Saturday Night Live 1995-01-21)
8. Selling The Drama (2 Meter Sessies 1995-02-11)
9. The Beauty Of Gray (2 Meter Sessies 1995-02-11)
10. I Alone (MTV Unplugged 1995-02-15)
11. Supernatural (MTV Unplugged 1995-02-15)
12. Lightning Crashes (MTV Unplugged 1995-02-15)
13. Shit Towne (Live at Pinkpop 1995-06-05)
14. Waitress (Live at Gino 1995-06-09)
15. Shit Towne (Live at Glastonbury 1995-06-24)
16. Iris (Live at Glastonbury 1995-06-24)
17. All Over You (Live at Glastonbury 1995-06-24)
18. Lightning Crashes (Live at Glastonbury 1995-06-24)
19. White, Discussion (Live at Glastonbury 1995-06-24)

Disc Three: 1996 – 1997

1. Mall Rat (Demo)
2. Photograph (Demo)
3. Lakini's Juice (Live in Washington DC 1997-02-19)
4. Lakini's Juice (Full-On Mix)
5. Rattlesnake (Live in Toronto 1997-02-21)
6. Freaks (Live in Toronto 1997-02-21)
7. Iris (Live in Toronto 1997-02-21)
8. Heropsychodreamer (Live in Toronto 1997-02-21)
9. Love My Way (Live in Toronto 1997-02-21)
10. Lakini's Juice (Live in Toronto 1997-02-21)
11. Rattlesnake (Live in Melbourne 1997-05-08)
12. Turn My Head (Live in Melbourne 1997-05-08)
13. Freaks (Live in Melbourne 1997-05-08)
14. Lakini's Juice (Live in Melbourne 1997-05-08)
15. Century (Live at Pinkpop 1997-05-19)
16. Merica (Live in Australia 1997)
17. Mirror Song (Live in USA 1997)

Disc Four: 1998 – 1999

1. Where Fishes Go (Demo)
2. They Stood Up For Love (Alternate Version)
3. Deeper (The Distance To Here Outtake)
4. Sparkle (Alternate Version)
5. Vine Street (The Distance To Here Outtake)
6. Sun (Loop Version)
7. The Dolphin's Cry (Radio Mix with Guitar Intro)
8. Run To The Water (TLA Special Sauce / Radio Mix)
9. I Alone (Live at Woodstock 1999-07-23)
10. Dance With You (Acoustic on Q101 1999-08-23)
11. The Dolphin's Cry (Acoustic on Radio 3 1999-09-09)
12. I Alone (Y100 Sonic Session 1999-09-17)
13. The Dolphin's Cry (Live at the House Of Blues 1999-10-24)
14. Shit Towne (Live in The Hague 1999-12-02)
15. Sparkle (Live in The Hague 1999-12-02)
16. Imagine (Live in The Hague 1999-12-02)

Disc Five: 2000 – 2001

1. Run To The Water (Live at the Chapel 2000-03-13)
2. Lightning Crashes (Live at the Chapel 2000-03-13)
3. Dance With You (with Anouk)
4. Run To The Water (Jet Studios 2000-04-18)
5. The Distance (Jet Studios 2000-04-18
6. The Dolphin's Cry (Jet Studios 2000-04-18)
7. I Alone (Jet Studios 2000-04-18)
8. They Stood Up For Love (Jet Studios 2000-04-18)
9. Run To The Water (2 Meter Sessies 2000-04-07)
10. All Over You (Live in Holmdel 2000-08-22)
11. The Beauty Of Gray (Live in Holmdel 2000-08-22)
12. The Distance (Live in Holmdel 2000-08-22)
13. Shit Towne (Live in Holmdel 2000-08-22)
14. I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash cover)
15. Forever May Not Be Long Enough (Rough Mix)
16. Transmit Your Love (Alternate Version)

Disc Six: 2001 – 2002

1. Beautiful Invisible ('V' Outtake)
2. Radiant Sea ('V' Outtake)
3. Overcome (Y100 Sonic Session 2001-06-09)
4. Simple Creed (Live at Lowlands 2001-08-25)
5. I Alone (Live in The X Lounge 2001-05-19)
6. Simple Creed (Live at The Spectrum 2001-10-03)
7. Pillar Of Davidson (Live at The Spectrum 2001-10-03)
8. Dance With You (Live at The Spectrum 2001-10-03)
9. Overcome (Live at The Spectrum 2001-10-03)
10. Overcome (Acoustic on 89x 2001-10-05)
11. Operation Spirit (Live at Ahoy 2001-10-11)
12. Selling The Drama (Live at Pinkpop 2002-05-18)
13. Voodoo Lady (Live at Pinkpop 2002-05-18)
14. The Distance (Live at Pinkpop 2002-05-18)
15. Call Me A Fool (Live at Pinkpop 2002-05-18)
16. Nobody Knows (Live at Pinkpop 2002-05-18)
17. White, Discussion (Live at Pinkpop 2002-05-18)
18. Overcome (Instrumental)

Disc Seven: 2003 – 2004

1. Run Away (Acoustic Version)
2. Heaven (Acoustic Version)
3. She (Extended Version)
4. Everytime I See Your Face (Extended Version)
5. Like I Do (Live at The Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
6. Lighthouse (Live at The Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
7. The Dolphin's Cry (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
8. The Beauty Of Gray (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
9. Run Away (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
10. They Stood Up For Love (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
11. Lakini's Juice (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
12. I Alone (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
13. Heaven (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
14. Overcome (Live at Vorst Nationaal 2003-05-31)
15. Run Away (Acoustic with Shelby Lynne)
16. Selling The Drama (Live in York 2004-05-28)
17. Sweet Release (Live in York 2004-05-28)

Disc Eight: 2005 – 2008

1. The River (Guitars Up Mix)
2. Mystery (No Strings Version)
3. Show (Rough Mix)
4. Sofia (Rough Mix)
5. Home (Rough Mix)
6. The River (Acoustic Version)
7. Get Ready (Acoustic a Black Mountain)
8. Love Shines (Acoustic at Black Mountain)
9. The River (Acoustic at Black Mountain)
10. Mystery (Acoustic at Black Mountain)
11. Mirror Song (Live at The Paradiso 2008-07-01)
12. They Stood Up For Love (Live at the Paradiso 2008-07-01)
13. Wings (Live at the Paradiso 2008-07-01)
14. Forever (2008 Studio Session)
15. Purifier (2008 Studio Session)

Bonus: Demo Tape Leaks
16. Hold Me Up (Throwing Copper Outtake)
17. Susquehanna (Throwing Copper Outtake)
18. Cheetah (Secret Samadhi Outtake)
19. Don't Wait (The Distance To Here Outtake)
20. Overcome (Full Band - The Distance To Here Outtake)
21. Still Aroused (The Distance To Here Outtake)
22. Walk Into This Room (The Distance To Here Outtake)

Disc Nine: Single Edits

1. Pain Lies On The Riverside (Single Version)
2. The Beauty Of Gray (Edit)
3. Lightning Crashes (Radio Edit)
4. I Alone (Edit)
5. Pillar Of Davidson (Edit)
6. White, Discussion (Special Radio Edit)
7. We Deal In Dreams (Radio Edit)
8. Lakini's Juice (Radio Edit)
9. Freaks (Radio Edit)
10. Turn My Head (Radio Edit)
11. Ghost (Video Edit)
12. The Dolphin's Cry (Radio Edit)
13. Run To The Water (Fade)
14. They Stood Up For Love (Radio Mix)
15. Forever May Not Be Long Enough (Original Version)
16. Run Away (with Shelby Lynne)
17. Mystery (with Chris Daughtry)

Disc Ten: Remixes & Side-Projects

1. Pain Lies On The Riverside (Club Mix)
2. White, Discussion (Sam Sever Remix)
3. Lightning Crashes (Oklahoma City Mix)
4. Lakini's Juice (Sippin' On Lakini's Juice Remix)
5. Freaks (Labor, Labor, Labor Remix)
6. Deep Enough (Remix)
7. Like A Soldier (Chris Vrenna Remix)
8. Forever May Not Be Long Enough (Egyptians Dreams Remix)
9. Like A Soldier (Alain Johannes Remix)
10. Run Away (Tuppin Remix)
11. Indie Hair (The Heads feat. Ed)
12. Walk Into This Room (Ed with Neneh Cherry)
13. Evolution Revolution Love (Tricky feat. Ed & Hawkman)
14. A Growing Voice (Adam & The Weight feat. Ed)
15. Smoke (Stuart Davis feat. Ed, Live at Integral Naked Conference 2005)
16. Miracle (Stuart Davis feat. Ed)
17. I Alone (Performed by Anouk & Sarah Bettens)
18. Pillar Of Davidson (Performed by The Unchoir)

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картинка, оставленная пользователем

Upon the 20th anniversary of Live’s alt-rock blockbuster Throwing Copper, I reflected on the sad state of the band’s component parts in the interim since their 2009 hiatus:

[Ed] Kowalczyk represents, for all intents and purposes, the totality of Live in the popular understanding. You think of Live, you think of Kowalczyk spewing mystic nonsense in highly affected post-Vedder gulps, yelps, and shifts, possibly shirtless. That’s not to say the other members didn’t matter or never contributed anything, but nobody besides those who frequent unfortunately named Live fan sites could name any of them or pick them out of a lineup. That’s why it’s strange that, in the wake of money disputes and a lawsuit, the other three members are now touring with a different lead singer while Kowalczyk is out on his own keeping the spirit of Live alive by covering Imagine Dragons and such.

Not that Live generated any particularly stirring music from the time of “The Dolphin’s Cry” onward, but it still warms my heart to report that, as suspected, the family is officially getting back together. The original lineup of Kowalczyk, Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer, and Chad Gracey is comin’ back again — much like a rolling thunder chasing the wind — to tour and record new music. There’s an extensive Q&A with the band at Live’s official website, if you’re so inclined. There’s no word yet about where they’ll be performing or when the new music will drop.

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1992-xx-xx Programa Livre Brazil
1995-xx-xx Live (Promo CD For "Thunder" Magazine Number 12)
1995-xx-xx Taratata Show (French TV)
1996 Friends of Live Holiday Gift
1997 Friends of Live Holiday Gift
1998 Friends of Live Holiday Gift
1999 Friends of Live Holiday Gift
2007-xx-xx Union County Musicfest
2013-06-26 Summerland Tour: Ogden Theatre, Denver CO
2013-10-05 House of Blues, Atlantic City NJ
2013-xx-xx Unplugged At The Strand, York PA
2014-10-28 House of Blues, West Hollywood CA
Unknown Date
Divided Mind Divided Planet
Outtakes & Remixes (Awake)
Outtakes & Remixes (Birds of Pray)
Outtakes & Remixes (Mental Jewelry)
Outtakes & Remixes (Secret Samadhi)
Outtakes & Remixes (Songs from Black Mountain)
Outtakes & Remixes (The Distance to Here)
Outtakes & Remixes (Thowing Copper)
Outtakes & Remixes (V)
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картинка, оставленная пользователем

If anyone has any upload requests, feel free to ask!
Даже не знал что Эд Ковальчик вернулся... thumb.gif
Цитата: frings
Даже не знал что Эд Ковальчик вернулся...

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If anyone has any upload requests, feel free to ask!

Live ‎– Songs From Black Mountain
Awake: The Best of Live

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