VA - Red Waves - 1980-87 Eastern European Avant-punk & Synthpop Rarities [2007]

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01. Kontroll Csoport - A Mi Agyunk Téves [Hungary 1981]
02. Torma - Mosolyalbum [Hungary 1984]
03. SS Til - Efekt [Poland 1984]
04. GWML - china Wall [Poland 1982]
05. Kult - Piosenka Mlodych Wioslarzy [Poland 1985]
06. Aleksao Sevsek - Edelweiss, Trad [Austria 1981]
07. Manzele - Za Pochodu [Czech.1983]
08. Dzeltenie Pastnieki - Kaapeec Tu Mani Negribi [Latvia 1982]
09. Gayga I Din - Chodze, Stoje, Siedze, Leze [Poland 1985]
10. Europa Kiadó - 3 Judit, 4 Zsuzsa [Hungary 1982]
11. Vagta Zo Hallot Kemek - untitled [Hungary 1981]
12. Seque - Maaja Bolderaajaa [Latvia 1982]
13. Wyx - Association [Hungary 1983]
14. T.U.M.S.A. - Es Tagad Saprotu [Latvia 1987]
15. Ápolók - Virág [Hungary 1983]
16. Kein Talent + Namenlos - Links Zwo Drei Vier [GDR 1983]
17. Maanam - Mentalny Kot [Poland 1985]
18. Klaus Mitffoch - Nie jestem z nikim [Poland 1984]
19. NSRD - Labriit putra! [Latvia 1984]
20. Kontroll Csoport - Kicsinek Látszol Innen [Hungary 1983]
21. Sarlo Akrobata - Niko Kao Ja [Yugoslavia ’80]
22. GM49 - Kötöde [Hungary 1984]
23. Bezobrazno Zeleno - Bezim Niz Ulicu [Yugoslavia ‘81]
24. GWML - Piosenka Góralska [Poland 1982]
25. Idoli - Amerika [Yugoslavia ‘81]

MP3 320 CBR

Dark Day

Nine Circles
Nearly nothing to laugh at, very long mainly unintersting, meaningless dialogs, a sex scene I even can't find a word to describe.
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The (Hypothetical) Prophets — Around The World With (1982)

A1 I Like Lead
A2 Person To Person (Featuring Caroline No)
A3 Fast Food
A4 The Fisherman's Friend
B1 Around The World With The Prophets
B2 The White Zone
B3 On The Edge
B4 Wallenberg
B5 Back To The Burner
B6 Terminal New York

The (Hypothetical) Prophets were an ephemeral French coldwave band consisting of duo Bernard Szajner and Karel Beer. The band formed in 1980 and released a series of 12'' singles and one full length record before their quick demise.

Despite a short discography, the band's craft was unique. Singing in both their native tongue as well as English and alternating between male and female vocals, the the dozen or so songs recorded under this name are haunting minimal wave at its finest, a mixture of harsh electronic experimentation and catchy pulses of synth.

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значит кончай в сибири! biggrin.gif
откуда они этот дикий диалог достали, интересно
VA ~ Ongaku 80 • Alternative Waves From Japan [Hiruko, 2011]

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A1. EP-4 – Robothood Process 4:40
A2. Riuichi Sakamoto – Riot In Lagos 5:40
A3. Lizard – Modern Beat 3:53
A4. Portray Heads – Elaborate Dummy 4:06
A5. Gunjogacrayon – ム 7:27

B1. Phew – Urahara 4:33
B2. Tako – Funk of the Hostage 人質ファンク 5:19
B3. Daisuck & Prostitute – Ziggurat Witch-hunt ジグラットの魔女狩り 4:15
B4. Shinobu – Earth 3:09
B5. PTA'S – Woo-Guy After Dark 8:06

An amazing collection of no-wave and minimal synth acts from the Japanese post-punk scene. Most of the tracks presented here are reissued for the first time. A must have for all vintage electronica and new wave lovers.

MP3 320 CBR


VA - The Hidden Tapes [2011]

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Artist.......: VA
Album........: The Hidden Tapes
Label........: Minimal Wave
Genre........: Electronic
source.......: CDDA Oct-02-2011 000-00-2011
quality......: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo

track title time

01. ss - say-care 04:49
02. oskarova fobija - beli dekolte 02:24
03. dantons voice - i hear the bells 05:48
04. sympathy nervous - polaroid 03:46
05. pas de deux - cardiocleptomanie 03:02
06. robert lawrence & mark phillips - computer 05:18
07. the fast set - kaleidecon 06:11
08. reserve - destination pour linconnu 07:03
09. kym amps - you dont know my name 04:59
10. tara cross & unovidual - microphone 04:37
11. gary allen - oops its an accident 04:48
(extended mix)
12. art fact - rain in the south 10:12

Runtime 62:57 min
Size 87,0 MB


Autumn - Synthesize

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I Say You Hello 5:31
The Third Autumn 4:35
Night In June 4:38
Viginaigre 4:10
Synthesize 3:27
Laughter Of A Madman 3:53
Not Afraid To Die 2:50
Aparell I Ma 4:05
Behind You 4:59

Reissue of some lost Belgian classics from Autumn - the earliest incarnation of Linear Movement's Peter Bonne and Peter Koutstaal. Formed in 1980, the group amassed an impressive arsenal of synths, sequencers and machines and became well known on the Belgian live circuit with an extravagant audio-visual performance. The nine tracks of 'Synthesize' essentially form a 'best of', culling cuts from their early cassettes and both the title track and 'Third Autumn' from their only vinyl, 'Synthesize' which was a minor Belgian hit in the summer of '82. This one is pretty unmissable for the brightly pulsing 'Third Autumn', the heroically ascending melodic sequence of 'Viginigaire' and the darkly evocative, echoic pop of 'Not Afraid To Die'. TIP!

MP3 320 CBR

такую крутую музыку открыл для себя)
ph34r.gif thanX & respect rolleyes.gif cool.gif huh.gif
какой-то нереально странный и в тоже время очень прикольный сборник... думаю его не раз надо прослушать, чтобы понять, что это за музыка. я же сначала полистал и уничтожидл все треки... типа не понарвилось... потом снова скачал и прослушав ещё пару раз понял что ему место в корзине иснова удалил ))) но не тут то было )))) через время я понял что хочу это ещё раз услышать ) и теперь мы неразллучны вот уже неделю )))) это любовь ) аминь!
Рекомендую )
VA – Kassettentäter - Deutscher-Kassetten-Untergrund 1979-1983

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Label: Not On Label (Kassettentäter Series) – none
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release
Country: Germany
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal

A1 4712 – Steig Den Luis Trenker
A2 Der Blaue Traum – Lebkuchen
A3 Duotronic Synterror – 190 Stunden
A4 Georgie D. – Die Kunst Wird Mal Durch Abschlachten Groß
A5 Der Künftige Musikant – Stummel
A6 Reinheit Des Herzens – Paris Hat 7 Brücken
A7 Steff - GBH – Die Feige Sonne
B1 Ewig & 3 Tage – Keine Angst Vor '84
B2 Militanz – Paul = Fort
B3 Hessen Ganz Groß! – Unter Der Achsel
B4 Sugalo – Heiliger Vater Staat
B5 Co-Mix – Irrwitz
B6 Täglich – Neue Art
B7 Lorenz Lorenz – Honecker In Cambodia

VA – Remote Viewing 2 (1989)

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Label: Network 23 – Box 002
Format: Cassette, Compilation, C90
Country: UK
Released: Jan 1989
Genre: Electronic
Style: Illbient, Noise, Industrial, Experimental, Ambient

A1 Howard Ingram – Sacrestone 72 3:58
A2 Michael Hines – The Spirit Of Radio 7:15
A3 Greg Truckell – Mesh 4:52
A4 Magenta Mirror – NX-X1-11 6:08
A5 R. N. Andrews* – Chinese Dentist Time 3:12
A6 Steve Hillman – Citadel Parts 1 And 2 12:18
A7 Colin Potter – Malton 4:00
B1 Kevin O'Neill – Lik Mai 5:50
B2 John Costello – Gormen Ghast 6:27
B3 What It Is (2) – Rearing Pigs 2:26
B4 Martin Coles & Rick Wernham – Object Detection 2:20
B5 Rancid Poultry – Controlled Exposure 9:00
B6 Peter Tedstone – Mystic Sequence 7:34
B7 Tim Stebbing – Star City 4:55

VA – Tracce (1984)

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Label: Shirak – CNW 8440
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Italy
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave, Electro, Darkwave

A1 Prostitutes – Soldier
A2 Eazycon – The German Mouth
A3 Changin Club – Time Is Past
A4 Stray King – Mirror Life
B1 Chromagain – Ethnicbox
B2 Carmody – The Perfect Beat
B3 Avantgarde – Missing Heart
B4 Funky Lips – Noise Of Heart
Great thank you!! biggrin.gif
VA - Visage Musique Volume 1 [2011]

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Label: Visage Musique
Quality: 320 Kb/s
Country: Canada
Released: 04 Oct 2011
Style: New Wave, Synthpop, Minimal Wave

Visage Musique is a record label/artist collective from Montreal specialized in dark disco and minimal wave. They have just released Volume 1, a compilation featuring music by Gold Zebra, Brusque Twins, Femminielli, Tony Cops and Police Des Moeurs.


01 Gold Zebra – Away Pt.1
02 Brusque Twins – What Else Is There To Say?
03 Police Des Moeurs – Incertitude Et Démission
04 Tony Cops – Eventide
05 Femminielli – Hotel Suite
06 Gold Zebra – Back In The Dust
07 Brusque Twins – Stone Communication
08 Tony Cops – Corvere (Instrumental)
09 Gold Zebra – Love, French, Better
10 Police Des Moeurs – Monde Fallacieux (Extended)

Download: Ifolder

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