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Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog [Captured Tracks, 2017] [v0]

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Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog

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You think I got my eyes closed
But I'm lookin' at you the whole fuckin' time
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Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog [2017] (MP3 | 320 kbps.)

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Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog (FLAC)

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Artist: Mac DeMarco
Album: This Old Dog
Label: Captured Tracks
Genre: Indie
URL: http://www.capturedtracks.com
Rip Date: 2017-05-15
Street date: 2017-05-05
Playtime: 42:24
Size: 71.10 mb
Type: Normal
Quality: 219 kbps / 44.1khz / Joint Stereo

Before you ancients out there turn your heads and scoff at the premise of a
twenty-something rock-and-roll goofball calling himself an old-anything,
consider this: said perpetrator, he who answers to the name Mac DeMarco, has
spent the better part of his time thus far writing, recording, and releasing an
album of his own music pretty much every calendar flip, and pretty much on his
own. The fresh meat youre now feasting on, This Old Dog, makes for his fifth in
just over half a decadebringing the total to 3 LPs and 2 EPs. According to the
DMV, MacBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco is 26. But in working-dog years, ol Mac
here could easily qualify for social security. To stay gold, turns out all he
needed was some new tricks.

Though used to and pretty happy with that annual grind, it was a little spacein
time, location, and methodthat inspired DeMarco while making the record. Moving
from his isolated Queens home to a house in Los Angeles helped give the somewhat
transient Canada-native a broader base, and a few more months on his calendar to
create did their job as well. Arriving in California with a grip of demos hed
written in New York, he realized after a few months of setting up his new
shopcomplete with a few new toysthat the gap was giving him perspective
(insert tooth joke here).

This one was spaced out, DeMarco says. I demoed a full album, and as I was
moving to the West Coast I thought Id get to finishing it quick. But then I
realized that moving to a new city and starting a new life takes time. And it
was weird, because usually I just write, record, and put it out; no problem. But
this time, I wrote them and they sat. When that happens, you really get to know
the songs. It was a different vibe.

DeMarco wrote some demos for This Old Dog on an acoustic guitar, an unusual yet
eye-opening method for him. He also attributes some of the delay to his
exploration of new gear hed purchased, specifically a CR-78 drum machine, which
he used while writing and can be heard on his album tracks for the first time
ever. That thing helped a ton, especially for demoing, he says. Its on the
album a lot, maybe four or five songs. I usually demo on a drum machine and then
record real drums, but I liked that machine so much I kept it on the album. The
majority of this album is acoustic guitar, synthesizer, some drum machine, and
one song is electric guitar. So this is a new endeavor for me.

And right off the bat, from the pops and clicks of the CR-78 and acoustic strums
on the album-opening My Old Man, the synth-drenched beauty of the second
track, This Old Dog, and that ironic recurring word itself, its clear that
DeMarcos bag is filled with new tricks indeed. This Old Dog is rooted more in a
synth-base than any of his previous releases, but he is careful not to let that
tactic overshadow the other instruments and overall unplugged mood of the
work. In fact, DeMarco recognizes that he might share more than just a
geographical flight-path with a certain Canadian-cum-Californian songwriter.

I think what I was trying to do is make Harvest with synthesizers, he laughs.
But I dont think I even came close to the marksomething else entirely came
out. This is my acoustic album, but its not really an acoustic album at all.
Thats just what it feels like, mostly. Im Italian, so I guess this is an
Italian rock record.

Speaking of roots, while its known that DeMarcos family history is complicated
at best, the songs here may be the closest glimpse into his personal life and
relationships with his kin hes ever allowed. But then again, they may not be.
Only one thing is certain: the titular mutt, naturally, is DeMarco himself, and
as he brings us into his world, he makes sure its from his own hard-earned
vantage point and measured post.

This record has a lot to do with my family and my life right now and the way
Im feeling and stuff, he says. One of the main goals for this record was
trying to make sure I retained some kind of realness. Thats the bottom line.
Being in any sort of spotlight can be jarring, especially when youre not
preoccupied with touring and youre just sitting in your house writing songs.
But wherever my bedroom is, the records are gonna be whatever is happening in
there. I could be in Alaska and Im sure it wouldnt change things much.

Despite the changes considered during the creation of This Old Dog, Mac
DeMarcos mid-twenties masterpiece, its clear that the engine that motors him
is in no danger of slowing down.

As long as I feel real then theres nothing else that matters, he says.
Making these albums is just something that I have to do, and so I do it.

T R A C K L i S T

1. My Old Man 3:41
2. This Old Dog 2:30
3. Baby You're Out 2:37
4. For The First Time 3:02
5. One Another 2:46
6. Still Beating 3:01
7. Sister 1:18
8. Dreams From Yesterday 3:27
9. A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes 2:49
10. One More Love Song 4:01
11. On The Level 3:47
12. Moonlight On The River 7:02
13. Watching Him Fade Away 2:23

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