re-up please
MP015 - Hold Yr Tongue
request. any mike clouds?
Brzowski & Moshe-Like Woe re-up pls
anyone got these?

Misanthrop & THMS - Fatalist
One Distant Moment - The Fade
Virtue - Following Wild
"Read this palm you gypsy bitch!"
MP043 Brzowski - A Fitful Sleep [2011]
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1. Own
2. Friendly fire
3. The tourist
4. Easy angel of Spruce St.
5. Travelogos
6. Nosebleed seats
7. Covenant (Feat. Awol One)
8. 2 months of Houdini
9. Queen of october
10. I'm the Atlantic (add. vocals Ashley Sterling)
11. The birding
12. Staring at the towe

.m4a dance.gif
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Milled Pavement label owner emcee and producer from
Portland, Maine gets the remix treatment from his Thinning
The Herd album by manyof his label mates and close
constituents. Features vocal contributions by: Brzowski, K-
the-I???, A-Frame, Nomar Slevik, Kristina Kentigian, Dilly
Dilly, Epic, Touch, James P Honey, Bleubird, Ira Lee,
geneva.b, Audio88, Georg Korg, Aamir, Losaka, Cognition, and
cuts by DJ Bizkid

01. Dirt Nap (Joel Siméus Remix)
02. Her Song (Nomar Slevik Remix)
03. Spine (Maki Remix)
04. Resurgasm (Mike Clouds Remix)
05. Open Sore (Fraud Fix Remix)
06. Her Song (I'm Feeling Her) (Crunk Witch Remix)
07. Senseless (Late Night Clouds Project Remix)
08. Hey Woman (Moshe Remix)
09. Warm Fuzzy Feeling (El Shupacabra Remix)
10. Scared Little Girls (zoën Remix)
11. Kardboard Krown (Mattr. Remix)
12. Carrying the Burden (Roma Remix)
13. Paperclipped Memories (One Distant Moment Remix)


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anyone can upload the latest milled pavement comp? the best of the las 8 years that would be dope thanks!
Goose Bumps 1 и 2 перезалейте, пожалуйста.
andrre-learn to love
andrromak - beauty
please please please!
Murmur Breeze - Foreshore Reverie

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1. Foreshore Reverie
2. Cabin Flesh Laid Yesterday 03:17
3. A Picture With Idol 03:31
4. Flame Like Projection 04:30
5. Catch The Mirage 02:54
6. Float 04:26
7. Lude & Meditation 01:27
8. Deer Head in Bear Trap 03:48
9. Waterboard Funfare 03:11
10. Nativity Play Massacre 03:38
11. Back Lit and Cripplingly Seductive 05:05
12. Third Light 01:44

Released march 19th

Murmur Breeze are a british-french alt-rap duo who seamslessly combine the traditions of both music and art in their surrealistic melange of creative compositions. A place where music, literature and visual art meet, coming together to describe an entirely cohesive, yet dream-like world, which so closely mirrors our own, but still pushes forward into unknown and perhaps impossible territories, guiding the listener on a path which takes in both the familiar and the mysteries, the comic and the tragic, the starkly real and the disorientatingly mysterious. With each release being a potent brew of overwhelming proportions.

Twelve songs seamlessly woven together to transport you on a maddeningly surreal journey through the psychedelic soundscapes and disorientating prose which AbSUrd and James P Honey both provide in ascending waves.

Featuring a host of collaborators, the album is awash with a staggering amount of wonderful musical turns and closely cut lyrical observations, deftly maneuvering between the bitingly satirical and the wildly theatrical. Auxiliary musical accompaniment comes in the form of performances from Jamie Romain, Michael Rea and Nadia D' Alò, whilst extra lyrical turns are taken by the mighty Mildew, Babel Fishh and jamesreindeer, and the whole album carefully guided through the mixing stages by jamesreindeer.

Listen :
Buy :
Gidrah, вот к чему здесь это задротство - давать ссылку только на покупку релиза?

*2011 / V0
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Murmur Breeze - Foreshore Reverie

01. Always Curious (intro)
02. Cabin Flesh Laid Yesterday
03. A Picture With Idol
04. Flame like Projection
05. According To Whose Plan
06. Float
07. Dusty Doorknobs
08. Catch The Mirage
09. Waterboard Funfare
10. Calm Before Tempest
11. Foreshore Reverie
12. Nativity Play Massacre
13. Back Lit & Cripplingly Seductive
14. Lude & Meditation
15. Deer Head In Bear Trap
16. Still Life With Holy Water Sprinkler
17. Third Light
18. Seamstress & The Risk
19. Always Curious (outro)

narod / mfire
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лучше нет влагалища, чем очко товарища; пахнет хуже, но зато оно и уже
Brzowski очень понравился!!
поделитесь чем еще, помимо A Fitful Sleep [2011], пожалуйста
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junkymike, у тебя же наверняка есть!?
ну не жмитесь, поделитесь музыкой хорошей
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