А есть у кого Monowelt - The last Cup of Sorrow? Вдруг повезёт. )
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Cititrax // 320

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citi001 | Z-Factor — Dance Party Album (14.06.2008) REQ

Various Artists - Cititrax: Tracks Volume 3 (Citytrax, 2018) FLAC

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Marcel Dettmann & Silent Servant, Pye Corner Audio - Issue N° Twenty Two (Jealous God, 2018) FLAC
all the zippy links for :

Tom Ware ‎– Tom Ware [DE-176]
Smersh ‎– Sideways [DE-187]
Virginia ‎– Blue Pyramid [DE-181]

are long gone...

can someone PLEASE re-up them?
Dark Entries zippy links expired, and the other three servers are blocked for me. Can anyone help with the Dark Entries motherload via zippy? Thanks in advance.

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deleted - right. and that's the point!
so are there any chances for some re-up of some dark entries releases?
thanks - but why is tom ware 32 khz?
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thanks - but why is tom ware 32 khz?

cause it's all just bad transscripts or youtube downloads
understand. still - it's better than nothing. and what bitrate was the original tom ware posted before?
Autumns - Alexithymia (2018) 320
The KVB - Only Now Forever (2018) 320 psw: FS

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