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Millimetrik - Cities EP
Label: Make Mine Music
Released: 2006

1 Thule
2 Reykjavik
3 Vladivostok
4 Tromso
5 Baie Deception
6 Frobisher Bay (a.k.a. Iqaluit)

    Pascal Asselin - who is Millimetrik - is also a member of Canadian instrumental dreampop outfit Below the Sea, and has collaborated in the past with the likes of Sylvian Chauveau, Ulrich Schnauss, Yellow6 and Portal. Millimetrik's music draws inspiration from Murcof, Biosphere and Stars of the Lid, and blends glacial, ambient atmospheres with beats inspired by a love of old school hip hop. "Cities_e.p." follows hot on the heels of his excellent third album "The Last Polar Bear on Earth" (Statik Records) and has a distinct ambient-dub feel to its six tracks. Recalling early Seefeel, HIA and Bowery Electric's classic "Beat" album, we are proud to be releasing the UK version of this stunning EP - the EP will also be released in Canada as a CDR by Pascal's own label Chat Blanc. The MMM version contains an exclusive extra track.

    "We have a smart EP in on Make Mine Music by Canada's Millimetrik. Its a mix of ambient electronics and hip-hop beats which is not unlike Seefeel. Reykjavik is a great track with it's Jack Dangers style bassline. This may well appeal to those of you that are into Fourtet, Boards of Canada and early Ninja tune. A nice mix of proper drums, guitars and laptop electronics." - Norman Records.

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честно говоря, повелся на обложку, но и музыка не разочаровала...
очень добротный айдиэмчик с примесью эмбиента...

1 Thule

это город Тула??
это город Тула??

Не, это обозначение для крайнего севера в древности (Ultima Thule)

Музыка как всегда отличная, спасибо!

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millimetrik - i am you are me; remixes and unreleased

Label: chatblancrecords
Release: April 2007

01 un lent procede de degradation
02 une fragrance pour motoko (remix by akido)
03 les protagonistes du rien (remix by port royal)
04 dernier chapitre_ la mort de l'iceberg (remix by ixe-13)
05 bleu de propos geographiques (remix by deadbeat)
06 funerailles ensoleillees (remix by televise)
07 les derniers chuchotements de krzysztof
08 hojicha roji (remix by keith berry)
09 ethique hivernale (version)
10 le moment ou il fut trop tard

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Millimetrik - Deeper Transmissions

Released: April 2005
Bitrate: 320 kBps

1. Linconnu (e) qui me souriait
2. Foule solitaire
3. Contempler lauto-destruction
4. Societe aseptisee
5. La multiplication des maux
6. Godthab dans ma tete
7. Extrapoler le passe
8. Eclaircies utopiques
9. Quand les sapins dessinent lhorizon
10. Presque Isle, ME. En paradoxes
11. Godthab solitaire (Fax desert mix)

noiseloop could you please reup to somewhere else exept ifolder? I get 1-4 KB/s download speed from there. Fileho link also dead.
Moving forward with each breath.
ну как вам ??
Millimetrik - Deeper Transmissions
Хорошая, качественная музыка. Нет ли у кого The Last Polar Bear On Earth в хорошем качестве?
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Millimetrik - Northwest Passage's New Era

Label: Make Mine Music
Released: March 2008

1.Sournoise supercherie
2.Reykjavik (version)
3.Les artefacts du futur
4.Suicide bi-polaire
5.La sonate de l'homme bon
6.Le libraire obscur du Mont D'Iberville
7.En memoire de Terror et Erebus
8.The owls are watching us
9.A travers le temps de retour
10.Courants intimistes
11.Pascaline Knight

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anychance of a re-up of the Cities EP or Deeper Transmissions? thanks in advance
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Mediafire link for "Northwest Passage's New Era"

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Mediafire link for "Last Polar Bear On Earth"
Polar Bear

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Rapidshare link for "I Am You Are Me"

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Millimetrik - Mystique Drums (2010)

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Artist: Millimetrik
Title Of Album: Mystique Drums
Year Of Release: 20 Sep 2010
Genre: Ambient, Breakbeat, Dub, IDM
Label: Make Mine Music
Catalog #: MMM063
Quality: V0 kbps
Tracks: 11
Time: 42:37 min
Size: 74,9 MB


1. Au coucher de soleil avec Mata Hari 04:19
2. Danse rue de Chabrol danse 04:22
3. L'unité de défense (feat.Elika) 02:53
4. Toujours dans ma tête (feat.Jacobus) 03:08
5. Quebec city mountains 03:00
6. Outhouse/I wish you will never leave (feat.Josué Beaucage) 04:13
7. Déhanchement Mystique (feat.Olenka) 03:36
8. Gong-fu cha (Millimetrik vs. Music for money) 04:17
9. Jardin secret, jardin disparu 03:09
10. Désirs consommés, désillusions absolues 05:16
11. Au coucher de soleil avec Mata Hari (Hovatron remix) 04:20

Millimetrik - (2010) - «Mystique Drums» V0

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Bitrate: V0 232-268 kbps
Size: 75,5 Mb
Total Time: 00:42:37
Track listing:

01. Danse Rue De Chabrol Danse
02. L'Unite De Defense (feat. Elika)
03. Au Coucher De Soleil Avec Mata Hari
04. Toujours Dans Ma Tete (feat. Jacobus)
05. Quebec City Mountains
06. Outhouse / I Wish You Will Never Leave (feat. Josue Beaucage)
07. Dehanchement Mystique (feat. Olenka Krakus)
08. Gong Fu Cha (feat. Music For Money)
09. Jardin Secret Jardin Disparu
10. Desirs Consommes, Desillusions Absolues
11. Au Coucher De Soleil Avec Mata Hari (Hovatron remix)


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