Man Without Wax


ARTIST: Man Without Wax
TITLE: Anchor
LABEL: Eyeball
BITRATE: 205kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 33m total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-06-17
RIP DATE: 2008-06-17

Track List

1. You Pull Me Through Time 2:22
2. Kansas City Shuffle 3:03
3. Seek No Asylum At The Mall 3:51
4. Boys Becoming Men Becoming Sharks 2:51
5. Out Drinking At The Whammy Bar 3:26
6. Daniel Lamb Vs. The Project 3:32
7. He's A Wrecking Machine!!! 3:49
8. Ones & Zeroes Everywhere (And I Thought I Saw A 2) 2:50
9. Progress Of A Population 5:09
10. Adam And Evil 2:50

Release Notes:

Imagine spending your entire conscious existence as a citizen of a nation at
war. A citizen of a nation whose ever lessening self respect sadly slips through
the crooked fingers of the corrupt. Imagine building your expectations of a
future life upon a foundation of deceit, uncertainty, violence, exploitation
failed families and economic shortcomings. These are the realities of the five
Seattle kids determined to open the eyes of their drifting peers. Armed with a
manifesto outlining their ambition to self actualize their adolescent
counterparts, Man Without Wax create music that is a rallying battle cry for a
disillusioned and yet to be named generation. A desperate disease requires a
dangerous remedy; advises the infamous British revolutionary Guy Fawkes, and so
heed these young men of sin cera

Anchor, the debut record from Man Without Wax, is the fervent heartbeat of the
reborn Seattle music community. Immediate, deliberate and anything but
forgiving. these ten songs compel listeners towards action with their vibrant
mix of Muse and Alkaline Trio aesthetics and the more contemporary vocal
deliveries of My Chemical Romance and Say Anything. As students in the grand
tradition of over-the-top-rock, MWW teamed up with star producer, Casey Bates
(Chiodos, Portugal The Man, Foxy Shazam, The Number Twelve Looks Like You) to
produce this collection of dark but ultimately contagious rock songs

Their first single Kansas City Shuffle is a shoe in for this years underdog
anthem, dripping with the most memorable melody imaginable sauntering over
reach-for-the-rafters guitar lines and pile-driving drum parts. Anchor s first
track, You Pull Me Through Time feels like a chamber choir on acid after
having listened to Queen s A Night At The Opera. Needless to say, this record is
an eclectic one

If you can t imagine ever mustering the hope and constitution to even dream of
toppling the status quo, don t worry - Man Without Wax has it covered. And if it
is true as their manifesto contends that Ideals alone do not change a country
than we take solace in knowing that at least someone has decided change is

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перескакивая с одного трека на другой не сразу разницу заметишь

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