Mark D - 2000 - The Silent Treatment

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Toshiro Mifune
The Hobnail Paisley MP3
El Morocco MP3
One Thousand Delights
Chihuahua MP3
Coffinmakers Complaint
Fat Hamlet
The Hottentot Venus
Your Necklace
A Catastrophe
Honey Drop
Gateau D'Amour
Van Diemen's Land
Candlelight and Wisteria

Well done by Sweden's relatively new label Lunasound Recording to lay their hands on the debut solo album of former Melvins bass player Mark D. And it's a solo album in the real sense: Mark wrote the whole thing, produced it and played every instrument, except drums. What can be expected is some very groovy stuff, based on (of course) Melvins, Monster Magnet (the guitar sound on the faster songs reminds very much of the mighty Superjudge album) and ZZ Top. But that's not all. Some weird stuff is mixed into it as well, like danceable beats in the intro "Toshiro Mifune" and the song "Fat Hamlet", which has got a Masters of Reality feel to it. A little bit of a country can be spotted in "El Morocco", one of the faster tracks on the album. Spaced out and freaky is the slow sound compilation "Coffinmakers Complaint". Speaking about slow, there are a lot of ballads on there too, but every single one of them has a nice and pure feeling (especially recommended are "Hottentot Venus" and "Your Necklace"). On the other hand those ballads might just be one of the problems for the real rockers amongst you. The pace throughout the record isn't as fast as one might wish. Another problem might be the variety of influences, which makes "The Silent Treatment" not fit for easy listening. But when you're broad minded and like to check out some new and weird stuff, you'll definitely discover that this is an interesting voyage through all corners of alternative music. A little pearl…

Mark D was formerly a member of The Melvins, theres been plenty stories and rumours `bout his departure... but I wont delve into any of those... might be interesting to some, but I´m more interested in the music... and this is a very good album, I wouldnt go as far as to say its the best Ive ever heard, but it has got lotsa interesting twist and turns... and plenty of musical styles.

Originally served up to me as a disk chock full o ZZ TOP riffs, I found the majority to be more along the lines of PINK FLOYD’S "Meddle".
Damnation Gulch

It takes many twists and turns, each song is unique, ranging from sheer noise to slower, almost ballad type tunes. The production is what got me at first, very gritty, scratchy and highly listenable.

Ilbrujo: Cool album. Which quality and which server?!? two first options of each will win!!!! biggrin.gif I await your needs... Artwork is not so cute and it is a digipack so will never be cool to scan it...
...its very intresting...
....i want to listen to it...
....upload it please...
....quality, i dont know...
...maybe someone want more but for me 192 is ok...
.....about server how you said...
....Uploader make choice.....
Ok. Just wait to other and will be done...
I knew you'll like it!!! wink.gif
What do you think about the last album of THE MELVINS (rap1dshare)? I like it.

in 320 please... rapidshare or axifile ... smile.gif
What do you think about the Los Natas ? smile.gif
Devil Doll addict
NATAS is a great band. I know them since the beginning. Even I have a cassette from them!!!
I like their primitive sound and also how they evolve into a song to become an atmosphere unique.
Last album EL HOMBRE MONTANIA is also awesome. A good piece.

I opened a theme some ago... wink.gif

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....yes sure... not hury...
...last melvins is great....
....but there is something that already have been.....
.....i dont know, but i thihk they take some things from H.A.T. and somethings from maggot(sound maybe or i cant say it in words)...
....i mean they dont change their music...
....but its not bad...
.....album is veeeeeeeeery goood...
.....i think more than good.....
Here it is. Expect MELVINS on a bad acid trip stuff...

The Silent Treatment - Part1
The Silent Treatment - Part2

Pass: usual...

after ten attempts download this.... sad.gif
can you upload in another service?
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What happens?

silent!!!!! 89% of first file... smile.gif

all done! THX!!! smile.gif

f..k! almost done....sad.gif

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....thank you very much....
....i waited for it....
TNX! Great work (Mark D and yours )wink.gif
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ReUp, plz!
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Mark Deutrom - The Blue Bird (2019)
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Время: 0:50:22
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 116.06 Мб

01. No Space Holds the Weight (1:28)
02. Futurist Manifesto (2:05)
03. Radiant Gravity (3:30)
04. O Ye of Little Faith (7:01)
05. Our Revels Now Are Ended (1:17)
06. Hell is a City (6:10)
07. Somnambulist (7:02)
08. Maximum Hemingway (4:56)
09. Through the Ringing Cedars (1:39)
10. They Have Won (4:09)
11. On Fathers Day (1:33)
12. The Happiness Machine (4:16)
13. Nothing out There (5:16)
У кого-нибудь есть остальные его альбомы? Мужик реально годнячий

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