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MediaInfo позволяет получать технические данные и тэги из видео- или аудио- файлов. Это - бесплатное программное обеспечение (без всякой оплаты и со свободным доступом к исходному коду, лицензии GPL или LGPL).

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спасибо, попробую
а то ослом месяц качала 1 видео файл и оказалось что с ним какая то фигня...может выясню unsure.gif
Пользуйтесь только "Убиком" - и вас найдет любовь! Обращаться с осторожностью. Применять только согласно инструкции.

+ Galician language
+ Swedish language
+ Chinese (traditional) language
+ MPEG-1/2 PS : more files have a duration
+ AVI with MPEG-4 Video based codecs (DivX, XviD...), more encoder string detections
x Matroska, crash with big (>4GB) files

Страница загрузки

+ Chinese (simplified) language
+ AVI with AAC-SBR : detection of real SamplingRate (not the sampling rate in header)
+ AVI with DV : basic information about audio
+ AVI with DV : detection of duplicated audio stream
+ Google Video : metadatas
+ AVI : now able to read metadatas at the end of the file
+ AVI : Bitrate computed is based on filesize in header instead of real filesize (for broked files)
+ AVI (DivX) : Menu detection (yes or no)
+ AVI : detection of VBR MP3 (useful for DVD players, sometimes they don't accept it)
+ AVI : detection of Delay between Audio and Video (for MPEG Audio, AC3 and DTS)
+ PlayStationPortable MPEG-4 files support
+ 3GPP5 files support
+ MPEG-4 : Detection of MP3, Vorbis streams embeded in a 'mp4a' atom
+ MPEG-4 : Detection of AVC streams embeded in a 'mp4v' atom
+ MPEG-2TS with MPEG-4 and AC3 detection
+ Speed improvements
x AVI : infinite loop on one example file
x AVI : some bad detections corrected
x MPEG-PS : infinite loop in intra Matrix on one example file
x MPEG TS : better detection of streams

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хорошая штучка - наводишь курсор на файл и видишь все его параметры
Пользуйтесь только "Убиком" - и вас найдет любовь! Обращаться с осторожностью. Применять только согласно инструкции.

+ MPEG Transport Stream : Video info (Standard, Chroma, Interlacement...) and PlayTime
+ CDXA : PlayTime
+ MPEG-4 Video embedded in MPEG Program Stream support
+ MPEG-1 stream embedded in a Quictime file
+ MPEG-4 AAC Parametric Stereo (SBR-PS) detection
+ Detection of encrypted MPEG-4 (like iTunes)
+ Support of MPEG TS with lot of synchro errors
+ AVI : Exact Stream size calculation (but currently OpenDML files are not supported)
+ MPEG-4 : Exact Stream size calculation
+ Basic support of Korean mobilephone provider Sky (.skm)
x MPEG Program Stream : PlayTime, Delay are corrected
x #1601787 : MOV tracks issues (and crash)
x MOV : was stopping on too big "free" atoms
x MOV : Aspect Ration of DV is corrected
x MPEG : Handling of negative Delays between Audio and Video
x Musepack parser was doing too much "false positives" with some MPEG files

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+ MPEG-TS : Detect encrypted stream, and show the codec
+ id3v2 with UTF-16 frames
+ AVC in MPEG-TS AVC parsing
+ AVC : Width and Height
x Matroska, some crashing files (with chapters)

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+ You can now use your own templates (take a look on /plugins/custom/ directory)
+ FLV format support
+ Basic support of multiple programs in a MPEG Transport Stream (Satellite broadcast)
+ Basic detection of TwinVQ (.vqf) files (+tag parsing)
+ Better handling of corrupted .mp4 files
+ Better handling of corrupted .avi files
x Crash with corrupted "COMM" Id3v2 tags
x Crash with some audio files
x 1633524: MOV, Crash on files with corrupted Descriptors
x 1630907: MP3, Crash on files with corrupted (empty) Id3v2 tag
x 1637838, 1634549, 1635131: Crash with some audio-only files
x AVI, Better detection of writing application found in a "JUNK" chunk
x AVI, sometimes wrong playtime
x 1637191: AC3 delay in AVIs is back
x 1635134: some freezes with MPEG-7 files (but this format is not yet supported)
x 1635087: some files were wrongly detected as AC3
x Russian (or other non-latin language) AVI tag parsing is back.

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• Program file size reduction
• WAV : Support of some special tags at the end of the file
• AVC : Display Aspect Ratio
• 1653325: Wrong Resolution with AVC High Profile
• 1662890: Problem with tag adaptation parser (mainly for ID3v1 genre)
• Better support of corrupted MOV files Note : for this release ONLY, there will be NOT Linux or MacOS version.

Скачать инсталлятор (Windows) (1.5 Мб.)

• Windows 64-bit version of the command line tool and DLL (separately)
• Linux 64-bit version of the command line tool (separately)
• More Musepack properties
• Detection of Musepack v8 files
• Complete parsing of Real Media files (all tags)
• Improved Windows Media (ASF/WMA/WMV) parsing
• MonkeyAudio tags (APETagv1/v2, Id3v1) parsing
• Ogg/Theora : Video bitrate
• MPEG audio : More encoder detection (bitstream parsing)
• SWF (Flash) parsing
• #1665981: Mov - PCM audio (digital camera) was detected as RGB
• #1672896: Wave file with .mp3 extension was detected as MP3
• #1689570 and #1633237: Better JPEG parsing
• Some other minor bugs

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• OGG Vorbis, "Floor" value (useful for some players which don't support Floor 0)
• MPEG-Audio, Lyrics3v1/v2, ApeTagv1/v2 parsing
• MPEG-TS, handling of complex files (multiple programs, 8+ channels...)
• #1704008: handling of AVC or MPEG-4 Video in a MPEG-TS file without program map
• VC-1 basic parsing
• DTS True HD detection
• AC3+ detection
• HD-DVD (decyphered) support
• BluRay (decyphered) support
• MPEG-TS, Duration calculation problem on very rare files
• MPEG-4/iTunes, Tags where not well parsed in
• FLV, freezes or crashes with some files
• #1718269: MPEG-4 Video, Framerate of 65535/2733 is transformed to 23.976
• Windows Media (ASF/WMA/WMV) with file size more than 4GB were not well handled
• MP4 with file size more than 4GB were not well handled

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• Licence changed from GPLv2 to GPLv3
• Korean language, thanks to
• More information about mpeg-4 based (Nero...) files
• MediaInfo analyses longer a .vob file to be able to find hidden tracks (subtitles...)
• #1747633: Encrypted WMV detection
• FLV: more attributes
• Memory leaks correction
• #1720404: MPEG, rare crashes with some files
• #1721846: AAC ADTS were no more detected
• MPEG Audio: No detection if there is some specific junk before the real audio data
• #1728059: Delphi DLL overflow with big files
• Crash with Youtube FLV files
• AVI: Delay for AC3, DTS and MP3 is back

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• AVI: 24/30 fps (aka 120 fps hack or dual frame rate video) detection
• TruAudio (.tta) support
• Wavpack (.wv) support
• MPEG-4 based containers: Codec/CC tag support
• #1754143: AC3 & DTS detection in a .mp4 container made with the Haali's gdsmux tool
• #1754140: AC3 detection in a .mp4 container from Nero Digital
• #1754905: iPhone files support
• #1750275: HD-DTS was no more detected in a .m2ts (bluray) file
• AVI: AAC profile name was no more detected

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• #1770477: Video info for some low-bitrate MPEG files were not shown
• #1770509: MPEG 2 Audio Layer 2 was not well detected
• #1763282: FLV, wrong playtime on PPC based machine
• #1734113: IFO, crash with some specific files
• Tooltip extension was requesting development tools since No more requested.
• Stability improvement

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+ Better handling of non-Latin characters in the command line
+ Better OGG/OGM parsing
+ Better .ifo (DVD-Video) parsing
+ Win9X/98/Me support does not request Microsoft unicows.lib anymore
x Win95/98/Me support was brocken since It works again.
x #1798997: MPEG-4, some Apple codecs were wrongly reported
x Lot of memory leak correction, you can now parse 1000+ files without problems

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