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Medeski Martin & Wood - Notes from the Underground (1992)
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01. Hermeto's Daydream
02. The Saint
03. La Garonne
04. Orbits
05. Uncle Chubb
06. Rebirth
07. Otis
08. United
09. Caravan
10. Querencia

Before they went electric and funky, John Medeski, Billy Martin, and Chris Wood were acoustic and funky -- and a lot of other things -- on this exciting early CD. They ruminate like a conventional jazz piano trio when the whim hits them, or move outside when Medeski explodes into Don Pullen-esque clusters. Their mйtier, though, was clearly the neo-funk thing, for when Martin pulls off those crackling hip-hop and M-Base-related beats on tracks like "Uncle Chubbs" and "Orbits," the band really achieves liftoff. "Caravan" gets a rolling New Orleans funk treatment, and the finale, "Querencia," is a lengthy excursion into dense avant-garde underbrush with a touch of the street in the beat. On several tracks, a three-brass, two-reeds horn section add an extra level of excitement, and the trio tracks are recorded live to DAT (hence the exceptionally crisp sound).

Recorded at Baby Monster, New York on December 15 & 16, 1991 and Water Music, Hoboken, New Jersey on January 23, 1992. Originally released on Hap-Jones Records.

Personnel: Gloria Tropp (vocals); Thomas Chapin (alto flute, alto saxophone); Doug Yates (bass clarinet); Steven Bernstein (trumpet); Bill Lowe (trombone, tuba); John Medeski (piano); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass).





Medeski Martin & Wood - It's A Jungle In Here (1993)
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01. Beeah
02. Where's Sly?
03. Shuck It Up
04. Sand
05. Worms
06. Bemsha Swing / Lively Up Yourself
07. Moti Mo (King Sunny Ade)
08. It's A Jungle In Here
09. Syeeda's Song Flute (John Coltrane)
10. Wiggly's Way

Pouring their jazz out of a postmodern blender, Medeski Martin & Wood reference Sly Stone, King Sunny Ade and John Coltrane on the same album; Thelonious Monk and Bob Marley in the same song ("Bemsha Swing-Lively Up Yourself"). And it works: By turn funky ("Beeah," "Shuck It Up") and avant garde ("Worms"), thoughtful ("Moti Mo," "Sand") and over-the-top ("Where's Sly?"), MMW know that for music to matter, it must reflect its time--and "to entertain" is not an evil verb phrase. This piano/organ, bass and drums trio (joined here by top-flight special guests on brass, woodwinds and guitar) is the voice of Future Jazz--and you can hear it now.





Medeski Martin & Wood - Friday Afternoon in the Universe (1995)
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01. Lover
02. Paper Bass
03. House Mop
04. Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)
05. Baby Clams
06. We're So Happy
07. Shack
08. Tea
09. Chinoiserie
10. Between Two Lines
11. Sequel
12. Friday Afternoon in the Universe
13. Billy's Tool Box
14. Chubb Sub
15. Khob Khun Krub (Thai for "Thank You")

On its third album, 1995's Friday AFTERNOON IN THE UNIVERSE, the New York City jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood solidifies its adventurous sonic amalgam, blending downtown avant-garde sensibilities with decidedly funky grooves and beats. Leaning heavier on MMW originals than prior outings, the record gets going with "The Lover," a slinky tune that finds the group in Meters mode, particularly with John Medeski's playful organ lines, and then shifts gears into the obtuse yet mesmerizing "Paper Bass," which is propelled by Chris Wood's staccato acoustic-bass work. Friday really hits its stride with "Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)," a reggae-tinged number that allows Wood plenty of fluid solos, and sees drummer Billy Martin holding down the rhythm with subtle mastery. Aside from '99's LAST CHANCE compilation, this is the best way to sample MMW's soul-jazz-influenced era, and catch the ensemble just as it was embraced by the jam-band crowd, a shift that would subsequently garner the act a deservedly larger audience.

Recorded at Sears Sound, New York on July 24-26, 1994, and in Puna, Hawaii in January and February 1994.

Personnel: Danny Blume (guitar); Chris Wood (flute, harmonica, acoustic bass); Carl Green (flute); John Medeski (piano, Clavinet, organ, Wurlitzer organ); Billy Martin (drums, percussion).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Shack-Man (1996)
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01. Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
02. Think
03. Dracula
04. Bubblehouse
05. Henduck
06. Strance of the Spirit Red Gator
07. Spy Kiss
08. Lifeblood
09. Jelly Belly
10. Night Marchers
11. Kenny

While their blueprint may be old-fashioned organ trios, New Yorkers John Medeski, Billy Martin and Chris Wood stretch far beyond the chitlin-circuit sound of the Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff and Grant Green combos that defined that genre. M, M & W are just as much a product of the Knitting Factory's avant-jazz freak-outs and the second-line New Orleans rhythms of the Meters. They have an innate ability to groove one moment, break out of the earth's atmosphere and visit Sun Ra's musical world the next, and wind up at some isolated patch of funk, jazz and improvised rock.
What makes it all work on SHACK-MAN is the trio's knowledge of and comfort with these various musical spaces, and desire to tinker with such calculated machinery. Medeski can ride any of his various keyboards for all they're worth, but may actually stand out more when playing spacy, spare parts. Wood's guitar erupts with Hendrixian flamboyance, then drops into a funky rhythm pattern; his bass runs the same long-range axis (check out the hyperkinetic "Bubblehouse"). Martin is part Ziggy Modeliste, part John Bonham, coupling inventive, dance-oriented time patterns with the steadiness that allows his partners to achieve their jazzbo aspirations.

Recorded live at The Shack, Hawaii in June 1996.

Personnel: Chris Wood (guitar, acoustic bass, electric bass); John Medeski (toy piano, electric piano, Clavinet, keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, percussion).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Farmer's Reserve (1997)
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01. Part 1 #1
02. Part 1 #2
03. Part 1 #3
04. Part 1 #4
05. Part 2 #1
06. Part 2 #2
07. Part 2 #3
08. Part 2 #4
09. Part 3 #1
10. Part 3 #2
11. Epilogue

Fans used to this jazz trio's jam-oriented funk workouts will be in for a surprise with Farmer's Reserve. In fact, the release (recorded in 1997) finds Medeski, Martin & Wood foregoing the accessible groove-based music that brought them tremendous popularity, in favor an experimental session of improvising. In terms of instrumentation, the key difference between Farmer's Reserve and MMW's other albums is that John Medeski rarely touches his standard electronic keyboards. Instead, he plays prepared piano and toy piano, which gives the musical landscape an alien, dream-like cast, like a music box caught in a time-space warp.
Drummer Billy Martin also adds a great deal of texture with a battery of percussion (including gongs, cowbells, rattles, woodblocks, and talking drums), in addition to his regular trap kit. Chris Wood fills in the spaces with sinuous, well-timed lines on his sometimes-bowed, sometimes-plucked acoustic bass. The recording truly has the feel of a spontaneous improv session, and the responsiveness and musical telepathy between the three is mightily impressive. The trio got their start in New York's downtown avant-garde scene, and it is an appropriate and refreshing change of pace to see these fine musicians getting back to their roots with bold, expressionistic free jazz.

Personnel: Chris Wood (guitar, double bass); John Medeski (prepared piano, toy piano, synthesizer, caxixi); Billy Martin (drums, talking drum, cowbells, rattle, wood block, caxixi, percussion, gong).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Bubblehouse (1997)
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01. Bubblehouse
02. Bubblehouse BBQ Mix
03. Dracula (remix)
04. Macha
05. Spy Kiss

Bubblehouse CD5 represents Medeski, Martin & Wood's first venture into the world of remixing. Enlisting the likes of downtown New York's finest DJs, the band gives creative license to the reinterpretation of their quirky, jazz-funk-flavored music. The remixes, done by DJ Logic and the illbient collective We, differ greatly, but both have merit. The We remixes of "Bubblehouse" and "Spy Kiss" employ breakbeats and jungle rhythms interspersed with ambient sounds. The DJ Logic mix of "Dracula" is more straight-ahead; he retains the essential song structure while adding beats behind the music. The "Dracula" remix also features a guest appearance by downtown innovator and Jewish revolutionary John Zorn, who adds some blaring sax riffs to the relatively low-key mix. Bubblehouse CD5 also contains the song "Macha," one of the band's live standards released for the first time on album. Bubblehouse CD5 demonstrates MMW's attempt to remain on the forefront of the expanding jazz genre. Although not their best effort, the album presents an interesting variation on MMW's unique style.

Recorded at Current Sounds, New York, NY; Greene Street Recording, Soho, NY; Shack, HI.

Personnel: John Zorn (alto saxophone); John Medeski (electric piano, Clavinet); Chris Wood (acoustic bass, electric bass); Billy Martin (drums, percussion).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Combustication (1998)
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01. Sugar Craft
02. Just Like I Pictured It
03. Start·Stop
04. Nocturne
05. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
06. Whatever Happened to Gus
07. Latin Shuffle
08. Everyday People
09. Coconut Boogaloo
10. Church of Logic
11. No Ke Ano Ahiahi
12. Hypnotized

At their collective core, Medeski, Martin & Wood are simply the most popular keepers of the organ trio flame in modern jazz. But this trio of downtowners is willing to piece together straight-no-chasers of all forms to get the party moving. COMBUSTICATIONS, their fourth album, does all that with a jazzy heart, some funky intestines, a set of salsa hips and a DJ on the brain.
As with previous MMW albums, funky jazz is COMBUSTICATIONS' focus--whether it's smoky, mid-tempo hipsway ("Just Like I Pictured it") or churchy balladry (a gospel-tinged rendition of Sly Stone's "Everyday People"). But the width of the trio's scope is best exemplified by the polar contributions of the album's guests. Turntablist DJ Logic appears on the three tracks that prophesy a hip-hop-jazz future, particularly on "Church of Logic," where he builds a soundscape and then solos over the band. Contrast that with "Whatever Happened To Gus," on which East Village art dealer Steve Cannon does a Beat-derived dream monologue about old school jazz drummer Gus Johnson, while the band does a free-form freak-out behind him.

Recorded at Magic Shop, New York, NY.

Personnel: John Medeski (keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass drum); DJ Logic (turntables).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Combustication (Remix EP) (1999)
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01. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho (illyB remix)
02. Whatever Happened to Gus (Word to the Drums mix)
03. Start-Stop (DJ Logic remix)
04. Nocturne (Automator remix)
05. Sugar Craft (Yuka Honda remix)
06. Satan's Church of Hypnotized Logic (Bill Laswell remix)

The Combustication Remix EP features remixes by various artists of material from the album Combustication.
DJs & rappers twiddling remix knobs for a jazz organ trio? If you know Medeski, Martin & Wood, you probably aren't surprised--they've been playing hip hop-inflected jazz since they formed in the early '90s. Six tracks from the band's 1998 major label debut are brilliantly retooled here with a sample-happy mix of electronic beats and breaks that gives their organic avant-groove a fresh electronic kick.
Medeski, Martin & Wood drummer Billy Martin's alter ego illyB remixes the angular funk of "Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho" into a techno/jungle trance, while "Whatever Happened To Gus" gets a shot of lyrical jazzmatazz from Gang Starr's Guru. San Francisco's Dan The Automator rolls a sticky Steel Pulse sample into "Nocturne," giving its stoned-groove the sweet reek of a reggae festival dressing room. Mixes by DJ Logic and Yuka Honda keep the funk flowing, while No Wave shaman Bill Laswell's inventive reconstruction of "Satan's Church Of Hypnotized Logic" sums up the whole disc with an inspired exorcism that never sacrifices the original's jazzy soul.

Personnel: John Medeski (keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass drum); Miho Hatori (vocals); Sean Lennon (Clavinet, synthesizer); Yuka Honda (synthesizer, drum programming, samples); Bill Laswell, Guru, DJ Logic, Dan The Automator.





Medeski Martin & Wood - Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps): Best Of (1991-1996) (1999)
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01. Chubb Sub
02. Bubblehouse
03. Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps)
04. Hermeto's Daydream
05. Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
06. The Lover
07. Where's Sly?
08. Macha
09. Beeah
10. Strance Of The Spirit Red Gator
11. Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself
12. Dracula
13. Night Marchers

A well-selected collection that deftly surveys Medeski, Martin & Wood's first five years together, , presents the New York City jazz group's transformation from an adventurous acoustic-oriented ensemble into a lively plugged-in, funk-loving act. Arranged in non-chronological order, the set includes the frenetic early tune "Hermeto's Daydream," a track that particularly calls attention to the versatile rhythm section of bassist Chris Wood and drummer Billy Martin, and "Bubblehouse," a soul-jazz-steeped number that highlights organ player John Medeski's love of a Hammond B-3 groove. While fans of the trio's later material may opt for the 2006 NOTE BLEU compilation, this anthology is the perfect place for MMW neophytes to begin exploring the band's catalogue.

Personnel: John Medeski (piano); Chris Wood (acoustic bass); Billy Martin (drums)





Medeski Martin & Wood - Tonic (2000)
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01. Invocation
02. Afrique
03. Seven Deadlies
04. Your Lady
05. Rise Up
06. Buster Rides Again
07. Thaw
08. Hey Joe

The first officially released live album by Medeski, Martin & Wood, as well as their first acoustic recording since their debut, Tonic captures the best of several 1999 performances at the small New York City club of the same name. The group's playing is a nice mix of outside, bop, and funky grooves, but the difference here is that Medeski is unable to rely on the electric organ to produce effects. That often means his lines are busier and more staccato than usual, and, especially on "Invocation" and "Thaw," he takes spirited flights into the avant-garde with chaotic yet controlled flurries of notes. The group's rhythmic interplay, too, becomes more important in this context, with the grooves shifting around often enough to give the musicians more to react to. The eight-song program is equally divided between originals and covers with the latter category including hard bop material by Lee Morgan, John Coltrane, and Bud Powell, as well as a gentle, album-closing rendition of the rock standard "Hey Joe." Although Tonic is markedly different from the jazz-funk-rock with which MMW made their name, it's a rewarding excursion and one of their most purely jazz-oriented works.

Recorded live at Tonic, New York, New York from March 16-26, 1999.

Personnel: John Medeski (melodica, piano); Chris Wood (bass); Billy Martin (drums, mbira, percussion).





Medeski Martin & Wood - The Dropper (2000)
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01. We Are Rolling
02. Big Time
03. Felic
04. Partido Alto
05. Illinization
06. Bone Digger
07. Note Bleu
08. The Dropper
09. Philly Cheese Blunt
10. Sun Sleigh
11. Tsukemono
12. Shacklyn Knights
13. Norah 6

Whether Medeski Martin and Wood named The Dropper in the hip-hop and dance traditions of "dropping science" and "dropping the beat" or to name-drop a delivery mechanism for liquid lysergic acid diethylamide, the album is jazz's best bridge to all three in a long time. This is the perfect electric corollary to early 2000's acoustic blowout, Tonic, with MMW at full tilt from the album-opening growl that announces "We Are Rolling" (a double entendre, perchance?). Medeski jumps on his keys with such force that it's several tunes into The Dropper before you realize you've come through hazes and blazes of beats and billows to hear a pristine midrange piano. The more overtly beat-oriented sound of 1998's Combustication appears periodically here, but so too do wild alto sax windstorms--care of guest and Sun Ra band veteran Marshall Allen and guitar thunder from guest Marc Ribot (among other esteemed visitors). But the real push and pull of The Dropper come with on-the-one beats punching through thick storms of sound and leading the trio into sweet, soulful spots like the bossa-painted "Note Bleu." Colossal shape shifting is the order of the day. So drop on by.





Medeski Martin & Wood - Electric Tonic (2001)
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01. Improvisation 1
02. Improvisation 2
03. Improvisation 3
04. Improvisation 4
05. Improvisation 5
06. Improvisation 6
07. Improvisation 7
08. Improvisation 8
09. Improvisation 9
10. Improvisation 10

Available only through the band's store or at a live show, Electric Tonic is electric improvisational birthday music recorded July 4th 1998 in Downtown New York's most intimate venue. This album was recorded by MMW archivist Federico Cribiore, who claims that it's absolutely one of his top 5 Desert Island records. Patriotism never sounded so good.

Recorded live at Tonic, 107 Norfolk St. New York City on July 4, 1998.

Personnel: John Medeski (keyboards); Chris Wood (basses); Billy Martin (drums and percussion).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Uninvisible (2002)
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01. Uninvisible
02. I Wanna Ride You
03. Your Name Is Snake Anthony
04. Pappy Check
05. Take Me Nowhere
06. Retirement Song
07. Ten Dollar High
08. Where Have You Been?
09. Reprise
10. Nocturnal Transmission
11. Smoke
12. First Time Long Time
13. The Edge Of Night
14. Off The Table

On their eighth studio release, the experimentally inclined jazz-rockers Medeski, Martin, and Wood open up their organ-trio sound in new and unexpected ways. Trading in their earlier, groove-oriented sound for a more eclectic interest in moods and melodies, the group finally dives headlong into the hip-hop and electronica vibe it's been sniffing around at least since 1998's COMBUSTICATION. On tracks like the hypnotic "Retirement Song" or "Pappy Check," the polyrhythmic scratching of guest turntablist DJ Olive isn't employed for sonic color, but as a fully-fledged instrument in the mix.
Keyboardist John Medeski largely steps aside for once, leaving bassist Chris Wood to drive the songs, especially on the funky "The Edge of Night" and the pure hip-hop groove of "First Time, Long Time." Other tracks explore a more noodly, almost ambient feel, especially the closing "Off the Table," which starts with a wild Mellotron solo that sounds like someone spiked Rick Wakeman's curry with acid and ends to a strangely calming loop that sounds like two people playing ping-pong. Guest vocals by Brad Roberts of the Crash Test Dummies and noted southern eccentric Col. Bruce Hampton, as well as two tracks featuring a full horn section, add to the album's appealing sonic variety.

Recorded at Shacklyn Studios, Brooklyn, Bearsville Studios, Bearsville and The Magic Shop, New York, New York.

Personnel: John Medeski (keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass).





Medeski Martin & Wood - End Of The World Party (Just In Case) (2004)
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01. Anonymous Skulls
02. End of the World Party
03. Reflector
04. Bloody Oil
05. New Planet
06. Mami Gato
07. Shine It
08. Curtis
09. Ice
10. Sasa
11. Midnight Poppies/Crooked Birds
12. Queen Bee
13. Whiney Bitches

This 2004 Blue Note release by Medeski Martin & Wood is yet another example of this band's ability to create infectious grooves and fascinating tonal colors. This is not jazz, per se. MMW frequently blur genre lines, experimenting with a variety of styles and sounds.
On End Of The World Party (Just In Case), the trio continues in its quest for funky beats and intriguing soundscapes. "Shine It" and "Curtis" have a 1970s retro feel, and on these selections, the group uses a Fender Rhodes, a wah-wah pedal, and earthy drum sounds. In contrast, "Anonymous Skulls," and "End of the World Party" boast state-of-the-art, high-voltage energy. On these tunes, keyboardist John Medeski uses atmospheric sound effects to swirl around the melodies, generating strange, cacophonous noises. Labeled as a jam band of sorts, Medeski Martin & Wood stand out among their peers because of their attention to detail; their grooves are contagious, and they infuse their music with lots of uniquely quirky timbres and textures.

Recorded at Shacklyn Studios, Brooklyn, NY; The Medina, Los Feliz, CA.

Personnel: Marc Ribot (guitar); Briggan Krauss (saxophone); Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet); John Medeski (keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass guitar).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Note Bleu: Best of the Blue Note Years 1998-2005 (2006)
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01. The Dropper
02. Sugar Craft
03. I Wanna Ride You
04. Nocturne
05. Partido Alto
06. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho
07. Note Bleu
08. Pappy Check
09. Mami Gato
10. Off the Table
11. Queen Bee
12. Hypnotized
13. Hey Joe
14. End of the World Party
15. Uninvisible
16. Whiney Bitches
17. The Builder
18. Toy Dancing

Groove-jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood alighted upon an ingenious formula when they began mixing traditional jazz playing with informal funk workouts and an experimental compositional approach borrowed from hip-hop and electronica. The fusion was a hit with discerning jazz listeners and jam band fans alike, and the group boosted their profile even further when they signed to Blue Note in the late 1990s.
MMW released some of their best and most adventurous albums on Blue Note between 1998 and 2005, and Note Bleu culls some of the finest cuts from those albums. From the sonic collages of Combustication (with guest artist DJ Logic) to the dreamy, acoustic rendition of "Hey Joe" from Tonic, the trio are always ready to push the envelope, but never at the expense of either their formidable chops or groove-centered accessibility. This best-of set is a great place to sample the trio's Blue Note work, or to get a general overview to their sound.

Personnel: Danny Blume (guitar, baritone guitar); Marc Ribot (guitar); John Medeski (melodica, piano, keyboards); Michael Herbst (bass clarinet, baritone saxophone); Stuart Bogie (tenor saxophone); Jordan McLean, Todd M. Simon (trumpet, flugelhorn); Aaron Johnson (trombone); Billy Martin (keyboards, drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass drum); Eddie Bobe (congas); DJ Logic, Dj P Love, DJ Olive (turntables).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Let's Go Everywhere (2008)
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01. Waking Up
02. Let's Go Everywhere
03. Cat Creeps
04. The Train Song
05. Where's the Music
06. Pat a Cake
07. Pirates Don't Take Baths
08. Far East Sweets
09. On an Airplane
10. The Squalb
11. Let's Go
12. Old Paint
13. Hickory Dickory Dock
14. All Around the Kitchen
15. We're All Connected

With titles like "Pat a Cake," "We're All Connected," and "Pirates Don't Take Baths," it's easy to guess the sensibility behind Let's Go Everywhere. The band members brought their children (and other guests) into the studio for the vocals, creating a happy, all-inclusive singalong atmosphere in perfect keeping with the project's vibe. What hasn't changed is the high-minded improvisatory aesthetic central to MMW's jazzy, groove-oriented sound, which helps make Let's Go Everywhere as engaging to the group's regular fans as it will be to the average five-year-old.
Medeski, Martin & Wood made an album for kids? Well, why not? The trio's individual members are funky, fun, and free-spirited enough and, more importantly, they each have the smarts and sophistication to know that kids shouldn't be condescended to. The result is a frolicsome set that is joyously playful without being dumbed down.

Personnel: Chris Wood (vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass instrument); John Medeski (keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, mbira, percussion).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Zaebos: Book of Angels, Volume 11 (2008)
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01. Zagzagel
02. Sefrial
03. Agmatia
04. Rifion
05. Chafriel
06. Ahaji
07. Asaliah
08. Vianuel
09. Jeduthun
10. Malach Ha-Sopher
11. Tutrusa'i

Under the moniker Masada, composer/musician John Zorn has been writing, and assembling musicians to play, music that fuses traditional Jewish forms with improvisational jazz, often with an avant-garde flair. THE BOOK OF ANGELS, a series of recordings showcasing Zorn's new Masada material, expands this ongoing catalogue. On ZAEBOS, VOL. 11, Zorn recruits the downtown jazz-funk trio Medeski, Martin, & Wood to carry the torch.
The music resembles other Masada work in its balance of grooves, frenetic soloing, and swirling melodies derived from klezmer, the Middle East, and Eastern European traditions. But keyboardist John Medeski, bassist Chris Wood, and drummer Billy Martin bring their unique, groove-saturated stamp to Zorn's experimentation, resulting in an overall accessible performance that overflows with technical mastery.

Personnel: John Medeski (keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (basses).





Medeski Martin & Wood - Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set (2009)
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Radiolarians I
01. First Light
02. Cloud Wars
03. Muchas Gracias
04. Professor Nohair
05. Reliquary
06. Free Go Lily
07. Rolling Son
08. Sweet Pea Dreams
09. God Fire
10. Hidden Moon
11. Incantation (bonus track)

Radiolarians II
01. Flat Tires
02. Junkyard
03. Padrecito
04. ijiji
05. Riffin’ Ed
06. Amber Gris
07. Chasen vs. Suribachi
08. Dollar Pants
09. Amish Pintxos
10. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
11. Clifton 3:41 (bonus track)

Radiolarians III
01. Chantes Des Femmes
02. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
03. Kota
04. Undone
05. Wonton
06. Walk Back
07. Jean’s Scene
08. Broken Mirror
09. Gwyra Mi
10. Satan Part II (bonus track)

Explorarians (Live Album)
01. Chasen vs. Suribachi
02. Dollar Pants
03. Amish Pintxos
04. Walk Back
05. Junkyard
06. Gwyra Mi
07. Flat Tires
08. 10 Minutes of Our Lives

Remixolarians (Remix Album)
01. Undone (Undone D-Mix Remixed by Danny Blume)
02. Flat Tires (Remixed by DJ Logic)
03. Chasen vs Suribachi (Produced by Mister Rourke)
04. Kota (Remixed by Dan the Automator)
05. Rolling Son (Remixed by DJ Olive)
06. Free Go Lily (Produced by DJ Spooky)
07. Flat Tires (Produced by DJ Spooky)
08. Junkyard (Remixed by Scotty Hard)
09. Chasen vs Suribachi (Remixed by Mat Young, RPM)
10. Reliquary (Qubti Mataraqah Produced by Mutamassik)

The three albums released in Medeski, Martin & Wood's Radiolarians series during 2008 and 2009 are arguably the most relaxed, fluid, and spontaneously creative recordings they have issued thus far in their 18-year career. For these records, the trio members changed the manner in which they record. They took short writing retreats, came up with ideas, went on the road and only played the new material, and finally went into the studio to record it. All three recordings are filled with a nearly limitless range of music from funk and jazz to classical and ambient to New Orleans second-line R&B and gospel. All three are stellar examples of just how expansive and intuitive a keyboard, bass, and drum trio can be. Now comes Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set, a gorgeously assembled box that contains two LPS, five CDs, and a DVD. For those who don't already know, the Radiolarians series was named after a type of single-celled organism with a dazzlingly intricate exoskeleton, reflecting Billy Martin's deep lifelong interest in biology and organisms. The trio was attracted to the drawings and research of German biologist Ernst Haeckel, who went a long way toward helping to validate Charles Darwin's theories in the 19th century. The 12" by 12" box, like all of the previous CDs, is illustrated by him. Inside the box are the three individual Radiolarians CDs with a bonus track each -- all of them worth hearing and adding to the experience of the records themselves -- and a double 180-gram LP set consisting of ten tracks handpicked from them and arranged thematically. The first LP features more riff-oriented material (check the jams "Undone" and "Amber Gris" in particular), while the second one centers more around funkier pieces like "Walk Back" and more deliberately atmospheric material such as "Hidden Moon." The sound of the individual LPs is utterly stunning.
Also included is a live CD containing only the material from the Radiolarians tours; the compositions are reflected in much more open and improvisational ways for 70 minutes. It's almost worth the price of admission alone because it's a stone killer. In keeping with MMW's love of DJ culture, there is also a remix CD called Remixolarians containing ten tracks from Radiolarians; they are given full treatments by the likes of DJ Spooky, DJ Logic, Dan the Automator, Scotty Hard, Mister Rourke, Mutamassik, and DJ Olive, among others. Finally, the box contains the Fly in a Bottle DVD, a documentary film by Martin giving a laboratory-like look at MMW recording and creating the music in Radiolarians as well as live footage compiled from over a decade. It looks unflinchingly at the life of a band and the interconnected personas and relationships of its members. The music for "Amber Gris" is included as well, along with CW, a short experimental film also directed by Martin. For MMW fans, this certainly presents a bit of a dilemma, since many have plunked down the cash for either some or all of the individual Radiolarians releases. But if any box set is worth the investment in 2009, it's this one, musically and aesthetically. While the set is being distributed and can be found through an array of retail shops, it can also be purchased directly through the band's website.

Personnel: John Medeski (keyboards); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (basses).





Medeski Martin & Wood - The Stone Issue Four (2010)
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01. Tutrusa'i
02. Riffin Ed / Luz Marina
03. Buster Rides Again / Doppler
04. Amber Gris
05. We're All Connected

This fourth cd to benefit The Stone presents a spectacular set of music recorded live in Japan by the legendary trio of Medeski, Martin and Wood. Beautiful sound and a great crowd makes this a very special release by these downtown music masters. Support The Stone by purchasing this and the other limited edition Stone Benefit cds before they go out of print Available online only through the Downtown Music Gallery and Tzadik, all proceeds from the sale of this limited edition CD will go directly to support The Stone. Only with your help can we keep The Stone alive

Recorded live at Kinema Club, Tokyo, April 11, 2010.

Personnel: John Medeski (piano, melodica); Billy Martin (drums, percussion); Chris Wood (bass).




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John Scofield - A Go Go (1998)
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01. A Go Go
02. Chank
03. Boozer
04. Southern Pacific
05. Jeep on 35
06. Kubrick
07. Green Tea
08. Hottentot
09. Chicken Dog
10. Deadzy

On A Go Go, Scofield teams with Generation X funksters Medeski, Martin and Wood for an album of greasy grooves and hip downtown sonorities. The leader's guitar and John Medeski's keyboards weave and sway in a laid back slink over the lazy, ringing back beats of Billy Martin. And just when you think the groove has bent and twisted to the verge of falling to pieces, bassist Chris Wood is the glue that holds it all together.
All ten tracks are Scofield originals but it was surely a group effort to develop such a deep pocket of funk. From the hip-hop of the opening title cut we get a sense that this is not your average jazz quartet. The James Brown-ish "Chank" captures an all new Scofield sound that's even more harsh and gritty than normal, as he scratches and twangs out a slinky intro to kick off the groove. Solos are kept at a conservative length throughout but that's not to say they're less intense. Check out Sco's tasty improv in the easy-groovin' "Southern Pacific" for a demonstration. His young cohorts provide some fiery moments as well, with Medeski and Martin both cranking out exciting solos on the bouncy "Hottentot."

Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, New York.

Personnel: John Scofield (whistling, guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar); John Medeski (piano, Clavinet, organ, Wurlitzer organ, keyboards); Chris Wood (acoustic bass, electric bass); Billy Martin (drums, tambourine).





Oren Bloedow - Luckiest Boy In The World (1998)
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01. In The Clinch
02. Endless Tears
03. The Living Room
04. Do I Have To Take You Outside
05. Prayer No. 2
06. Like An Arch
07. Foot Of The Wall
08. Babyland
09. 100% Live
10. I Need a Fire
11. In The Clinch: Continued

Despite its longer title, Oren Bloedow's second solo album is decidedly more straightforward than his eponymous debut. More surprising is the simple, supportive role played by his backing band, the jazzy groove trio Medeski, Martin & Wood. While tunes like "In the Clinch" and "100 Percent Live" offer more of the raucous funk from Bloedow's first album, mellow, emotional songs like "Endless Tears" and "Do I Have to Take You Outside" show a more introspective side to the songwriter. Bloedow's complex pop writing is still very much informed by the downtown jazz world he comes from, but the songs on The Luckiest Boy in the World sound less complicated and display great maturity and craft. Lyrically, Bloedow is less cryptic as well, and his voice sounds more confident than ever. Bloedow's excellent songs are perfectly matched by the often hypnotic groove created by drummer Billy Martin and bassist Chris Wood. Meanwhile, John Medeski adds tasty organ solos, but only when necessary. Guests like Ron Sunshine on harmonica and slide guitar virtuoso Dave Tronzo make the album one of the best avant pop albums to ever come out of the downtown New York scene.





Lorenzo - Keep It Blue (2003)
01. Keep It Blue
02. Electricity
03. What Love Can Do
04. Free At Last
05. Destiny
06. Stand
07. Let's Save The Planet
08. The Call Is Love
10. Life Is My Reward

With none other than Medeski, Martin and Wood backing jazz flutist, Lorenzo, you can count on an off-the-meter, funky jazz album with laid back grooves, upbeat funk and insane creativity. With attitude and pizzazz, Lorenzo rips up the air waves with his sassy, bold, melodic carving, sizzling between the lines of the acid jazz tapestries. Engaging bits of world percussion and consistently suported by jazz organ, these tracks are the perfect get-away from an over-active mind. Chill out and take a load off with a legendary band.

MP3, 192 kbps


Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood - Out Louder (2006)
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01. Little Walter Rides Again
02. Miles Behind
03. In Case The World Changes Its Mind
04. Tequila and Chocolate
05. Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing
06. Chachaca
07. Hanuman
08. Telegraph
09. What Now
10. Julia
11. Down The Tube
12. Legalize It

01. A Go Go (live)
02. Chachaca (live)
03. The Tube (live)
04. Amazing Grace (live)
05. Deadzy (live)
06. What Now (live)

Limited edition re-issue of their 2006 album includes a bonus six track live disc featuring 'A Go Go', 'Cachaca', 'The Tube', 'Amazing Grace', 'Deadzy' and 'What Now'. A group that effortlessly straddles the gap between avant-garde improvisation and accessible groove-based jazz, Medeski, Martin, & Wood have simultaneously earned standings as relentlessly innovative musicians and an enormously popular act. Emerging out of the New York downtown scene in the early '90s, the group soon set out on endless cross-country tours, before returning home to Manhattan to further refine their sound through myriad influential experimentations. One of the "big three" of current jazz guitarists (along with Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell), Scofield's influence grew in the '90s. Possessor of a very distinctive rock-oriented sound that is often a bit distorted, Scofield is a masterful jazz improviser whose music generally falls somewhere between post-bop, fusion, and soul jazz. He started on guitar while at high school in Connecticut, and from 1970-1973 Scofield studied at Berklee and played in the Boston area. After recording with Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker at Carnegie Hall, Scofield was a member of the Billy Cobham-George Duke band for two years.

Personnel: John Scofield (guitars); John Medeski (keyboards); Chris Wood (basses); Billy Martin (drums, percussion).





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Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
John Medeski - A Different Time (2013)

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Исполнитель: John Medeski
Название альбома: A Different Time
Год выпуска: 2013

Keyboard master John Medeski thrives on the unpredictable, a trait that has kept his work with the trailblazing trio Medeski Martin & Wood (MMW) fresh and surprising for more than twenty years. With A Different Time, his first solo piano project, Medeski once again takes his sound in a completely unexpected direction. A Different Time is a far more introspective, meditative collection than fans of MMW's lively, groove-driven music might expect. Consisting mainly of his own compositions and improvisations, A Different Time presents a different side of Medeski's prodigious artistry. "I had a more eclectic record in mind," says Medeski. "I wanted to put out something that would be more representative of what my live solo concerts are like. The whole point is to get lost in the music."

1. A Different Time
2. I'm Falling In Love Again
3. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
4. Ran
5. Graveyard Fields
6. Luz Marina
7. Waiting At The Gait
8. Lacrima
9. Otis

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I can't deadlift that much before I start to fart
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Medeski, Martin & Wood + Nels Cline - Woodstock Sessions, Vol.2 (2014) 320kbps
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Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood - Juice [2014]
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01. Juice Track List
02. Sham Time
03. North London
04. Louis The Shoplifter
05. Juicy Luicy
06. I Know You
07. Helium
08. Light My Fire
09. Sunshine Of Your Love
10. Stovetop
11. The Times They Are A-Changin

MP3 / 320 / WEB:
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Medeski Martin & Wood - 20

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Each month during 2011, MMW released new, never-released tracks, for a total of 20 tracks to celebrate their 20th anniversary. MMW.com

    01. :: 7:21 :: Me2
    02. :: 3:39 :: Shackman
    03. :: 6:20 :: Synesthesia
    04. :: 5:07 :: Down On Me
    05. :: 6:45 :: Born On A Bus
    06. :: 5:12 :: Tiznit Stomp
    07. :: 3:58 :: Fuck You Guys [First Take]
    08. :: 7:52 :: Box Car Lullabye
    09. :: 5:37 :: Make Room For Another [Mix by DJ Olive]
    10. :: 5:30 :: Last Of A Kind [Mix by DJ Olive]
    11. :: 3:47 :: Aquila The Hyun
    12. :: 6:09 :: Doppler
    13. :: 5:32 :: Silk
    14. :: 4:34 :: Stubborn Comfort
    15. :: 5:31 :: Seashack
    16. :: 4:12 :: Nuba
    17. :: 4:39 :: Palo Santo
    18. :: 6:39 :: Illmoan
    19. :: 3:03 :: Mean Irene
    20. :: 3:13 :: Floodwaters

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DRKWAV is Skerik (saxophones), John Medeski (keyboards) and Adam Deitch (drums). The three master musicians have come together for The Purge, an entirely uncompromising debut album that delves deep into the furthest corners of the human psyche. Co-produced and mixed by venerated studio wizard Randall Dunn, DRKWAV conjure a wall of intricately detailed psychedelic sound. Each of the recordings eight tracks seemingly designed as cinematic overture. True to its name, the trio revels in the pitch black, yet continually discover beauty and shed light through sonic exploration.

DRKWAV - The Purge [2015]
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01. Darkwave
02. Soundtrack
03. Count Chokulous
04. Datura
05. Scars
06. Hell Bass
07. Gazzelloni
08. Shmeeans Kuti

FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue / CD:

MP3 / 320 / WEB:

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ух. забористая штука!
Бодро. Плюсую.
Есть бодрые темки, но в целом нудновато.. dry.gif
Просто запредельный альбом! Лучший.
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