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At a Tame Impala show in Paris two years ago, Melody Prochet, French pop aficionado and multi-instrumentalist for the band My Bee's Garden, became intrigued by the Aussie psych-rockers' scuzzy sonics. She struck up a conversation with the band's Kevin Parker after the show about how he achieved the band's signature, blown-out bass sound in particular, and a while later he asked My Bee's Garden to support Tame Impala on a European leg of their tour. Though her own band's sound was clean and somewhat precious, Prochet remained drawn to the Tame Impala aesthetic. So when she decided to go solo, she asked Parker to produce, and to push her out of her comfort zone a bit. "I tend to write songs with pretty chords and arpeggios, and I was kind of boring myself," she recalled. "So I asked Kevin to destroy everything."

Mission accomplished. Recorded mostly at Parker's home studio in Perth, the resulting self-titled debut from Melody's Echo Chamber is a record of psych-tinged pop with just the right amount of thematic darkness and grime around the edges. Prochet has a way with melody and a voice that places her among the top-tier graduates of the Trish Keenan and Laetitia Sadier school of dream pop, but it's Parker's signature production that helps this record transcend its forever-in-vogue 1960s pop influences. ("This record was my dream sound," Prochet said in a recent interview. "I've tried for years to get it but finally found the right hands to sculpt it.") Full of immersive textures that give off an echoey depth and prismatic riffs that tumble through space, Parker's production grants this record its own laws of gravity.

The record's best songs tease out tension between soft and hard edges-- a combination of beauty and brittleness. Excellent lead-off single "I Follow You" pairs an exquisitely sugary melody with a fuzzy, syncopated riff, while the dreamy "Crystallized" detonates in its final moments into a kraut-y electro freak-out. Beginning with a toy-soldier beat and warmly warped synth tones, "You Won't Be Missing That Part of Me" blooms into one of the record's best moments, a kiss-off song that flips the usual script and takes the perspective of the heartbreaker rather than the heartbreak ("Because I lied with all my heart, because it's time to change my life... Hold on, you'll see it won't be that hard to forget me.") Parker's production is perhaps at its most stunning on "Some Time Alone, Alone", on which Prochet's arpeggios rain down like a chandelier being hit with a sledgehammer in slow-motion.

The shards occasionally prick: "Mount Hopeless" is fittingly gloomy, and there's even a song about post-plane crash cannibalism called "Snowcapped Andes Crash". But for as odd and chilling as that song sounds on paper, it falls flat in execution, languishing on a Side B that doesn't quite have enough ideas or surprises to save from some repetitive lulls. Prochet hasn't quite figured out how to do anything interesting with the macabre that lurks somewhere in this record's sound, and it leaves you wishing she'd explored Melody's dark side a little more, à la Broadcast's creepy masterpiece Tender Buttons. Of course, Prochet's melodies can't quite fill the Broadcast-shaped void left in the wake of Keenan's untimely death, but Melody's Echo Chamber is one of the more satisfying records to bear that band's influence in recent years. For a collaboration between a songwriter and a producer who helped push her to the outer limits of her vision, Melody's Echo Chamber is an impressively immersive debut. pitchfork

Melody's Echo Chamber - Melody's Echo Chamber [2012, V0]

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1. I Follow You
2. Crystallized
3. You Won't Be Missing That Part Of Me
4. Some Time Alone, Alone
5. Bisou Magique
6. Endless Shore
7. Quand Vas Tu Rentrer
8. Mount Hopeless
9. Is That What You Said
10. Snowcapped Andes Crash
11. Be Proud Of Your Kids

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очень чувствуется рука паркера в инструментальной составляющей!
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ПС местами возникало ощущение, что слушаю school of seven bells!
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охренительная песня

и эта оч хороша Endless Shore
Очень хороша, ребята smile.gif
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Melody’s Echo Chamber :: The Aquarium Drunkard Session

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Release Info
Label.........................: Fat Possum
Genre.........................: Indie
StoreDate.....................: Sep-25-2012
Source........................: CDDA
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Release Notes:
Melody's Echo Chamber, the self-titled debut album by Paris-based
musician Melody Prochet, is a retro-sounding record that nods to many
traditions (glam, hard rock, psychedelic rock, folk) without ever
adhering to one.
The album's opening song, "I Follow You," sounds like Best Coast, if you
transplanted Bethany Cosentino's sunny California beach anthems to a
cloudy day on the Brittany coast. "You Won't Be Missing That Part of Me"
and "Mount Hopeless" wobble into line behind Broadcast and Can ù the
rhythms on Melody's Echo Chamber split time between rock and jazz ù but
the album recalls psychedelia-inflected rock the same way so much of
chillwave is based on dance music. The elements are all there, but
they're muddier, moodier and meant to trigger the feeling or the memory
of the thing rather than incite the thing itself. Listening to Melody's
Echo Chamber is like plugging into the analog Matrix.
"Some Time Alone, Alone" follows the album's basic formula: The
instruments whip up a hazy atmosphere inside which Prochet's vocals
suspend. The words are often hard to pick out. Prochet sings in English
on some songs and in French on others, but there are times when you can
easily lose track of which until a word or two peeks out from the
reverb. In both "Snowcapped Andes Crash" and "Crystallized," she
abandons vocals for extended periods that feature noisy but controlled
experimentation. The melody and the atmosphere are the key ingredients;
they keep the songs intriguing, but a little distant. The album
sometimes has the effect of making you feel like you've happened upon a
person in the middle of an intensely private moment, before you notice
that they're posed perfectly to be caught.
That sounds like a dig, but noticing doesn't make it less attractive.
Music like this requires careful layering: Prochet recorded the album
with Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, and his fondness for grooves with
crunch around the edges rather than bounce makes him a good fit for her
misty vocals. Besides, there are too many hooks in Prochet's songwriting
for Melody's Echo Chamber to get predictable, even when she's combining
familiar elements from rock's past. The CD itself features a yin-yang
symbol combined with a smiley-face. You can read that as jumbled
pastiche or a knowing joke ù a symbol reflecting Prochet's willingness
to tweak her musty but beloved relics. The 45 minutes of music on
Melody's Echo Chamber suggests she knows what she's doing.

01. I Follow You 3:34
02. Crystallized 4:01
03. You Won't Be Missing That Part Of Me 4:16
04. Some Time Alone, Alone 3:46
05. Bisou Magique 4:09
06. Endless Shore 4:55
07. Quand Vas Tu Rentrer? 4:21
08. Mount Hopeless 4:32
09. Is That What You Said 2:28
10. Snowcapped Andes Crash 5:15
11. Be Proud Of Your Kids 3:09

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Melody's Echo Chamber - Shirim (2014) (Single)
1- Shirim

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новая песня "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage (2018)
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mp3, 320kbps

01. Cross My Heart (6:55)
02. Breathe in, Breathe Out (2:50)
03. Desert Horse (5:14)
04. Var Har Du Vart? (1:28)
05. Quand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige (7:07)
06. Visions of Someone Special, On a Wall of Reflections (4:55)
07. Shirim (4:46)

Cross My Heart божественна
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Cross My Heart божественна

все треки божественны thumb.gif Desert Horse вообще отличный.
Sounds From Outside My Window

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