Im loocking for thise Albume:

Darkthrone-Goatlord 1997
Darkthrone-Plaguewielder 2001
Borknagar-Borknagar 1996
Satyricon-The Shadowthrone 1994
Enslaved-Below the Lights 2003
Susperia-Unlimited 2004
Anorexia Nervosa-Exile 1997
Graveworm-When Daylight's Gone 1997


And this Albume :

Fimbulwinter - 'Servants Of Sorcery' 1992

картинка, оставленная пользователем

............. Brimstone ---Carving A Crimson Career -1999 ....................... looking for this album

........... sweden black metal band..............

Carving A Crimson Carreer
Nuclear Blast

BRIMSTONE hails from Sweden. They are the continuation of HAVOC, who recorded two demo tapes in the mid nineties. “Carving A Crimson Carreer” is their debut CD as BRIMSTONE. The band plays melodic death/speed metal. It’s the perfect mix of the metal of the eighties and the sound of the metal of the nineties. Fast guitar riffs, a solid rhythm and a screaming vocalist. Sometimes the band reduces speed, like in the beginning of the title track, but then that neck breaking riff falls in and the riot starts again. Sometimes the band reminded me of ACCEPT, except the vocals. Responsible for this great debut CD are Jan-Erik Persson on vocals, Daniel Grahn on guitar and bass and Ola Larsson on drums. Eight songs are on the CD, which I liked a lot. Although I must admit that I'd have liked a vocalist like Udo or Rob Halford better with the music that BRIMSTONE plays. Then this would have been an ultimate killer. In “Heavy Metal Kid” they’ve recorded a nice true metal anthem, as the title already predicts. “Carving A Crimson Carreer” is a good first move. Above all, it’s great to see they’re not following the path that was paved by HAMMERFALL. BRIMSTONE - a name to remember.......(by: Toine van Poorten)

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"Now half the world hates the other half
And half the world has all the food
And half the world lies down and quietly starves
'Cause there's not enough love to go 'round...
And sympathy is what we need my friend."
if you have any album for Anata or Re:aktor plz post them ! i really need them!
DoomBox, Angelripper777 & corpsereviver Rulez! Highest Respect To Them And To All The True MetalHeads!!!

I am Searching For:
M.A.N - Obey, Consume, Reject
Arafel - Tales of ancient forest PLZ! smile.gif
Помогите найти групы (достаточно только название или ссылки в UAIX) похожих на первый альбом групы Underoath (Act of Depression) ( остальные альбомы с новым составом вообще отстой и не похожи на первый). Зарание спасибо.
Ищу кучу старья. В алфавитном порядке:
Anthrax "Spreading The Decease"
Boehse Onkelz "Hier sind die Onkelz"
Ceremonial Oath "Carpet"
Dominion "Interface"
Ebony Tears "Tortura Insomniae"
Enola Gay "F.O.T.H."
Gates Of Ishtar "At Dusk and Forever"
Hades "Resisting Success"
Headstone Epitaph "Wings Of Eternity"
Helicon "Helicon"
Helicon "Mysterious Skipjack"
Metal Church (all albums are great)
Reactor "A Short Fairy Tale"
Reactor "Farewell To Reality"
Reverend "Heaven on Earth"
Sacrilege "The Fifth Season"
The Moaning "Blood from Stone"
Therapy? "Troublegum"
Toranaga "Bastard of Ballads"
Toranaga "God`s Gift"
Widowmaker "Blood And Bullets"
Ищу все альбомы Blind Guardian!подскажите где можно найти!или залейте(:
Slash Dot
У меня есть все...С бутлегами,синглами,видео и трибьютом...Куда залить?..
Клан бородатых рулит!
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картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Society failed to tolerate me and I failed to tolerate society
Давно ищу группу Nosgoth, альбом называется Nevermore requiem

1. Präludium
2. Sonnet of the moon
3. My dying bride
4. Care, charmer sleep
5. Fire soul

Это опера-металл, очень хочется заслушать, да не найду никак.
Ищу творчество групп righteous pigs и impulse manslaughter
Зачем же вы себе сами пытаетесь строить загон?

I need something of this group IRON FIRE.... is power melodic metal..

thanks..huh.gif huh.gif huh.gif huh.gif wink.gif wink.gif
\m/ Melodic Death Metal \m/ Thrash Metal \m/
ищу все альбомвы Pig Destroyer и The Berzerker[B]
hi to all!

i'm looking for Mind's eye - Walking on H20 (prog metal) (2006)

thanks! thumb.gif
Интересуют альбомы шведской команды Raise Hell - "Not Dead Yet" и "Wicked Is My Game". Подскажите, где можно скачать, или залете куда-нить, пожалста.
Hello everybody.

Here is a list of albums that I am looking for:

Benighted - "Identisick"
Bolt Thrower - "Those Once Loyal"
Dawn - "Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)"
Ethereal Blue - "Black Heart Process"
Immolation - "Close To A World Below"
Lord Belial - "Angelgrinder"
Mortal Decay - "Forensic"
Necronomicon - "Pharaoh Of Gods"
Necrophobic - "The Nocturnal Silence"
Protector - "Misanthropy"
Sadus - "Illusions"
Saprogenic - "Ichneumonid"
Vomitory - "Redemption"

Thanks smile.gif
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