Artist: Manrico Montero
Album: Noches De Verano Remixes
Label: Filtro
Year: 2004


One of the Best Ambient Producers of Mexico, and the World
MUTEK 2004 Performer in Mexico City

When we see all the work realizad by Manrico Montero over the past years, saying that he is one of the most active
in the local electronic scene is not a cliché. He is one of the most interested in gaining new spaces for Mexican
musicians, his activities included the organization of live music seasons & events since at least ten years back, those
events became classic in Mexican nightlife, and showcased the works and interests of different collectives and artists
in such places as Marro, La Perla Cabaret, La Faena, among others, and helped in the shaping of Mexican electronic
culture. The interests of Manrico are shown through his diverse projects wich include the productions of electro acoustic
music, drum and bass, idm and ambient, and dj’ing. He works also under the nicknames of Linga and Karras. Noches de Verano, originally written and performed by Manrico Montero, is one of the highest moments reached inside
the Mexican ambient scene, one that displays Manrico’s experience as a music producer and his capacity to create
works with a rich emotional charge. This remix album is a good chance to show what Filtro is about: collaboration
between different artists under team work dynamics which, due to the technological possibilities near reach, defeat
distance to turn into dialogue, and a common aesthetic approximation to the understanding of music + technology
possibilities. This work is a result of these parameters applied, and a showcase of some of the most representative
inside the Mexican electronic scene. Included are the remixes by Antena, Laptop Fans, Destreza, Fax, Don Moy,
Transistor, Panóptica, Plug, Latinsizer, Tre/Molo Bishop, Flux, and Childs.

An album of Remixes from Noches de Verano, ambient masterpiece:

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Ambient, indietronic, minimal techno, tech-house

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Manrico is the Best, aslo Murcof

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Artist : Manrico Montero
Title : Betweenness
Genre : Electronic
Year : 2008
Date : 02/13/2009
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 08
Label : SEM Label
Source : CDDA
Encoder : Lame 3.97
Length : 64:52 min
Size : 63,3 MB


01.Tangencies Part 1 05:15
02.Evening Road 06:29
03.Sky Flowers 04:34
04.Like Golden Blossoms 06:39
05.Noon Tide 06:19
06.Aster 05:38
07.Tangencies Part 2 06:04
08.Sweet Dusk Spiral 23:54
64:52 min

With "Betweenness" LP, Manrico Montero goes a step further for our great pleasure by releasing his first
CD album on SEM label, for a delicate swarm of digi-acoustic texture.
Like an evanescent orchestra, "Betweenness" is conducted in an interlacing mixture of saxophone solos,
piano melodies, string waves, iridescent guitars, bucolic field recordings, and some hypnotic and oniric
Already known for his highly acclaimed "Fernen" EP released on IOD (eko002) nominated at Qwartz
Awards 2007, Manrico Montero (previously Karras) shows us a deep maturity in his compositions for an
elegant, thin and sophisticated album. A maturity which joins a deep control without any feeling of
pretentiousness while never forgetting the simplicity of his approach and its essentiel emotional impact.
The whole project includes splendid collaborations of Hidekazu Wakabayashi, Vera Ostrova, Stefano
Tedesco, Eduardo Melendez, Alexander Bruck, Maria Lipkau, Dennis Moser and Alexandre Navarro.
Discover Manrico Montero's music is maybe like meeting a kind of prophet of poetry that let us remember
an Isaac Stern's quotation: "music is what is between notes".



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