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Акрон, Штат Огайо США.
Состав: Joe Minadeo; Corey Farrow; Pat Mcnulty
Sounds Like: "ambient drone based rock to funky noise and melody inspired mayhem, the musical pallet is diverse and not always whats expected"

"It’s the best downtempo you’ve never heard of."

"There's not a gimmick to be found here -- it's just a collection of twelve four minute songs that exist as ends unto themselves, and though its premise is none too exhilarating, its results are -- and then some."

"...their music is just lovely...The music itself covers so many grounds - some parts Sigor Ros with the xylophones and cellos - some parts mixing steady beats with cranky bass guitars - this stuff is awesome"

"Whether it's a string arrangement, a train, the wind, or the members playing several different instruments, these guys just have a knack for making music with soul."

"Low In The Sky surprised me. They're simple with their complexity, and the lack of lyrics doesn't bring their intensity down. Recommended for fans of Four Tet, Department of Eagles, Boards of Canada, and Prefuse 73."

"Fundamentally, it's genuinely difficult to fathom a plausible explanation for this record's existence."
the silent ballet


Low In The Sky - Dear Birds [2006/MP3/192]
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Track Listing:
01. Cool Sanson
02. Dear Birds
03. The Cowboy Natural
04. Are You for Real
05. Fax Mn
06. Perdendosi Morendo
07. Heavans to Murgatroid
08. Horses in the Sun
09. The Mayors House
10. Go Federal
11. Astronaut Practice
12. At the Source of the Longest River

Low in the Sky - We are all counting on you, William [2007/MP3/320]
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Track Listing:
1. Hello Wide Morning
2. New Amsterdam 1672, New York 1933
3. The Pursuit of the Giant Squid
4. Animal Expansion
5. Horton
6. O! Zark! How You Make Me Roll
7. And Snow [ While Surfacing ]
8. Fellow Mice
9. Dialogue With a Shadow
10. Fnd Wax Cylindr At Abandnd Shell Station
11. How To Make a Paper Hat
12. Community Center Shuffle
13. A Hum On the Pond
The Likes of US [2004]

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1. It's a Small World After All
2. I Won't Think This Anymore
3. Diego
4. Too Bright For Tired Eyes
5. A Lonely Day
6. I'll Walk Alone
7. Black Day

Альбом целиком
Не верьте тому, что пишут перед вашим псевдонимом!
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Отличный альбом! Честно говоря, даже не знал о его существовании... thumb.gif
damn i'm too late :/
pls reup "We are all counting on you, William!"
Low in the Sky - We are all counting on you, William REUP pls... thx in advance
Low in the Sky - The Likes of US [2004/mp3/192]

Low In The Sky - Dear Birds [2006/MP3/192]

Low in the Sky - We are all counting on you, William [2007/MP3/320]

pass: FunkySouls.com
Большое спасибо, очень понравились.
Ласт ФМ непонятно почему их тэгит электроникой и хип-хопом (чушь).
Очень очень круто.
reupload? please...
Low in the Sky - The Likes of US

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Low In The Sky - Dear Birds (2006)

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Low in the Sky - We are all counting on you, William

также обратите внимание на сайт Joe Minadeo - http://patternbased.com/pb/

а вот здесьвы можете бесплатно скачать всё его творчество
Low in the Sky - The Likes of US
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A Shared Rainbow (2011)
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VBR V0 || 59 mb

01. October 10th King Elementary (05:13)
02. Leghwhizahmo (04:17)
03. Lluvia y Sal (03:54)
04. Ice Disco (02:53)
05. SuperWarmer (04:14)
06. Kristy Kreme (03:55)
07. Cosmo (03:44)
08. Tiny Van Pirates (03:44)
09. Shamu Sleeps Tonight (03:37)

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