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artist : Martin and James
title : Martin and James
genre : Alternative
source : CDDA
type : Album
rls date : 04.11.2011
st date : 04.05.2011
size : 64,8 MB
tracks : 14
encoder : Lame 3.97
label : Universal
quality : avg. VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
similar artist : n/a


01 Tides 03:31
02 Wheels 03:10
03 Crashing Into Love 03:28
04 Broken Sword 04:24
05 Wrong Directions 03:21
06 All Over The News 03:30
07 I Was Blind 02:14
08 Not Alone 03:30
09 Waiting 03:49
10 Live Wires 02:44
11 Beautiful 04:06
12 Bad Dream 03:33
13 I Found You 02:52
14 Somebody 05:11

49:23 min

Release Notes:

It’s been a busy couple of years for Martin Kelly and James ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ O’Neill. Since coming to the attention of Universal Germany in ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ 2008, the Scottish duo have relocated to Berlin and toured ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ constantly across the continent, in support of bands such as ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Razorlight, The Stereophonics, Simply Red, Amy Macdonald, Ellie ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Goulding, James Morrison, One Republic, Scouting For Girls, The ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Fray, Lissie, Ingrid Michaelson, and Milow. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Their style of songwriting, with both singing lead and harmonies, ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ has made many well-known songwriters eager to work with them. Since ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ they started recording in Hamburg at the end of that year, they ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ have sat down with writers such as Albert Hammond and Fran Healy. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ The first fruit of the Hamburg sessions, the ‘Bad Dream’ EP, ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ featured collaboration with Snow Patrol writer Iain Archer. It was ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ a largely acoustic set fleshed out with old school percussion and ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ effects that highlighted their harmonies and picking style. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ “The studio in Hamburg (Clouds Hill Studios) had these really old ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ microphones from the forties. It was great being surrounded by old ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ equipment; they had a mixing desk that used to belong to George ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Martin. It makes the recording process feel a bit more special when ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ you’re in those surroundings“ say the pair, who recorded over 25 ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ songs, both for their debut album and to create cds to sell at ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ gigs. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Their second EP ‘Wrong Directions’ was also deceptively simple and ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ built on the pair’s ability to write haunting hooks and lyrics ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ awash in filmic textures, but also featured the first signs of a ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ move into a full band set-up. “As a duo we are able to do all of ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ these supports and we’d like to do this as long as we possibly can ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ but we are really looking forward to touring with our own band”. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Martin and James have been singing together since 1999, playing in ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ the usual spiral of bands that never made it, almost had a deal or ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ fell apart. Throughout that long haul it has been the strength of ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ their songwriting and playing partnership that has got them ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ through. They have written hundreds of songs together and the ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ ability to communicate the strength and simplicity of these songs ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ live has seen them build an army of loyal fans, who actively ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ support and promote the band, organizing special shows and events. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ ‘2010 has been a really exciting year for us, probably the most ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ eventful one weve ever had. The reaction we have received from ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ playing live has genuinely blown us away at times’ say the pair. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ “We’ve played some really big stages and supported some massive ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ bands we didn’t think we would ever even meet. Going onstage in ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ front of such big crowds just the two of us, made it even more ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ nerve racking.” ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ 2011 looks set to be another exciting year for Martin and James. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ The arrival of their debut self-titled album on Universal Germany ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ will mark a move into the full band sound, headline tours with MLK ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ Touring, and the inevitable round of special events and promotions ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ that have made them so popular with their fans. “As this is our ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ first proper release of a full album, of course we hope people will ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ connect with it. We have toured all over Europe for the last two ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ years building a following for our music. Now we get to give those ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ people a full album. It’s exciting. We’re looking forward to ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ playing some of our own shows, and trying out things we don’t get ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ to do in a shorter support set. ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ ÛººÛ
ÛººÛ /team FKK

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картинка, оставленная пользователем
Martin And James - Bad Dream

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Жанр: Pop / Rock
Год выпуска: 2009
Качество: mp3, CBR 320 кбит/с

01 - She Is Light Guiding
02 - Bad Dream
03 - You're A Window
04 - Little Bits Of Light
05 - Devils In The Doorway

Альбом шикарный, не могу оторваться
ролик с газетами понра...
Выпил по ошибке проявитель, выпей закрепитель - дело нужно доводить до конца...
голоса очень красивые, музыка замечательная
а ч/б клип загляденье
спасибо thumb.gif
Оченно прекрасно! Слащаво немного но хочется ещё
Хороши ребята thumb.gif
The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.
Nothing is less in our power than the heart, and far from commanding we are forced to obey it.♥

По моему, ребята записали один из лучших альбомов в этом году.
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Пожалуйста, перезалейте ипишку Bad Dream, прекрасная музыка!

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